"PUBLIC EXCOMMUNICATION OF HERETICS FOR FALSE SLANDER" This Bais Din has already publicized on the 24th day of Nissan 5767 the corruptive behavior of R. Avrohom Union, and R. Nochum Sauer against Mr Meir Kin in regards to issuing a false Seiruv, and against Halocho, despite Mr Kin's response to their summons. Mr kin had responded his willingness to attend to a Bais Din and has in the interim already arranged a Get for his wife. Despite all of this, these individuals have falsely claimed that he is "chaining" his wife, when in reality she's chaining herself by her repeated refusal to come to the Bais Din where the Get is waiting for her. This Bais Din has already in the past cited many Halachic sources that confirm that their Seiruv against Mr Kin is completely without merit. ( please see letter # 1025 in our registry). It is now apparent that these rabbis are "pouring salt to the wound" by releasing yet again another false and corruptive Seiruv on the 11th day of Taamuz against Mr Kin. This time they have added R. Herschel Schachter from Ny to their scheme who is known as a "harem keeper" and who practices "reverse discrimination" at the expense and detriment of the man. Herschel Schachter's corruptive and "Reform" logic enables and empowers women to violate the procedures set forth in the Torah. He permits women to arbitrate their Divorces in the Civil Courts and not Bais Din, and assures them that a Get will be waiting for them regardless of the tactics they employ. However in reality, a Get that is procured thru forceful means is invalid and the woman has not received a valid GET. The "Steipler Gaon " warns us about Rabbis who "defends women regardless of the facts, as having a "connection to promiscuity". THEREFORE IN THE NAME OF THE TORAH, WE PROCLAIM THAT HERSCHEL SCHACHTER (NY), AVROHOM MICHOEL UNION (LOS ANGELES), NOCHUM SAUER(LOS ANGELES) ARE SLANDERERS AND DEFAMERS, WHICH ACCORDING TO HALOCHO IS LIKENED TO "MURDER" AND THEREFORE HAVE LOST THEIR SHARE IN THE WORLD TO COME. (REFERENCE HEBREW VERSION FOR HALACHIC CITATIONS). THEY ARE ALSO IN A STATE OF EXCOMMUNICATION IN THIS WORLD FOR 3 REASONS. (REFERENCE HEBREW VERSION FOR HALACHIC CITATIONS). WE EMPHATICALLY DECLARE THAT MR MEIR KIN IS COMPLIANT UNDER HALOCHO. THE SEIRUV ISSUED AGAINST HIM IS INVALID AND LIKENED TO A WORTHLESS BROKEN POT. WE TURN TO WHOEVER MIGHT HAVE INFLUENCE UPON THESE PARTIES, TO BRING THEM TO TESHUVA. THEY SHOULD BE CONVINCED TO STOP SUPPORTING THOSE THAT ARBITRATE MATTERS IN THE CIVIL COURTS AND CAUSING BASTARDS TO BE BORN TO "NON-DIVORCED WOMEN". AS THE GEMORO IN SHABBOS 139a STATES "THAT IF YOU SEE TRAGEDY IN THIS WORLD, GO AND EXAMINE THE STATUS OF JEWISH JUDGES, BECAUSE PUNISHMENT AND STRIFE ATTACKS US DUE TO CORRUPTIVE JUDGES IN ISRAEL". WHOEVER CAN CONVINCE THESE RABBIS TO REPENT WILL MERIT MUCH BLESSING. Avraham Shmuel Yehuda Gestetner Chief dayan (judge)

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