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Welcome to our coffee house.

We hope you enjoy our selection of handmade

brunches, lunches, sweets, treats & coffees

Please share your thoughts with us

Lots of Love, Audrey & crew

open everyday 9:30-4:30

Sundays & Bank Holidays we close at 3pm
Little Treats
A selection of handmade scones, cakes, bars, gluten free, low fat & dairy free treats
(see counter & our cake fridge......2.50, 3, 3.50 & 4)

House Granola/Porridge
with seasonal berries & fruits, sunflower & chia seeds & honey 6/3

Pancake Stacks or Brioche French Toast

our pancakes are puffy, healthy & gluten free, french toast is not gluten free
bittersweet lemon wedges, caster sugar 6.50
rainbow whipped cream, raspberry jam & sprinkles 6.50
berrylicious fresh berries & maple syrup 7.50
choc-hazel nutella & toasted hazelnuts 7.50
banananut walnuts, banana, honey & crme fraiche 7.50
crispy bacon crispy smoked bacon & maple syrup 7.50
chocamallow baby mallows, chocolate buttons & chocolate ganache 7.50

Small Breakfasts
scrambled eggs & crispy bacon
sausage & poached eggs
superfood black pudding & avocado
poached eggs & white pudding
avocado & scrambled eggs
all 6.50 & served with breakfast relish & our homemade treacle bread

Brunch Selection
eggs benedict baked ham, poached eggs & homemade lemony hollandaise
eggs arnold smoked salmon, poached eggs & lemony hollandaise, lemon wedge
eggs florentine wilted buttered spinach, poached eggs & lemony hollandaise
eggs cafe style crispy smoked bacon, poached eggs & lemony hollandaise
parma breakfast breakfast muffin, parma ham, baby spinach & rocket,
poached eggs & feta cheese
trio hass avocado, smoked salmon, scrambled eggs & lemon wedge
boost brunch crispy bacon, poached eggs, avocado & melted cheese
green boost spinach, avocado, pumpkin seeds, poached eggs & bubbling cheeses
house grill sausage, crispy bacon, scrambled eggs, white pudding &
fried cherry tomatoes, house relish
brunch salad baby spinach & rocket, crispy bacon, fried cherry tomatoes & poached eggs
All brunch dishes above are 8.50,
breads available are homemade treacle, gluten free, toasted breakfast muffin or warm flatbread
served undressed with extra virgin olive oil & lemon wedge for drizzling
& house treacle bread 9.50
warm winter black pudding, beetroot relish, soft goats cheese, fried tomatoes,
baby spinach & rocket
chicken roast chicken, baby spinach & rocket, soft goats cheese,
cherry tomatoes, chia seeds
power avocado, baby spinach & rocket, cherry tomatoes, cripsy bacon, pumpkin &
sunflower seeds
pink lady baby spinach & rocket, cherry tomatoes, walnuts, apple, goats cheese & honey
omega salmon smoked salmon, baby spinach & rocket, cherry tomatoes, avocado &
lemon wedge
greek baby spinach & rocket, creamy feta, black olives, parma ham, sundried &
cherry tomatoes

Open Sandwiches
country baked ham, red onion relish, melted cheeses & baby spinach & rocket
chicken roast chicken, baby spinach & rocket, tomato & chilli jam & melted cheeses
b.l.t. crispy bacon, cherry tomatoes, baby spinach & rocket & mayo
club roast chicken, cherry tomato, crispy bacon, baby spinach & rocket & mayo
pesto roast chicken or smoked salmon, with rapeseed oil mayo, lemon & pesto,
tomatoes & baby spinach & rocket
mex sticky sweet chilli chicken, creme fraiche, avocado, melted cheese &
baby spinach & rocket
melting tuna protein packed tuna with mayo, yoghurt & lemon, cherry tomatoes,
melted cheeses & baby spinach & rocket
killybegs open sandwich sliced avocado, smoked salmon, crme fraiche & capers
healthy b.a.l.t served on our treacle bread & piled with relish, bacon,
avocados, leaves & tomatoes
v sandwich pink lady apple, warm soft goats cheese, beetroot relish,
baby spinach & rocket
the med goats cheese, semi sundried & cherry tomatoes, basil pesto,
black olives & baby spinach & rocket
avocado hass avocado, fire roasted relish, wilted spinach, bubbling cheeses &
baby spinach & rocket
open sandwiches are 7.50 & are served on warm flat bread with gluten free crisps
sandwiches can be served with a lid at 1 each
house specials, see board for whats on today!
afternoon tea for 2 25 (served after 2.30pm)
house selection of miniature soups, baby sandwiches & treats . . .
Mc Cabes coffee of your choice / tea of your choice . . .
kids menu
4.50 (for children under 10)
kids bittersweet pancakes / french toast with lemon & sugar
kids berrylicious pancakes / french toast with berries & maple
kids rainbow pancakes / french toast with spinkles, cream & jam
kids crispy panckaes / french toast with bacon & maple
kids nutella pancakes / french toast with nutella & marshmallows
kids breakfast bacon, sausage, scrambled eggs & treacle bread
kids ham & cheese toastie with crisps
kids ham toastie toastie with crisps
kids tuna & cheese toastie - with crisps
kids banana toastie toastie with nutella & chocolate chips
all served with vit hit orange or berry or kids mineral water

mccabes coffees
espresso 2; americano 2.50; cappucino, latte, flat white & chai latte 3
vanilla, hazelnut, caramel syrups, babycino, coconut & soya milks are 50c extra
barrys irish tea & barrys irish decaf 2
green jasmine; mint; earl grey; lemon & lime; vanilla 2.50
sparkling water, classic 1.80 san pellegrino lemon 2.50
coke 1.80 san pellegrino orange 2.50
diet coke 1.80 san pellegrino blood orange 2.50
lorina pink lemonade 2.50 san pellegrino grapefruit 2.50
lorina virgin mojito 2.50
juice press apple juice 2.50 juice press orange juice 2.50
belgian hot chocolate with marshmallows & chocolate flakes 3.20
white hot chocolate with marshmallows & white chocolate flakes 3.20
cafe mocha 3.20
chocolate shakes 4
chocolate malteser; chocolate oreo; raspberry & chocolate; chocolate flake
chocolate extravaganza 6
chocolate ice-cream bowl with honeycomb, malteser, flakes, marshmallows, oreos & chocolate ganache
a few little notes
our coffee is mccabes glendalough blend, is 100% arabica and is handroasted
in county wicklow. all coffees are double shot as standard
our milk is organic, soya & coco milks & syrups are 50cent extra
treacle & flatbread contains wheat & milk
gluten free bread contains milk
crossaints contain wheat, milk & eggs
there is a gluten free option with most dishes,
please ask & we can advise as best we can; please note there are wheat flours & nuts present in our kitchen
extra portions are 2 each extra breads are 1 each
allergen advice wheat nuts milk eggs