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People vs.

Cabral strong evidence proving respondents unhesitatingly reverse the trial courts
G.R. No. 131909 18 February 1999 guilt for the crime charged. findings if found to be laced with grave
abuse of discretion.
Facts: Ruling: 8. Wherefore petition is granted.
1. Accused Odiamar was charged with rape 1. Yes,
upon the complaint of Cecille Buenafe. In a 2. The grant or denial of an application for Duties of judge in case an application for bail is
bid to secure a temporary liberty, accused- bail is dependent on whether the evidence filed:
respondent filed a motion praying that he of guilt is strong which the lower court 1. Notify the prosecutor of the hearing of the
be released on bail which the petitioner should determine in a hearing called for application for bail or require him to submit
opposed by presenting real, documentary the purpose. his recommendation;
and testimonial evidence. The lower court 3. In this case, accused- respondent was 2. Conduct a hearing of the application for
however, granted the motion to bail on the being charged with rape qualified by the bail regardless of whether or not the
ground that the evidence is not strong. use of deadly weapon punishable by prosecution refuses to present evidence to
2. Believing that the accused- respondent was reclusion perpetua to death. show that the guilt of the accused is strong
not entitled to bail as the evidence against 4. As such, bail is discretionary and not a for the purpose of enabling the court to
him was strong, the prosecution filed two matter of right. exercise its discretion.
motions which the lowered court disposed 5. The grant or denial of an application for 3. Decide whether the evidence of guilt of the
of. bail is, therefore dependent on whether accused is strong based on the summary of
3. On appeal before the CA, the CA denied the the evidence of guilt is strong which the evidence of the prosecution;
petition. lower court should determine in a hearing 4. If the guilt of the accused is not strong,
called for the purpose. discharge the accused upon the approval
Issue: Whether the CA acted with grave 6. The determination of whether the evidence of the bailbond. Otherwise, petition should
abuse of discretion amounting to lack or of guilt is strong , in this regard, is a matter be denied.
excess of jurisdiction in the issuing the of judicial discretion.
assailed decision and resolution despite a 7. While the lower court would never be .
showing by the prosecution that there is deprived of its mandated prerogative to
exercise judicial discretion, this court would