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Maurice Malka, B. E. E.

Engineer, MBA
420 Rutheford Boulevard, Clifton, New-Jersey 07014, US cell (973) 519- 3529
Strategic Plans. M&A Negotiations . INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY &
Talented and accomplished entrepreneurial executive and Senior Consultant,
Professional with strong work ethics; Fluent in English, French, and Spanish; Canadian
with US green card who also lived & worked in CALA & Europe.
Marketing Driven Entrepreneur; Strategic Planner, Mergers & Acquisition Negotiators for
Hardware & Software Co. Proven Consulting Success in leading teams of staff with
Service Providers, Enterprises, Colleges and Universities; Excellent problem-solving,
analytical skills; Passion & innovative vision customizing virtual private IP infrastructures
as competitive advantages to Enterprise Clients for Secure IT& C Solutions (Fixed,
Mobiles, Uniform Messaging).
▪ 20+ yrs exp. IT&C Support ▪ CTO and CIO Client ▪ Sensible Metrics and
Relationships SLAs
▪ M&A Financial ▪ Sales Strategy across many ▪ Cost Containment &
Planning/Analysis verticals Savings
▪ M&A Strategy and ▪ Proposals, Manages all ▪ Organizational
Negotiations Contractors Change Agent
▪ Technology & Business ▪ Exp. With Service ▪ Sourcing Security
Evaluation Operations 24/7 Solutions
Also dynamic personality, flexible, interacts with Clients; Communicates to various
audiences; and Public Speaker.
Current: Telecom Services International-TSI (15+ yrs), Founder/CEO who secures
Fortune 100 Clients, sources their IT&C’s assets and multimedia networks services,
Security, Data Mgmt Programs, and Software Service - SaaS:
o Governments & Major Hospitals: Québec, Ontario, Canada, Energy Mines &
Resources, Airports,
o Enterprises & Research Centers: CRIQ, Marconi, SunLife, L’Oréal, Sunbury
Transport, Kelloggs’ Cda
o Banks & Exchanges: BMO, BNC, BNP-Paribas, Credit Lyonnais, Montreal Stock
exchange, Energis,
o Major Service Providers: Bell Canada, France Telecom/Orange, Teleglobe,
M&A of Energis, ISDNet.
o Education: Laval Uni., Cité Uni. De Genève, Colleges : de Montréal, Dawson,
Miami-Dade Community.
• Due diligence of a major European VoIP Service Provider, saving a 27 m€ initial
seed investment to his client,
• Planned, built & operated Genius Pass® prepaid, call-back, e-conferencing
services worldwide, hands-on operations on 24/7 CTI/IVR operations using complex
technologies, tools for network integrity and continuity.

Maurice Malka, B. E. E. Engineer, MBA
• Developed the architecture of VoIP Exchange trading platform for telephony &
mobile service providers’ to buy & sell “VoIP minutes contracts, monitor in real-time
the delivery of traffic to maintain quality of service;
• M&A of the 160 creditors of bankrupt Cos Energis to re-use assets for exchange;
Negotiated with all parties;
• Analysis and negotiations for M&A of Teleglobe’s major exchange network assets to
jump-start the exchange
• Wrote Peat Marwick’s Report “Impact of Competition in Long Distance in Canada”,
the ‘bible’ for the CRTC and 10 Provincial Governments, covered the potential for
technology developments & Jobs in Canada);
• Led joint-ventures J-V: TSI-Lavalin: build, operate, transfer-BOT: a Radio Network to
Québec’s Gov’t; TSI-France Telecom: Strategic Plans IP Service Providers: Wind
Italy, Uni2 Spain & ISDNet France.
• Opened-up the Telecom’s Competition in Canada and Europe by helping the
restructuring of Call-Net as sharing group, avoid bankruptcy, which became the J-V
Sprint Canada, acquired by Rogers Communications.
Previously: Bell Canada Enterprise (10 yrs): promoted CTO managed 50 persons
(R&D, Bell-Nortel) developed Strategic Plans & digital Central Office switch,
Power/Energy which made NORTEL’s DMS reputation worldwide.
The Computer Communications Group-CCG: Customer Service, RFXs for the data
network for Enterprise 100 clients; Team Leader- studied opportunity to offer end-to-end
customer solutions to make Canadian Telcos more competitive; Developed key
performance metrics against the Group’s strategic objectives; Tracked the actions of
competitors and industry analysis, and appropriated all needed resources to cross-
functional teams; Merit Award.

Maurice Malka, B. E. E. Engineer, MBA
Founder and CEO
Strategic Planning Consultancy for Banks and Enterprises, Service provider, prepaid
cards, call-back to individuals,
Development of Wholesale VoIP exchange services between Fixed, IP and Mobile Service
Plays a very responsible role leading and driving key strategic initiatives, secures
Enterprise 100 Clients in multimedia Collaboration (improve service, customer centricity,
increase organizational capability, employee engagement),
Serves as a trusted advisor to Management and provide specialized advice on a range of
sourcing useful technological solutions, security of IT&C, project management, human
resources, and financial, logistical and administrative areas. Maximizes revenue
opportunities, capitalizes on efficient business opportunity, computes justification,
savings, ROI
Develops MobiSAVE: reliable RED/AMBER alerts on mobile via Web social networking
networks like Facebook, useful to PSAPs to save lives by helping 911 centers send alerts
forewarning potential victims of terrorism: multimedia alerts are reliably relayed to cell
phones or IP device located where the event is to occur (using GPS),

Proven track record to with major enterprises’ CTI/IVR (incl. Genius Pass® prepaid,
call-back, e-conferencing)

Banks Credit Cards Transactions: thoroughly analyze existing IT&C: users’ needs,
Networks, Web, and call center operations (screen pops, telephony tool bars), CTI call
associated data, business application integration with IVR, contact center workflow,
CTI/IVR and Speech projects, lead Clients’ meetings, Road Maps, define Requirements.
Architects & Recommends Enterprise solutions as well as Continuous Operations &
Highly Secured Information;
Contact Center & CRM, IVR/Web/Multi-channel/PBX/ACD call routing /workflow
management, level reporting)
Works with many CTI platforms, Call Center/Contact Server; Integrates & synthesizes
results into Design initiatives that protect the Enterprise’s Telecom Assets, including
CTI/IVR, Interfacing switches and Centrex, and databases.


Quebec’s Hospitals: Royal Victoria, Jewish General, Laval, and Sherbrooke: changed

Response Marketing: Strategic plan/Sourcing of an integrated IP Multimedia contact

center ( mail, phone, web, and fax) solutions for the cost-effective outsourcing of the
business process of its clients’ with specific need for B2C and B2B programs; and to
better manages some multi-location centers on/off-shore and is also uses quality VoIP.

Maurice Malka, B. E. E. Engineer, MBA
Kelloggs’ Canada: Delivered highly available IP multimedia (voice/data/ video) IT&C
infrastructures, fixed/mobile convergence, integrated multi-site PBXs/VMS/CTI, unified
messaging, cabling/ networking solutions.

Miami-Dade Community College: Redesigned the entire network using Microwave &
Fiber Optic & Telco back-ups to ensure continuous phone, CTI/IVR operation, remote
multimedia education solutions and proved savings.

Government of Québec: Optimized private telecom network (255 cities, 20’000

users), Charge back to user for major savings; Remote access to network with control
and savings; End-to-end testing of various compression techniques for voice, data & fax
services, and cost-effective DS-3 broadband network solutions for multi-media.

Government of Ontario: Tendered/standardized RFP used for key telephone systems

application in various government offices easing selection & procurement of equipment.

Airports Canada: Strategy for renovating Airports’ systems (Mirabel, Dorval, Aéroport
Lesage, Québec): Strategic plan for PBX vs. Centrex services, servicing all partners for
voice/data/VMS with CTI/IVR interfaced services.

Ministry of Energy, Mines & Resources of Canada: Strategic plan for a solid network
of PBXs (Ottawa & Hull) vs. Government’s Centrex service. Costs reduced by half, so
client became independent from the Canadian Government’s pooled and centralized
services as such systems did not properly service their unique telecom needs.
Bank of Montréal - BMO: Strategic plan for IT & Communications; Sourcing of two
large PBXs systems with automatic call distribution for Admin & the heavily called call
centers of MasterCard & American Express with CTI/IVR; Replaced BMO’s Trading
Turrets (NYC & TORONTO) identified and generated some major savings.

BNP-Paribas Canada Inc: Tendered/Sourced the first ROLM-IBM PBX system for their
new Head Office, contracted cabling networks, resulting in major savings compared to
Bell’s solution. Same contract for Toronto.

National Bank of Canada (Lévesque Beaubien): Sourced a NORTEL PBX and

POSITRON Trading Turret Systems, cost-effectively, which was implemented and verified
and delivered on time for their Toronto move-in date.

Montréal-Toronto-NYK Stock Exchanges: Strategic plan to share costs between

member brokers of a fast-packet voice/data network. All Bourse of Montréal brokers
followed his advice not to embark in that Toronto initiative.

Canadian Marconi: turn-key sourcing of 2 major Digital PBXs systems (voice & data)
with CTI. All changes were successfully specified, selected and implemented such to the
client’s entire satisfaction. Same was done in Kingston!

Université Laval: Strategic plan for a universal telecom services utility, a citywide
campus infrastructure integrating voice, data, IBM 327X, video & alarms: fiber-optics
backbone, remote concentrators, structured cabling ‘in-buildings’ to RJ-45 plugs, only

Maurice Malka, B. E. E. Engineer, MBA
$14 million, but generating huge savings over Centrex and all data networking costs.

Kelloggs’ Canada: Delivered highly available IP multimedia (voice/data/ video) IT&C

infrastructures, fixed/mobile convergence, integrated multi-site PBXs/VMS/CTI, unified
messaging, cabling/ networking solutions.

Cité Uni-Genève: Planned/implemented a multimedia telecom system and Genius

Pass® prepaid calling cards.

Revenue Canada Agency: Auditor of taxpayers’ R&D for projects’ qualifying subsidies
by Canadian Government.

Tech. training: Bell System, IBM, ROLM, Nortel, Oracle, SAP, CISCO, VMware, Internet,
VoIP, Advanced WANs;
Development C++, Open Source, AIX, LINUX, XML, J2EE, SOA, CRM, SQL, SLA standards,
DBMS. MS Office, Excel/Access skills; Strategic Models presenting financial/economic
models for Management, Board, & Investors.

Speaking Engagements
 Telephony vs. VoIP Communications, IP Summit, Jan. 24, 2005, Carriers’ big hurdles today? Pressure by
their investors to protect what they have, find new revenue and cut costs, and facing as the usage patterns
include more forms of communication than just voice? Should WiFi / WiMax be the loop of the future?
 Founder/Editor: TSI’s Catalog of Digital PBXs, Key Systems, Bell’s TeleTECH; Published: Worth of a


Electrical Engineer - École Polytechnique, Montreal; Bachelor in Applied Sciences

Telecoms, University of Montreal
Diploma in Management (MBA I) and completed all MBA II studies (Marketing) @McGill
University, Montreal;
Project Management; Bell Management Development Program; Supervisory Skills;
Interviewing; Executive Seminars.