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Graphic Organizer Print Versus Web

I will describe the difference between print vs web documents.
I will explain what a raster graphic is.
I will explain what a vector graphic is.
I will explain what CMYK and RGB are.
Computer graphics are graphics created using computers. The term computer graphics includes
technologies used to create and manipulate pictorial data.
Types of Images:
Raster Graphics are composed of pixels.
Vector Graphics are compose of paths.
Raster graphics are: are composed of pixels. A bitmap image (another word for raster graphics) is a
grid that is made up of individual pixels. The image is created by how many squares in the grid are
filled in and what color they are. Bitmap images are best for photographs and images with subtle
Vector graphics are: are composed of paths. These paths are created by mathematical relationships
that describe the points and the paths that make up the image.

File types:
(.ai): is the native format for Adobe Illustrator.
(.psd): is the native format for Adobe Photoshop.
(.eps):Encapsulated post script. This format will maintain the mathematical descriptions of your file.
(.jpg): Joint Photographic Experts Groups. This format is used for photographic (continuous tone)
(.gif): Graphics Interchange Format. This format is used mainly for compressing images to
smaller size so they can be downloaded faster.
(.tiff): Tagged-Image File Format. This file format is used for bitmap images only.
The Adobe Portable Document Format is used for publishing electronic documents. Once
a document is saved in this format anyone can open it with the Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Graphics for Print Graphics for Web

Best file
(dots per inch)
Not determined by pixels 72 dpi

Wrap Up
1. In your own words describe the difference between a vector based graphic and a raster based
Raster graphics are composed of pixels, vector graphics are composed of paths. This means that
raster graphics are made up of each individual pixel and whats inside it, whereas vector graphics
are composed of the mathematical relationships between the paths.

2. If you were sending an image to be printed, how would you format the image
I would format the image as an EPS file because the image can be sized without compromising the
quality of the image. I could also use a pdf file, but EPS is a better option to use.

3. If you were posting an image on the web how would you format the image?
I would format the image as a jpg or a gif because they show up better on the web and they dont
need to be sized differently so they dont need to be an EPS file.

4. What is the difference between images prepared for the web and images prepared to be printed?
The graphics are different, vector vs. raster. The resolution is different as well, and the print
graphics need to be mathematically based so that they can be resized as needed on paper. Digital
graphics dont need all of that and so they can be jpg or gif formats.