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accelerated depreciation
acceleration clause
accredited investor
affirmative covenants
aggregate approach
appraisal architects
contract assemblage
assignment and Subletting
assignment of commitment
assignment of leases and rents
assumption agreement
Bad boy clauses
balloon payment
basis points
blind pool REIT
blue sky regulations
bullet loan
buy sell agreement
capital gains
capitalization rate
centralized management
chapter 7 filing
chapter 11 filing
closed end REIT
collateralized mortgage obligations
commercial loan
commitment fees
commitment letter
common law land trust
community property
concurrent ownership
consolidation of returns
construction contract
construction lenders
construction loan agreement
construction loan documents
construction loan draws
contingent interest
continuity of life
convertible mortgage
cost breakdown
debt service
debtor in possession
deed of trust
discounted cash flow -
disproportionate allocations
double taxation
draw schedule
due on sale-
entity approach
equity kicker
equity participation
equity REIT
ERISA-prohibited transactions
estoppel certificate
Fannie Mae
fictitious name registration
forbearance agreement
force majeure
franchise and business taxes
Freddie Mac
gap financing-
general partner
general partnership
gross receipts
ground lease
guaranty fees
hard costs
Hart Scott Rodino Act
hybrid REIT
individual ownership
institutional lenders
institutional investors
interest rate cap
interest rate collar
interest rate spread
interest rate swap
intermediate term loan
internal rate of return
intervening liens
joint tenancy
joint venture
joint venture agreement
land loan
leasehold mortgage
letter of credit
leveraged financing
limited partner
limited partnership
limited partnership agreement
loan default
loan to value ratio
management fees
managing general partner
master leases
master limited partnerships
mechanics and materialmen liens
mini-perm loan
mortgage backed bonds
mortgage backed certificates
mortgage loan application
mortgage REIT
negative cash flow
negative covenants
net present value
net receipts
non curable default
nonrecourse financing
ordinary income
organization fees
participating lenders
participation agreement
partnership contributions
partnership profits and losses
passive income and losses
pension funds
percentage rent
performance bond
performance standards
permanent financing
permanent lender
personal liability
portfolio income
prepayment penalty- typical on construction loans.
prepayment privilege
principal private
placement memorandum
progress payments public limited partnerships
purchase money mortgage
real estate dealer
real estate investment trust
real estate owned (REO)
recordation and transfer taxes
recourse financing
release clause
rental concessions
rent-up fees
rent-up period
replacement cost
representations and warranties
Revised Uniform Limited Partnership Act (RULPA)
revolver loan
sale leaseback
secondary financing prohibition
secondary mortgage market
soft costs
space leases
special allocations
staged closing
standby commitment
standby fees
straight line depreciation
straw corporations
subchapter S corporation
subordination clause
Subrogation subscription agreement
substantial economic effect
substitute limited partner
syndication fees
syndication and securities
laws exemptions
takeout commitment
tax advice fees
tax matters partner
tax shelter
tenancy by the entirety
tenants in common title insurance
title insurance endorsement
track record
transferability of interest
tri-party agreement- Just a buy-sale with a third party.
Uniform Partnership Act (UPA)
unrelated business Taxable
income (UBTI)
variable rate mortgage
wraparound financing