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Leslie Ray Charping Now 20, 1942 - Jan 30, 2017 12 43 Bice) Pres anon Novem arping years longer than longer than he se being the horses ass nd counties: ange! se eniist ant to drinking, dru o much in a bra a Ito excape sem sie wa: yy boxing champion and went on to sufficently Iboa Mental Health untry by spending the remainder of his service in t healthcare s slie was surprisingly intelligent, ho ful, squandering the fam being rec obbies included being abusive to his fam which he was less skilled hi than the previous! obvious purpose, he did nat contribute to suciety ar 5% his community and he pos was amusiny juring his sober da qua s besides quick whited sarcasm whi With Lestie's passing haw being a loving husband. father and good friend. No will be beld, the and no apalogizes mily he jortured. Leslie's remains will be cremated and kept in the barn until "Ray", the family donkey's wood eofh viNgs run ou gand safety for

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