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LIONS LOVE (.. AND LIES) (san any “") 3N07 NONI LIONS LOVE ¢... AND LIES) ‘A FILM BY AGNES VARDA > 8 B LADY LIBERTY During her ist California sojourn Agnés Varda wae atone point in negotiations ith Colnbia Pctures over a scanaro se had writen called Pusce ana {ove When the tuo efased to grant har fia cut on te project though, ‘She bendoned it she funneled her asappoimement and creative enersy mo ior nent fn the 1969 feature Lone Cove (and Les) Vorda hs called ths [rrpnaut madiaton on lae-stes american counterculture ae pottics 9 ‘ohage Cecling the chosen meter of Unle vance). Lying soranhere between ‘eton and documentary, comedy an tragedy, narrative ana abstraction. lens {ve ls ards utimate Califor fm, on ateratly caustic and guises: but ‘nays sun-drenched porta of the gratiteatons and imitations of ving ons Love stars an aesthetically striking bunch of emissares fom the New ‘ik art eave, wanaplanted to LA. the actress Viva, known prenany a0 ‘eguarin Andy Werhots experimental fms, sue mowss drowsy voiced [fchaved center, Ranked by James Rago and Gerome Rap whose eaualy Sbundant tacks funtion as an extratestual reference t0 Ma the iconic 1967 ‘musieal Rado and Raghihad crested and strre nina rented house he ‘oiywood fle, Viva,-im, ana Gerryplaying versions of themseves~Iounae ‘round in bed and n she pont extoling the vtues of dasseal ar. vie “ara and fee love, roon Shey are joined by a wsting New York underground firmmator (layed by Now vork underground fmmaer Sey Clr, In sunglasses a 2 marvelous, cusps leopard coat) who has been ‘Eammoned to make s movie town. Which comes fst the move oF relly?” Ciarke wonders. leary spesking Tor Varga, in rnor behind the camera 2-mistae” that exhances the sense that we're 3t ‘nce watching fm and a documantary of mang For much af he UND time, viva um, and Gerry nage or androsyneusly cathe covert with sensual Bandon wile Var’ arnre watches pointy, sowing th performers ‘hyseaty to deta the shape of canes At ter tas, Var chops the Fim nto supersyized iterstitl Sequences, such 35 a monte of seat Sons ttn movi str names or 8 musta entry of the veted Rouse, sung im ‘Seurdety reverent asian by an ofereen chorus The fone grows nereasigly ‘ark the stor’ lazing beans to seem ke apathetic rotting (ourng one extended ‘Scone they cart figure out how to get out of be and get coffe) and Care's ‘rector lobes falth~she breaks down. says she's not an actress and walks of Camera (erompting Varda to temecrarly tke her place) Furthermore, toevson hows coverage of Raber Kenneay'sasasineton which occured whe he fim ‘ine being shot becomes 8 mati tethering Lions Lave to 9 Pash realty Augmenting the se-retledvity, Vara includes cheaky scones of suited ‘Amancan suse man ia cramped offi, discussing the budget of Clarkes {im and whether te rector shoud hve artiste contrl ove the nl product. "is ite Ueed to Maung fal eat” ane them says, Geary aso taking abot ‘Vanda The wiimote secison not to gve "is gt ereatveeedor iy ‘vert by hat we See on-scteen complete cinematic bration MK