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VERITAS Global Cluster Manager


framework reduces administrative overhead for any
MANAGEMENT organization with two or more server clusters.

KEY BENEFITS The Global Cluster Manager Disaster Recovery Option is

Increase data center service availability, whether an add-on product that integrates clustering and replication
local, metropolitan, or geographically dispersed technologies to minimize planned and unplanned
downtime. The Disaster Recovery Option directs data
Reduce downtime and data loss in the event of a
replication to remote sites, allowing for site and or
application migration.
Manage your heterogeneous (AIX, HP-UX, Linux,
Solaris, Windows) clustering and replication
environment with a single solution
Disaster Recovery support for wide range of
enterprise applications, including Oracle, Siebel,
Exchange, and DB2
Control the data replication process for VERITAS
and 3rd party replication products

View the status and interdependencies of the components within

your data centers with color-coded symbols and tree diagrams

By combining cluster failover with replication, Global

Cluster Manager offers the ultimate in disaster recovery
management for businesses who cannot afford data loss
and prolonged downtime. Administrators can manage
disaster recovery sites for AIX, HP-UX, Linux, Solaris, and
Windows regardless of hardware platform or location.

Decrease downtime and data loss with the PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS

VERITAS Disaster Recovery Solution
Consolidated view for monitoring and managing
INTRODUCTION geographically dispersed clusters Monitor and
VERITAS Global Cluster Manager allows IT staff to manage your entire Cluster Server distributed
manage geographically distributed data and application environment. This includes managing and manipulating
availability from a web-based console. Administrators can the state of multiple VERITAS Cluster Server clusters of
view and manage from a single location their distributed various operating systems and managing VERITAS
clusters built on VERITAS Cluster Server and VERITAS Database Edition/ Advanced Cluster from a single web-
Database Edition/Advanced Cluster. This management based console.

Administrative migration Secondary sites can be used
to migrate primary site resources for planned downtime in
the event of upgrades and maintenance. This reduces the
downtime to the organization while allowing for the
utilization of the secondary location for more than just an
idle disaster recovery site.

Heterogeneous platform and storage support

Monitor AIX, HP-UX, Linux, Solaris, Windows NT, and
Windows 2000 clusters in either a mixed or homogenous
environment with complete fail-over support of AIX, HP-
UX, Solaris, and Microsoft Windows 2000 sites.

Monitor and manage specific service groups within your data

centers based on site and cluster views.

Complete disaster recovery solution The full

integration of VERITAS Global Cluster Manager,
VERITAS Cluster Server, and VERITAS Volume
Replicator (or other third-party replication technologies)
provides a powerful disaster recovery solution. VERITAS
Cluster Server handles local availability issues. VERITAS
Volume Replicator replicates critical data to a remote site,
and VERITAS Global Cluster Manager monitors and
manages the clusters at each site. In the event of a site
failure or complete failure of applications at the primary
site, Global Cluster Manager will control the shift of
replication roles to the secondary site, bring up the critical
applications, and redirect client traffic (via DNS) with a Manage data replication across remote sites easily
via the web-based console
single command or mouse click.

Third-party replication support -- Monitor and manage

data replication to remote sites for disaster recovery.
Global Cluster Manager Disaster Recovery Option
supports software- or hardware-based replication,
including VERITAS Volume Replicator, Hitachi TrueCopy,
and EMC Symmetrix Remote Data Facility (SRDF). This
provides greater flexibility for the data center environment.

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