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Amornkarn Sriswad (Babe) G12.


A punishment is against humanity in the short story of George Orwell

Everyone have to has own human right, and every lives have own importance. George

Orwell, the English writer, used to live in India when he was young. He has strongly ideal

about imperialism and dictatorship. Afterwards, He decided to come back to his hometown

and began to write his story as a writer. A Hanging is one of his well-known short story.

The short story referred to the punishment which happened while British was colonizing

Burma. The major characters were the author, the Hindu prisoner and the dog. The story

began with the narrator described inhabitancy of prisoners as animals cages. A Hindu man as

a prisoner was chosen for execution. His realization was happened after he think about a

dogs action. He had the idea that this punishment was not true for human. In the end of the

story, when the execution was ended, everybody included the author had feel different from

perviousness. They also enjoyed and had a drink after a prisoner dead. A Hanging

represents how executions are lacking in humanity

In A Hanging by George Orwell, the reader describes mood of the gloominess to

develop the theme of inhumanity, and the author represents tone in terms of matter of fact.

The author began the story to tell about how prisoners were treated in jail, and explained the

surrounding of the jail. The sated that a sodden mourning of the rains. A sickly light, like

yellow tinfoil, was slanting over the high walls into the jail yard (1). This sentence refers to

the surrounding of the jail which provide the discomfort to every prisoner. In addition, the

state said that a sodden mourning of the rains showed the day that includes dark clouds

could relate to mournful and hopeless of imprison as they wanted to escape, but they could

not. Additionally, There were the condemned men, due to be hanged within the next week or

two (1). This sentence mentioned that prisoners were going to die in some days without any

choices and rights to decide to be alive. Besides, the author used tone of matter of fact to
Amornkarn Sriswad (Babe) G12.02

describe inhumanity of this story. This tone of matter of fact referred to the word choices of

the author. The using of the word choice was quite outstanding and attractive to readers.

Nevertheless, the author used many idioms which can misunderstand the meaning of the

story. The story stated that all toiling away in solemn foolery (2). which means a hard work

of body until the body could not endure anymore. The author used a straightforward idiom

such as solemn foolery without considering on a beautiful meaning or a kind story.

Consequently, the mood of this story is gloominess and the author use straightforward words

to explain the story as the matter of fact.

There were many ironies in the story, and the author used to explain how A

Hanging was against humanity. Hes all right (2). This speech was said by the

superintendent. This action of this word contradicted with morality of people. The

superintendent tried to check Was he still alive? In contrast, the performance of humanity that

the superintendent, a doctor, should response with a person or a hang man as a patient or

treated him like human because the superintendent was a doctor. The another irony that the

narrator used it to support the theme when the author thought inside his mind that The same

thought was in all our minds: Oh! Kill him quickly (2). This sentence is one of the irony of

the story. According to the real meaning of the word, it could mean that every people include

the author wanted to kill him immediately. On the other hand, this sentence can indicate that

they did not wanted to have an experience about this capital punishment for a long time, so

they wanted to finish their job as soon as possible. Although they did not like to do this cruel

action, they were a part of his job. Therefore, the ironies in this story tried to express the real

feeling of the author and his colleges that they had feel immoral with this capital punishment,

even the meaning of the speech that they said meant like they wanted to kill a Hindu prison.

But, the real meaning of the word was opposed to their thought and their feeling.
Amornkarn Sriswad (Babe) G12.02

The Symbolisms of the story A Hanging by George Orwell were used for

developing the theme of lacking in humanity. The first paragraph of this story tried to tell

lives of prisoners. He used the word animal cages as symbols of torment of prisoners.

According to the story, we were waiting outside the condemned cells row of sheds fronted

with double bar like small animal cages (1). He described the inhabitance of prisoners that it

was really tiny and was not comfortable. People who went to the jail will be treated unlike

human, and they had to stay in the place that it did not like humans places. Furthermore, the

word the dog of A Hanging was a symbol of sympathy and faithfulness. Likewise, the

author used the action of dog to compare with his feeling and his thought. This is because the

dog felt friendly with people as the author had feel sympathy with a hang man. It had made

a dash for the prisoner, and jumping up tried to lick his face (1). This sentence showed the

action of the dog that show the frankness and honest to people. In addition, the author said

that the dog answered the sound with a whine (2). This sentence indicated the action of the

dog while a Hindu was being hanged. The dog expressed feel sorrowful when it saw the cruel

scene of people as it had own compassion. It tried to stop this event by using its sound, but it

could not similar to feeling of the author. He wanted to stop this punishment, but he cannot

because of his responsible. The dog made the author could realize that this punishment was

against humanity or nature. Consequently, George Orwell used the words animal cages and

the dog as symbolisms to tell the readers about how this punishment was lacking in

Amornkarn Sriswad (Babe) G12.02

To conclude, A Hanging shows immorality of capital punishment by using the

mood of gloominess and the tone of matter of fact. Orwell used the ironies to explain his real

opinion and his college perspectives. For the symbolisms, they were used for interpreting the

sympathy of the author though the word the dog, and the torment of most of the prisoners

though the word animal cages that every prisons were treated unlike human. A Hanging

by George Orwell makes many readers think about the humanity of one life that people

should not overlook and what about you Do you think one life is matter?.