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Beverly Jaegers
What Vast Catastrophe Wiped Are We
Out the Woolly Behemoths? Approaching
The POLITICS of the Abyss?
ANTI-GRAVITY 5/5/2000 Author
Richard Noone
Len Kasten Takes a New Look
Do U.S. Patents Hold the at the Evidence
Secrets of UFO Propulsion?

POWER from
Jeane Manning
Could the Shape of Our Visit Our 01

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MoiRa Timms Unravels Ancient Egyptian and Mayan Mysteries

FALLt&T 1/18/00 3:00 PM Page 1

Personally Travel with

POWER PLACES The Worlds Most Inspirational Teachers to
Tours & Conferences
The Worlds Most Powerful Places!
The Leader in Spirit_Centered Journies for Over 20 Years...

Stand at the Sphinx at Sunrise for The First Equinox of The New Millennium
and other leading experts on Ancient Egypt, the Great Pyramid, and the Sphinx
You will be at the Sphinx on the Spring Equinox,

he first spring equinox of the millennium, coupled which is truly the most special time to visit, appreciate
with a full moon on the same night! Recent and marvel at this greatest of all statues. The Sphinx,
research suggests the Sphinx was actually built together with the Great
as a monument to mark sunrise on the Spring equinox, Pyramid, are doorways March 18 - 25, 2000

EGYPT during the Age of Leo, around 10,500 B.C. The Sphinx's
lion body was a mirror for the constellation of Leo (the
Lion) in the sky.
into our ancient past...
and into our innermost
Optional Majestic Sites & Temples of Egypt
March 25 - April 1, 2000


Machu Picchu for The June Solstice
The holiest time of the year
for the Incas
Conference IRELAND P ERU
Cusco & Machu Picchu
Caroline reveals new healing
NEALE DONALD WALSCH insights and wisdom in a setting imbued
Author of PLUS
Conversations With God
with mystical traditions and healing Machu Picchu photo by Mark Tuschman

OTHER TRANSFORMATIONAL LEADERS energy. Experience the teachings of Please join me in Peru. I look for-
June 14 - 22, 2000 Caroline Myss with like-minded people in ward to traveling with you in this ancient
Plus Optional Extension to more of Perus Sacred Sites a unique program designed to land to explore its hidden mysteries. Together
rejuvenate, energize, and inspire! What we will delve into the depths of your own
TRAVEL WITH better opportunity to
RAYMOND MOODY, healing abilities, through the world behind
get in touch with your own healing your eyes...
author of Life After Life powers from within?
CAROL ADRIENNE, co-author During this one of a kind travel experience
with James Redfield of The September 21 - 28, 2000 you will learn how the human energy system
Celestine Prophecy Workbook works, its relationship to divine energy and
Plus Optional 7 Day Extension
Santorini how the ancients applied this marvelous
Dolores Cannon & others Sept. 28 - Oct. 5, 2000
power, literally a gift from God, for staying
Including More Seminar Time with Caroline Myss!
LIFE, DEATH & BEYOND: healthy and creative. In this most spiritual of
places, learn new ways to reclaim your vital
A HEALING JOURNEY TO CRETE, GREECE personal power for a healthier, more loving
JUNE 6 - 13, 2000 plus Optional Extensions and spiritual existence.
To Greeces Mystic Sites May 30 - June 6 & June 13 - 20
May 4 - 11, 2000
The Roof of the World A Healing Retreat to Including Special Private Group Entrance into Plus Optional 7 Day Extension
May 11 - 18, 2000

BALI Including More Seminar Time with Caroline Myss!

SEPT. 28 - OCT. 19
on these and many other transformational journeys - Call Today!

800 - 234 - TOUR (8687) 340 - 772 - 2030 FAX 340 - 772 - 1392
ATLANTIS Number 22


New Attention for One of Sciences Most Disturbing Puzzles 23
J. Douglas Kenyon
A New Study Grades the Prophet 25
P.M.H. Atwater
Richard Conant
Mary Devlin
Were the Seeds of 20th Century
Cynthia Gage Enlightenment Sown in the 19th? 28
Kathie Garcia
William Henry
Len Kasten
Jeane Manning
How Much of Our Time Did She Foresee? 30
Richard Noone
Dr. Joseph Ray
Robert Resetar
Hilly Rose Will We Meet Our Past and Future Soon? 32
MoiRa Timms
Tom Miller
Is the True Conquest of Space Near? 35
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We may be living in the thrall of that ancient Chinese curse, may
you live in interesting times, but most of us would not have it any
other way. Indeed, if the start of a new millennium were not
enough, there are also the earth changes prophesied by many (see
Richard Noones article within) and various other forms of upheaval.
Also in this issue, you will find plenty to help you keep the latest de-
velopments of the cosmic drama in perspective. Moira Timms looks
for clues in the ancient calendars of the Mayans and the Egyptians.
David Hatcher Childress reports on the time travel enigma. Jeane
Manning explains how the power of the future may come from geo-
metric shapes. Len Kasten offers details on UFO propulsion...and
there is a great deal more.
A front-row seat on some of the greatest events in over 12,000
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Revisionism Revisited
o get your comments into ligion of Rome.
this space, write Atlantis The entire history of
Rising, P.O. Box 441, Living- Christianity as a religion is
ston, MT 59047. Writing re- linked dramatically to the
mains the best way to get history of European king-
your views to our readership. ship and just as every
country writes its history
Defending the Heretics books in such a way as to
While I dont deem everything that make them out to always
Sitchin and Gardner write to be 100% be the good has the
gospel either...I do feel that someone church spent 2000 years
writing about revisionists should at making themselves out to
least refrain from doing some revising be the good guy and the de-
of his own. scendants of Jesus and his
Where is it written...that Sitchins faithful disciples out to be
work rules out the existence of a truly liars and heretics. Why? It is
Divine Creator and God of the Uni- even documented that the
verse that mankind can become at- desponsyi..., the heirs of the
tuned to? That man can spiritually as- lord... were criticized by the
pire to! church because they re-
When Sitchin was asked if our God fused to forsake
was Enki and Enlils God too... he said theoutdated teachings of
Why of course! In other words Jesus for those of Paul.
when we pray to God or achieve spiri- Because the desposnyi
tual awareness and communion with would not discard the is with the Real Godnot with teachings of Jesus for those
the Annunaki ruler our ancestors of Paul and the early
called Enlil and later Jehovah thinking Church Fathers.... they
he was God. Its as simple as that! posed a serious threat to
As far as Gardners work goesit the the form of competi- We are at a loss to understand how
wasnt Gardner who hunted down tion. Allow John Q. Public to know the David Lewis article could be taken as
Jesus relatives like dogs and ordered savior had family and friends building a a defense of the orthodox church. The
all records of his genealogy destroyed. church truer to his word and to the kind of spiritual enlightenment (cer-
It wasnt Gardner who wrote all of the memory of what he actually was... and tainly the eastern perspective) that the
ancient manuscripts that are surfacing you run the risk of having people leave article found to be lacking in the
to cast aspersions on the revised your church for that of the family of work of some contemporary writers
image of Jesus that the Church pro- Jesus. Cant have that!... has been an offense to the established
duced. The documented evidence is The point Im trying to make is that church since Justinian. Today, it is the
even there as to when such decisions records prove that no one is more Christian fundamentalist camp in
were made by the Church. Divine rev- guilty of promoting revision of truth particularthough it is by no means
elation? Out of what cabbage patch than the Church... and it is not for alonethat so often insists on inter-
did the god come that led the early nothing that the Church has fought preting the Bible literally, rather than
Church Fathers to debate for months tooth and nail to keep the contents of spiritually. Those with personal
whether the fruit of the tree of knowl- the Dead Sea Scrolls and other manu- knowledge of the truth, including the
edge was an apple or a tomato? Out of scripts uncovered by archaeologists out original Christians, have always
what tree did the god climb that di- the hands of John Q. Public. Such docu- taught the importance of under-
vinely revealed the heresy of the no- ments should not be deemed heresy... standing with the heart, not the rigid
tion that the earth revolves around the but rather evidence demanding a ver- human intellect.
sun when every god-fearing person dict that the record needs to be set Editor
knows that everything in the universe straight from all the revising the early
revolves around the earth? Church did. (The) article by David Lewis that
Decisions made under the guid- I agree with Lewis that awareness of piqued my interest as I felt that he
ance of God, my foot!... higher levels of existence must not be demonstrated his lack of under-
Dogma of any kind is not truth, it is ignored. standing, probably not reading the
only the best interpretation of truth The truth of God is found by way books before he sort of wrote off revi-
man can come up with based upon the of transcendental experience. It does sionists as purely an intellectual argu-
facts that are available at the time, it is not go away as truth just because an- ment that denigrates the spiritual value
not just a matter of fundamentalists cient knowledge turns up that of man.
taking a naive viewpoint. It is a matter threatens to prove that much of our re- You sort of shot yourself in the foot
of what happened when the relatives ligious dogma is so much dog doo doo. here as Mr. Lewis is upholding the mys-
and followers of Jesus refused to sub- Ron Polmatre
scribe to and endorse the new state re- Milwaukee, WI Continued on Page 9

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Rand Flem-Ath John Anthony West Crystal Planet
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11 Chinese Pyramids Jurrasic Art Pattern from the Other Side
Carbon 14 Problems .................................................................$10
12 John Michell Cataclysm 9500 BC Edgar Cayce on Atlantis
Coral Castle Mystery ....................................................................$9
13 Japans Undersea Ruins Secret Tunneling in Great Pyramid
Tesla/Marconi Connection Stan Tenen Alan Alford ..............$8
14 Crop Circles Problems with Darwin Rand Flem-Ath on Atlantis
Richard Noone Ostrander & Schroeder ................................$7
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Science Christiane Northrup Victor Hugo .............................$7
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Memory Back Engineering Roswell ..........................................$6
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America Alan Alford Moira Timms ........................................$6
18 The Electric Universe Linda Moulton Howe Joe McMoneagle
Caribbean Stargate Premonitions of Disaster ...........................$6
19 John Anthony West Robert Schoch The Power of Water Cold
Fusion Proven Isaac Newton and the Occult .............................$6
20 Robert Bauval on Alexandria Jean Houston Secrecy and New
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Continued from page 7 continuum. When you differentiate,
your differentiation is already following
tical abilities as being internalized, back attached to its origin instantly. No
while publishing this article com- complexity of transduction can curtail
pletely buried in self-help for sale spiri- its return.
tuality. One only has to flip through If anyone can prove to me that this
the pages to see that there are plenty is incorrect please do, for I have been
of people advocating internalized spiri- severely robbed by fraud, threat and
tuality and selling you anything and force, and there is justice to be done.
everything (external) in contradiction Michael A. Pereira
of that viewpoint! There is an absolute West Roxbury, MA
feeding frenzy going on to become one
of the star-bellied sneetches with 12 The Helicopters of Abydos
strand DNAand plenty of external To add another aspect to the contro-
tools, books, seminars to help you versy regarding the flying machine
along the way. Then there are the blue heiroglyphs at Abydos in the Temple of
children advocates and ....we are back Seti I, as theorized by Hoagland in AR
to the same game outlined in the revi- issue 20 and then commented on by
sionists theorychosen people, special R.B. McEntire in issue 21... One does
rank in hierarchy, etc. not have to accept a Hoagland hypoth-
Surely this demonstrates that man- esis to notice the stylized resem-
kind is still playing the priesthood blance... and a possible explanation for
games that generated the tyranny of the more imaginative among us, as to
mythology that we are under today. I how the Great Seti I could have known
came of age in the 60s when energy helicopters, is contained in the book,
emerged to challenge the status quo. The Search of Om Seti, by Jonathan
Now, it is no longer useful to mankind Cott, Doubleday, 1987. Of course, it
to advocate mankinds mystical capabil- does help if you accept interdimen-
ities and sell out to the old system in sional time travel as a viable premise...
the same breath. The role of the revi- And on a vaguely related subject... I
sionist is to break the bonds of my- came across a great case for the levita-
thology; reexamine the tyranny and tion of large stone blocks outlined on
emerge as a strong spiritual individual page 7 of the book by Fida Hassnain en-
worthy of nobility. titled The Search for the Historical
Of course, many feel you can buy Jesus, Gateway Books, U.K.
that with something they are selling Richard McNulty
sad commentary on where the New Grass Valley, CA
Age has ended up....
Bette Inman Back to the Bard
Charlotte, NC I am only somewhat annoyed with
you for wasting space on Virginia Fel-
I particularly appreciated the Revi- lows, screed about how Shakespeare
sionists of the Third Kind opinion! could not have been Shakespeare be-
Well stated!! I strongly believe that as cause he was unlettered and a
we learn more about what is really drunkard, and besides, Francis Bacon,
going on, we will realize that our views being Queen Elizabeths bastard, obvi-
of the nature of reality will need to be ously had the requisite education and
greatly expanded. knowledge of the Court, and there-
Bryan Bergstrand foread nauseam.
Internet Point; Ben Jonson, no friend, but
surely one who knew The Bard well,
Changing Karma and who also kneweven revered
Challenging the Stars (issue #21) Bacon, never even intimated that Will
has proposed a fallacious scheme to might not have written the plays; he
evade karma. Knowing the actual me- knew very well that Shakespeare wrote
chanics of karma explicitly proves that them down.
the only way to evade ones karma is to It is very likely that Shakespeare was
become non-existent. And then, the not the Author of the Plays, although
karma returns to where you were. The he seems to have been no mean poet;
fact that E=Mc2 shows that all is one however, it is positively annoying to
substance, energy. In one substance find that this or that pundit, by means
motion can only be in closed circuitry of tortuous decoding or deciphering,
that there be something to move out of Proved this or thatto which I reply
the way and fill in behind. It is by this Pernicious Nonsense! By such means
inescapable mechanism that your I could, if I liked, Prove that Web-
karma returns. All realms, spiritual, sters Dictionary was written by Cotton
physical, virtual, parametric, etc. are Mather, who was the illegitimate son
composed of dimensions of this one of William Penn!

Cover Art
Tom Miller
Anyone who knows anything about
Shakespeares plays KNOWS that there
is NO definitive edition of ANY of
them. To prove that, one need go no
farther than Furness Variorum vol-

RISING umes which show all the ins and outs

of the various Editions and Folios
and editorial changes they went
through. What happened was so
simple as to have eluded the scholars,
primarily because these same scholars
NOTHING about Living

Most of the Shakespearian canon

came from Plutarchs Lives; on that
everyone seems to be agreed. I give
you a scenario. What Shakespeare
seems to have been was Stage Manager
and Amanuensis for a talented group of
actors. Actors need Plays; New Plays;
what better than that they should
The Hourglass Asteroid meet, decide what famous Historical
Personage, or Hysterical Farce should
be portrayed, and thresh it out, and
Antarctica flesh it out by each player portraying
his character in logical sequence, and
the result AS IT WENT ALONG, being
transcribed by the Stage Manager? Logi-
cally speaking, once assembled, the
roles, each being written by its player,
but needing an author, came to be a
play by a dozen or more people! But
since you need a single authorwhat
easier than to give credit (or blame if
its a turkey), to the Secretary, who
may, for all any of us knows, have been
Stonehenge a master of blank verse; in point of
The Templar fact, Shakespeare very likely was NOT
Gorgeous reproductions suitable the Author, but merely the Editor!
(No mean feat, that). As evidenced by
Diving Lemurian Waters for framing. Signed by the artist. the fact that the plays were revised
dozens of times before the final version
11"x17" $1495 each. $7500 for the complete set Add $3 for S&H was nailed down.
I do not deny that Bacon might have
FREE with each set of 6,Tom Millers haunting orchestral tribute to had a hand in plotting some of them,
ANCIENT WORLDS on stereo cassette! A $9.98 value and Lord Oxford may have had a hand
in them, too
Send check or money order to Nevertheless, the proper Author-
Tom Miller P.O. Box 441 Livingston, MT 59047 PH 406-222-6733 ship of the plays should be ascribed to
the clever Players of the Globe The-
ater, who did the actual work of crea-
tion; nothing, however, should be
The Copernican Series taken away from Will, who took the
At The Gates Of The Citadel How science turns concepts into facts lines the players spoke, and put them
The Cooling Continuum The origin and evolution of life on Earth into graceful blank verse, with heroic
Atoms, Stars and Minds Origin of force and motion in the universe rhyming couplets at the end of long
The Model Mind What the mind is and how it works speeches. (With a little talent and some
How The Weather Really Works How wind and heat moves in the atmosphere patience, ANYONE can write blank
Light What light is, where it comes from, how it moves and what it does verse; even I can do itby the ream
Where Science Went Wrong It assumed away force in the universe when the spirit properly moves me).
Human Nature How society, technology, morality and behavior result from the So the answer to the question, Who
operation of the mind wrote Shakespeares plays? Is No-
body. They were first spoken, then
$15 each through this ad, 10% off 3-5 volumes, 20% off 6-8 volumes written; and Will did the writing. Case
Book rate postage included 1st class, $1 additional each book closed.
FBP 6529 Elder Ave. Springfield, VA 22150 Edward G. Robles
(703) 971-9141 Franklin, NC

THE STAR OF A Department of Ge-
ography and Plan-
ning study in Australia
likely that there would
have been the same
amount of uplift in two
has uncovered extensive
BETHLEHEM? marine fossil deposits
along Sydneys southern
parts of the coast so far
apart in what is consid-
ered one of the most tec-

W ith an ancient Roman coin he

bought at a New York coin
show Michael Molnar, a computer pro-
sea cliffs providing evi-
dence that sea levels
around the city were at
tonically stable coast-
lines in the world, said
Dr. Baker. These find-
grammer with a doctorate in as- least two meters higher ings offer solid evidence
tronomy, says he has identified the Star 4000 - 6000 years ago that the sea level was
of Bethlehem as Jupiter. than they are today. substantially higher a
Molnar was able to determine with The study, conducted Dr. Robert Haworth
few thousand years ago
the coin the date of the stars appear- by geographers Dr. Robert Haworth along the NSW coastline and that it
ance. He realized and Dr. Robert Baker, challenges the dropped sharply over a short period of
that the Romans belief held by many scientists that the time.
put the astrological earths oceans are now at their highest The geographers said the studys
sign of Aries on the levels in at least 6000 years. The find- findings cast new light on the Global
coin to represent ings also have important implications Warming debate, adding that any dis-
Judea which they for the enhanced Greenhouse debate cussion on global warming should be
took over in AD 6. by suggesting that natural climatic and put into the context of natural climatic
Molnar explains his sea level variations have been largely fluctuations. The point that there have
findings in his overlooked in the debates modelling probably been continuous short-term
book, The Star of assumptions. changes in the sea level has largely
Bethlehem: The The study was published recently been ignored within discussions on
Legacy of the by Marine Geology, the leading inter- global warming, said Dr. Robert Haw-
Magi. national journal of marine tectonic sci- orth. How can we be certain that
My fellow astronomers looked for ence. present trends are natural or human-
spectacular planetary alignments, During an investigation of sand- induced when the background has
blazing comets, and exploding stars, stone cliff faces in southern Sydney, been perpetually changing?
says Molnar. I stumbled on the answer Dr. Haworth and Dr. Baker discovered He added that the Aboriginal engrav-
from a Roman coin that I bought for that massive rockfalls had covered and ings found in the collapsed sandstone
$50. Aries on the coin showed me preserved 4000-year-old fossils and Ab- wall also were significant archaeolog-
where the Star of Bethlehem ap- original engravings in a geological ical discoveries, providing examples of
peared. time capsule. one of the oldest styles of Aboriginal
With that important clue about The geographers found extensive engravings in Sydney. The assemblage
Aries he figured that a special celestial fossil shellcrust of common intertidal of engraved lines and circles on the
event in Aries showed the Wise Men organisms under the fallen rock, consis- wall, often referred to as Panaramitee
that a king was born in Judea. Molnar tently preserved two metres higher style, was widespread over much of
then researched what happened in than the present range of these marine Australia, he said.
Aries that attracted the Wise Men. species. The fossils were then dated Until now, it has been very difficult
Jupiter was the star of kings, says using Carbon-14 dating methods. Ac- to date such engravings in the Sydney
Molnar. And everybody knows from cording to Dr. Baker, the heights and region. The coincidence of dateable
the Bible that the star rose in the east, dates of the fossils were consistent fossil shell residue covering some of
which is exactly what Jupiter did in with fossil deposits found in 1989 in a the engravings has allowed us to deter-
Aries on April 17, 6 BC. This date sea cave at Valla, on the North Coast of mine a minimum age for Sydney Pana-
agrees very well with estimates of NSW, by UNE geologist Associate Pro- ramitee engravings.
Christs birth. fessor Peter Flood. It is extremely un-



A ccording to Agence France Presse
the Chinese air force had a pro-
longed up-close encounter with a UFO
At least 140 people on the ground
also saw the object, it said. ON EARTH
that one fighter pilot described as just An editor with the Hebei Daily said
like ones in foreign movies, a govern-
ment-controlled newspaper reported.
the events took place on Oct. 19 and
were still being investigated by local
A Hebei Daily reportcarried in the government departments.
news digest Baokan Wenzhaigave a The newspapers report and military
detailed pilots account of an aerial cat- sources quoted show an openness that
and-mouse game played between the contrast sharply with Washingtons no-
object and a jet fighter ordered to inter- torious secrecy on the topic of uniden-
cept it. tified flying objects (UFOs).


F rom October 20-24, 1999, the In-
ternational Association for New
Science (IANS) presented its Tenth An-
successful experiments in using elec-
tronics to measure the human bodys
imbalances and then rectifying them
nual Forum on New Science in Fort using frequencies identified and de-
Collins, Colorado. The 5-day confer- rived wholly from a subjects voice-
ence included a roster of speakers and print. As well, Mark Macy, a pre-
workshop leaders that featured such eminent U.S. researcher in the field of
notables as Eugene Mallove, Amit Gos- instrumental transcommunication with
wami, Michael Lindemann, Brian the deceased, presented his latest
OLeary, and Hulda Clark, as well as visual evidence, recorded on photo-
numerous other researchers in the graphic film while a physical EMF- Old Faithful, Yellowstone National Park
fields of alternative science and para- producing device known as a Lumi-
normal phenomena. The goals nator was activated. Teri Ma-
of the Colorado-based new sci-
ence association are to foster
haney, a researcher and busi-
ness consultant, lectured on
E arth changes, for good or
for ill, will be the central
theme in Atlantis Rising Maga-
new approaches to traditional her successful employment of zines first international confer-
science and encourage investi- modern brain-wave entrain- ence set for sometime in the
gation into all areas of science ment research to change un- early September of 2000. At
that mainstream, more or- conscious behavioral patterns this point the event is still in
thodox researchers and their by the use of musical sublim- the early planning stages but
funding sources are, or have Eugene Mallove inal tapes during sleep time. more details are promised as
been, reluctant to pursue. Eugene Mallove, the well- they become available. Watch
Conference highlights of particular known exponent of the validity of the for our next issue, due out May
interest to AR readers included Russell cold fusion phenomenon, provided an 1 and check our Web Site at At-
Burrows and Dr. James Scherz, who to- update on this work from his own la-
gether presented lectures detailing Bur- boratory, confirming the production of Currently plans call for the
rows 1982 discovery in southern Illi- transmuted nuclear products via the event to be held in Montanas
nois of a mysterious cave containing process and predicting the appearance picturesque Paradise Valley at
ancient art, artifacts, and mummies of in 2000, from his own shop in New the beautiful new Wellspring
a people much different from the Hampshire, of demonstration devices conference center just a few
known tribes of pre-Colombian showing related anomalous electromag- miles north of Yellowstone
America. netic effects. park and just a few miles south
The subject of bioresonance, espe- Apart from its annual symposia, of Livingston, Montana where
cially the therapeutic use of sound to IANS, a non-profit organization, has in the magazine maintains its of-
diagnose and treat disease and emo- the past also sponsored specialized fices.
tional affliction, was addressed by four conferences dealing with New Energy, Livingston, interestingly,
researchers, including Dr. Hulda Clark, UFO research, and New Agriculture, was mentioned by Edgar Cayce
an alternative healer who has been im- Gardening, and Housing. For informa- as a spot destined to prosper in
prisoned for the unauthorized practice tion on future activities, IANS may be the wake of forthcoming up-
of medicine. Lectures by Clark, Kris- contacted at (970) 482-3731, or via fax heaval. The area, according to
tina Olson, and Sharry Edwards and at (970) 482-3120. The organizations Cayce, will someday be the
Terrence Bugno, M.D., detailed various website is at; its e-mail breadbasket of the world.
address is

MARCH 5 THROUGH 11, 2000




THE INTERNATIONAL UFO CONGRESS Phone (303) 543-9443 Fax (303) 543-8667
9975 Wadsworth Pkwy #K2-504 E-mail
Westminster, CO 80021 USA Web Site
Speaker schedules and registration info will be available early December.



D espite passage to the new millen-
nium, with all that that implies,
hard news regarding new explorations
Hawass said that he was giving the Jo-
seph Schorr group one last chance to
find the Hall of Records. But, as with
Reports persist that discussions are
underway toward allowing some kind
of definitive new exploration, and
of the monuments of the Giza plateau most such pronouncements including soon, but at this point nothing can be
in Egypt has remained as illusive as a a similar statement made at A.R.E. (the confirmed.
desert mirage. Association for Research and Enlighten- In the meantime, the Egyptians,
Fox television, notwithstanding the ment, the Cayce group) in August, it citing adverse public opinion, backed
success of its live special from the pla- was unclear exactly what he would or away from their much-publicized mil-
teau in the Spring of 1999, has delayed would not permit. lennium eve plans to place a gold cap-
its publicly promoted plans for a follow Though mistrusted by many who stone on the Great Pyramid. At the mo-
up program focusing on the so-called believe (rightly or wrongly) he has ac- ment, however, Hawass has not
The Hall of Records prophesied by tively covered up many key discoveries forsaken his announced intention to in-
renowned clairvoyant Edgar Cayce to concerning Giza, Hawass is still the vestigate, around the time of the
be discovered on the spot. Sources tell man whose cooperation must be en- Spring equinox, the so-called Ganten-
Atlantis Rising that costs might be a listed for any significant new explora- brink door in the shaft from the
factor. However, other networks are tion of the area. Some have interpreted Queens chamber.
now entering the highly competitive his recent statements as indicating a One thing seems clear. A final reso-
race for the kind of high viewer ratings new willingness perhaps to cooperate lution to at least some of the mysteries
that Egypt has proven it can attract. with the kind of investigation which which have haunted the ancient site
Speaking in New York at the Metro- could finally put to rest many long- may not be too much longer in
politan Museum of Art late in 1999 standing controversies. Others wait for coming.
Egyptian antiquities director Zahi something more concrete.


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million billion miles from Earth. Actually they have only seen
COMMENT the shadow the planet casts, but its out there. There is an-
other finding of six new planets orbiting sun like stars as
close as 65 light years from Earth. Five of the six have envi-
ronments with temperatures moderate enough to allow
water to exist in liquid form and provide the recipe for the
emergence of lifeif it doesnt already exist.

Hilly Rose All of this has caused NASA to create a new Astrobiology
Institute headed by Nobel prize-winning Baruch S. Blumberg.
He says, There is a high probability that the cosmos is life

OFF MIKE friendly. The loss of the Mars Polar Lander and Mars Ex-
plorer has given rebirth to the theory that Martian life exists
underground and that they shot down our probes when we
got too close. Professor Allen Tough of Toronto has spent
years of his life pondering the question of what do we say
KEEPING UP WITH PARADIGM SHIFTS when we do make contact with other life forms?
If NASA keeps going in space exploration, they may fi-
T he new scientific discoveries of past, current and future
events are coming so fast that hardly a day goes by
without someones pet theory about the history of mankind
nally prove that Zecharia Sitchin is correct. Based on his
reading of Sumerian tablets, he claims there is a hidden
planet we cant see, but it shadows Earth. He believes that
being rattled. The indefatigable thinker and explorer of the this hidden planet, called Niburu, is where we really came
unknown, Lloyd Pye, wrote a book in 1997 titled Every- from.
thing You Know Is Wrong! He Look down into the Black Sea
thought he was being funny with near Turkey where proof is being
that title, but no, he was being Ukraine found that the fabled flood of
prescient. The current battle over Noah actually happened 7500
Kennewick Man puts in sharp years ago. Melting glaciers raised
perspective the prevalent cry, Russia the sea level, overwhelming the
Dont bother me with your facts, natural dam of the Bosporus that
I already know what I want to separated the Mediterranean Sea
know. Romania from the Black Sea, causing an
Certain truths are perpetuated Underwater apocalyptic deluge. Thousands of
over the centuries. A fact some Evidence of years of history lie buried here in
decades ago remains a fact, no Noahs Flood? deep, still waters where the wood
matter how often its been dis- of shipwrecks remains preserved
proven. When I went to school, I exactly as it was many centuries
was taught that there were only ago. Scientific exploration spon-
ten years of fossil fuel left in the Turkey sored by the National Geographic
world. When President Nixon de- of this mass archival graveyard will
clared the gas shortage in the undoubtedly overturn many of our
1970s, he told us there were only notions about the history of those
ten years of fossil fuel left to be discovered, and we had to times.
conserve. Here we are in the year 2000. New giant fossil fuel All of the above has been documented just in the past
fields are found regularly, and the fuel-producing nations still year. Carbon dating and other scientific techniques such as
squabble about how much to cut back on production to DNA analysis are about to create nervous breakdowns for his-
keep the price high. The gasoline stations still have gas wars torians as they see their time-worn theories disproved.
(though not as frequently). Todays grammar school and high This brings us to Kennewick Man who is some 9200 years
school students are still being taught there is only a ten-ear old. Here is the perfect example of, Dont bother me with
supply of fuel left in the world. The experts may be right the facts, Ive already made up my mind. We all KNOW
someday...but not soon. how hunters migrated across the Bering land bridge 12,000
The source of fuel that drives our industries and our auto- years ago to North America and filled our continent as they
mobiles is the ancient fossil, supposedly in limited supply. moved south and east. Archaeologist Dennis Stanford of the
We recently discovered the bones of a Sauropod (giraffe-like Smithsonian Institution now believes that the first Americans
dinosaur) over six stories tall in Oklahoma. They say he is an actually arrived 18,000 years ago from Iberia, not Siberia.
astounding 110 million years old. This beats out both Columbus and Leif Erickson by hun-
Then along comes the Jobaria Tiguidensis which was dreds of centuries.
found in Niger. This is a 20-ton monster that roamed around Stanford proves it with the Clovis arrowheads (first found
the earth 135 million years ago. If that didnt create havoc in in Clovis, N.M.) that are not found anywhere in Siberia.
scientific circles, word comes from the Island of Madagascar There are, however, artifacts that resemble these Clovis
of the two oldest dinosaurs yet. These are dated from the Tri- hunting tools found in ancient Europe from the same time
assic period some 230 million years ago. Of course the Chi- period. We know South Pacific islanders have been sailing
nese have now outdone everyone by discovering fossils of open waters for at least 20,000 years. The early Europeans
fishlike creatures that Cambridge University scientists say are (called Solutreans) could have used skin boats, grabbed a
about 530 million years old. Desmond Collins, a paleontolo- strong current and found favorable weather which would
gist at the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto, claims it is too have enabled them to get here in as little as three weeks. Ar-
soon to say if the history of early evolution must be re- cheologist Stanford has been resoundingly condemned. His-
written. Well, if he plans to keep his job, he had better fudge torians and scientists say he had no business going public
on this one. with this startling information. They say he should have pub-
Turning our eyes to the skies, the folks at UC Berkeley
have seen a planet from another solar system that is almost a Continued on Page 58
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the primitive notions of earlier ages, the outrageous impossibilities of one
Wireless Power Transmission
generation continue to become the revolutionary breakthroughs of the next
and the basic necessities of the future.
Still... in the 20th century, while the Marconi's...the Henry Ford's...the
Thomas Edison's have succeeded in capturing most of the attention, others
with technological prowess bordering on the miraculous, strangely, have gone
unnoticed. Men with names like Tesla, Moray, Rife, Russell and Schauberger,
Paramahamsa Tewari
laboring in almost complete obscurity, and achieving almost incomprehensible
miracles--free energy, anti-gravity, transmutation of the elements, physical
rejuvenation and more--were yet largely rejected, ridiculed and despised by the
scientific establishment of their day. But now, a few decades later, a new
breed of inventors, scientists and researchers is making rapid, if yet
unpublicised, strides toward unraveling the astonishing secrets of those unsung
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Jeane Manning, author of discoveries of all time.
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Exploring Recent Discoveries that Can Benefit You


were following at


by Richard Conant, L.Ac., C.N.

at and human existence are inseparable. Setting aside the fear and loathing over
fat in the body that pervades our culture, we understand that fat is our friend. We
live without fat.
The human body contains many different kinds of fats and
fat-like molecules. Collectively known as lipids these fatty
substances include fatty acids, lipoproteins, phospholipids,
glycolipids, triglycerides, steroid hormones and the
infamous, dreaded cholesterol.
Lipids (fats) are found everywhere in the body,
performing a variety of vital functions. The brain
is a fat-rich organ. Brain neurons and all other
nerve cells are protected by a myelin
sheath, made largely out of fatty Millennium Restoration of
material. Cell membranes consist Sacred Sites in Egypt
almost entirely of phospholipids (lipids Following the Route of the Holy
that contain phosphorus) arranged in a Family Special millennium restorations
sandwich-like double layer embedded are now in progress for twenty-four
with proteins. Sex hormones are lipids, sites along the route where the Holy
Family of Jesus, Mary and Joseph are
belonging to the group of complex lipid
thought to have traveled during their
molecules known as steroids. wanderings in Egypt. This flight lasted
Vitamin D is a lipid. over three years and covered about 200
The body stores and transports fatty acids in the form of triglycerides. A kmfrom Bethlehem to Nazareth.
triglyceride contains three fatty acid molecules, which have a chain-like structure, Mamdouh El Beltagui, Egyptian Min-
linked to glycerol. (There are also mono- and di-glycerides, which have one and two ister of Tourism, announced that these
fatty acid chains, respectively, attached to glycerol.) sacred sites would be opened to the
Like many other things necessary to life, fat is a two-edged sword. Fat insulates public during the millennium year
us from the cold, cushions and protects our vital organs and serves as a storehouse 2000. One such site, Tel Basta, is where
for energy. Yet, when present in excess to the point of obesity, fat threatens health, Jesus is said to have caused a water
happiness, self-esteem, social standing and longevity. The same is true of other spring to well up from the ground. At
lipids, most notably triglycerides and cholesterol. Transported throughout the body in another site, Sakha, Jesus footprint is
the bloodstream, these essential lipids become a health liability when the blood marked here in bas-relief on a rock that
was preserved and recently unearthed
contains too much of them.
only 13 years ago. In Old Cairo, tourists
Keeping fat in its proper place, not eliminating or drastically reducing it, is the goal can also visit the Coptic Church of Abu
we should seek. In the blood, lipids must be maintained at healthy levels and ratios. Serga, where the Holy Family sought
When they are, an important foundation of good health is established. shelter in a cave.
How do we keep the blood lipids we needtriglycerides and the various forms of For further details, see http://
cholesterolbalanced at healthy levels? Diet and exercise are indispensable, these
basics must come first. Along with the recommended dietary practices, a number of millennium1.htm
nutritional approaches offer help for maintaining healthy blood lipids. We will now
give several of these a closer look. Bronze Age Monument
Precisely Dated
Gugulipid Ancient British Posts Date to April
In 1990, an herb used for centuries in the Far East was introduced to U.S. and June of 2050 BC. Using precise
consumers. This herb, called gum guggul, is proving to be one of the most effective dating techniques, a ceremonial circle
natural cholesterol-lowering agents ever discovered. It also brings triglycerides down of oak posts found last year at Holme-
and raises HDL, the good cholesterol. The changes are substantial; gum guggul next-the-Sea on the Norfolk coast was
single-handedly normalizes the entire blood lipid profile, even in people with high precisely dated to having been built be-
tween the months of April and June of
starting levels of cholesterol and triglycerides.
2050 B.C. This is the first time an exact
Continued on Page 20 Continued on Page 20
Gum guggul, also called simply guggul, is a gummy resin tapped from the
Commiphora tree. A cousin of myrrh gum, guggul has been used by Ayurvedic
herbalists of India for at least 3,000 years; texts dating from around 1,000 B.C.
mention the herb. Guggul was traditionally given for rheumatism and poor health
caused by excess consumption of fatty foods. One ancient Sanskrit text describes in
detail what happens in the body when blood fats are out of balance, due to sedentary
lifestyle and overeating. The name of this condition has been translated as coating
and obstruction of channels.
Intrigued by the obvious similarity between coating and obstruction of channels
and arteries clogged by fatty plaque, Indian researchers initiated a series of
experimental and clinical studies in the 1960s to see if gum guggul would lower
excess blood lipids. Both human and animal studies consistently showed cholesterol
and triglyceride reductions.
Detailed pharmacological
studies showed that gugguls
date has been put on a Bronze Age lipid-lowering effects are
monument, built around the same
produced by compounds in the
time as Stonehenge. Combining tree-
ring and radiocarbon dating with a resin called guggulsterones. An
statistical technique invented 200 Indian pharmaceutical firm then
years ago, British archaeologists have patented a standardized extract of
been able to match varying widths of gum guggul under the trade name
the seasonal growth rings in wood Gugulipid. The product contains
with a master record going back thou- a uniform 2.5 percent
sands of years. The archaeologists guggulsterones, which is higher
combined the tree-ring and the carbon than guggul resin in its natural
dates with a version of Bayess the- state.
orem and determined that the 2050 Because Gugulipid guarantees
BC was most consistent with the data. the necessary intake of
Further examination of the partial
guggulsterones needed for blood
growth ring on the outside of the
stump then indicated that the tree had fat reduction, it has become the
fallen, or had been felled, between product used in clinical research.
April and June of that year. Phase I efficacy safety trials and
Phase II efficacy trials have
yielded more positive data. Most
Carvings Spark Debate of the studies on gum guggul
Over Alphabet have used relatively small
numbers of subjects; this tends to
When Did Civilization
make mainstream medical
Move Toward Its First scientists reluctant about natural
Alphabet? remedies. A large, well-publicized
Most researchers believe the ear- double-blind Gugulipid trial on 400
liest alphabet dates to 1600 B.C. and to 500 people would go a long
was found near or in turquoise mines
Harvest in India way toward giving this herb the
in Egypt. But the Associated Press re-
ports that a Yale researcher John credibility it deserves.
Coleman Darnell has found even ear-
lier alphabetic tracings dating to be- Pantethine
tween 1900 and 1800 BC in an Egyp- Another effective natural solution for blood fat control that should be better known
tian valley near Luxor. The site, is a relative of pantothenic acid (vitamin B5). Pantethine is the active form of
known as Wadi el-Hol (Valley of pantothenic acid in the body. Pantethine forms CoA, an essential co-enzyme for
Horror), is to be further examined by utilization of fat. CoA transports active acetate, an important byproduct of fat
writing specialists using computer as- metabolism that provides fuel for generating cellular energy. By promoting the
sistance in an effort to decipher these burning of fats for energy, pantethine helps keep triglyceride levels down. Pantethine
inscriptions. Darnell , scheduled to also helps regulate cholesterol production, by facilitating the conversion of fat into
present his findings to an interna- other lipid-based molecules needed in the body.
tional conference of Egyptologists in Japanese researchers began studying the effect of pantethine on blood fats
Cairo in February 2000, states, It
nearly twenty years ago. They reported their promising results at the Seventh
looks like that what we can say defi-
nitely is that the alphabet is invented International Symposium on Drugs Affecting Lipid Metabolism, held in Milan, Italy in
in Egypt. It is not invented in Syro- 1980. Few in the medical or scientific communities took notice. Italian researchers
Palestine. followed up with several small clinical trials that confirmed the preliminary reports. An
excellent cholesterol and triglyceride lowering agent that is safe and free of
side-effects, pantethine remains, for the most part, ignored by mainstream science,
Continued on Facing Page although its usage is growing in alternative medicine circles. Pantethine will no doubt
prove to be one of the most important supplements for maintaining healthy blood fat
levels. iNEWS
Niacin But another re-
When taken in high enough doses, niacin (vitamin B3) substantially lowers searcher, Greek ar-
cholesterol. This has been known to medical science for many years. Studies on chaeologist Panikos
niacin as a cholesterol-lowering agent go back to the 1950s. There was a fair amount
of initial enthusiasm for niacin because it improves, unlike most lipid-lowering drugs,
all parameters of the blood lipid profile. Niacin
reduces total cholesterol, LDL cholesterol and
triglycerides. It also raises HDL cholesterol quite
well. Interest in niacin has faded, in part
because the necessary dose, 1200 milligrams
a day or more, can cause flushing and
claims to have dis-
covered an even
earlier writing
system in A
northern Greece, dating to 5300 B.C.
However, the zigzag lines and dots
that he found incised in a small stone
at Yiannitsa, about 300 miles north-
gastrointestinal disturbances. Very high west of Athens, might be impossible
doses may be harmful to the liver if taken for Among to decipher. Chrysostomou calls his
too long. the primary marking a protoscriptsimple forms
There is a solution to the side-effect sources of vitamin B and patterns that meant the same thing
is the humble bean. to many people. Photos of his find
problem with niacin which, again, has failed to
will also be made available in Feb-
gain widespread attention. Inositol hexanicotinate is a flush-free form of niacin

composed of six niacin molecules bonded to one molecule of inositol, another
B-complex nutrient. Absorbed as an intact structure, inositol hexanicotinate is Scholars
metabolized slowly, releasing free niacin into the bloodstream over a period of hours agree that the in-
following ingestion. Inositol hexanicotinate has all the benefits of niacin for controlling vention of the
blood fats. The flushing effect of ordinary niacin, which metabolizes much more alphabet revolu-
rapidly, does not occur. Taking as much as four grams per day has not been reported tionized hu-
to raise liver enzymes or cause other side-effects, but prudence dictates that people manity by ex-
with liver problems should avoid very high doses of inositol hexanicotinate, or any tending the
form of niacin. ability to read to
the common
person. Before
Tocotrienols that, only
We often think of vitamin E as synonymous with d-alpha tocopherol. Vitamin E is scribes and
actually a whole family of compounds that includes various tocopherols and a group rulers had the
of lesser known but highly beneficial substances called tocotrienols. All have time to memorize
vitamin E activity. Tocotrienols are similar in chemical structure to tocopherols, but the multiple meanings of hundreds of
they have important differences which give them unique and highly beneficial images in pictographic writings. But,
properties for human health. Leonard Shlains controversial book,
Vitamin E is one of the most recognized antioxidants, nutrients The Alphabet Versus the Goddess:
that deactivate potentially toxic byproducts of oxygen The Conflict between Word and
Image, reminds us that the alphabets
metabolism known as free radicals. Vitamin E neutralizes
increase in civilizations literacy
peroxides, which result from the free radical oxidation of might have been achieved at a price -
lipids, making it a key antioxidant in cell membranes. a shift in the balance between men
While d-alpha tocopherol has generally been regarded as and women
the form of vitamin E with the strongest antioxidant activity,

tocotrienols are even stronger. in the em-
The tocotrienol story is another example of a natural phasis on
product slow to gain recognition. A University of California the
research team discovered that d-alpha tocotrienol is over brains
six times more effective than d-alpha tocopherol at left hemi-
protecting cell membranes against free radical damage. In sphere at the ex-
A prime the presence of vitamin C, which recycles vitamin E-like pense of the right.
source of compounds, its antioxidant activity is 40 to 60 times higher
vitamin E is wheat Shlain, chief of laparocopic sur-
than d-alpha tocopherol. This study was published in 1991. Its
gery at California-Pacific Medical
safe to say few cardiac physicians know about tocotrienols, and we have yet to see Center, foresees that increasing future
60 Minutes do a piece on the powerful new form of vitamin E. reliance on holistic image information
It would be a tremendous service to public health if they did, because the benefits will actually move civilization toward
of tocotrienols go far beyond their stellar antioxidant ability. Tocotrienols also lower an equilibrium between left and right
total cholesterol and LDL, by impressive percentages. In one double-blind controlled brain hemispheres, between mascu-
study, tocotrienols reduced total cholesterol by 16 percent and LDL by 21 percent line and femininebetween word and
after twelve weeks. Another study recorded drops of 15 to 22 percent in total image.
cholesterol along with 10 to 20 percent decreases in LDL levels. Now appearing on For further information, see:
health food store shelves, tocotrienols are a health-protecting nutrients whose
long-overdue time has come. Derived from food oils such as palm oil and rice bran obidos/ASIN/0140196013/o/
oil, tocotrienols have the same lack of toxicity as ordinary vitamin E. 6760679-8991845
Reprinted with permission from Health Store News
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Quick Frozen

New Attention for One of Sciences

Most Disturbing Puzzles
Woolly Mammoths as envisioned by Charles R. Knight at the American Museum of Natural History

Editors note: The recent wave of ivory hunter from approaching the belong. These cycles occur on a yearly
publicity surrounding the discovery creature or seeking advice until six basis, which allows mammoth hunting,
of an intact Mammoth frozen in Si- years later, when an observer with a and on much longer epochal scales
berian permafrost has rekindled de- science background was taken to view which are now under investigation.
bate over the sudden and mysterious the carcass which was then partially ex- Science and weather authorities
demise of the species. While the ex- posed and half eaten by predators. The have warned officially that the imme-
traction of the beast from the ice and skeleton and much of the hide were re- diate future holds more obvious
possible plans to clone ita la Jurassic covered and placed eventually on dis- warming trends through storms and
Parkhave fired the imagination of play in the Russian St. Petersburg Mu- changes in ocean currents. Such
millions, few have considered the im- seum where it delights the observer to warming trends, according to the cur-
plications of such discoveries in the this day. rent academic consensus, are shown in
great debate between proponents of Unfortunately, no notations were the records to precede ice age onsets.
the gradualist school of evolu- kept of the condition of the extinct an- This is believed to be a natural process,
tionary theory and the catas- imal, nor any conclusions formed as to although the rapid warming period
trophist camp. At stake are the theo- how it had come to be embedded in its now in evidence is being ascribed to
retical underpinnings of current icy tomb. human pollutants.
orthodoxy, opposed as it is to the no- Earlier finds in the Siberian area had It was such a mini-melt that allowed
tion that naturaland for that not been brought to the attention of the mammoth find of 1799, and the
matter, humanhistory on Earth authorities, nor any reliable records currently celebrated 1997 location of
may have been far more dramatic kept other than folk tales of these ice- an intact mammoth which may hold
and tumultuous than we have thus locked hairy giants suddenly appearing answers to the disappearance of the
far dared to properly consider. during the usual summertime hunts for furry behemoths into myth and legend,
scattered ivory tusks. Siberian north- as well as a potential vehicle for

ince the late 1700s, carcasses lands have long been the most lucrative cloning.
of long-vanished prehistoric field for tusk hunters and traders, who This most recent discovery may pro-
mammoths have been located paid the hunters 25 rubles for the im- vide evidence and clues to the un-
in the heavy ice and muck of mense ivory tooth, often fifteen feet known factors of climate and land-
frozen northern Siberian long and more. It was, however, rare scape at the exact time this mammoth
tundra. indeed to find such an intact animal as still ranged the land. Bits of pollen and
The first of record was located by was located by Shamakov. Less than 20 vegetation could be recovered from its
Tungus Chief Ossip Shamakov, who perfect specimens have turned up in body and two- to three-foot-long hair,
spotted something large and dark in- modern times. while possibly more evidence could
side a huge ice block lying along a come from within its internal digestive
Lena delta riverbank during his late- A FAST FROZEN FIND system as was the case of the Bere-
summer hunt for tusks. It was 1799. Global weather shifts regularly kovka find in 1900.
Superstitious fear kept the native cause alternate melting and freezing of Most fully intact mammoths have
icepacks in sub-arctic and even polar been located standing upright along
BY BEVERLY C. JAEGERS areas to which the Siberian wastes now
riverbanks or crevices in retreating gla-
hint that it could well have been PERIODS OF MASS DESTRUCTION?
MAMMOTHS standing at the time of death. Already mostly ruled out are vol-
Such extraordinary circumstance canic explosions in both areas of time,
cial areas, either completely in ice or points toward a very sudden death and which might have released poisonous
partially exposed. A very young spec- freezing for these extinct cousins of gases which could wipe out huge an-
imen was accidentally unearthed in the the contemporary Asian elephant. imal populations, freezing them in
permafrost of USSRs Yakutsk Republic Investigation of the full-grown ani- their tracks as they grazed. Local ge-
in almost perfectly preserved condi- mals found in 1900 revealed a stomach ology does not show sufficient high
tion. Its presence had not been sus- cavity full of undigested fodder, and concentrations of volcanic dust and de-
pected, nor was there evidence of fresh yellow buttercup blossoms clung bris which would be expected in such
whether it had been frozen in the usual to the frozen tongue. No data exists a scenario.
upright posture, although leg positions about the condition of its lungs, which Huge seismic upheavals which
might have sug- could cause rivers of frozen mud and
gested asphyxi- ice to instantly trap and envelop these
ation as a cause animals between bites of herbage as
of such sudden they chewed might provide a better an-
death. swer.
Theorists Another cause could be climatic re-
have long de- versal, first proposed in the December
bated, often 1976 issue of Science, where it was
hotly, what in- stated changes in the earths orbital
conceivable set geometry are the fundamental cause of
of circum- the ice ages. This finding was the re-
stances may sult of examining Indian ocean cores
have prevailed and bottom samples representing
in Siberia both 450,000 consecutive years of earths
10,000 and climate. These contain a clear record of
30,000 years all climatic reversals, from whatever
ago; dates pro- cause, during that immense period.
vided by radio- How and why such reversals occur,
carbon dating or how rapidly they occur, is still
tests on various under study. Pole shifts, perhaps an ar-
mammoth tifact of earths eccentric orbit, are a
Intact baby mammoth found in Yakutsk in 1977 Continued on Page 59


The Latest in Scientific
Grading Provides High
Marks for the Sleeping
Michael Mandeville on a Recent Visit to Venice
has produced a voluminous work and audio and, soon, video tapes for
Editors note: Readers of Atantis
divided it into three separate books people at the leading edge of funda-
Rising may recall a series of ads pro-
which he calls The Return of the mental shifts in thought which define
moting a work called The Return of
Phoenix Trilogy. Book one, The Veil, new cultural/scientific/economic reali-
Phoenix by Michael Mandeville which
analyzes Cayces credibility; book two, ties.
appeared in these pages for a few is-
The Great Break Up; explores the ac- The site is well coordinated and,
sues. We know that several of our
curacy of his readings; and book three, though not totally completed, when in
readers followed up and subscribed to
The Prophecies, discusses his predic- uncharted waters, a surfer is informed
the project but were disappointed by
tions about the future and his com- of progress and redirected rather than
the long wait which ensued while it
ments about human origins. Through wiped out with error messages in his
was completed. Since Mandeville was,
the Trilogy, I have exhaustively ana- wake.
at that time, also Atlantis Risings in-
lyzed and documented some 5000 Born in Los Angeles, Mandeville at-
ternet webmaster, many assumed
Cayce readings and about 500 specific tended high school and college in
that there was a direct link between
objective statements about the past Seattle (nine years at the University of
the magazine and his project. There
and the future. This is the first time in Washington, studying history, philos-
was no such link. We did believe,
history that a psychic has been given a ophy and political science) and, like
however, he was making an honest
hard score (Mandeville has deter- many in the sixties generation, spent
and serious effort to complete a very
mined that Cayces accuracy is consis- time in New Age bookstores searching
ambitious opus and we chose to wait
tently within an 85% - 92% range). The for something more spiritual than the
for fruition. And, at long last, we are
Trilogy is a milestone in the effort to traditional religion he had grown up
happy to report the projecta mas-
develop spiritual sciences, he states. with. He had always known his mother
sive one indeedhas now been virtu-
Using his Navy training in elec- was psychic, so he wasnt overly im-
ally completed. We believe the pa-
tronics and fifteen years experience pressed with most of the material he
tience of all concerned was justified,
writing business plans professionally, encountered. He was impressed, how-
and we would like you to know a
Mandeville has created his own com- ever, when he came across a book
little more about what we believe is a
pany, Meta-Syn, (electronic publishers about Cayce and read what he had to
very compelling story.
at the leading edge of history, in search say about earth changes. I took note
of the electronic philosophers stone a of the fact that he predicted the Hall

or the past two years, Mi-
meta-syn-thesis of information that is of Records (purported to be an under-
chael Wells Mandeville,
the alchemical art). He has con- ground chamber containing physical
M.A., Ph.C. has sequestered
structed an extensive Website that con- proof of superior ancient civilizations
himself in the hills of Ari-
tains the Trilogy, a review of biogra- on Earth as well as records of the entire
zona, researching and
phies about Cayce (with links to many history of antediluvian civilization and
writing about the prophecies of Edgar
relevant topics), information on cyber- its accomplishments) would be found
Cayce, the famous American seer
archaeology, geometric physics, vortex near the Sphinx. When I saw John An-
known as The Sleeping Prophet. He
tectonics and a Catalog for Cosmic thony Wests documentary Mystery of
Minds which markets books, CDs, pa- the Sphinx, I remembered Id made a
BY CYNTHIA GAGE pers, products, information links, mental note thirty-some years ago that
if there was a major discovery there, I
The book taking 2000 yrs. to complete would seriously investigate what Cayce
WHY THE END? had to say about earth changes and the
TWO MILLENIA OF PROPHECY Pole Shift. According to Mandeville,
& ITS FRUITLESS ATTEMPT there isnt a single comment Cayce
TO AWAKEN HUMANITY made about earth changes that wasnt
This 350-page compilation of prophetic directly connected to the phenomenon
subjects has clues for those with eyes of a pole shift which, he says, is some-
to see. Some of the Chapters: The thing that began to occur in 1936.
Word Promised before the End of this Mandeville set about that investigation,
Age, End Time Signs (w.clues), The approaching his task with the intention
Tribulation/Purification, Geomagnetic to prove Cayce wrong.
Pole Shift, The Pope(s), WW III, The Im a skeptic, he says, noting that,
Warning & Three Days of Darkness, a skeptic is not someone who disbe-
lieves, but someone who scrutinizes
things very carefully in order to deter-
mine whether something is verifiable
or not. One of the things he focused
on was the possibility that Cayce had
borrowed many of his ideas. Except Edgar Cayce
for his cures for health problems,
many occasions, he failed to heed the
there was little about the past which
advice he was given!
Cayce mentioned that had not been
In several hundred readings Cayce
mentioned elsewhere in various histor-
provided a great range of details about
ical, occult, secret society or religious
truly ancient Egypt and the Hall of
sources, says Mandeville. His At-
Records, says Mandeville. Added to-
Judgement Day, The Comet/Ball of lantis could have been borrowed from
gether, they collectively tell a remark-
Redemption, The Remnant, and The Plato, his numerology and cosmic as-
ably complete story about the destruc-
Golden Age. Only $28 prepaid, or $30 trology could be straight out of the her-
tion of Atlantis, the founding of Egypt,
for Priority Mail (Money orders clear metic texts and his spiritual plane
the creation of the Hall of Records and
faster). Send To: Information Pioneers could have come from the Theoso-
the construction and purpose of the
Publisher, Dept. AR, P.O.Box 7, South phists. Mandeville notes that Cayces
Sphinx and the Great Pyramid. After
Woodstock, Connecticut [06267] U.S.A. friends, family and associates all claim
piecing together the material from
Telephone: 860-963-7173 he did not read such material, didnt
these readings and researching myths,
have a technical grasp of worldly sci-
ancient history, megalithic construc-
ence and wasnt schooled past ninth
tion, archaeology, cities and ruins
grade. He did, however, work in a
around the world, Mandeville has
bookstore for several years and claimed
come to call the resulting interconnec-
to have had a photographic mind.
tion The World Epic.
This issue bothered me for a long
Scientific discoveries during the
time, says Mandeville, and led me to
past 60 years have been shown to par-
excessive searching and information
allel more and more empirical facts
overload! He wasnt satisfied until he
that validate the World Epic. It has
discovered a pattern that out of the
countless parallels in archaeological,
hundreds of speculative claims and
anthropological and geological evi-
ideas from which the seer could have
dence, says Mandeville. In other
chosen to borrow, Cayce talked only
words, the Cayce paradigm works like
about those which have gained greater
the Energizer Bunny. It keeps on
validity over time or have been proven
working decade after decade, getting
scientifically after his death.
better with age! He claims that his
Mandeville immersed himself stud-
work has put Cayces information in a
ying the life and readings of a man he is
form which forever alters science, his-
T oday, many great men of science believe that some-
where in the universe exist invisible gateways to
other dimensions, and realms of space and time.
convinced was not only genuinely
gifted but humble. Though his talents
tory and religion for those who attune
their consciousness to the central par-
It has taken many centuries for man to finally were respected and used by Woodrow
reach a sophisticated frame of understanding which allels in the World Epic.
accepts a multidimensional universe with invisible gate- Wilson, Henry Wallace, Nikola Tesla,
Mandeville notes that there are 45
ways to other realms. A contemporary concept that is Thomas Edison and many industrialists,
at last beginning to catch up with the sacred knowl- major predictions pending for the mil-
bankers, doctors and other profes-
edge of the great pyramid builders of Ancient Egypt. lennial era, and dozens of archaeolog-
Is it possible that one of these multi-dimensional sionals, entrepreneurs and government
doorways may exist in our corner of the universe? Ac- ical clues in Cayces readings which
officials, Cayce never exploited them
cording to the wisdom of Ancient Egypt, that gateway may lead to discoveries that verify
is within the human mind. for financial gain. He was, in fact, a re-
more of his statements. Cayce, who
We now have available for sale, THE SECRET luctant prophet whose Fundamentalist
GATES OF GIZA, two full-length audio tapes with car- died in 1945, saw 1998 as the end of a
rying case, and insert explaining the mystery behind Christianity was for years at odds with
40-year period of earth changes, and
the riddle of the Sphinx. If you are sincere in your ef- his astounding psychic abilities. Having
fort to take up this inward quest, then you are invited prophesied that in that year, a great an-
started what could have become a suc-
to come along on this audio expedition. To purchase cient priest and his associates would
your tapes, specify quantity desired, and send $18.95 cessful photography business, Cayce
plus $4.95 shipping and handling for each set (two re-enter the world as spiritual libera-
abandoned it to develop his psychic
one-hour tapes). payable by check or money order. tors. Given the general accuracy of
gift professionally. Over a number of
Cayces statements and the decisive-
decades he gave, says Mandeville, ex-
ness with which his scenario for the
Secret Gates of Giza, PO Box 12040 actly 14,246 readings. Interestingly,
El Cajon, CA 92022 (619) 442-2593 though he read often for himself, on
Continued on page 60
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together powerful evidence linking Stone- English Sacred Sites, not only moving
henge, Avebury, Glastonbury and many and persuasive, but entertaining as well.
other English locations with an advanced
John Michell at Avebury
ancient order now lost to history. Written
and narrated by Atlantis Rising editor To order call:
Doug Kenyon, the video is based primarily
upon the discoveries of Cambridge-trained
scholar and author John Michell. The pro-
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gram demonstrates how a mysterious net-
work of perfectly straight tracks, laid out Atlantis Rising P.O. Box 441
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sight into the origins of English culture illu-
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Madame Blavatsky
and Her Friends
Were Seeds of Twentieth Century Awakening Planted in the Nineteenth?

n a summer day in 1875, Before her eighteenth birthday, she
Madame Helena Petrovna escaped Russia to Constantinople by
...Within a few short years
Blavatksy, the woman enlisting the help of a British steamship global New Age
McCalls magazine called captain. From 1848 to 1858, HPB con- superheroes such as
The Founding Mother of quered the world, a lone, liberated
the Occult in America, sits huddled in woman in search of herself and her Rudolph Steiner, Thomas
the study of her apartment at 46 Irving lifes mission. She rode horseback in Edison, Mohandas
Place in New York City chain-smoking the circus, served as a companion to
cigarettes. She takes a long drag and elderly noblewomen, and traveled Eu-
Gandhi, and Nicholas
spews out a massive cloud of smoke. rope first as the mistress to a Hun- Roerich would gravitate to
Suddenly, the astral bell rings. An in- garian opera star and then to a famous her, and orbit her circle.
coming message electrifies the ether. medium.
With the ease of someone jotting down In Egypt, she was said to have con- So too would Adolph
a toll-free number from a radio com- ducted an esoteric ceremony in the Hitler...
mercial she squeezes out another Great Pyramid, raising the spirit of a
cryptic note: long-dead Egyptian priest. She claims
Orders received from India direct to have studied with the Masters in Steel Olcott, an aging lawyer, pro-
to establish a philosophic-religious So- India and in Tibet for two years, where moter and chronicler of spiritual news
ciety and choose a name for italso to she cunningly disguised herself as a for several New York daily newspa-
choose Olcott. man to gain entrance into secret mon- pers. Olcott had gained HPBs atten-
When the air finally clears, HPB asteries. Included in her contacts were tion when he wrote an article about a
peers into a note that will change the the Great White Brotherhood, the haunted farmhouse in Vermont. HPB
rest of her life, and alter the history of Count Saint Germain and the Master went to check this out for herself.
Western civilization. Koot Hoomi. Strangely, while she was there Russian
The Society she was to found was By 1858 HPB returned to Russia a ghosts suddenly appeared. Impressed,
the Theosophical Society (TS), the grown woman of twenty-nine years. she and Olcott became friends.
mother of all American occult socie- The road to enlightenment had been Within a year of meeting, HPB and
ties. Within a few short years global hard on her. One of her cousins who Olcott had teamed up with William Q.
New Age superheroes such as Rudolph met HPB at that time wrote that her Judge, a twenty-four-year-old Irish-
Steiner, Thomas Edison, Mohandas once beautiful face bore all the traces born attorney whom James Joyce (au-
Gandhi and Nicholas Roerich would of a tempestuous and passionate life. thor of Ulysses) later called the no-
gravitate to her and orbit her circle. So Further, she had become fat and slo- blest Roman of them all. Putting the
too would Adolph Hitler. Through her venly. It has been said that Helen of pedal-to-the-metal, they quickly
writings each of these men (and mil- Troy had a face that launched a thou- formed the Theosophical Society.
lions of other people) would blast off sand ships. In the case of our en- The power pack driving this occult
from the mundane material world, dearing Helena of Russia it was her club was HPBs insistence that she was
achieve escape velocity, and find them- eyes that would have to be relied upon in possession of secret teachings and
selves with one foot in Atlantis. to launch an occult movement. Never writings which came from the Masters
in my life have I seen anything like that of Wisdom or Mahatmas. Olcott was
HPB pair of eyes, wrote her cousin.
It had been a long road to New practically foaming at the mouth with
In July of 1873 HPB sailed into in the possibility of communicating with
York and occult superstardom for New York City. At forty-two she was
Helena, or HPB to her friends. Born these Masters. He had heard of the ex-
flat broke, and like many of the Euro- istence of such ultra-evolved beings.
in Russia to an aristocratic father who pean immigrants who poured past
was in the army, and a mother who Like HPB, he had been deeply influ-
Lady Liberty, she was subjected to soul- enced by the bizarre romantic novels
was an accomplished novelist, HPB ex- grinding poverty and hardship. How-
hibited psychic giftsand her trade- written by the English statesman and
ever, like the effervescence of shiny occultist Lord Edward Bulwer-Lytton
mark tempersince childhood. At sev- pearl, HPBs indomitable spirit rose to
enteen, she married General Nikifor (1803-1873), the man perhaps best
the surface. She quickly impressed known for giving us the opening line,
Blavatsky, a man twice her age, whom folks with her psychic talents and en-
she abandoned without consummating it was a dark and stormy night.
chanted Victorian New Worlders with
the marriage. her Old World charm and gripping ad- THE COMING RACE:
venture stories. Today, Bulwer-Lyttons book The
BY WILLIAM HENRY In 1874 HPB met Colonel Henry Coming Race is the needle in the hay-
And Dr. Navaratna Rajaram and
THE ORIGINS Dr. David Frawley
CIVILIZATION Revolutionary Alternatives
to the many theories about
not only Ancient India, the
Vedas, and Vedic Civiliza-
tion, but also Ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia and the
beginnings of Civilization.
Who were the Aryans? How does science prove
the Vedic Connections to Ancient Egypt? Are
Egypts Pyramids Vedic in design?
These and more questions are answered in this
amazing book.
Call for a Free Catalog from Vedica Productions
1-800-235-1624 email:

Helene Petrovna Blavatsky

stack of all occult books. In the 1870s, mysterious cosmic energy dramatically
however, it was widely read in Eng- enhanced psychic powers and was
land, America and Europe. The Coming wielded by the inhabitants of the inner
Race describes the existence of a uto- earth. It could also produce a laser-like
pian society of advanced beings who death ray. Its use became so pervasive
live in tunnels and caverns beneath the the Ana changed their name to the
surface of the earth in a land called Vril-ya.
Vril-ya. These beings, known as the Bulwer-Lytton intended The
Ana, were forced into the inner earth Coming Race and its matriarchal, dem-
because of earth changes, specifically a ocratic utopia to be a satire aimed at
flood which destroyed their civilization feminists, democrats, socialists, and all
thousands of years before the Biblical others who were deluded into
cataclysm. thinking utopia could be achieved. Be-
The Ana had the ability to fly with sides, with vril power, all wishes were
wings attached to their bodies. Of even instantly materialized, all hurts healed,
greater interest to many Victorian paradise found. What challenges
readers was the Anas mastery of the would remain to make life interesting?
limitless vril or Life Force, an energy Satire or not, like a turn-of-the-
which the Ana scientists learned to century Luke Skywalker, HPB had no
draw from the atmosphere and which doubts that vril was real. The name
instantly bumped the Ana race a few vril may be a fiction, she later wrote
rungs up the evolutionary ladder. This
Continued on Page 61
ary Shelley never thought of herself as a
ALTERNATIVE SCHOLARSHIP prophetess; in fact, she would very likely have
been horrified at the idea. However, in her
work, she often hit upon insights into the fu-
ture that rival those of Jules Verne or H. G.
Wells. In her 1826 novel The Last Man, she actually wrote
about a King of England who abdicated and became the Earl
of Windsor! Two of her short stories deal with frozen
corpses from ancient times calling to mind the discovery
of Lindow Man (died about 300 AD) in an English peat bog in
1984, and of tzi, the Iceman (died about 3300 BC) in the
Alps in 1991. Maurice, or the Fishers Cot, one of Marys pri-
vate manuscripts, was discovered only a few years ago and
published in 1998. It deals with issues which are in the news
today: missing children and animal rights.
Marys most famous work, Frankenstein, is considered a
classic. The idea of an artificial man, though not a new one,
captured the imagination of the public and made Mary a ce-
lebrity. All subsequent authors who have used this concept,
from Karel Capek to Isaac Asimov to George Lucas to the za-
nies who produced Mystery Science Theatre 3000 owe their
success to Mary Shelley. Yet Marys vision of artificial life was
different from those of Asimov or Lucas. Rather than
viewing man-made creatures as benign helpmates for
From the 1930 production of Frankenstein humanity, she saw them as potential enemies, ca-
pable of turning on human beings.
Beautiful, bright and gifted, Mary Shelley was
the daughter of two famous writers: William
Godwin, author of the revolutionary Political

Justice, and Mary Wollstonecraft, celebrated

as the founder of the womens rights move-
ment because of her still-popular book, A

Vindication of the Rights of Women. From

her earliest days, little Mary Godwin was
constantly confronted by powerful intel-
lects. When she was a child, her father often
entertained a literary circle in their home in
London. This circle included poets William
Wordsworth and Samuel Taylor Coleridge,
as well as renowned scientist Sir Humphrey
Davy. Often their discussions centered
around ethical questions surrounding sci-
enceand little Mary, who usually hid behind
the furniture during these gatherings, soaked
it all up.
Meanwhile, at a mansion called Field Place
in rural Sussex, a beautiful, wide-eyed little boy
destined to become the love of Marys life was
Mary also growing up. Like Mary, he was unusually
Shelley bright and read voraciously. Unlike Mary, however,
of Percy Bysshe Shelley was not exposed to the most up-
to-date of scientific discoveries. Rather, growing up in
the countryside among people steeped in superstition,

MARY Shelley cut his teeth on tales of witches and ghosts. A story is
told of his days at Eton when one of the Masters caught him
performing a strange ceremony. The boy had drawn a circle
in the ground and set fire to some alcohol in a dish. Envel-

SHELLEY oped in the fires bluish flame, the youth began to chant:
Demons of the air and fire . . .
The Master, unable to contain himself, interrupted him.
What on earth are you doing, Shelley?
The boy turned his luminous cobalt eyes to the Master
and replied solemnly, Please, sir, Im raising the devil.
How Much of Our Own Time Stories of Shelleys experiments with electric shock ma-
chines were told both at his home in Sussex and when he
was at school at Eton. Family and friends alike were known
Did the Celebrated Writer to run in the opposite direction whenever they saw him
coming towards them with a bottle and a piece of wire.
Foresee? Whatever pain Shelley inflicted on his peers, however, was
BY MARY DEVLIN probably nothing compared to the torture that the boy who
would grow up to be one of his dearest friends was suffering

at the hands of so-called scientists. eloped. At the last minute they were Claire took a cottage close to Villa Dio-
George Gordon Byron, who became joined by Marys stepsister, Claire Clair- dati, where Byron was staying with his
Lord Byron at the age of nine, was born mont, who didnt want to be left be- personal physician, Dr. John Polidori.
with a deformed right foot. The foot hind to face her mothers wrath. Polidori was twenty-two, handsome,
appeared to have been folded in two at In the spring of 1816 Claire became and not the greatest of doctors. Dr.
the arch; only the ball and the tip of romantically involved with the wealthy Polidori has, just now, no more pa-
the heel actually touched the ground. and celebrated Lord Byron. Claires tients, Byron wrote in 1817 to his
Still, little Geordie was the handsomest dark beauty and superb singing voice friend Thomas Moore. He had lately
child for miles around. His proud at first captivated Byron, but as their af- three, who are now all dead. These
mother loathed the idea that her beau- fair waned she grew petty and de- five young people began their own lit-
tiful son was less than perfect, so for manding, and the poet tired of her. He erary circle. Every night they would
years the boys foot was jammed into decided to return to the Continent, and meet at Diodati and discuss whatever
devices resembling the Iron Maiden inadvertently let it slip to Claire that he struck their fancy.
which supposedly would straighten his would be renting a home on the banks Two subjects particularly appealed
foot and enable him to walk normally. of Lake Geneva in Switzerland. to this group: science and the occult.
All caused him excruciating pain, So in late May Claire coaxed These two themes came together in
and none worked. Therefore, Shelley and Mary into trav- speculations about the artificial crea-
young Byron, though fasci- eling to Geneva. One night tion of life. Byron had read the works
nated by science, was always while they were dining, of physician Erasmus Darwin, grandfa-
skeptical of its practical value. Byron appeared at their ther of the famed evolutionist Charles
Shelley, Mary and Byron hotel. Claire delightedly ran Darwin, who wrote at length about
were destined to come to- to greet him, and proudly in- spontaneous generation and acquired
gether in the summer of 1816, troduced him to Shelley and characteristics. On more than one eve-
thus changing the literary Mary. How chagrined ning at Diodati, Shelley and Byron en-
world forever. Two years she must have felt gaged in animated discussions of these
previously, Mary had when Byrons pri- theories. They were particularly fasci-
fallen in love with mary interest ap- nated by an experiment in which
Shelley, a latecomer to peared not to be Darwin is said to have watched a piece
Godwins clique. They in her, but in of vermicelli come to life.
wanted to live to- Shelley, whom he From Darwin the conversation
gether, even though knew by reputa- turned to alchemy. Mary, Shelley, and
Shelley was technically tion as the author Byron had all read the works of Al-
still married. But of the epic poem bertus Magnus (1206-1280) and Para-
Godwin violently disap- Queen Mab.
proved, and so they Percy Bysshe Shelley The Shelleys and Continued on Page 62



Is the Day When We Meet Our Remote Descendants

and/or Ancestors Near or Is it Already Here?

Time is Gods way of keeping scientists believe that we may pres- faster you move. In 1975 Professor
everything from happening all at ently be living through an identical sce- Carol Allie of the University of Mary-
once. nario. The thing that would be so ex- land tested Einsteins theory using two
Time Travel: A Starters Kit citing, however, would not be flight synchronized atomic clocks. One clock
but time travel. Leading scientists be- was loaded on a plane and flown for
Times glory is to calm contending lieve that our children will live to once several hours, while the other clock re-
kings, to unmask falsehood and again see the impossible become rou- mained on the ground at the air base.
bring truth to light. tine. Upon return, the clock on board the
William Shakespeare Professor Mikio Mukaku of the Uni- plane was found to be ever so slightly
versity of New York believes that space slower than the one on the ground.

ractical time travel continues flight may one day unlock the secret of This was not due to experimental error
to elude the consumer, and time itself. This will require the devel- and has been repeated numerous times
until time travel devices are opment of spacecraft that can travel at with the same result. This difference in
manufactured on a large speeds on the order of two hundred time is even more pronounced in satel-
scale, the garage inventor million kilometers per second, thats lites such as the space station. This is
will just have to build his own. about six hundred million miles per because these objects are traveling at
From the early time travel experi- hour. Craft traveling at this speed will speeds much faster and for much
ments of Keely, Tesla, the Wilson take us near the speed of light, where longer periods than possible in an air-
Brothers of EMI/Thorn, and others, to time actually slows down. This is plane. The faster an object moves, the
the modern time travel allegations of whats known as time dilation. Ein- more time is distorted.
the Philadelphia Experiment and the steins theories predict that the faster a Now that we know that it is pos-
Montauk Project, we would like to spacecraft moves, the slower time ticks sible to travel into the future by
bring practical time travel to the con- inside of it. Imagine that a rocket ship moving at great speeds, the next
sumer. takes off from earth and approaches problem is how to travel in time a re-
Posted on the Internet recently was the speed of light. If we were to watch spectable amount without having to sit
this commentary by someone identi- it from earth with a very powerful tele- in a fast-moving spaceship for years.
fying himself as Brian X. We thought it scope as it traveled away from us, we This problem is solved by the theoret-
made many good points and include it would see everyone inside the ship as ical existence of what are known as
here: being frozen in time. To us their time closed timelike curves and wormholes.
Imagine if you will, that you are one would slow down, but to them nothing Einsteins special and general theo-
of the people still alive today that was would change! ries of relativity combine three-
born prior to 1903, when the first air- This has been measured in the la- dimensional space with time to form
plane took flight. When you were boratory and on location using atomic four dimensional space-time. Space-
young the idea of flying would prob- clocks, aircraft, satellites and rockets. It time consists of points or events that
ably have been quite exciting. Some is proven that time slows down the represent a particular place at a partic-
ular time. Your entire life thus forms a Wormholes and closed timelike mother marrying. You could tell him
sort of twisting, turning worm in space loops appear to be the main ways that something about a family secret to con-
time! The tip of the worms tail would time travel into the past would be pos- vince him you are who you say you
be your birth and its head is the event sible. The limitation on this time travel are, and he may proceed to tell his
of your death. The line which this into the past is that it would be impos- soon to be wife. She may in turn doubt
worm creates with its body is called sible to travel back to a time before the his sanity and have him committed.
that objects world line. Einstein pre- machine was originally created. Al- Thus your grandparents would never
dicts that world lines can be distorted though the aforementioned theories of have your mother, and therefore you
by massive bodies such as black holes. general relativity are consistent for couldnt be born! But then, how could
This is essentially the origin of gravity, closed timelike curves and wormholes, you have ever existed to travel back in
remember. Now if an objects world the theories say nothing about the ac- time if you dont exist?
line were to be distorted so much as to tual process of traveling through them. Another argument of impossibility is
form a loop that connected with a Quantum mechanics can be used to called the chronology principle. This
point on itself that represented an ear- model possible scenarios and yields the principle states that time travelers
lier place and time, it would create a probability of each possible output. could bring information to the past
corridor to the past! Picture a loop-to- Quantum mechanics, when used in the that could be used to create new ideas
loop track that smashes into itself as it context of time travel, has a so-called and products. This would involve no
comes back around. This closed loop is many-universe interpretation. This was creative energy on the part of the in-
called a closed timelike curve. first proposed by Hugh Everett III in ventor. Imagine that Pablo Ruiz y Pi-
Wormholes are holes in the fabric casso, the most influential and suc-
of familiar four-dimensional space-time cessful artist of the 20th century, were
that are connected but which originate to travel back in time to meet his
at different points in space and at dif- younger self. Assuming he stays in his
ferent times. They provide a quick path correct universe, he could give his
between two different locations in younger self his portfolio containing
space and time. This is the four- copies of his paintings, sculptures,
dimensional equivalent of pinching graphic art, and ceramics. The young
two pieces of a folded sheet of paper version of Picasso could then meticu-
together to make contact across the lously copy the reproductions, pro-
gap. Distortions in space cause the foundly and irrevocably affecting the
points separated by the gap to bulge future of art. Thus, the reproductions
out and connect. This forms a worm- exist because they are copied from the
hole through which something could originals, and the originals exist be-
instantaneously travel to a faraway cause they are copied from the repro-
place and time. No more problems of ductions. No creative energy would
traveling in a rocket ship for years to have ever been expended to create the
get into the future! masterpieces!
This is essentially what was written A notion that was once nothing
about in Alice in Wonderlands more than science fiction is now a con-
Through the Looking Glass. Her cept thats becoming reality. Einsteins
looking glass was a wormhole that con- theories of general and special rela-
nected her home in Oxford with Won- tivity can be used to actually prove that
derland. All she had to do was climb time travel is possible, and research has
into her looking glass and she would shown that fast-moving craft can travel
emerge on the other side of forever. In into the future. Time dilation is the eas-
reality, however, it would require a iest method because it merely requires
much more elaborate scheme to create high velocity motion to experience
a wormhole that connects two dif- 1957. It encompasses the idea that if time travel. Phenomena known as
ferent points in space-time. First, it something can physically happen, it wormholes and closed timelike curves
would require the construction of two does in some universe. Everett says are possible means of time travel into
identical machines consisting of two that our reality is only one of many the future and the past. Traveling into
huge, parallel metal plates that are elec- equally valid universes. There is a col- the past is a task which is much more
trically charged with unbelievable lection of universes called a multiverse. difficult, however. Its theory involves
amounts of energy. When the ma- Every multiverse has copies of every complicated scenarios of tears in four-
chines are placed in proximity of each person and all matter dimensional space-time, energy equiva-
other, the enormous amounts of en- The proposal of time travel is lent to that of an exploding star, and
ergyabout that of an exploding star backed by scientific theory, but that is traveling near the speed of light. Both
would rip a hole in space-time and con- not enough to make it realistically pos- common sense and scientific fact can
nect the two machines via a wormhole. sible. Numerous arguments are pro- be used to paint scenarios that become
This is possible, and the beginnings of posed that prevent time travel into the serious obstacles. Yet even these hin-
it have been illustrated in the lab by past. Both common sense and scien- drances can be explained away! If the
what is known as the Casimir Effect. tific fact construct serious obstacles. A multiverse concept is reality, then most
The next task would be to place one of major argument against time travel into present ideas of time travel are based
these machines on a craft that could the past is called the autonomy prin- on a false reality. If time travel is com-
travel at close to the speed of light. The ciple, better known as the grandfather pletely impossible, then the reason has
craft would take one machine on a paradox. This paradox is created when yet to be discovered.
journey while it was still connected to a time traveler goes back in time to Excerpted for Atlantis Rising by the
the one on earth via the wormhole. meet his or her grandfather. Now upon editor from his new book from Adven-
Now, a simple step into the wormhole their introduction it would be possible tures Unlimited Press, The Time
would transport you to a different to change the course of events that Travel Handbook .
place and a different time. lead up to your grandfather and grand-
ccording to the view of mainstream historians, primitive civilization in
Mesopotamia, Egypt, and in India emerged from the stone age just over
five thousand years ago.
Just a few centuries after what the experts say was the first great
labor saving invention of the ancient world, the wheel, society crossed a major di-
vide and headed inexorably toward the modern world. The wheel, we are told,
revolutionized primitive society and set the stage for the great achievements
which were to follow.
Such is the conventional scenario for the dawn of civilization on Earth. The as-
sumption is, that the rise of highly organized society was unprecedented. If there
had been an earlier advanced civilization, we would have discovered unmistak-
able evidencehighways, and bridges and electrical wiring; plastic bottles, city
dumps, and CD Roms. Those, after all, are the things which we will leave to
puzzle future archeologists.
But could an ancient civilization have risen to heights similar to our own and,
perhaps, have traveled a different road? Would we understand a world which
might have employed fundamentally differentthough no less effective
techniques to harness the forces of nature? Would we understand, for example,
the transmission of energy by means other than a power grid, rapid transit
without internal combustion engines, or highly complex calculations involving
earth science and astronomy without electronic computers? Have we been surrounded by evidence of such an-
cient advancements, but not yet, advanced enough ourselves to grasp the astounding implications.
Now a breakthrough video from the creators of Atlantis Rising magazine takes a look at real evidence
largely ignored by the academic establishmentwhich shatters the orthodox scenario for the dawn of civiliza-
tion on Earth. Now assembled in a devastating one-hour documentary, hosted by Atlantis Rising Editor and
Publisher J. Douglas Kenyon, are the comments and evidence of breakthrough researchers such as John An-
thony West, Robert Bauval, Richard Noone, Colin Wilson, John Michell, Patrick Flanagan, Christo-
pher Dunn, Zecharia Sitchin, David Hatcher Childress, Edgar Evans Cayce and others.
Technologies of the Gods one hour VHS $ 19 95
+ $4.95 S&H

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Is the Technology for the
True Conquest of Space
Already Here?

e may learn to deprive that gravity, elec-
large masses of their tromagnetism, and
gravity, and give them spacetime are
absolute levity, for the inter-related phe-
sake of easy transport. nomena. These
-Benjamin Franklin, 1780 ideas have led to
In 1996, the NASA Marshall Space questioning if grav-
Flight Center in Huntsville, Alabama itational or inertial
(MSFC) announced the commence- forces can be
ment of a momentous and exciting ini- created or modi-
tiative. They were going to formulate fied using electro-
a comprehensive strategy for ad- magnetism. Also,
vancing propulsion for the next 25 theories have
years make this strategy more emerged from
visionary than previous plans. General Relativity
To be called The Advanced Space about the nature
Transportation Program (ASTP), the of spacetime that
new program would encompass the suggest that the
nearer-term technology improvements light-speed barrier,
all the way through seeking the break- described by Spe-
throughs that could revolutionize cial Relativity,
space travel and enable interstellar voy- might be circum-
ages. They would start the program vented by altering spacetime itself. old game reluctant official recognition
by employing the talents of the NASA These wormhole and warp drive by a prestigious organization, of an un-
Glenn Research Center in Cleveland, theories have reawakened considera- derground movement that threatens to
Ohio, headed up by Marc G. Millis. tion that the light-speed limit of space break through the surface and create a
This group already had experience travel may be circumvented. terrific embarrassment because they
working with the very futuristic Vi- Today, it is still unknown whether themselves apparently didnt have the
sion-21 exercises. Glenn responded these emerging theories are correct vision to get there first.
by establishing the Breakthrough Pro- and, even if they are correct, if they Coming, as it does, fifty years after
pulsion Physics program to consider can become viable candidates for Roswell, and after the government has
totally new ideas in physics theory that creating propulsion breakthroughs. reportedly dissected and attempted
could result in Buck Rogers propul- Extravagant language by an official U.S. to back-engineer perhaps dozens of
sion systems technology to surpass the agency that has the clout, the money alien interstellar craft, this announce-
limits of existing methods. and the resources to really make this ment, promising such propulsion sys-
In their announcement, the Glenn happen should have been greeted by tems way off in 2025, is being viewed
group said, Recent experiments and huzzahs from those in the alternative by many as simply a means of NASA
Quantum theory have revealed that science community, who have been gathering all relevant R&D unto itself,
space may contain enormous levels of involved in research and investigation from which vantage point they can de-
vacuum electromagnetic energy. This in these areas for many, many years. At cide, based perhaps on commercial
has led to questioning if this vacuum long last, true space travel may just and/or political considerations, what to
energy can be used as an energy over the horizon. Star Trek may be- develop and what not to. To have
source or a propulsive reaction mass come a reality, after all. But, instead, taken so long to finally acknowledge
for space travel. Next, new theories this announcement was greeted with the limitations of rocketry seems al-
suggest that gravity and inertia are elec- great cynicism and the widely believed most incredible when it was long ago
tromagnetic effects related to this suspicion that NASA was literally obvious, even to a child, that we could
vacuum energy. It is known from ob- forced to finally acknowledge mave- never get to the stars carrying tons of
served phenomena and from the estab- rick developments in this area by what solid rocket propellant. That truly is
lished physics of General Relativity is now an overwhelming body of not rocket science.
knowledge, some of it very scientif- The cynical view is supported when
BY LEN KASTEN ically respectable. This, they say, is an one considers the almost casual way it
McDonnough has become well known citement. Here before me were sys-
ANTI-GRAVITY in the underground movement pri- tems that could explain all of the basic
marily because of his self-published science behind so-called UFOs, which
came about that NASA took this initia- book, The U.F.O. Technology Hackers in fact are Electromagnetic and Electro-
tive, as reported by Charles Platt in Manual, first released in 1997, and ac- motive Spacecraft.
Wired Magazine (March, 1998). tively promoted at the authors web McDonnoughs interest in these sub-
NASA Administrator Dan Goldin was site, Even jects was probably influenced some-
about to attend a Star Trek convention though essentially unpublished, the what by his father who was in Air
where he was afraid that Trekkies book has managed to intensify the de- Force intelligence and was privy to
might question him about antigravity bate about suppression of technology highly classified information, and also
craft because of an article that had ap- and has therefore inevitably attracted by exposure to Air Force life, since he
peared in the British Sunday Tele- all the relevant government agencies to lived at various air bases all over the
graph September 1, 1996, about the his website, including NASA. country while growing up. But his se-
work of Russian scientist Eugene Podk- rious interest was triggered by
letnov. The first sentence read, four dramatic sightings of UFOs
Scientists in Finland are about to over a period of several years. It
reveal details of the worlds first puzzled him that there appeared
antigravity device. So, according to be no overt Air Force interest in
to Platt, Goldin asked his scien- these UFOs, when he knew that
tists about the state of the art, and they had to be highly covetous of
they finally briefed him on related the fantastic technology displayed.
research. According to Whit Bran- McDonnough focuses on four
tley, chief of the Advanced Con- patents in particular which, in his
cepts Office at Marshall, He opinion, when put together, pro-
backed up a step or two, then vide all the basic science neces-
said he thought NASA should sary to develop the technology to
spend a little money on work like build interstellar spacecraft.
this. First and foremost is Patent #
But perhaps most revealing of 2,949,550 by the legendary father
all was the strange remark made of anti-gravity technology, T.
to Platt by Tony Robertson, a Townsend Brown. This now fa-
member of Brantleys team, at the mous patent, filed on July 3, 1957,
interview and seconded by Bran- was one of several by Brown, all
tley. The way I see it, he said demonstrating the anti-gravity ac-
(presumably without levity), Michael McDonnough tion of highly charged trans-
NASA has a responsibility to over- ducers.
McDonnough believes that we
come gravity. This would translate to The second patent, #4,663,932 was
could have been traveling to the stars
we dont want someone else to get filed by James E. Cox of Los Angeles,
many years ago if developments in pro-
there first. So, it appears that NASA on July 26, 1982. Coxs invention is
pulsion technology had not been sup-
had to get on the ship before it left called the Dipolar Force Field Propul-
pressed. In fact, he believes it to be en-
port or risk being left in the backwash sion System, a type of magnetohydrod-
tirely possible that such advanced
while perhaps foreign governments or ynamic thruster (MHD). It is a propul-
spacecraft have indeed been produced
private organizations started building sion engine based on electromagnetic
in secret, and are already being used
warp drives. energy which the inventor claims is ca-
for space travel. This is not just fanciful
If true, does this mean that NASA pable of producing 1,000,000 pounds
speculation. McDonnough has spent a
has known about such scientific ad- of thrust compared to 29,000 for a jet
great deal of time researching patents
vances for quite some time and has per- engine for the same weight. Since the
at the U.S. Patent Depository at the
haps worked on these propulsion sys- engine requires no fuel, but rather uses
Dallas Public Library, and has discov-
tems in secret? At least one researcher a propellant comprising neutral parti-
ered that all the primary relevant pat-
believes this to be the case. He is Mi- cles of matter having an electric dipole
ents necessary to develop and build fu-
chael McDonnough, also known as Mi- characteristic, it can not only lift a
turistic space ships are there, and have
chael Unum (a previously used nom de payload off the planet using the earths
been for a long time. Of this discovery,
plume), from San Antonio, Texas.
he says, I could hardly contain my ex- Continued on Page 64

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New Research Reveals
Untapped Energy
in Geometric

ncient cultures used sound preface to Shape Power he suggests ap- BREAKTHROUGH
and geometrical shapes to plications: Inspired by those possibilities, we in-
enhance human lives, and Tuned patterns (like amulets or tal- terview Davidson at his home in a
todays frontier scientists ismans) to be worn on the body to redi- broad light-filled valley in southern Ari-
are making breakthroughs rect ambient energy for protection zona. Were standing in his garage
on how to do it. Dan A. Davidson of Ar- from harm or to attract beneficial ener- workshop, observing apparatus on a
izona says he and Joe Parr of California gies. weigh-scale. A wheel spins between
broke the code on how certain Life-extension for machinery, via a two loudspeakers that are putting out a
shapes and frequencies change subtle pattern that would filter and cancel det- low tone. The digital reading from the
energies into tangible forces that we rimental fields coming from people scale goes negative. After watching it
can use in our physical world. who unwittingly cause equipment to proceedminus 3, minus 3.5 minus
Davidson is a physicist who designs malfunction. 16 and continuing the trend, I realize
supercomputer systems for signal pro- Two- and three-dimensional pro- what we are witnessing. Anti-gravity!
cessing and other specialties. His col- jected patterns used in drug-free ener- I turn to look at our host. Ever since
league Parr is an electrical engineer in getic medicine. I first heard him give a lecture and read
the acoustical industry who happens Geometries or patterns that help his books, I viewed Dan Davidson as a
to have a genetic debilitating disease. shunt additional energy into an elec- no-nonsense physicist who just wants
Davidson told me that in the mid- trical-energy generating device to drive to develop beneficial inventions.
1980s when Parr was returning to the it into becoming a more-output-than- Decker concurs. Over the years I have
USA from a business trip to the Middle input machine. found Dan to be one of the most reli-
East, he stopped in Cairo and spent a Changing the weight or other able, consistent and serious investiga-
day on top of the Great Pyramid and characteristics of matter by controlling tors I have had the privilege to know.
another day in its Kings chamber. the flow of aether into matter. The Despite his reputation for sober under-
When he returned home, his disease term aether is being revived by fron- statement, now Im looking at a man
went into remission for several years. tier scientists who say that space is not with the excitement of the moment
This intensified his interest in pyramid an empty vacuum; instead, its invisibly shining through his face, if not his
energies. foaming with energy. Physicists call it words.
Although the two men research zero-point energy because it causes sub- Yeah. The thing thats lifting is that
topics that are considered typically molecular motion even at zero degrees little wheel itself. He points at the spin-
male interest, the implications of their Kelvin. Synchronistically, Davidsons ning disk. If you had three-dimensional
work arent just for techie guys. Dav- latest book came out in 1997, the same pyramids in there like in Joes centri-
idsons new book, Shape Power, ex- year that Dr. Patrick Flanagans 1973 fuge, it would rip off the end, tear that
presses hope that knowledge of how book, Pyramid Power, was reissued. chamber all to pieces. He was getting a
shapes manipulate energy will help Another paradigm-changing book that hundred thousand times more mo-
everyone, from inventors, artists and deals with subtle energies and men- mentum.
architects to each of us as creative be- tions shape power also appeared in Unlike well-publicized university la-
ings to create a world filled with up- 1997Science and Human Transfor- boratory experiments which involve su-
lifting and ennobling shapes and de- mation by Stanford University pro- perconductive materials and expensive
signs. According to his findings, even fessor emeritus William Tiller, Ph.D. cooling to get a few percent of weight
two-dimensional lines-on-paper designs Tiller says that feng shui is based on the loss, were looking at simple materials
can affect the local environment. idea that subtle energies can be influ- getting a much more dramatic effect. In
When the processes are widely under- enced and directed by nature by the other words, the materials temporarily
stood, shape power could have prac- placement of objects of various shapes weigh an eighth of their normal weight.
tical uses, says Jerry Decker, founder and colors in different configurations, Ive seen up to 800 percent change of
of the KeelyNet website. In the by sound and by the human mind. weight on here, Davidson says calmly.

BY JEANE MANNING Continued on Page 41

For Thousands of Years
Mankind Has Wondered How
the Great Pyramid Was Built. Answer...
Richard Noones painstaking investigation into the lost technology of the
sophisticated builders of the Great Pyramid of Giza helps to unravel the mystery of
this geodetic and astronomic wonder, answering questions as to who constructed it,
when, how, and why. Noones research also highlights the continued struggle of
scholars against the pitted obscurantism of the local authorities who continue to block
research into what must be considered the patrimony not only of Egypt but of
Peter Tompkins, Author Secrets of the Great Pyramid
Noone has woven a number of unusual and seemingly disparate threads into a single,
provocative, scholarly tapestry.
John Anthony West, Author Serpent in the Sky
A refreshing exception to most books dealing with similar subject matter.
James E. Summers, Astronomer
An extraordinary compendium of forgotten lore and lost knowledge.
Publishers Weekly, New York
I have received your manuscript and examined it. There is only one correction I
would like to make...and this is explained in The Path of the Pole. I found that
absolutely all the evidence pointed to Hudson Bay as the last polar position.
Professor Charles H. Hapgood, Author The Path of the Pole
Noones presentation of Professor Hapgoods research should be fascinating reading
for geologists and laymen alike.
Associate Professor of Science and Mathematics,
Boston University, Robert M. Schoch
Noone leapfrogs beyond what they didnt teach in architecture school. He explains
how the builders of the Great Pyramid combined and manipulated several natural
forces into the worlds earliest machine enabling construction with 200-ton megaliths.
This book, its constitution and a brief stay in Italy, is what every student in
architecture school needs to be armed to the teeth.
James M. Hagan, Architect/Construction Specialist
These chapters will finally do justice to the hidden knowledge of the ages.
David D. Zink, Author The Stones of Atlantis
5/5/2000 is an extraordinary treasury of knowledge, hard facts, brilliant intuition and
formidable research. It has played a unique role in waking a generation up to the deep 5/5/2000 is the definitive guidebook for the end of the millennium.
and abiding mystery of the human pastand to the uncertainty of our future. The Survival Center, McKenna, WA
Graham Hancock, Author Fingerprints of the Gods It is my hope that every Mason will find time to read this brilliant new book.
One cannot read (5/5/2000 ) without coming to the inescapable conclusion that George L. Evoy, 33rd Degree General Secretary,
Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite, Atlanta, GA
ancient people were trying to relay a life-saving message to us.
Charles Seabrook, Science Editor, Atlanta Journal You were the most active student and later attended the private classes I held on
Freemasonry. You were deeply impressed by the active part played by Masonry in
Noones ground-breaking research is a startling wake-up call to everyone living on
securing free speech, free schools and freedom of religion. These advances were for
earth. Dr. G. Patrick Flanagan, Author Pyramid Power
all mankind. I am proud to have been your teacher.
Noone not only takes us along on his incredible journey, he does it with gentle Wilfred J. Gregson, 33rd Degree
humor, even when interviewing those who cannot hear or dare not entertain new ideas Founder and Past National President.
and evidence. Elizabeth Hapgood The Society of American Registered Architects.

A massive shift in the Earths crust destroyed a civilization of high technology millennia ago. Will a similar
catastrophe strike our civilization on May 5, 2000? Discover the awesome possibilities in the book 5/5/2000.
$16.00 + $2.50 s&h USA USA 400 pages 223 Illustrations. Internet site: http://r (video)

Many Books Capture the Imagination, But Rarely Does

One Capture the Intellect. 5/5/2000 Is Such a Rarity!
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re we as a species ap-
proaching some kind of As the Fateful Day Approaches,
abyss or not? If we arent,
end of story, not to worry. the Author of 5/5/2000, in an
If, on the other hand, we
are, then we must attempt to gauge Atlantis Rising Exclusive,
whether we are approaching yet an-
other period of geological upheaval
slowly or rapidly. Or do we now stand
Examines the State of the
teetering unsteadily at the brink of a
cliff above yet another dark void of
mass extinction?
I was asked to express an opinion
on what we may expect in the first six
months of the year 2000with the un-
derstanding that the article would be
on the editors desk before the end of
1999. Yikes! Talk about feeling like
Shirley MacLaine and being out on a

Are We
limb. Nowhere in 5/5/2000 is it sug-
gested I possess clairvoyance. Never-
theless, it was an interesting proposal
and, fool that I am, I accepted the chal-
A Science report released in No-

vember 92 made the front page of
newspapers around the world. The re-
port was a four-page warning from
1,575 of the planets most distin-
guished scientists, including one hun-
dred Nobel laureates, among whom

the Abyss?
were Linus Pauling, James Tobin, two-
time Pulitzer Prize winner Edward
Wilson of Harvard, and Carl Sagan.
Scientists from sixty-nine different
countries worked together to issue this
urgent warning to humanity. The
statement begins: We . . . hereby warn
all humanity of what lies ahead. A great
change in our stewardship of the Earth
and the life on it is required if vast Solar Flare photographed
human misery is to be avoided and our from the U.S. Air Forces
global home on this planet is not to be Cambridge Research
irretrievably mutilated. Laboratories
The report lists a multitude of prob-
lems that are destroyingor have al-
ready destroyedindividual segments
of our planets ecosystem. As one part
of the ecosystem is destroyed this scientists in our world today who be- 2000, I quoted a CIA report con-
creates strain which weakens the other lieve were rapidly approaching a crisis cerning the political and economic
segments, hastening their destruction. situation. threats to U.S. security as a result of
This continues until an unstoppable Human activity is rapidly becoming these drastic changes which would be
domino effect begins so rapidly that so harmful to Earth it could render the almost beyond comprehension.
suddenly all systems fail and we are globe unable to sustain life, the scien- Changes of this magnitude and greater
extinct. The warning states: No more tists warn. Their appeal calls for imme- took place millennia ago. Across the
than one or a few decades remain be- diate action by world leaders to help planet there are ancient pyramids and
fore the chance to avert the threats we curb explosive population growth mysterious buildings of powerful civili-
now confront will be lost and the pros- among people already facing chronic zations whose builders suddenly van-
pects for humanity immeasurably di- hunger, deteriorating soil for agricul- ished. The CIA says: There is consider-
minished. ture, shortages of fuel, housing and able evidence that these empires may
Dr. Henry Kendall, a Nobel laureate fresh water, and harmful patterns of have been undone not by barbarian in-
at MIT and chairman of The Union of human activity and development. The vaders but by climate change.
Concerned Scientists, said: This report makes it chillingly clear that, as Since this scientific report was re-
warning is no exaggeration, and it is we get near the bottom of the barrel, leased almost a decade ago, I won-
not alarmist. There is no better way to the struggle for whats left in that dered if world leaders had responded
underline that than to see who has barrel gets more intense. responsibly to the scientists appeal for
signed on to this. Here is a large group Ten years before this warning from immediate action. On December 15,
of the most distinguished and senior scientists, in the 1982 edition of 5/5/ 1999, I telephoned the Union of Con-

cerned Scientists to get an update on its entirety. deep and larger than the state of Cali-
the Earths ecosystem for this article. Two Columbia University geolo- fornia. That hole is today the Black Sea.
As luck would have it, they had just gists, William Rayan and Walter Pitman, The scientists warning list a sea
completed a new update, including a after thirty years of research published level rise as one of the problems we
map of the world that illustrates the Noahs Flood. They present evidence face. The Black Sea disaster is an ex-
local consequences of global warming that melting glaciers raised the sea level ample of what could happen. Another
( of the Mediterranean Sea around 5,600 item on the list is downpours. As the
I received a nine-page update, B.C. A quick glance at a world globe Earth warms, abnormally heavy rains
which was flashed around the world shows the Mediterranean Sea separated fall. When these downpours occur
the next day. By the time this article is from the Black Sea by the Bosporus over mountains, super-saturated soil
published, February 2000, chances are Strait. The Black Sea is 750 miles long, gives way, resulting in horrendous
you will have heard all about it. This 380 miles wide, over a mile deep and mudslides like the ones in Venezuela in
update is also available at the above covers an area of about 170,000 square December where thirty thousand men,
web site. This update confirms their miles which is greater than the area of women and children died, many buried
worst fears. It shows a rapid and con- California. alive and 150,000 are homeless as con-
tinuous destruction of ecosystems If we had a globe of the world of six cern of an epidemic grows. Thousands
around the world relentlessly propel- thousand years ago, we would see the more are still homeless in Honduras
ling us toward an unidentified point Mediterranean Sea separated from a and North Carolina from recent hurri-
where the domino principle begins low-lying valley area larger than Cali- cane flooding, and this climate change
and shoves us all down the extinction fornia by a strip of land which may be will continue to generate more hurri-
drain. thought of as a colossal natural dam. As canes, cyclones and tornadoes of
Many parts of the update seemed re- the sea level rose in the Mediterranean greater intensity.
markably familiar. I turned to Chapter continued, salt water slowly, insidi- Hold on a minute before you drag
Ten in 5/5/2000, and found the report ously and persistently ate away at the out your Bermuda shorts. For the new
by the Council on Environmental land until a small trickle found its way millennium, we may be about to enter
Quality and the Department of State. In into the valley. It was a normal day in a new ice age! My article The Hammer
May 1977, President Carter had asked the valley below, children gathered and The Pendulum (see
them to make a study of what life flowers while unnumbered men and defines how two
would be like in the year 2000. The re- women went about the even tenor of groups of scientists, both intelligent,
port states that our world in the year their ways, never suspecting their may form diametrically opposite judg-
2000 will be more crowded, more pol- world was about to end. The trickle be- ments from exactly the same evidence!
luted, less stable ecologically, the pop- came a torrent. The torrent became a An entirely different group of famous
ulation explosion in Mexico will force maelstrom of death as the Mediterra- scientists state that global warming will
the United States to guard its borders, nean Sea breached the land, poured trigger a sudden and catastrophic
illegal immigrants from Mexico will into the valley and transformed itself cooling of the planet. Three articles on
quadruple, Mexico City will be the into a giant tidal wave whose only global cooling appear on the first page
largest city on Earth. (Does this sound warning to the inhabitants was a faint of the preface of 5/5/2000.
familiar?) The report ends with the dull roar in the distance for a minute or William H. Calvin, a theoretical neu-
statement: Life for most people on two before they and all traces of their rophysiologist at the University of
Earth will be more precarious in 2000 civilization were swept away. Core Washington at Seattle, published a con-
than it is now unless the nations of the samples taken recently by Dr. Robert cise article on this in the January 1998
world act decisively to alter current Ballard and his underwater team of Ti- issue of The Atlantic Monthly. One of
trends. Tick-tock, tick-tock. tanic fame offer independent verifica- the most shocking scientific realiza-
The new Union of Concerned Scien- tion that the flood water dug a hole in tions of all time has slowly been
tists warning states that the Earth is the surface of the Earth over a mile dawning on us: the earths climate
heating up: Global does great flip-flops
average temperatures every few thousand
have warmed about years, and with breath-
1 since 1900. The taking speed. The most
ten warmest years on catastrophic result of
record have occurred global warming could
since 1983, seven of be an abrupt cooling.
them since 1990. Such a transition
Global temperature in would solve the
1998 was the hottest worlds overpopulation
in the historical problem, but in a most
record, and recent appalling way. Calvin
temperatures may points out that pow-
have been the highest erful countries would
of the past millen- take over locations that
nium. They expect had crops driving out
problems to intensify or starving their inhabi-
unless the emission of tants if not using
greenhouse gases are modern weapons to ac-
brought under con- complish the same
trol. The list of ex- end: eliminating com-
pected problems is so petitors for the re-
long the reader is en- maining food.
couraged to refer to Climate flip-flops
the original report in In Caracas a survivor of Venezuelas catastrophic December 99 floods
looks for solace in a mud soaked book. AP Photo Continued on Page 67
Understanding and Using the Science of
Sympathetic Vibration
Dale Pond, John Keely, Nikola Tesla, Edgar Cayce
and others.
One hundred years ago, scientist/inventor/philosopher
John Keely built various devices that were able to
overcome gravity, tunnel through rock using a hand-held
device, use acoustics to power engines, and create
superconductivity by using wires made of gold, silver
and platinum. Almost lost, this book finally compiles ten
years of research by the editor/author that explains the
technology used. Understandable to the laymen and
useful to the most advanced teacher.
Paperback, 288 pages, 8 1/2 X 11 illustrated


The Ultimate Universal Laws
Dale Pond, Edgar Cayce, John Keely,
Rudolf Steiner, Nikola Tesla
Explore the physics of love and consciousness in an
easy-to-understand and exciting manner. The universal
laws in this book are applicable to music, electronics,
mechanics, healing and all branches of science and
philosophy. This science demonstrates the
commonality that underlies all phenomenavibration.
Another name for Sympathetic Vibration is Love.
Science and Spirituality are finally reunited.
152 pages, 9 X 11 Paperback, Illustrated

With Teslas Original Patents Plus New
Blueprints to Build Your Own Working Model
Dale Pond and Walter Baumgartner
In 1935, Nikola Tesla revealed that an earthquake in the
region of his New York laboratory in 1898, was the
result of a machine he had been experimenting with. this
book presents this technology based on sonic vibrations.
Now, for the first time, the secrets of the Tesla
Oscillator are available to both the layman and
advanced researcher.
176 pages, 8 X 11 Paperback, illustrated
S&H $4.95 for one book. Add $2 for each additional

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Do the Ancient Egyptian and Mayan Texts Share a Message
for Our Age?
At the First time is the seeding
the reality
Over time, comes deep protection
the mythology
Thus are the portals of time sealed
The mouth is closed
The voice is silent

Post gestation, comes the quickening

the decoding
At the Last time then the flowering
the application
Thus are the portals of time flung
The mouth is opened
the word is spoken
Ankh akhu

(based on the Ipuat of the Uant

of Thoth)

rom the early archetypal
wisdom of arcane societies
grew the worlds mythologies,
and their deeply profound cul-
tural Mysteries. As research
into the ingenious nature of hiero-
glyphs and ideograms has revealed,
and as my experiences in Egypt have
taught me, these glyphic forms keep
the higher evolutionary memory alive.
They are memory triggers that stimu-
late receptor codes within us. They eclipse on August 11, 1999a date her- Serpent showing up at the end). The
are the keys that enable us to unlock alded by fear-based rumors that the journey through the Serpents head is
and decode the Mysteries. Maya day of Destiny was at hand. Nothing always an intense period of challenge
glyphs work on the same principle. obviously dire occurred that day, and and change. At the end of the cycle
Research strongly suggests that we people got on with their lives. metaphorically we exit through its
are currently in a time period when an- However, in retro-viewing the Au- mouth, transformed. The Serpent, who
cient Egyptian mythology, Mayan calen- gust 11 eclipse day, one notices that it sheds its skin, is an appropriate model
drics, and contemporary astronomy actually celebrated the birthday of the of transformation.
align and synchronize in a way that ulti- present World Age (8/11/3114 BC to The dates of both Maya and Egyptian
mately affects the evolution of the 21/12/12 AD) according to the Maya beginning and end times for this World
planet, but that will be of most imme- calendar, simultaneously marking its Age are in the same ballpark, so to
diate value to true seekers of wisdom final 13 years. It is believed that Spring speak. In 3100 BC the Egyptian empire
and those who strive to follow the ini- Equinox marks out entry into the Beak was formalized with the union of Upper
tiatic Path. of Time a sorting out period that, ac- and Lower Egypt, and the founding of
Here is how the research tracks and cording to the Maya, precedes the 2012 the first dynasty, calendrically an-
makes sense of the clues that some- AD completion date of the Age. choring it within the Tail of Time.
thing of evolutionary significance is in To both Maya and Egyptian civiliza- And consistent with the beginning of
process, centered around Spring tions, Time was a great Serpent. For the the Beak of Time 2001 AD is the final
Equinox 2000. Maya, a World Age began with the Tail [reliable] date in the prophetic chro-
Last summer, an unusually intense of Time and ended with the Beak of nology of the Great Pyramid at Giza
energy package was delivered to the Time. Between the two lay history the center of the Earths landmass.
planet in the form of an astrological our evolutionary journey through the In fact, many intriguing parallels
fixed grand cross, topped off by a solar timetunnel of the Serpents body. For exist between Maya and ancient Egyp-
the Egyptians there was the First tian language roots, symbolism, and my-
BY MOIRA TIMMS Time, and the Last Time (with the thological meanings. Here are a couple
keepers was their data-basing ability identical transformational process.
MOUTH OF TIME the encodement of complex systems of More than just a nocturnal adventure,
knowledge and profound truths into it is a journey through life, even as it is
of relevant instances. While the Maya the simple, easy to remember pictures, a journey through the World Age. It is
considered themselves the monitors symbols, and stories that would endure all the same format.
of time, the Egyptians called them- down the millennia and comprise what Consistent with the Maya concept
selves the measurers of time. The we call mythology. of the Serpent tail and beak at each end
most important glyph in the Maya ca- Mythic themes are emerging as of an Age, the Egyptians also eased in
lendric system is Ahau. To the Egyp- dominant archetypes now because and out of time-periods through vesti-
tians Ahau was the lifetime of a they are becoming real-ized in our col- bules that opened with a twilight
person and the increments of time lective experience. Myths provide a and closed with a dawning. Since the
within it. And in the netherworld, contextual understanding for our exis- closure was not an end but a begin-
Ahau was the Serpent of time tential predicament, clarifying what is ning, the Egyptians did not die, they
through whom the Sun and his fol- being played out, what our role is, and came forth by day, as did the Sun at
lowers must be towed and trans- who we are in the greater scheme of dawn. The correct name of the so-
formed. So we know that the moni- things. This is why the extraordinarily called Egyptian Book of the
toring and measuring of time was meaningful similarities between Dead is actually The Coming
immensely important to both cultures. Maya and Egyptian mythologies Forth by Day. So in the nether-
A sophisticated system of time- are now so significant. world, (the duatplace
keeping and astronomical observation The ancient Egyptian Book of dawning) it is the
prevailed in the ancient world. An un- of What is in the Netherworld twelfth hour of the night
derstanding of the mechanics of pre- (the Am Duat) illustrates the that is the dawning ves-
cession, and an apparent knowledge of Suns journey after it sinks tibule, identical to the
the timing frequencies that regulate below the Western horizon Maya Beak of Time.
the structure of time appear to have at twilight and moves In the center of the
been in place in the ancient world through the transforma- twelfth hour is the Sun
particularly that of the Maya. As Maya tions that are the chal- god in the night boat
scholar Jose Arguellez has pointed out, lenges and rigors of the 12 with his entourage. Texts
certain dates at sites like Quirigua are hours of the night, to rise again identify the Serpent as Life-
rooted so deeply into the past that they at dawn in the East. time, or Life of the Gods. His
are practically in the future! It appears This is a mythic archetypal template eye is formed by the hieroglyph Life
the astronomer priests who ran the containing three levels of meaning or Radiance. The boat carries the
show sure knew how to work time! astronomical, personal, initiatory. In Sun, as Ra, in his old, physical, form.
Another expression of the great other words, the Sun, the deceased,
genius of the worlds ancient wisdom and the Initiate, each go through the Continued on page 67


When Children Return from Death

A New Study by a Prominent Researcher of Near-Death Experience
Finds Startling Differences Between Children and Adults

n the av- of-babes revelations
erage, without focusing on
near-death the individual child:
experien- how does he or she
cers are feel about what hap-
without pulse or pened? how does the
breath for about ten to phenomenon, both the
fifteen minutes. It is experience and the af-
not uncommon to tereffects, appear to
hear of individuals him or her as the years
dead for an hour or pass? This viewpoint
more; some wake up has been largely
in the morgue. The missing from near-
same is true with chil- death research until
dren, who, by the now.
way, can have such an Almost every child
episode before birth, experiencer becomes
during delivery, or im- adept at dissociation.
mediately after being Dissociation was for-
born. Recall from tiny merly used in the field
ones, once verbal, is of psychiatry as a label
often not only sur- to describe individuals
prising but can be an who withdrew or
embarrassment to parents and medical the aftereffects still are lacking, enough severed from any association with
personnel. research has passed serious scrutiny their body and/or environment. It was
Since the brain can be permanently that we now have a guide for recog- considered an aberrant mental state,
damaged in three to five minutes nizing what happens in most peoples unhealthy. Current thinking on the sub-
without sufficient oxygen, it is impor- lives after the otherworldly exposure ject has shifted considerably as more
tant to note that one of the striking fea- from near-death states is over. mental health professionals are now
tures of the near-death phenomenon And thats what I want to focus on recognizing that dissociation may actu-
is. . . no matter how long the Person the aftermath. ally be a natural byproduct of con-
is dead there is usually no brain But I want to do it differently this sciousness as it develops along new
damage once revived; rather, a no- time. . . I want to include the kids. lines of thought and creative imagina-
ticeable brain enhancement. My study of child experiencers of tion, that it is more a sign of adaptation
Because this is true, near-death near-death states, Children of the New than insanity. But, as a child from Min-
states provide a dynamic lens through Millennium, from Three Rivers Press, nesota finally learned, even positive
which we can explore the many as- came out in the Fall of 1999. I want to skills that enrich our lives can become
pects of human consciousness and the share a few bits and pieces of what I crutches.
possibility of life after death. found, with the hope that this informa- Without a supportive framework of
But for experiencers, the effect is tion will prove meaningful and evoke a understanding in the wake of their
more immediate and infinitely more desire to know more. near-death episode, a child experiencer
complex. Their biggest challenge is Straight away, I want to admit that I can easily feel as if he or she is either
two-fold: how do you live with the ex- was incorrect about a previous finding stupid, crazy, or suddenly foreign.
perience, and how do you deal with its I made. I claimed that childrens epi- Family and friends who are unaware of
aftereffects? sodes do not cover the broad range of what such an experience can entail
My research suggests that near- experience types as do those of adults. may find their childs sudden behavior
death episodes may well foster, to a de- My new study has proved me wrong. changes either frightening or perhaps
gree, a structural, chemical and func- Although most youngsters experience an attention-getting ploy, maybe even
tionary change in the individuals the initial Near-Death Episode, a hefty the product of an overactive imagina-
brain. The spread of aftereffects, the 76% have hellish experiences, some tion. Responses like these limit any
pattern of psychological and physiolog- heavenly, a few are even abstract and gains to be had, and often push the
ical changes that occur afterward (as transcendent. child toward repressing the event alto-
profiled in the book Beyond The Light) That child experiencers deal with gether.
further support this theorythat of a the same pattern of aftereffects as adult If we compare research results be-
brain shift. Although clinical studies of experiencers was borne out, but they tween child experiencers and what I
tend to respond differ- previously did with adults, the differ-
ently...sometimes, exactly the oppo-
BY P.M.H. ATWATER site. We all thrill to out-of-the-mouth- Continued on page 69

en Buddhists teach that
come what may, one must
walk on. Keep
keeping on doesnt mean

dragging your feet under the

load of your karmic burden, but rather
to keep abreast, to keep changing with
the changes the only way to stay
whole. The motion of this walk, as as-
trologer-philosopher Dane Rudhyar

of the Gods
points out, can take on spiritual signifi-
cance, especially for those consciously
walking a spiritual Path. The motion
seems to constantly accelerate, con-
stantly become more demanding. Chil-
dren are perhaps the best witness to
this evolutionary truth as they outstrip Understanding the Upcoming
us as indeed should happen, and as
they handle with greater ease than Mega Alignment on May 5
most of their elders, accelerating life-
styles and rhythms. . .Planetary cycles
are at once symbols and diffusers of
this acceleration we are all partici-
pating in, the becoming we are all ex-
periencing. What, then, are astrolo- do with it? What we will see is not the and actualize his innate potential of
gers, prognosticators and prophets planets themselves, perhaps, but the being. Man collectively creates the uni-
saying about 2000? Basically, it boils intersection of the Great Cosmic verse he needs, simply because he
down to thisif you thought 1999 was Forces they represent. I confidently needs it in order to operate with op-
intense, just take a look at 2000! predict that the proportion of people timum efficiency; and he does so
Others, like astronomer John accepting that there are Cosmic Forces whether he is an archaic shaman, a Sufi
Mosely of Griffith Observatory, remind ensouling the planets and stellar or Christian mystic, or a modern scien-
us to keep cool and be rational. Mosely groups is on the rise. tist in his laboratory or observatory.
brings Richard Noone and other For centuries astrologers have In accordance with discoveries of
doomsayers to task in his article mapped planetary alignments with physics in this century, particularly of
Cosmic Disaster in 2000 or another seismic activity, floods and natural dis- the connectedness and the interpene-
failed prophecy? Noones hype, ac- asters. Perhaps belief depends on tration of all things in space, Rudhyar
cording to Mosely, is extraordinarily where you are at the time. Most of you observed a gradual emergence of a pic-
shy of objective facts and figures. For reading this article have enjoyed the ture of the universe demanding the ac-
Mosely, the contribution of the gift of peace and some degree of pros- ceptance of a new dimension of reality.
planets is negligible, and it makes no perity. Others have been hit harder and The end of the era of isolated individu-
difference to the Earth whether they are in the midst of reconstructing their alities, the beginning of a galactic con-
are aligned or not. Obviously, I dont lives, grateful for the gift of life, sciousness which he calls the fourth di-
agree with him or I wouldnt be an as- mourning those who are no longer mension. Astrologer Stephanie Austin,
trologer. Nevertheless, I have to give with them in areas that have been hit discussing the portentous Chiron/Pluto
him some degree of credence when he hard in recent years by war, famine, conjunction on the eve of the millen-
writes A book you hold in your hands killer storms, earthquakes, tornadoes nium, puts it more succinctly: Seeing
exerts a billion times as much tidal and floods. Mother natures moments is believing; the reverse is even more
force as the planet Mars when Mars is of madness have been stunning, dra- enlightening-Believing is seeing. For
at its closest. The planetary cycles matic, and seemingly selective, the Austin, the Chiron/Pluto coupling in
themselves describe not only potential confirmation of karma that hits like a Sagittarius signifies a major paradigm
global events but the public interest in thief in the night. There is no denying shift, a collective opportunity to re-
books such as Noones Ice: The Ulti- that the Earth Mothers contractions tool our assumptions and perceptions
mate Disaster; 5/5/2000. Skepticism are stronger and less apart. The of reality. Her musings evoke a
aside, Moselys article includes an easy- birthing is ourselves and a new world chuckle but actually smack of truth.
to-follow narrative description in astro- in the making. She asks, Are we human beings trying
nomical terms and graphics of exactly Dane Rudhyar remarked that the to be spiritual or spiritual beings trying
what will happen in May of 2000. The problem we have in interpreting the to be human? Such a question could
alignment of the Sun, Mercury, Venus, significance of planetary events and fill a chat room for hours! Ignorance
Mars, Jupiter and Saturn and the New changes is that they are ushering in a and fear are not the only factors per-
Moon in Taurus opposed the earth in new dimension of consciousness that suading us to believe the worst. Some-
Scorpio is awesome to behold. (See alters our very perception of ourselves where in the race memory we know its
www.griffithobs/SkyAlignments.html) and our worlds (See AR #15). For Rud- happened before.
Mosely mocks M, a participant in hyar, astrological analysis has no value Even those who believe that if you
America Onlines 2000 America Online except as a practical application of an know better you can do better and that
Discussion, who said, What does implied metaphysics. In 1975, he if you exercise the will and work with
seeing the planets from earth have to wrote, Man projects upon the outer higher powers you can alter if not turn
world what he potentially is, yet does around your karmic fate as described in
BY KATHIE GARCIA not know he is, in order to discover your natal chart, generally agree that
the fate of nations is harder to effect knees trembling, for the King of changes in consciousness that give rise
simply due to the numbers of persons prophets had a good batting average to new ideologies that eventually result
involved and the still relatively unen- after all. And as we prepared for the Au- in events that grab our attention, but
lightened state of the majority of gust Solar Eclipse, our senses barraged the influence may be working years be-
people. Nevertheless, Biblical stories by the wonder and smallness of moving fore its meaning becomes outwardly
like that of Nineveh with the prophet on during planetary megastatements, apparent.
Jonah, reluctantly delivering the some believe the planet has been The May alignments potential for
warning of impending doom that was spared through divine intervention. De- sudden events gains points by in-
averted by an entire city repenting just spite recent disasters, the earth as a cluding Mars, the trigger planet, but so
on time, suggest that catastrophes can whole has been spared, and we must did the August Solar Eclipse. Astrologer
sometimes be averted by right choices give thanks. Most would agree that as Richard Nolle does some excellent
and that the outcome depends on the time marches on, being in the right work on his website
choice. Today, ecologists prophesy the place at the right time doing the right ( in outlining geo-
disastrous results of cutting down the thing becomes more and more a pri- graphical areas potentially most af-
worlds rain forests and warn us to ority. fected. I would add that as we become
wake up before its too late. As we be- Ray Merriam, an extremely credible more and more globally connected, the
come less ignorant, prophecy becomes astrologer specializing in economic impact of the fate of nations other than
more logical and understandable. Fear analysis, warns against sensational pre- our own, directly or indirectly impacts
of a wrathful God becomes more and diction, not only because it can perma- our own nation and lives.
more an enlightened understanding of nently damage the astrologers reputa- In 1962, there was a similar plane-
natural consequence. The fact that tion when forecasts fail to materialize tary alignment, but in Aquarius. Nonbe-
people everywhere, via the Internet, but also because it ignores an impor- lievers and skeptics, like Mosely, scoff
are talking to one another and ex- tant factor in analysis: the orb of influ- and say, this happened in 1962 and
changing ideas and knowledge and ence. The orb of influence is the time whats the big deal? The big deal was
finding consensus despite differences, generally agreed upon to allow an influ- the technological age, the computer
I believe, is one of the greatest factors ence to manifest. While the passing age, the beginnings of an upheaval in
to bring forth the potential of positive Moon may ruffle our worlds during a social codes whose waves we are still
outcomes. period of hours, larger cycles like the riding, and the seeds of one of the
May 5, 2000. Many astrologers Saturn/Uranus square we are currently biggest debates of the first half of the
would agree with Austin who calls this experiencing can have an orb of 6 21st centurygenetic engineering.
date the most striking alignment of months either side of exact meeting. All signs of the zodiac are arche-
the year. We await the date with Major alignments are announcements types. They bring to our attention parts
some degree of apprehension, like we of possibilities, of trends set in motion. of ourselves. We have an opportunity
awaited the Nostradamus prophecy of The effects of Neptune, for example,
terror during July, 1999, some with generally is gradual and produces Continued on page 71


The Mahabharata
A New Translation of the Vedic Classic Offers Readers a Full Plate

he oldest writings in the Concerned that a blind man cannot
world, the Vedic scriptures, be king, Satyavati asks Vyasadeva to
are associated with untold beget a second son by the other queen
numbers of elevated men. (also Ambikas sister), Ambalika. She
To one of these is attributed merely turns pale during intercourse
authorship of the worlds longest and is told by Vyasadeva that her son
poem. He is Vyasadeva, a rishi de- will be called Pandu, pale one. He
scribed as the literary incarnation of too will be powerful.
Vishnu (god and protector of living Vyasadeva is asked to beget a third
creatures), who lived about 5,000 years son, which he does, by Ambikas maid,
ago. This poem, the Mahabharata, at her command. Dhritarastra, Pandu
was of course, written then in Sanskrit. and Vidura are then raised by Bishma,
Sanskrit scholars have translated the Satyavatis second son, a great warrior,
100,000 verses that comprise the epic. a wise and religious man, who actually
The translation Ive known of, over 30 was born of the river goddess, Ganga,
volumes long, requires a real commit- and good king Shantanu.
ment as well as propitious circum- Pandu eventually becomes king, by
stances for one to successfully under- default. Bishma then arranges for him
take its reading. Ive always felt a void to marry Kunti and Madri and for Dhrit-
in my education for not having read it. arastra to marry Gandhari (who there-
Recently, Torchlight Publishing has after covers her eyes to be blind as
made available a version of the Mahab- her husband). Pandu has vowed celi-
harata that any serious person can bacy, with his wifes approval, subse-
commit to read. In this newest version quent to having incurred a curse of
the verses have been transposed into death during his next intercourse as
ordinary sentences and the poem into the result of a rash act. Pandus five
a novel. Such a task is daunting, it sons are thus sired by gods whom, as
would seem, especially so if the au- the result of a boon given to her years
gins. The Bhagavad-gita, Krishnas re-
thor had sought authenticity, transpa- prior, Kunti can call forth. Yudhisthira
nowned practical spiritual advice to Ar-
rency and accuracy. is the eldest son, sired by the god of
juna, is chapter 4 of book two. Telling
Our author, Krishna Dharma, seems justice, Dharma; the second is Bhima,
you about this book feels like trying to
to have striven to attain all three. sired by Vayu, god of the wind; Arjuna,
stuff a blown-up balloon into a small-
The story might appear to be simple her third Pandu son, was sired by
necked bottle: its impossible to do it
but is intricate and complex. It might Indra, king of the gods. Scripture disal-
justice, to convey its opulence, its
appear to be straightforward but is lowed more bed partners (even godly
power, its beauty and ugliness, its hy-
complicated by dozens of to-be- ones) for Kunti who then teaches her
perbole, its civility and barbarity, its pa-
connected-later events. It is peopled co-wife, Madri, the mantra so Pandu
thos, its drama, dynamism and depth.
with characters ranging from God can have more sons. To Madri are born
The Mahabharata fully integrates ma-
through demigods to the most evil of twins, Makula and Sahedeva, sons of
terial existence, the mundane, into the
men and is studded with useful insights the twin Ashvini gods. These five boys,
transcending spiritual realm. Indeed,
into human nature as well as profound all strong, handsome, intelligent and,
from the very first chapter, Birth of the
spiritual truths and advice. In it, many like Pandu, righteous, are known as the
Kuru Elders, this fact is clearly evident.
humans are endowed with super- Pandavas. Each possesses some at-
The story is said to be true.
human qualities and perform heroic tribute at an extraordinary level and all
For reasons not recountable here, a
and extraordinary feats. This, however, are expertly instructed in the Vedic
queen mother, Satyavati, asks her
is far from the most amazing aspect of scriptures and the use of weapons
eldest son, Vyasadeva, a powerful rishi
the book. (they are khastriyas, warriors).
(himself the offspring of a celestial
Mahabharata, the novel, is divided The five Pandava princes become
rishi) to beget a son by the dead kings
into two books, The Die is Cast and the students of a brahmin expert in ce-
wife, Ambika, as an heir. Vyasadeva, a
Deliverance. These books contain 83 lestial weaponry. His name is Drona
wizened, ugly and filthy ascetic,
chapters, 25 of which relate the great and, as luck (!) would have it, both he
whom Ambika dutifully accepted with
battle. Most chapters are given to estab- and Bishma were taught by the same
closed eyes and feelings of revulsion,
lishing the characters, the circum- great teacher. Drona, himself, has sons,
informs his mother that a blind son
stances and the situations that precede but because of his thirst for perfection,
strong as ten thousand elephants and
the war and it is not until the fifth Arjuna is his favorite.
vastly intelligent will be born. Named
chapter of book two (the 53rd overall) Another young warrior, Karna,
Dhritarastra, this fellow proves himself
that the nearly three-week battle be- whose skills equal Arjunas, befriends
through most of the story to be devoid
Duryodhana and thereafter also lives at
BY DR. JOSEPH RAY of spiritual awareness.
the palace. Karna, we learn much later,
All the brothers are smitten by Drau- annihilating the worlds male popula-
BOOKS padis femininity and beauty. Thus, tion.
they agree, all should marry her, which Perhaps because of its historical
is actually Kuntis first-born son. Surya, they do, daily, one after the other. On quality, its drama and violent action, a
the sun God, whom she had inadver- each of the five nuptial nights, as a reader may easily forget that this an-
tently summoned by testing her boon boon, her virginity is returned to her. cient tale, written by an incarnated
when she had yet to marry, could not There are other wives and some of god, contains spiritually significant
leave her without siring a son. Karna, their children play significant roles in teachings. It could be, then, entirely or
born with armor attached to him, re- the story. Arjunas (second) wife, Sub- largely allegorical in nature. Treating an
sulted from this union. Kunti, whose hadra (Krishnas sister), bears Abhi- allegory literally, as one would an ordi-
virginity was returned to her by Surya, manyu and Bhimas other wife, Hi- nary novel, will obscure or even de-
secretly placed Karna in a basket and dimbi (a rakshasa who assumed human stroy the subtle, embedded, spiritual
pushed him into the Ganges river from form to attract him) bears Ghatot- meaning. At the least it would alter
which Adhiratha, a charioteer, rescued kacha; both boys die heroically in the ones focus. Allegorical writing, verbal
him, raising and educating him with battle. symbolism, is meant to sidestep nat-
love and diligence. Dhritarastra, who had been ruling in ural, cerebral intelligence and to ap-
Other characters enter the story and place of Pandu, gives half the kingdom peal directly to the Higher Intelligence.
stay for long periods. The three most to Yudhisthira and his younger The Mahabharata contains dozens
significant of these are Krishna, his brother. They establish the city of In- of descriptions that may literally clasp
brother, Balarama, and the princess draprasta which prospers handsomely, ones attention and modify the impact
Draupadi. Krishna, God incarnate, is further aggravating Duryodenas ava- of some profound statement or a spiri-
the eighth child of Kuntis brother, Vas- rice and envy. tually significant event nearby. Con-
udeva. Together with Balarama, the Contriving one of his many sider these few examples: Bhima is so
seventh, they are miraculously spared schemes, this one with a crooked gam- strong that he uproots large trees; Ar-
death at the hands of evil king Kamsa. bler, Duryodhana wins the Pandavas juna with the Gandiva bow shoots
A custom in the India of those days kingdom and, with his brother, Dusha- with unerring accuracyhundreds of
was that a king held a competition for shana, publicly mortifies the Pandavas arrows per second (at flying or moving
his daughters hand. Arjuna, peerless at wife, Draupadi. Embittered and penni- targets) that he draws from a quiver
archery, wins Draupadi through his less, the Pandavas and Draupadi are ex- that provides an unending supply of ar-
marksmanship. However, no one rec- iled to the forest for 13 years. From this rows; Shalva, an evil king, attacked
ognizes him, as he, dressed in simple situation further developments lead in- Krishnas city from a great airship
clothes, does not identify himself. Ar- exorably toward the impending battle which resembled a flying city (pg.
juna first meets Karna here, they battle and the feudal war between the cou- 239); in a ferocious battle with demons
briefly, until Karna withdraws, unvan- sins eventually begins. The war itself called Daityas, who lived in a floating
quished. lasts less than three weeks practically city that, appeared in the sky, then

Ancient Egyptian Mysticism

And Its Relevance Today
John Van Auken
A fascinating new look at the myth
and mysticism of ancient Egypt
From the creation story to the mythological tales of the gods of Egypt, the author
weaves together the wisdom of ancient Egypt with insights from the Edgar Cayce
readings. He explores the secrets of the Great Pyramid and the hidden mysteries of the
Egyptian Book of the Dead, and recounts the story of RaTa (Edgar Cayces earlier life
as a high priest of Egypt), including the events that, according to Cayce, led to the
building of the Great Pyramid as a place of initiation. Also covered is the expected
discovery of the Hall of Records predicted by Cayce.
The hidden symbology of ancient temples is explored and correlated with the human
bodys glands and chakras. Not many know that the ancient Egyptians were masters
of what would later be called kundalini meditation. We actually have much to learn
from these high initiates, who had a much deeper vision of the eternal and the divine
than we have ever realized. Fortunately, they left us a complete record of their
wisdom in the form of temples, paintings, and special symbols, which the author
interprets for us.
Illustrated with 50 full-color photos.
ISBN: 0-87604-422-4
The A.R.E. Press trade paper 51/2"x81/4"
160 pages
illustrated (50 full-color photos)
To order call 800-723-1112 Trade Orders 888--ARE-3400
barehanded or effectively command an
army of nearly 37 million men all on
the battlefield at once? And, secondly,
might sacred literature deliberately in-
troduce exaggerated, hyperbolic, some-
times irrelevant material for a particular
Near the end of the war Krishna
tells Arjuna that, truth should not be
uttered where it will produce an ad-
verse result (pg. 764): truth must be
valued highly, dispersed wisely. In-
deed, G.I. Gurdjieff, who himself wrote
an epic of monumental proportions,
stated repeatedly that few people want
to know the truth, that especially about
themselves, few desire it, preferring il-
lusion. Consider the following state-
ments uttered by various rishis and
sages in the course of the story: The
five evils which assail men (are) exces-
sive sleep, fear, anger, weakness of
Bhishna and Arjuna contended like two furious mind and procrastination (pg. 156);
lions. (p. 622) There are plenty of sinful men in this
under the ocean, then it disappeared al- world who will speak agreeable words,
together, ... shot upward, and made but one who speaks what is disagree-
various curving motions through the able but beneficial is rare (pg. 195);
air (pg. 296), Arjuna and Indras chari- Blinded by desire, men become ab-
oteer, (who guides a chariot drawn by sorbed in following the dictates of the
10,000 celestial horses) outnumbered senses, which they mistake for real hap-
many thousands to one, eventually rout piness (pg. 224); Men suffer from
the Daityas by means of a celestial eight vices...: desire, anger, greed,
weapon made available to him by vanity, insolence, pride, malice, and
Shiva, which he calls forth by uttering selfishness (pg. 482); Grief achieved
the appropriate mantras; many addi- nothing other than to reduce the en-
tional extraordinary examples that defy ergy of those who indulged in it (pg.
experience and divert attention from 659-60). All of us emit these behaviors
possibly timeless wisdom might be and, in fact, today, some are consid-
cited. Here is a calculated figure and a ered desirable. Has not the unbridled
final matter to ponder. pursuit of wealth defined America?
The unit used in their armies was an At one point, Krishnas wife asks
akshauhini, the size and composition Draupadi how she was able to serve
of which is given in the text. By multi- five husbands. She responds Aban-
plication, Duryodhanas force of 11 ak- doning vanity and subduing desire and
shauhinis contained 330,000 elephants wrath, I serve my husbands with atten-
and drivers, 3,300,000 horsemen and tion, along with their wives. In my
33 million foot soldiers. The Pandava opinion, service to the husband is the
forces were outnumbered 11 akshau- eternal virtue of women. The husband
hinis to 7, and thus exceeded 22 mil- is the wifes god and her sole refuge.
lion men. Combined, the battlefield (pg. 308) In our society, a woman
was host to over 59 million soldiers! could get herself stonedby other
These are mammoth numbersand womenfor speaking such words. And
nearly all died in the battle. yet, why would such words be in the
You probably noticed the unusual Mahabharata anyway? Perhaps hu-
births that began the epic. There are manity has evolved.
several immaculate conceptions, sev- All the worlds great spiritual
eral instances of retained virginity fol- teachers agree on this subject. The idea
lowing both intercourse and childbirth, is that the stage for human evolution is
and a disowned baby placed in a basket the field of human consciousness. How-
to float into destiny. Additionally, ever, this evolution requires a persons
Krishna assuages the hunger of 10,000 deliberate, conscious participation. As
sages. One wonders where the Jewish Gurdjieff put it, consciousness cannot
and Christian myths originated. evolve unconsciously. This evolution
From these and an array of similar results from choices, e.g., a decision to
tales that go well beyond our own per- divert ones attention inwardly (as to
sonal experience in this age, in my meditate), to perform ones duties dili-
mind, anyway, the following questions gently but without concern for the re-
arise. Does it actually matter that these sult (detachment) or to learn to control
humans exceed us mightily, even in ones senses.
that none of us can release merely two On the battlefield, before the war
arrows per second, uproot a tall tree begins, Krishna and Arjuna converse in-
and occasional barbarism pervade it.
BOOKS Without exaggeration, hundreds of mil-
lions of arrows are released, not to
tensely. In this chapter, the Bhagavad- mention celestially empowered
gita, Krishna answers Arjunas ques- weapons that kill thousands at once.
tions, even to telling him the king of Untold millions are slain. The Bhag-
knowledge, Arjuna, the most secret of avad-gita is delivered by Krishna on
secrets. Engage your mind always in the (gigantic) battlefield. He, Himself,
thinking of me, become my devotee, exhorts Arjuna to fight and kill (to do
offer obeisances to me, and worship his duty as a kshatriya) more than
me, he says. (pg. 554) A common re- once. He acts as Arjunas charioteer
action to such speech in this modern and (all-seeing) advisor. Indeed, he
era is to think the speaker an ego- even advises both Arjuna and Bhima
maniac. Yet Christ spoke similarly. (on different occasions) to act in a way
Foolish men, says Krishna, capti- that seems dishonorable to them. God
vated by the allurements of the mate- was at home in this battle, a fact that
rial world, mistake their false-ego for no doubt may trouble some.
their actual selves and The epic itself pro-
strive to satisfy its de- vides clarifying in-
sires which, quite nat- sight. As Krishna had
urally, are material. said, he incarnated
If the Mahab- from time to time
harata is fundamen- when the earths
tally allegorical, then people became god-
how may it be under- less, in association
stood? Well, firstly, it with the oscillation of
would seem that it the yugas. An era of
can be taken on sev- godlessness had been
eral levels beyond the building (Kali-yuga)
literal one. However, and the earth goddess,
the degree to which at a meeting in Indras
any one of us may court had beseeched
fully understand it is Vishnu, to relieve my
limited by our own in- burden. Vishnu knew
dividual conscious- that her resources
ness, which incorpo- The Sun-god appeared before were being exploited
rates our own Higher the astonished maiden. (p. 62) (pg. 841) and assured
Intelligence to a greater or lesser de- her that relief soon would come
gree. The more input into ones menta- through Duryodhana, an incarnation of
tions from the Higher Intelligence (the Kali. And it had come to pass. Thus,
Ancient Egyptians Intelligence of the the Pandavas also were instruments of
Heart), the more allegorical teaching Vishnus, himself the instrument of
one will intuitively understand and ap- Krishna, who had ordained it all. The
preciate. question arises: were Stalin, Hitler and
The duration of the epic is more even lesser evil men of our time also in-
than the entire lifetime of the Pandava struments of the Lord?
brothers. Its ending will happily sur- The Hindu writings that preceded
prise you. So, one may view the epic as the Mahabharata were ancient when
an historical document as well as the it was written, allegedly having been
Pandava brothers biography. Certainly, orally transmitted from most ancient
it recounts their life. But it recounts times. Although somewhat different in
also their striving to attain some spiri- character, what I have seen in the Ma-
tual ideal and the many quandaries habharata accords with those ancient
they faced in pursuit of that ideal. Egyptian writings that I understand.
Their differing reactions to the same The Mahabharata is not an exposition
circumstance are themselves instruc- of ancient Vedic teachings. Rather,
tive and revealing. Yudhisthira is espe- these are infused into every aspect of
cially circumspect, intelligent and re- it, providing potentially fruitful pon-
flective; Bhima, the most physically dering. Pondering must accede to ac-
powerful, is rather impetuous, some- tion, as Krishna told Bhima, for
times extreme; Arjuna, the most Without action a man cannot achieve
skillful, is restrained, eager to perfect his ends in the world (pg. 465): ones
his capabilities and, though a warrior destiny does not arrive unassisted.
(kshatriya), philosophically inclined. As we enter the third millennium,
Nakula and Sahedeva, Madris twin the Mahabharata is an intriguing,
sons, were both expert warriors (Na- useful and formidable companion. Its
kula as a swordsman), intelligent (espe- message may occasionally disturb.
cially Sahadeva), and handsome. However, its truths are unassailable, its
Is the nature of the epic meant to in- relevance beyond dispute and its time-
form us of something? Although suf- lessness absolute.
fused with love, violence, bloodshed

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Millennium Notes
Its Time to Get the Golden Age on a Sound Footing

s another millenium passes hear touches of Enya or Loreena doesnt quite measure up. It tends to
by and it feels curiously just McKennitt, but Miriam Stockley is ramble and lacks the spirit of his earlier
like last years celebration much more. Her versatility and her releases. Although its well recorded
only with more lights, I find voice speaks for itself. and has no obvious flaws, Id give this
myself once again pon- Available at most retail outlets or one three out of five stars.
dering the same age-old question: What call 1-800-888-8574.
is the meaning of life? Is it to be found
in the pages of some religious book
mistranslated a dozen times by scribes
who never really understood what they
were writing in the first place? Or is it
perhaps found in the simple, practical
wisdom of Morrie Schwartz (Tuesdays
With Morrie) who said, We must love
one another or die. Just when I think
thats it! a friend e-mails me with an
even more perplexing possibility. She
writes: Perhaps the hokey-pokey is
what its all about. ...And Im back to
square one.

House Made of DawnHearts Of
Native American flutes performed in
a seamless soundscape producing a
tranquil, meditative effect on the lis-
tener. Great for creating a soft back-
ground ambience. Michael Graham THE MISTRESS OF ATLANTISVideo
Allen and Barry Stramp have composed Movie collectors might enjoy the
and produced this Hearts Of Space re- video release of this 1932 German film,
lease featuring an assortment of medi- Mistress of Atlantis. The film stars Bri-
cine flutes, pan pipes and modern gitte Helm who is best known for her
flutes processed with various spatial ef- dual role as Maria and the robot in Fritz
fects. No drums or rhythmic sections, Langs classic film, Metropolis. The Mis-
MIRIAM just a series of long flute tones ebbing tress of Atlantis is the tale of two lost
Miriam StockleyNarada and flowing through a beautiful audio Foreign Legion soldiers who stumble
Miriam Stockley has provided back- panorama that feels like dawn on the upon an eerie desert kingdom (suppos-
up vocals for Elton John, Tina Turner, Arizona desert. edly Atlantis) hidden in the Sahara. Al-
David Bowie, Chaka Khan and Adiemus To order call: 1-800-888-8574. though the film promises an exotic ad-
to name a few. Now on her first solo re- venture, it delivers only an abstract and
cording she steps into the spotlight IN MY LIFE boring story with one dimensional
with a performance that clearly shows Kevin KearnReal Music characters and a script that should have
her impeccable talent and virtuosity. Kevin Kearn has a delicate touch on been left in the desert. Sorry, this one is
From the opening strains of Forever the piano and has for movie collectors only.
My Heart, I had to stop and listen. Her produced some To order call: (612) 470-2172.
silken vocal textures blend with classic impressive work
orchestrations and ethnic instruments with his best- Robert Resetar composes music for
creating a wonderful marriage of clas- selling CDs, The films and television. If you would like
sical, popular and world influences that Secret Garden to have your CD or video reviewed in
is uniquely her own. At times you can and Summer Atlantis Rising please send it to: At-
Daydreams but lantis Rising, PO BOX 23528, Minne-
BY ROBERT J. RESETAR In My Life apolis, MN 55423.
(Anu group) or the Cau-
HILLY ROSE casus area of Europe.
(I am confused as to
Continued from page 16 why he would not be con-
lished it quietly in peer review journals. sidered Caucasian if he
Kennewick Man is currently claimed by American Indian came from the Caucasus,
tribes of the Northwest, such as the Umatilla, Yakima, Nez but this is a governmental
Perce, Colville, and Wanapum. They say that since he is finding after all.) If history
more than 9000 years old and since history teaches that no is to be based on Sol-
one migrated here that long ago, it substantiates their belief omon-like government de-
that he is a Native American and they want to return him to cisions and court pro-
Indian burial ground as quickly as possible. They believe it is nouncements, all may be
disrespectful to keep their ancestors from the grave. lost.
The Asatru Folk Assembly (a newly reborn American relig- So here we are at the
ious group with roots in ancient Iceland) says early results beginning of the 21st cen-
show him to be Caucasian and they want to claim him for re- Tom McClelland of Richland, WA tury, ready to totally re-
search and proof that the Caucasians were the first people
shows the skull casting of Kennewick write history as we have
Man he and anthropologist Jim known it for centuries.
here. Scientists at the Smithsonian and eight other institu- Chatters used to re-create the features
tions have filed suit to allow extensive research to be done What stands in our way is
of the 9,200-year-old discovery. tradition, self-interest and
on Kennewick Man. Photo: Tri-Citi Herald/Andr Ranieri
The federal government, through the U.S. Department of reluctance to change. Oh
the Interior, has laid claim to the ancient body because it yes, and a litigious society which causes us to look to the
was found on federal land. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers government and the courts to tell us who Kennewick Man is,
has possession until such time as the courts rule on the instead of looking at the body scientifically to determine his
rightful owner. The U.S. government has until March 24, origins.
2000 to report to the court on whether the nine scientific or- We have the tax money to explore space and the deep
ganizations get to keep the body. Then the judge will make a seas. The major foundations in the United States, such as the
final decision. Rockefeller Foundation, the Packard Foundation and the
Research is going on today, but on a very limited basis. Ford Foundation, cannot spend their money fast enough to
After all, the Native Americans are already upset that even a comply with government mandated regulations. Here is a
tiny bit of bone has been destroyed in DNA testing. They do challenge for them to truly make a difference, and they have
not want more of the body desecrated. The latest finding of not come forward. What we need is a coordinated agenda to
the government is that Kennewick Man is neither Caucasian seek the truth of our past and prepare for our future. Per-
nor American Indian, but probably came from either Japan haps then we would have a basis for knowing the truths of

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SUNLIGHT SAUNAS W150 N6898 Country Lane Menomonee Falls, WlS. 53051
did not occur in the last few thousand
MAMMOTHS years, so there has to be another expla- that sudden inner or outer events may
nation. He asks, What extraordinary have effected these changes. But are
series of events can have taken place to these events abrupt? Can they fit the
Continued from page 24 facts?
leave the massive bulk of hardy, tough-
popular theory of some researchers, skinned beasts as quick-frozen as a TV An offbeat but plausible theory has
and would definitely increase the po- dinner? been proposed concerning the close
tential of sudden death as well as the approach to earth of a comet or a
severity of ice onsets. CHANGES IN POLAR POSITION heavy asteroid, which could affect
A group of geophysicists working If the earths poles have moved, both earths inner core and its upper-
in Greenland in 1971 discovered evi- suddenly or slowly, there could be one most crust of continents and icecaps.
dence of fairly abrupt climatic of these geophysical events at work or No comet of sufficient size has yet
change from deep ice cores. But how perhaps an unforeseen combination of been recorded, although the idea is
abrupt? them. not without merit.
Todays newest studies may in- If we accept that none of the
dicate a much more rapid onset existing theories can be entered
than was thought. in the books as the final answer,
Recent findings show that that none fit the existing facts of
Earths core is a sphere of molten almost instantaneous freezing,
iron and moves in tiny but con- what is the answer?
stant rotation. Could this rotation The findings and evidences of
be possibly suddenly interrupted science are accumulating much
by some outside force, thus ef- more rapidly today than in pre-
fecting the same type of geologic vious years. Perhaps the reason
upheaval that is caused by for this is the increasing educa-
sudden slippage of continental tion and professionalism of the
plates? These plates are some- participants. Or perhaps their
times stopped from movement more open attitude to anoma-
over a short or long period. It listic findings.
was a shift of only a few inches in Modern forensic techniques
the San Andreas fault that caused will be applied to the frozen
the devastating quake and fire in body of the most recent mam-
San Francisco in 1906 (the coast- The Discovery Channel shows workers cutting moth to be found, and may
line southeast of Siberia is a Mammoth-containing block from Siberian permafrost show more data than the previ-
known area of seismic insta- last summer so it can be airlifted to the laboratory. ously discovered specimens
bility). could provide. Whether comet,
Photographs of Mars seem to show sudden pole shift, continental slippage
Could such a catastrophic event evidence, according to some analysts at
have caused immense ice and mud or seismic eventsomething yet un-
California Institute of Technology, that knowncaused the mysterious death
flow across Siberia in hours rather than concentric features on that planets sur-
days? of this immense creature.
face are not centered on the present Finally, it must be restated that little
Highly in dispute is the ice buildup polar locations as they would have ex-
theory of H.A. Brown, who in 1911, evidence exists for any of these events
pected, but are displaced, hinting that as a direct cause of giant mammoths
theorized that an accumulation of ice Mars, too, is subject to changes in its
at one or both poles periodically upsets expiring on their feet as suddenly as
spin axis. Martian icecaps have under- they must have done to freeze so
the earths equilibrium, causing it to gone recent scans, though the recent
suddenly wobble or tumble like an quickly and so perfectly as to be still
loss of NASA robotic scanner tech- fresh millennia later. Although many
overloaded canoe, throwing oceans of nology has prevented closer study of
icy water over entire continental areas prehistoric animal populations may
that planets poles. have been affected by mass kills, these
and instantly freezing animals with This finding could indicate that
food in their mouths. are fossils, and only the largest, frozen
sudden polar shifts might be common in such an apparently lightning-like
A. T. Wilson found evidence that to all planetary bodies.
the Kutiak Glacier in northern India moment of time, remain to tantalize
That some radical changes are ob- the theorist. No single piece of this fas-
was reliably observed to have advanced vious in the case of earths climate
as much as 360 feet a day at times. No cinating scientific puzzle yet covers all
zones has been long known to ex- the gaps. None answers all the ques-
such rapidity has been observed in re- plorers. Deep deposits of coal and
cent times. However, if this were the tions.
carbon deposits exist under todays The silent, unmoving bulk of the
case, such ice surges may have pre- Polar regions, indicating that either
ceded or precipitated an ice age. It quick-frozen mammoth eternally
polar climate was once almost tropical, chewing its buttercups remains one of
might also unbalance the globe as he or that some kind of displacement oc-
thought, and could conceivably upset the great enigmas of the ages.
curred, whether slow or very sudden
its usually regular orbital spin. in nature.
A contemporary writer, Francis The Author, Beverly Jaegers, is a
Even Albert Einstein gave considera- journalist writing in varied fields
Hitching, defending the pole shift theo- tion to the theory that earths crust it-
ries of the late Charles Hapgood, points since 1968, and a regular contributor
self sometimes, for whatever reason, to Atlantis Rising, Hera Magazine
out that most climate change theories undergoes sudden and perhaps catas-
of science overlook completely the and others. She is also founder of the
trophic shifts, displacements or slips. U.S. Psi Squad, a group involved in re-
quick-frozen perfection of the mam- Evidence of magnetic polarity changes
moths physical condition, which search into the frontiers of the mind.
has been noted in cores from many Their website is
would not have been possible under areas of the globe. Changed directions
any slow-moving system of extinction. ~computir/uspsisquad/ Email: USP-
of continental movement called drift
We know that planetary catastrophes have been uncovered as well, showing
trophism. Both are true. Most of the
CAYCE time, change is slow and gradual. Every

I AM AMERICA Continued from page 26

period 1998 can be shown to be on
once and a while you get millions of
years worth of geologic change
crammed into a few days. According

MAPS target, states Mandeville, there is

little reason to doubt that a catas-
trophic shift (25-27 degrees) in the lo-
to Mandeville, almost all tectonic
change is a consequence of polar mo-
tion. He is aware that this is a radical
restatement of plate tectonics into a ge-
as seen on the NBC Special cation of the poles will occur during
the period 2000-2001. I personally be- ophysical understanding of earth be-
ANCIENT haviors in vortex tectonics that is no
lieve it will most likely occur late in the
PROPHECIES II year 2000. He believes there is little less than the discovery of the heliocen-
hope for a calmer transition because, tric nature of the solar system or the
as he puts it: We dont have a planet principles of general relativity. Wil-
that changes gradually, we have a liam Hutton (a pseudonym for a promi-
planet that changes catastrophically nent geologist who has written on
every 10,000 - 20,000 years. Known as Cayces predictions) is analyzing
The Flight of the Phoenix by the an- Mandevilles work.
cient Egyptians, Mandeville believes Having done so much analyzing
archaeological, paleontological and ge- himself, Mandeville doesnt think much
ological evidence can be correlated of twentieth-century psychics other
to show well over 100 events of than Cayce. Not the type to criti-
massive change have occurred cize, he does say he could take a
over the last 10 million years. A prominent psychics newsletter
pattern of repeating pole shifts and find more errors in a single
is the inevitable consequence of issue than Cayce made in his entire
I AM AMERICA Full Color 24" x 28"
any binary planet of sufficient size lifetime! Nor does he like many of
S & H Included
21 00 to contain a molten core, he states.
The quest to verify Cayce brought
me literally to the discovery of vortex
the books written about the seer; he
openly disdains Jess Stearns treatment
of Cayces predictions, labeling it op-
portunistic, careless and distorting. He
tectonics, says Mandeville, who ex-
You heard Lori Toye tell plains that the crust of the earth (the does, however, support the efforts of
egg of the Phoenix) is always in mo- the Association for Research and En-
how sheunder the tion and wobbles about 40 feet around lightenment (A.R.E.), which was estab-
guidance of the ascended an average location, called the mean lished by Cayce himself in 1931. A.R.E.
provides an extensive website which
master Saint axis or pole. Every 6.5 years, the crust
includes links to Cayce study groups
goes through a cycle of spinning and
Germaincreated wobbling, creating peak earthquake throughout the United States and
prophetic maps of and volcanic activity. The location of Canada, a newsletter and an online In-
this spin axis is always drifting, tuition Course. They are carrying on
America and the world. creating long-range tectonic motion Cayces hospital through the Health
and geological changes in the earth. and Rejuvenation Center in Virginia
NOW YOU CAN TAKE Beach, Florida, as well as through Her-
Currently, he says, the mean spin
A CLOSER LOOK. axis is drifting down towards Chicago. itage products, which are based on
Mandeville further explains that all gen- Cayces reading cures and are widely
eral tectonic activity, as trends of available. They even sponsor an Edgar
overall seismic energy patterns, are ex- Cayce Cruise of Enlightenment!

S & H Included
FREEDOM STAR Full Color 36" x 52"
plained simply as the stress and mo-
tion generated by the changing orbital
and rotational relationships between
After he condenses the Trilogy and
transfers it to CD ROM, (where it will
be available for purchase by the
the earth, moon and sun. With regard public) Mandeville plans to cruise to
to a potential pole shift, Mandeville California to spend a good part of the
notes that: Everything tectonic is di- year 2000 enlightening and warning
rectly proportional to how far and how friends about what his arduous re-
fast, which is entirely a function of the search has convinced him will be immi-
mass of the earth, its spin dynamics, nent cataclysm. Theyre not easily
the elasticity of material, gravity and convinced, he says. Its going to take
the dynamic response of the Earth to a major effort. Meantime, as Mande-
the solar efflux. ville himself states, There is only one
The essence of vortex tectonics thing certain about this scenario. It
can be summed up by saying that the comes with no guarantees. As of old,
earths crystalline outer shell is in- the Phoenix flies when it flies, once in

Order NOW! duced periodically to suddenly over-

flow the molten interior some 25 to 30
degrees by the combination of centrif-
a great age beyond the ken of humans.
As these pages of speculation unfold,
we have left the Egyptians, Cayce and
science behind. We proceed now with
ugal force and the alignments of the
gravity vectors of the earth, moon and only a series of hedged guesses, as
sun. With this formulation, says blind men striving to describe an ele-
1-800-228-8381 Mandeville, I resolve completely the
age-old split between the notions of
gradualism and notions of catas-
You can visit Mandevilles website

dants of Pythagoras (the first philoso- before the TS was founded, HPB had a
BLAVATSKY pher and personal friend of Buddha) profound psychophysiological expe-
and Plato (the Greek father of Atlan- rience in which she was overshadowed
Continued from page 29 tology), and were highly influenced by Master Morya, or Master M. They
in The Secret Doctrine, but the force by the Orphic and Egyptian mystery mind-melded. He began to speak
itself is doubted as little in India as schools. (The Nazis later spent enor- through her.
the existence itself of their Rishis, mous sums attempting to develop Py- El Morya is one of the assistants of
since it is mentioned in all the secret thagoras theory of vibration into the Manu whose work is primarily con-
works. weapons systems.) cerned with planetary politics, govern-
Secret works, you say? In India? The The basic premise of Theosophy is ment and the founding and dissolution
Coming Race not only influenced HPB the belief that wisdom is accessible to of races. The Manus staff spends a
and Olcott, but also found wide accep- the human soul through direct intui- great deal of time attempting to influ-
tance in the soon tion or transmission. HPB believed that ence the minds of earths statespeople
to be goose- and politicians.
stepping German Manu will return
nationalists, in- later in our story in
cluding Adolph a most remarkable
Hitler, who, once way.
in power, sent ex- Despite its an-
peditions to India cient pedigree and
and elsewhere in impressive roster of
search of the land founders and mem-
of the Vrila. bers, the Theo-
One of the most sophical movement
dangerous of the did not exactly take
German mystical the modern world
political groups by storm. It did,
called itself the Vril however, receive a
Society. It com- needed boost of
bined Bulwer- publicity when one
Lyttons fiction of its sponsors died
with the occult and asked to be
ideas of the Order cremated. This was
of the Illuminati, Americas first cre-
Hindu mysticism, mation service and
Christianity, Theos- was well-attended
ophy and the He- by curiosity
brew Kabbalah. seekers. The cere-
The Vril Society mony was lam-
was formed in the basted as a pagan
early 1900's and Blavatsky with Col. Olcott ritual by numerous
was an incubator of Nazism, being the ancient civilizations, such as Greek and New York newspa-
first group to use the swastika as a po- Egyptian, had a far greater under- pers. This humiliating publicity could
litical emblem linking Eastern and standing of the relation between the not stop the indomitable spirit of HPB,
Western mysticism. soul and the Source. She considered however. The wheels of destiny were
the ancient teachers to be considerably spinning.
RESURRECTION The force, she knew, was with her.
The notion of an ancient wisdom, more advanced than modern scholars
guarded by hidden Masters, was irresis- and men of God who were blinded ISIS UNVEILED
tible to Olcott. In short order he wrote by the school of materialism and HPBs first book, Isis Unveiled, her
an article in a spiritualist newspaper warped by its twin pillar, bigotry. bible, was published in 1877. Run-
which in very general terms described These Masters, or Mahatmas, as ning over 500,000 words, the text was
HPBs encounters with the Masters of they are known in India, continuously 1,300 pages long. The first one thou-
India and Tibet. Soon, the two friends reincarnate throughout history, said sand copies sold out in less than ten
had a small but dedicated group of HPB, preserving their knowledge, and days. It is a truly remarkable work.
seekers of Ancient Wisdom gathered sharing it with certain deserving ini- In the preface to Isis Unveiled, HPB
around them. From these inauspicious tiates. Most of these Masters, she stated that the book was a plea for the
beginnings the Theosophical Society claimed, lived in spa-like retreats in recognition of the Hermetic philos-
was born in September, 1875, in Man- India, Tibet and Mongolia, and are ophy, the ancient universal wisdom.
hattan. members of a Brotherhood of Adepts. Hermes was the Greek name for Thoth,
Theosophy comes from the Greek Pythagoras, the alchemists, the Freema- the Egyptian Peacemaker and, ac-
words theos, God, and sophia, sons and Rosicrucians are all exem- cording to legend, the supervisor of
wisdom. The name was proposed by plary Theosophists. All claimed to pos- the construction of the Great Pyramid.
founding member Charles Sotheran. sess teachings which would assist in He was known as the guardian of the
However, according to HPB, the word the purification of the human soul and gateways to higher dimensions and a
theosophy originated in the third the elevation of the soul from earth. transmitter of teachings centered
century A.D. when Ammonius Saccas While HPB and her growing band of around the creation of peace (the
and his disciples attempted to purify disciples were its spokespersons, HPB uniting of heaven and earth), the accel-
their souls and connect with the believed the Masters Koot Hoomi (or eration of consciousness and the trans-
Source so as to receive divine secrets. Kuthumi), Lal Singh, and Morya were mutation of the soul from a lower,
Saccas and his disciples were descen- the true founders of the Theosophical
Society. Late in the spring of 1875, just
human form, homo sapien, to higher,
decides to use it by reanimating a crea-
BLAVATSKY SHELLEY ture he has pieced together from parts
of corpses. Once the monster is
angelic beings, homo angelis. Continued from page 31 brought to life, however, Victor is hor-
Thoth teachings were to have a de- celsus (1493-1541). Albertus Magnus rified by his creation and abandons it.
cisive influence in the days to come, as was believed to have discovered the The monster, left to fend for itself,
his teachings were the guiding light of elixir of life and used it to vivify a brass seeks what all beings need: love and ac-
the mystic Founding Fathers of statue. Paracelsus allegedly created a ceptance. However, because he ap-
America, as well as the source of the homunculus from human semen and pears hideous and frightful, he is re-
ancient Nordic legends which also in- horse manure. In 1814 Shelley and viled and rejected by all he meets. The
spired the Nazis. Mary had visited Castle Frankenstein, monster then seeks to avenge himself
the home of the alchemist Konrad upon his creatorand destroys eve-
THE ANCIENT SHINING ONES ryone that Victor loves.
Isis Unveiled tantalized the Victo- Dippel, who may have actually created
an artificial man. The parallel has often been drawn
rian mind with its tale of a vast inland between Frankenstein and
sea that once existed in Central Asia, the ethical dilemmas posed
where is found the fabled Shambhala, by scientific advancements in
the beautiful island home of the last our modern age. In 1997, an
remnant of the race which preceded outcry was raised when, in a
ours, who were masters of the uni- laboratory near Edinburgh,
verse. These beings were the Sons of Scotland, the first successful
God, or the Elohim of the Old Testa- experiment in cloning a
ment, the teachers of humanity. mammal was completed. Em-
The Elohim are shrouded in mys- bryologist Ian Wilmut man-
tery. El means shining one, and is the aged to clone a sheep named
name given to God in Genesis 1:1, In Dolly from the nucleus of a
the beginning, God created the single mammary-gland cell
heavens and the earth. Or in Genesis taken from a prize ewe. Dolly
1:26: God said, Let us make man in herself has since become the
our image, in the likeness of our- mother of healthy triplets.
selves.... This is strange. If El means But what could happen if
God or shining one, then Elohim scientists continue up the
(plural) must mean the Gods or the ladder of evolution and try to
shining ones. Thus, In the beginning, clone human beings? Would
the Shining Ones created the heavens it be a repeat of the disasters
and the earth; or, The Shining Ones suffered by Victor Franken-
said, Let us make man in our image, in stein? When searching for
the likeness of ourselves... They called parts of corpses, Victor chose
their offspring human because Hu the most beautiful he could
means shining one, effervescent find. However, once they had
one, and God. Thus, hu-mans are Lord Byron
been brought to life, these
technically hybrids or god-men. Though Byron and Shelley found body parts continued to decay,
This odd plural description of God the concept of the creation of life ex- creating the horrific countenance. In-
appears thirty times in the first five citing, Mary later wrote that she con- terestingly, even though she is only
books of the Old Testament and is one sidered any notion that man would three years old (sheep generally live
of the greatest unexplained mysteries usurp the role of the Creator su- about eight to ten years) Dolly is rap-
of the Bible. premely frightful. It is not difficult to idly showing signs of becoming an old
Isis Unveiled is a monumental work imagine one of the nightly discussions lady before she reaches four.
by any standard, especially considering at Diodati: Shelley and Byron, exuber- Even more recently, the subject of
HPBs native tongue was Russian. Put antly speculating about Darwins theo- genetically engineered foods has been
yourself in her shoes. Writing in Eng- ries; Polidori, trying to contribute to in the headlines throughout 1999. Cor-
lish had to have been an immense chal- the conversation but ignored; Claire, porate giants have developed ways of
lenge. This led many to ponder exactly bored out of her mindand Mary, lis- ensuring a greater shelf life for certain
how HPB amassed the enormous vo- tening closely but feeling a bit alarmed. foods by injecting them with genes
cabulary and knowledge contained in Would artificial life really be any dif- from other species. Manufacturers stol-
the work. ferent from natural life? Wouldnt the idly maintain that there is no danger
Later, literary critics discovered hun- artificial life forms have desires and from consumption of such foods, but
dreds of passages bore striking resem- ideas of their own? the public outcry in Europe against
blance to other published works. Accu- One rainy evening Byron suggested them has caused a significant number
sations of plagiarism caused HPB to that everyone write a ghost story. of supermarket chains to refuse to
comment in a follow-up work,The Se- Shelley, Byron and Claire all began carry them. In America, a growing con-
cret Doctrine, that she merely provided ghost stories which were never fin- sumer rights lobby continues to put
the string which tied together the dis- ished; Polidori wrote a short story pressure on the government to require
jointed and unconnected ideas of other called The Vampyre, which eventually the labeling of all genetically engi-
scholars. She invited everyone to pull inspired Bram Stokers Dracula. But of neered foods. No matter what scien-
the string. all the ghost stories, the most suc- tists say, people are at heart leery of
cessful by far was Marys Frankenstein. tinkering with nature. The most pop-
The preceding is excerpted and ed- We all know the plot. Victor Fran- ular label attached to genetically engi-
ited for Atlantis Rising by the author kenstein, a student of natural science at neered products is, not surprisingly,
from from his book One Foot in At- the University of Ingolstadt in Ger- Frankenstein foods.
lantis. many, discovers the secret of life and When I first began researching the

subject of Mary Shelley back in 1976, ject was finally begun, eventually Clinton, executives who fly on corpo-
the parallel most widely drawn in crit- named the Manhattan Project. Out of rate jets, and weekend pilots who own
ical analyses of Frankenstein was the this enterprise grew the uranium bomb small planes would probably smile at
atomic bomb. Mary, in creating the that was eventually dropped on Hi- this. As this novel takes place roughly a
character of Victor Frankenstein, may roshima. Einstein was haunted all his hundred years from now, it isnt too
have anticipated Albert Einstein and a life by the fact that it had been his far-fetched an idea that when that time
decision which he was to regret for the letter that had ultimately led to such a comes, privately owned airships might
rest of his life. tragic loss of life. be as commonplace as automobiles are
In 1939, physicist Leo Szilard was That Mary may have sensed uncom- now.
concerned about the lack of American fortable forebodings of the atomic However, the primary source of crit-
research and development on the use bomb is perhaps even more accentu- ical vitriol centered on The Last Mans
of atomic fission in weapons. Szilard ated in The Last Man. In its time, The main theme a killer plague devel-
was terrified that Nazi Germany might Last Man was panned by critics and oping in the Far East, initially leaving
develop an atomic bomb before the was only moderately successful com- the Western world untouched. Fears
United States, and unsuccessfully mercially; however, today, it is re- surrounding the plague are rampant
sought governmental interest. In des- garded by some as second only to everywhere, and precautions are taken
peration, he turned to his old friend Al- Frankenstein and by others as even which all come to naught. The plague
bert Einstein. He asked Einstein to greater. It tells the story of an un- finally reaches England, and the hero
write directly to President Roosevelt, known plague that, in the late 21st cen- and narrator of the novel, Lionel
awakening him to the danger. tury, wipes out the entire human popu- Verney, watches helplessly
Einstein, a confirmed pacifist but all lation of the planet. as all his loved ones die.
too aware of the implications, agreed One review in the February 18, Only Verney survives to
to send the letter. It may become pos- 1826 issue of The Literary Ga- tell his tale.
sible, Einstein wrote, to set up a nu- zette and Journal of Belles Let- Many Mary Shelley
clear chain reaction in a large mass of tres, Arts, Sciences, etc. found scholars have compared
uranium, by which vast amounts of Marys vision of the future this to the possible ef-
power and large quantities of new ra- monstrous. It ap- fect of the atomic
dium-like elements would be gener- pears, the re- bomb. The danger of
ated. . . . This new phenomenon would viewer stated nuclear war and
also lead to the construction of contemp- fallout carried by
bombs. tuously, that in wind all over
Szilard had guessed right about Pres- days to come . . . the world is fa-
ident Roosevelts reaction to a letter we are to call for miliar to
from Albert Einstein. He was im- our airship as we do now for anyone who
pressed. In late 1941, a full-scale pro- our traveling chariot. President Lake Geneva grew up in the


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A dynamic exception to most films dealing with Earth and human
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Richard W. Noone, David Hatcher Childress, Dr. Jean Houston, Dr. Gay
Luce, Dolores Cannon, Richard Kieninger, James Summers, Jim Hagan, Wil-
fred J. Gregson, Annie Kirkwood and others. Many of those interviewed
admit for the first time in public that our earth is truly in jeopardy, as we are
all moved inexorably closer to 5/5/2000.
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McDonnough, although not a scien-
SHELLEY ANTI GRAVITY tist, envisions combining all of these
technologies in a new spacecraft, using
Continued from page 36 the Cox Dipolar Force Field thruster
atmosphere as a propellant, but can for liftoff using the earths gas field as
also operate in deep space. An added propellant. In deep space this engine
advantage of this drive system is the power would be reduced, and main
fact that it absorbs microwave energy, power would be diverted to multiple
and would therefore be totally invisible Taylor engines for interstellar travel.
to radar. This engine appears to be of McDonnough also proposes using spe-
the type most closely related to those cialized craft utilizing these drive sys-
blue light thrusters used in the mo- tems for diverting comets. This type of
vies. Perhaps George Lucas has also re- space ship would anchor itself to the
searched the patents. Invention also comet, and then use various rotational
has a science-fiction affiliation. It is an thrusters to change the path of the
engine that uses electromagnetic en- comet, perhaps redirecting it to crash
Fred Astaire, Gregory Peck and Ava Gardner in ergy produced by supercooled, high into the surface of a planet being ex-
On the Beach, 1959. density electric power. plored, so as to provide carbon dioxide
Patent #5,197,279 was filed by and water for space colonies.
late 1950s and early 1960s. The classic McDonnough has no doubt that the
1959 movie, On the Beach, starring James R. Taylor of Fultondale, Alabama
on March 6, 1992. McDonnough likens existence of these patents has certainly
Gregory Peck and Ava Gardner, based not been ignored by the military-
on a novel by Nevil Shute, is disturb- this propulsion system to the Star Trek
impulse engine. According to McDon- industrial complex. He points out, for
ingly similar to The Last Man. A nu- example, that the Brown patent was as-
clear holocaust has wiped out the en- nough, it creates ripples on the fabric
of space-time on which to ride. In his signed to the Whitehall-Rand corpora-
tire Northern Hemisphere. Deadly tion in Washington, D.C. in 1957. He is
fallout drifts towards Australia, where drawings accompanying the descrip-
tion, Taylor shows a domed saucer- convinced that all of this technology is
the inhabitants are forced to confront just the tip of the iceberg, and that the
their mortality. As in The Last Man, the shaped craft as the optimum design for
use of this engine. This bears an un- R&D for exotic propulsion systems is
interplay between the characters in probably well advanced by now, up to
this situation is touching. In one of the canny resemblance to a UFO sketch by
George Adamski in his 1957 classic and including the existence of at least
more memorable scenes in On the prototype spacecraft. McDonnough ex-
Beach, a character played by Anthony book, Inside the Ships, showing a ring
around the periphery labeled Con- presses outrage throughout his book at
Perkins lies in bed with his wife, going this state of affairs. He points out that
over their years of love together, densor. Powerful sling-shot effect is
produced by creating two opposing, public information about advanced
sharing memories of their now-dead propulsion systems seems to have been
baby daughter. This scene is an eerie powerful electromagnetic fields, and
then suddenly shutting off one of the cut off in the 1960s. It seems as if there
echo of one in The Last Man, where Li- hasnt been a single advance since
onel Verney, ill with the plague, lies in fields, which propels the craft opposite
to the canceled field. The inventor esti- then. He says, Most of our current en-
bed with his dying wife Idris, with the ergy production systems are based on
body of their child in the next room. mates that, using existing or planned
superconductors and power supplies, a inventions conceived in the 60s and
This present moment, says Lionel to 70s...They seem to show the public
Idris, short as it is, is a part of eternity spacecraft using this principle is ca-
pable of a speed of about 30,000 kilom- just enough to placate di-
and the dearest part, since it is our verting peoples attention away from
own . . . . Let me then look on thy dear eters per second, which is roughly 10%
of Light Speed! the true progress, they make (people)
eyes! lose interest in the science ex-
But Mary was writing about a These three patents taken together
would provide the anti-gravity and pro- planation for this slow progress is re-
plaguea highly contagious disease quired. He mentions at least one se-
that wiped out all humanity. In our pulsion technology necessary for space
travel. But then there is the matter of cret project that he knows of in central
own era we have confronted the spec- Texas where small, maneuverable, si-
tres of AIDS and the Ebola viruswhich protecting the pilots and occupants of
the craft from such powerful electro- lent and stealthy craft have been devel-
have served to remind us that in spite oped using the technology previously
of the vast advances of modern medi- magnetic and acceleration forces. This
has not been overlooked. described. But he claims there are
cine, there are still no guarantees that others who believe that we already
mass contagions will not reappear. A Patent #5,269,482, filed by Ernest J.
Shearing of Porterville, California on have secret colonies on Mars and the
recent movie, Outbreak (1995), star- moon.
ring Dustin Hoffman and Rene Russo, September 30, 1991, is for a Protec-
tive Enclosure Apparatus for Magnetic There is a lot of other information,
points out one of the dangers that now freely available on the Internet
could bring about such a plague in our Propulsion Space Vehicle. Shearings
device would enclose the craft per- and in re-published books, that sup-
modern society. An unknown virus ports McDonnoughs claims. The life
from newly explored tropical rain for- sonnel in an insulated Dewar vessel
with walls of superconducting mate- and work of T. Townsend Brown is
ests enters the country via an illegally now completely available. His anti-
shipped monkey and starts a deadly ep- rial, suspended by superconducting
magnets. Accelerometers on all three gravity discovery has become known
idemic. as the Biefeld-Brown Effect because it
The novels of Mary Shelley may orthogonal axes would sense the
gravity forces and would regulate the was an elaboration of a theory first pro-
seem like pure fantasy but, like those posed by his physics professor, Dr.
of H. G. Wells and Jules Verne, seem to superconducting magnets to provide a
constant orientation and comfortable Paul Biefeld, at Denison University in
imply an eerie ability on the part of the 1923. This discovery really links elec-
author to foresee the future. Perhaps g force regardless of directional
movement. Shearings patent is highly tricity, magnetism and gravitation in a
we should all start taking the visions of new way.
science fiction writers more seriously detailed with all the mathematics and
science meticulously defined. In 1926, Brown proposed a space
than we do.
car that looked very much like a founded NICAP (National Investigative bles. He was prosecuted for stealing
flying saucer and explained how it Committee on Aerial Phenomena) in electricity, and was kept in prison for
could be controlled by moving the pos- Washington, D.C. which became the a year while an arsonist burned
itive pole around the periphery. This most prestigious UFO organization. down his house, destroying all his
was thirty years before Patent After that he was totally shunned by records. He now lives under an as-
#2,949,550 was filed. In 1929 he wrote the scientific establishment. sumed name.
an article for Science and In- Another anti-gravity pio- McDonnough is angry that he has
vention titled How I Con- neer was dealt with more se- been denied the opportunity to fulfill
trol Gravitation, which elab- verely. In 1952 in England, his lifelong dream of traveling in space
orated on the relationship Dr. J.R.R. Searl developed a because of this secrecy. How many
between electromagnetism rotating disc, powered by other men and women of his genera-
and gravitation, and de- electromagnetic energy, that tion are out there, who had similar
scribed his invention called took off and disappeared into dreams that could only be fulfilled
The Gravitor. He says in space. He built ten more such through rabid interest in science fic-
the article, Smaller...units discs, and lost a few more in tion? One can begin to appreciate their
may propel automobiles and Brown and wife Jo space before he learned how numbers, and the intensity of their in-
even airplanes. Perhaps even in 1983 to control them. The rotation terest, by attending their Star Trek con-
the fantastic space cars and the of the device created a high voltage ventions. Perhaps it is this widespread,
promised visit to Mars may be the final with the negative pole at the pe- frustration that explains the startling
outcome. Who can tell? riphery, and ionized the air around it. success of the movies. McDonnough
While in the Navy during WWII, At first, powered from an external claims that this technology really be-
Brown made his experimental results source, the disc builds a vacuum longs to the people. He says, Secrecy
freely available, and was called in to around itself, and eventually reaches a denies the Creative Spirit....We are
work on The Philadelphia Experi- point where it produces its own en- creative creatures, driven to explore
ment, but his work was never offi- ergy and then levitates. It then acceler- the vastness of the universe. We are ca-
cially endorsed by government scien- ates at a fantastic speed away from the pable of stewarding a planet, and
tists. This in itself was highly earth. Government agencies took no- Terra-forming other worlds for our use.
suspicious, since his theories had ob- tice of his work, but like Brown, he Why should we squander our re-
vious military application. In the Navy was ignored by the scientific establish- sources paying to see science fiction
he had some sort of nervous break- ment. In 1982, government agents in- movies, when we could invest those
down, and afterwards he never used vaded his home in Berkshire, England same resources and create science
the term anti-gravity again. It appears and confiscated a free-energy generator fact...? And further, There is no ex-
that he was effectively silenced for that he had built and was using to cuse for retarding the growth and tech-
awhile. But, irrepressible, he showed power his house. They tore out all the nological advancement of the human
his true colors again in 1956, when he wiring in his house and left it in sham- race.


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Jeane Man-
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to produce a desired effect or reality in
SHAPE POWER matter or energy. ABYSS
Closer to our era, Cymatics re-
Continued from page 41 searcher Ernst Chaldni vibrated wave- Continued from page 43
tween our sun and other star systems, plates and caused soundwaves to ap- (abrupt onset, abrupt recovery) would
and travel on those currents at speeds pear as patterns on the plates. Hans involve a transition period of more vio-
much faster than the velocity of light. Jenny of Switzerland expanded the lent weather that would grow in ob-
With the Parr-Davidson experiments, a two-dimensional images into beautiful servable increments of intensity. Is it
physical apparatus now seems to have 3-D forms which show the shape of possible the transition was accom-
detected such an interstellar highway. both simple and complex sound plished in 20 yearsa blink of the eye
Why would waves. John W. Keely in geological time? I telephoned the
copper-clad pyramid (nineteenth-century ex- National Oceanic and Atmospheric Ad-
shapes, frequencies perimenter) used such ministration (NOAA) for a printout on
and magnets nudge vibrating waveplates as natural disasters over the past 20 years
an apparatus to re- an early, yet more ad- in the U.S. that caused over a billion
spond to an invisible vanced form of oscillo- dollars in damage. Their report shows
conduit? The answer scope, allowing him to that between 1980 and 1990 there
involves that subtle see not only the waves were eight major disasters with Hurri-
energy or chi men- but how they interacted cane Hugo, disaster number eight,
tioned by Professor with each other, says ending the first half of the past 20-year
Tiller. There are my- Decker. The waveplate period. By 1995 only the first half of
riad names for the principle was the basis the next 10-year period natural disas-
invisible energy for a special ultraviolet- ters doubled, tripled and then quadru-
filling all space; Dav- projection microscope pled, as Hurricane Opal hit land in Oc-
Photo: Bruce Daniel
idson uses the an- that allowed Keely to tober 95. Since Opal, the NOAA list
cient term aether. view vibrating atoms. shows eighteen more disasters ending
That usage alone Certain geometries with Hurricane Floyd in September 99.
will keep his experi- are used in the protec- From 1980 to 1990 there were 8 disas-
mental results out of tive rings of ancient cer- ters. From 1990 to this past September
standard physics emonial magic and in there have been 36 which are statisti-
journals where making amulets, talis- cally significant, and I wonder if we are
gravity is seen as a mans or mandalas. Spe- inhabitants of a transition period like
separate force and Davidson and Parr Anti-Gravity cific soundsmantras lemmings with a dark fjord in our fu-
Experiment and chantingwere
certainly not related, ture.
as Davidson believes it is, to an aether. often used together with these shapes. The Earths magnetic field also flip-
The aether concept was said to have Dr. Patrick Flanagan wrote about flops--magnetic north abruptly be-
been buried early in the twentieth cen- scientists in Czechoslovakia who inves- comes south and vice versaand no
tury by results of the Michelson-Morley tigated shaped power. Czech engi- one knew why (July 23, 1979for de-
experiment, although later less- neer Robert Pavlita built psychotronic tails see 5/5/2000, page 204). Re-
publicized experiments made the Mich- generators resembling modern art cently, scientists discovered Earths
elson-Morley experiment obsolete. sculptures of metal, wood and paper. core, slightly smaller than the moon, is
Alexis Guy Obolensky of New York At least one American scientist has vis- spinning freely and faster than the rest
gave a technical summary of the topic ited Pavlita and examined his genera- of the planetlike a planet within a
at the 1988 International Tesla Sympo- tors and could detect no fraud. It is planet! Drs. Gary Glatzmair and Paul
sium. The experiment on which Ein- claimed that the various generators can Roberts ran this data for over 2,000
stein based his fundamental postulates create mechanical movement, purify hours on a Cray supercomputer, simu-
wasflawed, says Obolensky. He water, and attract magnetic and non- lating 10,000 years of activity, until the
stunned the audience by measuring magnetic particles, even under water! outer cores magnetic field aligned
faster-than-light wave signals with appa- Flanagan said the Czechs were secre- with the inner cores. Glatzmair says:
ratus that he had built. Today the New tive about the devices, but the pyramid Thats when the entire magnetic field
Science community is producing a bar- shape may be a clue to understanding of the geodynamo flip-flopped.
rage of writings and devices related to the effects. Davidson says that today A problem with reviews of 5/5/
tapping the aether as a source of en- we look through a glass darkly with 2000 is that, no matter how carefully I
ergy. materialistic science, and the aether- explain beforehand, stories appear
based concepts fit together better than stating Noone says planetary align-
ANCIENT KNOWLEDGE the current paradigm. Thats why I
What special knowledge about fre- ment will cause a pole shift. Fortu-
follow them. nately, Art Bell invited me on his show
quencies or shapes did the ancients
possess? Legends tell us that the Egyp- on February 23, 97. I stated that pole
Davidson, Dan, Shape Power, shifts are not caused by planetary align-
tian god Thoth was keeper of the RIVAS Publishing, PO Box 1090,
Words of Power, notes Decker. When ments, but because of some of the very
Sierra Vista, AZ 85636 1997. Flan- issues in this article our planet is ripe
pronounced and intoned correctly, agan, G. Patrick, Pyramid Power: The
Words of Power produced certain re- for another shift. The May 5 alignment
Millennium Science Earthpulse Press, may trigger one. I also warned of prob-
sults. In the case of Isis healing her PO Box 201393, Anchorage, AK
child of a fatal scorpion bite, the use of lems from a solar storm due in January
99520, 1997. Obolensky, Alexis Guy, 2000. Two months ago a new govern-
a specific word of power caused the Proceedings of the 1988 International
poison to be expelled from the body ment study stated that it will reach
Tesla Symposium, pages 4-25 to 4-40. maximum intensity not in January but
and the lifeforce to return, writes Tiller, William, Science and Human
Decker. The words of power pro- sometime around late April or early
Transformation, Pavior Publishing, May 2000!
duced a three-dimensional pattern Walnut Creek, CA 1997.
which would resonate with the aether Past solar storms have caused in-
credible damage, including disruption
Continued from page 46
Towing him are his followers, named
Ras loyal servants, the honored
ones of Ra,or the souls of the
blessed, according to different ver-
sions of the work. (A text circulating in
the 60s said they were called the
greatful dead.) Although it is not spe-
cifically shown, the hieroglyphic text
explains that the whole procession . .
.enters the mysterious image of the Ser-
pent at its tail, in deep darkness,
passing through its backbone and
emerging, renewed to youth and trans-
formed, through its mouth into the
light of day. The new, young Sun as
the Scarab begins to rise over the
Eastern hill of the horizon. Meanwhile,
the propped-up mummy, at the end of
the lower register is left behind as
image of flesh, the body, while the
transformed spirit of the deceased rises
and is reborn like the rising Sun into
the Light.
Survivors of Colombian floods of 1999 Most inspiring and profound of all,
of radio, television, telephone, satel- tions of the planets have some trig- however, we are told that upon
lites, radar, power lines, power com- gering effect on the release of solar emerging from the Serpents mouth,
pany grids and other sophisticated elec- flares and that the magnetic field of the path of the loyal servants of Ra is
tronic technologies. These past solar the earth is related to the position of illuminated to the end of the tunnel by
storms will be mere blips of inconven- the planets. Because of the impeccable their own inner light.
ience to us, compared to The Storm of credentials of these scientists, we have We can see here a metaphor for our-
the Millennium coming this spring. The every reason to believe that the coming selves, if we so choose, as the loyal
new government 50-page Executive Solar Max may produce more SMEs servants of the Light, now passing
Summary was pointed out to me by a than previous magnetic storms. through the Serpents head, the Beak
friend and can be located at http:// In his article on global climate flip- of Time, soon to exit transformed. The flops Dr. Calvin points out that: The Ahead are the challenges of the Age,
news media can refer to this article if modern world is full of objects and sys- the challenges of the Initiate. The Path
they question my statistics. tems that exhibit bistable modes, to the end of the Age is that of the Ini-
My friends also pointed out an ar- with thresholds for flipping. Light tiate.
ticle on page 379 of 5/5/2000 entitled, switches abruptly change mode when Of importance to the aspiring ini-
Position of Planets Linked to Solar nudged hard enough. Door latches sud- tiate today is what The Opening of the
Flare Prediction by Rex Ray, published denly give way. A gentle pull on a Mouth can achieve. As an extremely
in Technology Week. This article trigger may be ineffective, but there ancient mortuary rite, the Opening of
clearly demonstrates that the position comes a pressure that will suddenly the Mouth originated before 3100 BC
of the planets has been linked to the fire the gun. Thermostats tend to acti- in predynastic times. Its purpose was
occurrence and size of sunspots, solar vate heating or cooling mechanisms to revivify and activate the spiritual
flares and other solar phenomena as far abruptly. In nature, a rock locked in body/bodies of the deceased. (The an-
back as 1967. position by a few grains of sand on a cient Egyptians had several spiritual
During a solar storm there are ex- high cliff can suddenly start an ava- bodies.) Vignettes in the Egyptian
citing events called Solar Mass Ejec- lanche when the wind nudges away Book of the Dead show the ceremony
tions (SMEs) which spew forth huge the sand. A nudge of the wind will set a being performed on the upright
amounts of materials (equivalent to the large block of ice in water in motion. mummy, although a statue of the de-
mass of a cubic mile of rock if the We often look at things in nature ceased was used in later times.
matter was compressed). The material without knowing what were looking We know that the living derived
in the form of a gaseous mix of hy- at. benefit from the ceremony, too, be-
drogen, helium, etc., is blown outward As the Solar Max approaches from cause the pharaoh received the
from the sun, and travels to Earth like a the abyss of space we may wonder if it Opening of the Mouth as a rite of re-
gigantic tidal wave. This billion-ton will speed up or slow down the spin of newal at his 30-year jubilee, the Heb
wave of super-hot, electrically charged the Earths core. Either event would Sed festival.
gas will crash into Earths magnetic produce friction and it is an undeniable Over time the powerful simplicity
field at 620 miles per second pro- law of physics that friction produces of the rite became obscured by elabo-
ducing a spectacular display of the Au- heat. If Professors Hapgood and Ein- rate and lengthy incantations, evoca-
rora Borealis. That, however, will be its stein are correct that the crust of the tions, anointings, etc. But of enduring
most benign effect. An unanswered earth occasionally shifts over Earths in- importance was the use of symbolic in-
question is whether or not this Solar terior, then, on May 5, we have a multi- struments that were touched to the
Max will produce a flip-flop of the tude of converging conditions that may mouth. Two of these wands were of
Earths magnetic field. NASA scientists trigger another Pole Shift. particular significance. One was the
state in Technology Week that the posi- Kef Pesh representing a snakes
zero point where end and beginning marked the Awakening of Ahau and a
MOUTH OF TIME fuse; above all it is the Day of Transfor- phenomenon code-named Time
mation! This once-in-26,000-years pre- Shift. So now, as the Winter Solstice
tongue which opened the mouth. The cessional phenomenon is finely eluci- aligns with the galactic core, the Sun is
other was in the form of an undulating dated by the scholarship of John Major the mediator of the evolutionary force
Serpent with a rams head called the Jenkins Maya Cosmogenesis: 2012. now emanating from the womb of the
Ur Heka, (great words of power) Importantly, Jenkins book contains Great Cosmic Mother. Now, Ahau with
that opened the throat chakra. In the a line drawing from the ground- his breath, has begun to speak, and we
Yogic system, the throat chakra is the breaking research of Maya Scholar receive the higher galactic imprint.
mystic portal of liberation which is David H. Kelley. It clearly depicts the Phenomenal solar flare surges are
naturally blocked until opened by the horizontal Milky Way with its dark rift being recorded, sunspot irregularities,
energy of the shakti Serpent of kun- creating the outline of the open Ser- bursts of ultraviolet radiation, neutrino
dalini. We recognize here the universal pent jaws. Superimposed upon it are flows, andbecause the Sun generates
wisdom that when the throat chakra is the glyph numbers of the Maya cal- the winds, increased turbulence in the
opened, the mouth can express the form of tornadoes, hurricanes, etc. All
hearts truth with great words of of this affects the planet in profound
powerthe spoken word as seed of and radical ways, including the bioelec-
manifestation. trical system of the human body
A Maya echo of this ancient and psyche. For instance, as an
esoteric theme is chronicled agent of evolution, ultraviolet
by scholar Eric Thompson radiation affects the pineal
who has described the in- gland. The down-side can be
itiatory Serpent of the mutations; the up-side can
Qeqchi Maya of Belize. be accelerated higher con-
He reports that at the end sciousness.
of a shamanic initiation a It is in the nature of
large vision Serpent time that as a cycle draws
(Ochcanthe enterer) to a close there is a com-
meets face to face with pression of events from
the initiate. Rearing up the entire cycle that arises
on its tail it approaches for review (like the evolu-
the initiate until their tionary stages of a species
faces almost touch, then incorporated in embryonic
thrusts his tongue into the development or a persons
initiates mouth. In this whole life flashing before
manner he communicates the them just before death. And
final mysteries. Could the Egyp- this is why, now, at the beak of
tian Kef Pesh Serpent-tongue wand the world Age, ancient wisdom and
have imparted similar gnosis? archetypes of wholeness from the
Thompson also writes that the initia- past, and from indigenous and ancient
tory vision Serpent, has a large shiny cultures that have preserved such
eye. The reader will recall the large endar, correctly placed to show that knowledge are arising into our collec-
shiny eye (called life or radiance) of we are at the Beak of Time close to tive consciousness. The purpose of this
the Serpent in the Egyptian duat the end of the World Age. (I lack per- phenomenon is always to reincorpo-
through whom the solar entourage is mission to reproduce the graphic at rate that which has been lost or for-
towed, and out of whose mouth they this time.) gotten from the first time/tail of time,
emerge in the last hour of the night. In the early 80s, author Richard in order to fuel our final thrust through
Maya vision Serpents frequently show Luxton spent an extended period of the recurrent crises of the last time/
human heads emerging from their time in Tulum with Maya shaman Pablo beak of time to the next evolutionary
mouths. Balam. He spoke of the Awakening of level. Remember, every ending pre-
This brings us to the astronomical Ahau which, in the calendar system is cedes a new beginning.
clincher as to our place on the last lap personified as the spokesman of time, To suspend the overlays of the tribal
within the Serpents head. both end and beginning, mind and open to the true, authentic,
Currently, the Winter Solstitial point unifier and completer of archetypal wisdom now revealed by an-
is aligned with the plane of our home time cycles. He is depicted cient cultures is to claim the value and
galaxy, the Milky Way and its center. as a face with round lips richness of the legacy of the past.
To the ancients and indigenous peo- that double as a blowgun Please stand by for further transmis-
ples today, the center of the galaxy is through which he exhales sions from galactic central as you open
regarded as the womb of the Great the Solar intelligence; the your mouth, speak your truthand
Cosmic Mother, source and trans- mind of the Sun to awaken and fecun- claim the legacy.
former of all life. It is the dark rift in date the minds of the creation. Pablo MoiRa Timms, author of Beyond
the outer arm of the galactic spiralin Balam had spoken slowly back then, Prophecies & Predictions, is a leading
its horizontal position at Winter Sol- and with great care, as he said Ahau Egyptological researcher and an akhu
sticethat appears across the sky as the has no movement, his mouth has not of the ancient Egyptian wisdom tradi-
Great open-mouthed Serpent. By opened yet, he cannot speak. He only tion. To travel with MoiRa to Egypt
Winter Solstice 2012 AD the Sun will has his breath. Only he has the power for The Opening of the Portals at
be exactly positioned within the Ser- for that . . . to be able to speak. . . But Spring Equinox, see details at
pents open mouth. This is the very with his breath he begins. When that www.magic
birthplace of time, according to the begins his mouth is opened . . .. html or call 800-569-5010 or FAX/Tel.
highest of all ancient wisdom. It is of The final katun of Mayan time, 13 760-944-9915 or e-mail: vanda-
epochal significance! It is literally the Ahau, began on July 26, 1992. It
person, they claimed that undeveloped are already less than ideal.
CHILDREN & NEAR DEATH social/communication skills was the Still, theres another aspect to the
culprit, along with an inability to un- issue of alienation that, for the child,
Continued from page 47 derstand what motivated family mem- may be even more profound. Com-
ence can be startling. To begin with bers and friends. pletely aside from any abuse or peer
57% of the children once grown went pressure from family and friends, and
on to enjoy long-lasting and for the whether or not parents are supportive,
most part happy marriages (whether the most significant factors in a childs
married once or twice). Adult experi- experience are who or what greeted
encers, on the other hand, had tremen- the child on The Other Side of death,
dous difficulty forming or maintaining and how did the episode end? What
stable relationships afterward; fully parent, no matter how wonderful or
78% of their marriages ended up in di- loving, can compare with Holy Spirit?
vorce. What person, friend or foe, can interest
I found that both groups experi- a child who has visited the bright
ence unusual increases or decreases in realms and become buddies with an
light sensitivity: about 75% with the angel? But, for the child experiencer,
kids, which is close to the adult range connecting with such transcendent
of between 80 to 90%. Whereas adults love and then abruptly losing that con-
evidence 73% with electrical sensi- nection can be very confusing if not
tivity, I did not find such a high per- devastating.
centage with kidsabout 52%which The issue of suicidechildren
may be more a reflection of who has Unfortunately, 42% of those I inter- reason differently. Unaccustomed to a
access to technological equipment viewed befell the tragedy of parental consideration of cause and effect, they
rather than a true deviation. Older ex- and sibling abuse. And note the sibling tend to act on impulse; hence the high
periencers are four times more likely abuse; big brothers and big sisters can degree of alcoholism and an attempted
to become vegetarians than the pack a mean wallop or give a nasty suicide rate of 21%. It seems perfectly
younger crowd (even near-death kids squeeze when theyre goofing off or logical to a child that the way rejoin
snub veggies). angry. The worst of all horrors, always, the light beings met in death is to
Family/friend alienation - within is parents who mistreat their young. simply die and go back. This is not rec-
five to ten years after their episode, While such abuse is rampant ognized by them as self-destructive.
one-third of the child experiencers in throughout the general population, the Yet it is the children, not the adults,
my study admitted to having serious additional stresses inherent with the who are the most likely to leave the
problems with alcohol. Almost to a near-death phenomenon and its afteref- heaven of their near-death episode
fects seem to exacerbate situations that and return to life just so their family

On the issue of
CHILDREN & NEAR DEATH health - aftereffects
increased over the
will not be saddened by their death. years for 73% of the
Parent/child bonding is initially child experiencers.
quite strong. These kids want to be The participants in
with their families. That bonding my study were em-
brings them back time after time. phatic about making
When I interview youngsters, their that claim, stating
common retort is I came back to help that the older they be-
my Daddy or I came back so Mommy came the more ex-
wont cry. The parent/child bond actly they fit the pro-
doesnt begin to stretch thin or break file of experiencer
until after the child revives. That cli- characteristics, trait
mate of welcome or threat they are for trait. Some be-
greeted with directly impinges on came ambidextrous
everything that comes next. afterward or switched
Money, mission, and homelook at handedness. A
what occurs once child experiencers number of them
mature: job satisfaction 80%, home showed me how their
ownership 68%. Add to that those long- handwriting had al-
lasting marriages and you get a picture tered too. Changes
of contentment adult experiencers could be that pro-
cant even begin to match, and one found! Not everyone
that the general population might was so affected,
envy. Maybe its the added years, the though. A few noted
extra time children have to experiment only slight changes
with what works and what doesnt as and tossed off their
they grow up. In fairness, adults are on episode to an overac-
the opposite end of the developmental tive imagination
curve, with the bulk of their lives be- while young. Of in-
hind them. It is interesting to note, trigue, however, is
though, that salary motivates neither the correlation I
adult or child experiencers, as the ma- found between those
jority tend to eschew money and mate- who reported the
riality, possessions and rewards. Why is fewest aftereffects
it, then, that so many child experi- and those who were
encers put such strong emphasis on the most challenged
home ownership? Adults cant wait to health-wise as they
be rid of their mortgages; kids can aged. Needless to say,
hardly wait to have one, and once they they were the same
get it, they keep it. Their attachment to individuals. Im not indicating here with the impact of near-death states
home, I believe, is a direct result of that a lack of aftereffects means poor casts a decided advantage in how
losing their real home when a young- health. Rather, what I have observed is happy and healthy an experiencer can
ster. This wound appears to create a that there seems to be a link between a become.
subconscious need to make certain childhood repression of aftereffects To understand childrens cases, we
that no one can ever take away their and the profusion of health problems must keep in mind that kids are tuned
home again. that can occur later. to different harmonics than adults.
Judgmentthe non-judgmental as- Children who are expected to be Concepts of either life or death leave
pects of near-death episodes are touted the same as always afterward can them with puzzled faces. I dont end
by almost everyone. . . the very real block their experience as well as many or begin anywhere, a youngster once
presence most adult experiencers re- of the aftereffects, even to the point of told me. I just reach out and catch the
port of unconditional love and forgive- denial that anything so ridiculous next wave that goes by and hop a ride.
ness. But with children a different sto- could have ever happened to them. Thats how I got here.
ryline emerges: many are met on The But, all too often, there is a price to This child, like other young experi-
Other Side of death by a being whose pay for such repression, not only in encers, speaks in the language of
role is that of a critical or loving increased probabilities of challenged other worlds, one that is less verbal
parent. This parental figure either health when older, but with the indi- and more akin to synesthesia, which is
gives orders, judges them for past vidual feeling strangely empty or lost, multiple sensing. The ability enables
deeds, or in some manner prepares agitated that something important them to perceive what we call reality
them to meet and fulfill their destiny seems to be missing from his or her life as consisting of layered realms unre-
by warning them in advance of what to that cant quite be identified or under- stricted by physical boundaries. Thus,
look out for and how to behave. It is stood. they easily giggle with angels, play
true that images of a critical or loving Indeed, there are some experi- with ghosts, and pre-experience the fu-
parent often occur in cases from the encers who are permanently crippled ture. Parents generally find such be-
more restrictive countries of Asia and or handicapped after their episode, or havior cause for panic. Yet, what
from various indigenous cultures like are weakened to the extent that they seems worrisome about near-deaath
Native Americans, yet child experi- go on to endure severe or chronic ill- states may well have a simple explana-
encers from the industrialized nations nesses once grown. Nevertheless, the tion: opening faculties normal to us,
report receiving similar lectures as pattern of aftereffects is still apparent hence allowing access to more of the
well. with most of them. Dealing openly electromagnetic spectrum.

A fascinating aspect of this is that as downswings, natural disasters, inven-
a childs mind begins to shift from ASTROLOGY tions, brilliant new thought, changes in
what happened, their intelligence quo- political leadership, assassination at-
tient rises. There is another observa- Continued from page 49 tempts and progressive moves in edu-
tion along this line I want to make: to play that tune, discover new mean- cation. Furthermore, we have seen that
after a near-death experience. a ings and horizons of experience and although the signature may take place
childs learning ability reverses; in- learn new ways to deal with the energy during a particular month (May, 2000)
stead of continuing on with the we have given to the negative manifes- the events associated with these signa-
normal developmental curve, from tation and we want to bring forth more tures usually require a reasonable orb
concrete (details) to abstract (con- of the light energy creation. Taurus has of time to unfold and may involve a
cepts) a child returns immersed in more to do with desire than any other process or series of stages, rather than
broad conceptual reasoning styles sign of the zodiac and consequently one single act. I recommend a visit to
and has to learn how to go from ab- with greed and attachment to materi- Merriams website: www.nmacycles.
stract back to concrete. alism. The initiation of Taurus is to be a com.
The most oft-repeated phrase from wise steward of the earths resources Astrologer Richard Nolle describes
those I interviewed was: I felt like an and finances without becoming at- the time around the Taurean alignment
adult in a childs body. tached, without becoming blinded by as a period of worldwide economic in-
Even those who did not test out selfishness. Some associate Taurus with stability as over-valued companies and
with extraordinarily high IQs (the high the Adam and Eve story; imagine a situ- currencies get put through the
IQs were around 150 to 160, several ation where youre one with your be- wringer. The process will be spread
were 186, some higher), even these loved, walking and talking with angels out throughout the year. With Mer-
children evidenced a uniquely creative and supernatural beings, with food at riam, the likes of a 1929 repeat are not
mind, numerous faculty enhance- your fingertips, but somehow the voice part of this years picture. The real eco-
ments, an unrelenting curiosity, and an weve come to associate with the ser- nomic crisis, or at least the repeat of
exceptional ability to know things pent or evil, the energy veil, convinces the 1929 signature, comes in 2008-
soon after reviving. Some were unusu- you that you need more. Wanting more 2011.
ally gifted with foreign languages. than we need, un- Jupiter/Saturn
Child experiencers face special chal- less we share it with conjunctions
lenges when they return to a home others, leads to a lot happen every
where they no longer feel as loved as of problems. twenty years, Mars/
they once did. Here isnt the same as Holding on too Jupiter/Saturn con-
there for experiencers, and that can tightly to that which junctions are ex-
be especially confusing for kids. Many we have plus our tremely rare. The
go to great lengths hunting for the fear controls us. A May conjunction is
bright ones that left once the episode Taurean truism is the third of this
was over, even blaming themselves for that which we fear century; the next
doing something wrong to end it. Guilt to lose, we do lose. will occur in Libra
is commonplace. Because of what they One way or another in 2040. Nolle pre-
face afterward in their homes and at we are brought back dicts a resurgence
school, child experiencers are six eventually to center. of collectivism and
times more likely to forget or repress Taurus describes militarism; also a
their scenario than adults. spiritual, social and cycle high in air
The child who returns from a near- economic values we travel disasters
death episode is a remodeled, rewired, agree to collectively The 5/5/2000 planetary alignment (from about March
reconfigured, refined version of the uphold, challenge or 23 through May 3).
original model. The changes they un- debate. Taurus deals with income, the I personally do not advise staying home
dergo are more dramatic than those of national minimum wage and, along during such periods unless your per-
adults, not because their aftereffects with Scorpio, describes the cycles of sonal chart is very adversely affected.
are different but, I suspect, because the Market. Financial astrologer Ray- Having the info, use your intuition and
they are still in the process of basic mond Merriam is the President of The pick the best date.
brain development. They are hit with Merriam Market Analyst, Inc, a finan- Nolle sees more ethnic cleansing
an impactual, and in most cases life- cial market advisory firm specializing in and military conflict throughout the
changing experience, at a time when market-timing products and services to year. Martian hair-trigger scenarios
they are the most vulnerable to the investors and traders since 1981. Al- with demagogues and powers whip-
power of such a shift. though confessing that predicting ping up blind obedience that leads to
Adult episodes seem more geared whether or not the stock market will mob frenzy. Fascism with an ideolog-
toward what I call a growth event af- continue up and top against the back- ical coverup in the Soviet bloc. In-
terward, an opportunity for the exper- drop of challenging astrology is an ex- spired to the heights by Yeats, To
iencer to make course corrections in ercise in futility, his presentation of know when Michaels trumpet cries,
life, a second chance. economic trends, natural disasters and That flesh and bone may disappear,
Child experiences seem more major policy changes during similar pe- And souls as if they were but sighs,
geared toward what I call an evolu- riods is well documented and bal- Nolle nevertheless steers clear of apoc-
tionary event, part of a quantum leap anced. His conclusion, from the Year alyptic visions. He rips apart Noones
in the development and growth of hu- 2000 Forum in Dec/Jan Mountain As- book as a piece of millennium madness
mankind as a species, a second birth. trologer, is not just one single area hogwash. Count on earthquakes and
The more we can know about near- of human activity that is likely to be im- huge chunks of polar ice breaking
death states, the closer we can come to pacted with the May 2000 alignment. away, he says, but our home will not
understanding life as well as deathand As one can see throughout history, at go off its axis.
advancing consciousness. Maybe being least two of the signatures involved What good can come out of all of 5/
human isnt quite what we think. have had a reliable correspondence to 5/2000? Roerich said the 21st century
major reversals in US stocks, economic Continued on page 81
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Pages from Someone You Can Trust About the Issues
BLOODLINE OF THE HOLY terious monoliths at Stonehenge, and in the strange but
BOOKS Alphabetically by Title GRAIL Laurence Gardner highly significant structure of concentric stone circles in
Did Jesus marry and have chil- Israels Golan Heightsboth requiring sophisticated as-
12TH PLANET Zecharia SitchinThe product of thirty dren? What happened to his tronomical knowledge.
years of intensive research, 12th Planet is the first book family? Are his descendants still Paperback, 298 pgs., black & white illustrations $6.99
in Sitchins Earth Chronicles seriesoffering powerful alive today? This book reveals the
evidence of humanitys extraterrestrial forefathers. sacred lineage based on actual his- DEAD MARS AND
Paperback, 436 pgs., black & white illustrations $6.99 torical records. Using his personal DYING EARTH
access to the sovereign and John Brandenburg
Hardcover $22.95 knightly archives of Europe, and to & Monica Rix
5/5/2000, ICE: THE ULTIMATE DISASTER Templar and Vatican records, PaxsonMakes a
Richard NooneAstonishing evi- Gardner has compiled one of the clear and final argu-
dence point to worldwide disaster in most amazing histories ever written. ment: Planets are
our lifetime. On May 5 in the year Paperback, Illustrated $18.95 fragile. Mars was
2000, the Sun, Mercury, Venus, once enveloped by a
CATACLYSM D.S. Allan protective atmos-
Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn will be
aligned with the Earth and her Moon.
& J.B. Delair phere and nurtured
Compelling Evidence of a by flowing waters
On that day will the ice buildup at
Cosmic Catastrophe in 9500 and this environ-
the South Pole upset the Earths
B.C., presents a break- ment was lost for-
axissending trillions of tons of ice
through of enormous pro- ever. Unless we act
and water sweeping over our planet?
Paperback, 390 pgs., black & white illustrations, portions, a new under- now to solve the
standing of cosmic events
7.25 x 9.25 $16.00 in Earths recent geological
problems of human NEW!
pollution, our planet
ALTERNATIVE SCIENCE Richard MiltonIn this past. Follow this impressive could suffer the same fate. Solutions included.
compelling tour through the world of anomalous research, multi-disciplinary, scientific
study as it examines the evi- 306 pages 6X10 Hardcover 26.95
Richard Milton makes clear what the scientific establish-
ment takes pains to deny: plenty of hard experimental evi- dence of a great global ca- THE DEAD SEA SCROLLS BIBLE: The Oldest
dence already exists for such things as cold fusion, para- tastrophe only 11,500 years ago. Awakens memories of Known Bible Translated for the First Time into
normal phenomena, bioenergy, and the effectiveness of our true and not-so-distantpast. English Translated & Edited by Martin Abegg,
Paperback, 372 pgs., black & white illustrations, 7 x 9.25 Peter Flint and Eugene Charles Ul-
alternative medicine. $14.95
$19.95 richThe first full English translation of
ATLANTIS IN WISCONSIN Frank JosephA group CHILDREN OF THE NEW NEW! the Hebrew scriptures used by the Essene
of sunken pyramids in a northern lake leads the author to sect at Qumran. (The Essenes, along with
conclude that the legendary continent of Atlantis was actu-
The first serious look at the the Pharisees and Saducees, were among the three most
ally Wisconsin. The strange tales of pyramids, sunken influential Jewish groups of their time [150 B.C. to 68
near-death experiences of children.
cities, ancient mining colonies and terrible wars makes the A.D.]).Comprises the biblical manuscripts, including
Atwater believes these millennial
prehistory of Wisconsin, Illinois and Michigan a fasci- many new Psalms, Apocryphal books, and previously un-
childrenwho possess heightened
nating place indeed. Is it Atlantis? Chapters include Out- known readings of Deuteronomy and Isaiah . The transla-
sensory and empathic abilities ac-
posts of Aztalan, Atlantis and the Copper Question, Para- tion of each book is preceded by an introduction that de-
quired at birth or as a result of the
normal Occurrences, Psychic Overview of Rock Lake and scribes the texts importance to the Essenes, their
near-death experienceherald the
Aztalan, more. distinctive interpretations of the text, and suggestions of
presence of a new race of people on
204 pages, 6X9 Paperback. Illustrated $14.95
NEW! Earth. This ground breaking book how historical and political events may have shaped these
BEYOND PROPHECIES AND PREDICTIONS Moira explores how these special children
TimmsThis timely and important book synthesizes the will dramatically impact the human condition by helping 650 Pages 6X9 Hardcover $39.95
major world propheciesincluding those of the Hopi, the humankind redisover the spiritual truths needed to survive DIVINE ENCOUNTERS Zecharia Sitchin
Mayans, Babylonians the Bible, Nostradamus, Edgar in our radically changing world.
Cayce, and the Great Pyramidinto a compelling, unified 264 pages 5X8 Paperback $14.00 $6.99
theory with an inescapable message: the choices we col- EARTH UNDER FIRE, HUMANITYS SURVIVAL OF
lectively make today create our tomorrow. Positive COMING ENERGY REVOLUTION
Jeane ManningA new and ex- THE APOCALYPSE Paul LaViolette
changes in the mass consciousness and constructive ac- LaViolette unearths fascinating evidence of the scien-
tions can modify our planetary karma and avert catas- citing revolution is coming, Jeane
Manning tells us, that will dramati- tific advancement of an antediluvian culture that met with
trophe. 5X8 Paperback $11.00 an untimely demise.
cally change our landscape, envi-
THE BIGGEST SECRETThe Book That Will ronment, economy and lives. An PB, 405 pgs., black & white illustrations, 6.25 x 9.25
Change the World David intriguing and insightful look at the $20.00
IckeAn extremely controversial forces behind the free-energy NEW! FATHER ERNETTIS
book that strikes at the heart of most movement. CHRONOVISORThe Creation
of our accepted belief systems, with Paperback, 230 pgs., black &
and Disappearance of the
very shocking and surprising infor- white plates, 6 x 9 $12.95
mation regarding religion, nations, Worlds First Time Machine
and life as we know it. Well re- COSMIC CODE Zecharia SitchinMany thousands of Peter KrassaIn the mid 1900s,
searched, it will make you think. years ago, a race of extraordinary beings guided the evolu- an Italian Benedictine monk, Father
Paperback, 9 X 7, 517 pages tions of life on Earthdetermining the existence and na- Pellegrino Ernetti, was known as a
ture of mankind as we know it today. All powerful, all highly respected priest, scientist and
knowing, the proof of their genius is apparent in the mys-

musicologist. But he claimed to have secretly created a HIDDEN MILLENNIUM: THE DOOMSDAY FALLACY
time machinethe chronovisor, and asserted that he was
THE BIOLOGICAL Stephen KokeShould we fear a cataclysmic end of the
able to go back in time and witness specific events. His world as the millennium approaches? Or do biblical apoc-
claims were hotly disputed. But we see here, the first APOCALYPSE alyptic images signify instead a personal call for a change
translation from Latin, the text of Thyestes by Quintus Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz in spirit?
Ennius, Rome 169 B.C., that Father Ernetti claimed to and Dr. Joseph E. Barber
Paperback, 143 pgs. 5.5 x 8.5 $14.95
have brought back with him using he chronovisor. It and This book details the gravest
other documents make it impossible to dismiss his claims. challenge and most thrilling HOLY BLOOD, HOLY GRAIL Baigent, Lincoln, Leigh
To be published March, 2000. opportunity the world has A detailed and meticulously researched insight into
224 Pages 6X9 $16.95 seen in at least two mil- the history of the Catholic Church, and how it distorted
lennia. The two reasearchers the life of Jesus Christ in order to sell Catholicism to the
FINGERPRINTS OF THE GODS Graham Hancock investigate 2000 years of re- world, gain power and riches. Presents the argument that
Astonishing evidence pointing ligious and political perse- a secret order with blood connections directly to Jesus has
toward the existence of a for- cution and the latest technol- NEW! worked behind the scenes of world history to perpetuate
gotten epoch in human his- ogies being used to enslave, its agenda. An excellent read for the open minded.
torythat of a highly ad- coerce, and even kill billions of unsuspecting people Paperback, 8 X 4 $7.50
vanced, technologically around the world. But they also give us great hope in re-
proficient and civilized society vealing a mathematical formula, hidden in the King James ISAAC NEWTON: THE LAST SORCERER Michael
that flourished during the last Bible, of musical and electromagnetic frequencies for spiri- WhiteIn his ceaseless obsession to understand the uni-
Ice Age and was destroyed tual evolution and world healing. Fascinating. verse, Sir Isaac Newton left no stone unturned. Unknown
12,000 years ago by global cata- 530 Pages 6X9 Hardcover $26.95 to all but a few, one of the most significant scientists in
clysm. Hancock embarks on a human history was a practicing alchemist who dabbled in
worldwide quest to put together the occult and shaped the course of human knowledge.
all the pieces of the vast and Paperback, 402 pgs., 8 pgs. of black & white plates,
fascinating jigsaw of mankinds 9.25 x 6 $16.00
hidden past.
Paperback, 578 pgs. $17.00 PHARAOHSThe Truth Be-
FORBIDDEN ARCHEOLOGYS IMPACT Michael A. hind the Mask Revealed
CremoForbidden Archeology stunned the scientific Ralph Ellis Traces the history
community with its extensive evidence for extreme human of the Egyptian royal family from
antiquity. According to standard views, human beings the time of Noah through to Jesus,
emerged only within the past 100,000 years. Forbidden comparing Biblical and Historical
Archeology compiled abundant evidence that humans records. Nearly all of the biblical
have existed for millions of years. In Forbidden Arche- characters can be identified in the
ologys Impact, Cremo documents reviews, his correspon- historical recordall are pharaohs
dence, and the volatile reactions of the scientific commu- of Egypt or pharaohs in exile. The
nity to his paradigm-busting treatise. Bible depicts them as being
Hardcover, 569 pgs., 6 x 9 $35.00 simple shepherds, but in truth they were the Hyksos, the
Shepherd Kings of Egypt. The familiar Biblical story is a
GENESIS REVISITED Zecharia SitchinSpace travel, history of one family, Abraham and His descendants. In
genetic engineering, computer scienceastounding the historical record he is the pharaoh Maybrathe most
achievements that stunning new evidence proves were
known to our forefathers millions of yesterdays ago, as NEW! powerful man on Earth in his lifetime. By such simple
sleight-of-hand, the pharaohs of Egypt have hidden their
early as 3,000 years before the birth of Christ. identity, but preserved their ancient history and bloodline.
HEAVENS MIRRORQuest for the Lost
Paperback, 343 pgs., black & white illustrations $6.99 These kings were born of the gods; they were not only
Civilization Graham Hancock royal, they were also Sons of God. Hardcover, 6 X 9, 320
GIZA POWER PLANT Christopher DunnDid a Hancock continues the quest begun in his best-seller
highly advanced civilization pages, Color Illustrated $24.95
Fingerprints of the Gods: to rediscover the hidden legacy
exist in prehistory? Is the of mankind and to reveal that ancient cultures were, in LAST HOURS OF ANCIENT SUNLIGHT Thom Hart-
Giza Pyramid a remnant of fact, the heirs to a far older forgotten civilization and the mannAs the worlds population explodes, cultures and
their technology? What was inheritors of its archaic, mystical wisdom. Fully illustrated species are wiped out, and we have now reached the half-
the power source that fueled with hundreds of dazzling color photos, Heavens Mirror way point of our supplies of oil, humans the world over
such a civilization? In a bril- is a stunning and illuminating tour of the spirituality of the are confronting difficult choices about how to create a fu-
liant piece of reverse engi- ancientsa search for a secret recorded in the very founda- ture which works. Hartmann proposes that the only
neering, Christopher Dunn tions of the holiest sites of antiquity. lasting solution to the crises we face is to re-learn the les-
reveals that the Great Pyr- 336 pages 8X10 Paperback Photographs & Illustrations sons of our ancient ancestors.
amid of Giza created a har- $25.00 HC, 299 pgs., 6 x 9 $24.00
monic resonance with the
planets vibrational energies Cremo & Richard L. ThompsonGraham Hancock, Sunken Civilization Frank JosephForty miles
into microwave radiation. calls Hidden History Of The Human Race One of the west of Milwaukee lies the pyramid complex of Aztalan
This may be the same technology discovered by Tesla and landmark intellectual achievements of the late twentieth and the sunken ruins of Rock Lake. For years, rumors of a
the solution to our own energy needs. century. Condensed from Forbidden Archeology, this edi- lost city in the lake have circulated and finally in 1989 a
tion exposes a major scientific cover-up showing that side-scan sonar mapping of the lake was done. This book
Paperback, black & white illustrations, 6 x 9 $18.00
people like ourselves existed on earth millions of years recounts that expedition and gives the reader background
GLIMPSES OF OTHER REALITIES VOL. II: HIGH ago. information on the mysteries of Wisconsin.
STRANGENESS Linda Moulton HoweDiscover the Paperback, 228 pgs., black & white illustrations, 6 x 9
Paperback 6 X 9, 212 pages, Illustrated $14.95
truth behind the US Governments cover-up of paranormal $15.95
activity. Emmy award winning journalist Linda Moulton LOST REALMS Zecharia SitchinWith a visionarys
Howe presents evidence that a non-human intelligence is ardor and a scientists attention to detail, Zecharia Sitchin,
interacting with earth, including information about recov- author of The Earth Chronicles, gives a stunning account
ered crash debris and the transfer of human souls from 10% Discount on all of human interaction with celestial travelers. He also pro-
vides further proof that prophetic dreams, visions, UFO
body to bodyevidence of a mystery involving the entire
human race.
orders of over $100 encounters, and other phenomena, are the hallmark of in-
Paperback, 477 pgs., black & white illustrations, 11 x 8.5
(See page 79) tervention by intergalactic emissaries who reach out from
other realms.
Paperback, 390 pgs., black & white ullustrations $6.99

Steven SoraSolving the Oak Island Mystery. Fasci-
nating detective work connects the lost treasure of the
Knights Templar to the mysterious treasure pit on Oak Is- MARS MYSTERY Graham HancockMegaliths MYSTERIES OF ATLANTIS REVISITED Edgar Evans
land, Nova Scotia, that has baffled treasure hunters for found on the parched shores of Cydonia, a former Martian CayceFrom the hidden vaults beneath the Sphinx to the
two centuries. ocean, mirror the geometrical conventions of the pyramids coastal waters of Bimini, three scholars explore the
at Egypts Giza necropoliscould Mars have once sus- wisdom of Edgar Cayce and discover shocking new evi-
Paperback, 308 pgs., black & white illustrations $16.95 tained an advanced civilization? The Mars Mystery is both dence about the destruction of Atlantisand why striking
an illumination of our ancient past and a warningthat parallels between our society and theirs could provide im-
we still have time to heedabout our ultimate fate. portant lessons for the future.
Paperback, 344 pgs., 6.25 x 9.25 $16.00 Paperback, 214 pgs., 4.5 x 6.75 $5.99
kinsReveals the secrets of the Mayas galactic cos- Teslas Original Patents Plus New Blueprints to
mology. While researching the 2012 end-date of the Maya Build Your Own Working Model Dale Pond and
calendar, John Major Jenkins discovered that the periodic Walter BaumgartnerIn 1935, Nikola Tesla revealed
alignments of the Sun with the center of the Milky Way is that an earthquake in the region of his New York labora-
the formative influence on human evolution. These align- tory in 1898, was the result of a machine he had been ex-
ments also define a series of world ages, with the fourth perimenting with. This book presents that technology
age ending on December 21, 2012, when a large chapter based on sonic vibrations. Now, for the first time, the se-
in human history will come to an end. crets of the Tesla Oscillator are available to both the
Paperback, 423 pgs., black & white illustrations, 7 x 9
layman and advanced researcher.
$20.00 176 pages, 8 X 11 Paperback, illustrated $16.95
coln, Richard LeighThe authors of the bestselling COLD FUSION Tadahiko MizunoIt is impossible for
Holy Blood, Holy Grail continue their controversial explo- one book to encompass the now expanding worldwide ef-
ration of the Messiah in this fascinating and enlightening fort to understand the cold fusion enigma, but for those
book for anyone interested in religion, history, and the who want to learn about the rest of the story, this account
complex problems of todays world. of one scientists experience on the frontiers of knowledge
Paperback, 7 X 4 $7.50 is an excellent beginning.
MESSIAHSThe Visions Hardback 151 pages. Over 20 color pictures. $29.95
and Prophecies for the
Second Coming
John HogueAll world re- ATLANTISThe Secret
ligions teach about the ad- Occult History of World
vent of a messianic figure, a War II and Its Impact
NEW! savior of humankind, who on New Age Politics
will be preceded by a time of William HenryAfter fif-
MAHABHARATA Translated by Krishna Dharma disaster and tribulation. Ac- teen years of occult research,
Recounts the story of five heroic brothers, the Pandavas, cording to many, that time is investigative mythologist
who were destined to rule a vast kingdom. Robbed of their now. But, as John Hogue NEW! William Henry offers conclu-
kingdom and exiled by their envious cousins, they en- claims, we are in danger of sive evidence that WWII was
counter many hardships, culminating in an apocalyptic misinterpreting the signs. Is the messiah a person or a spir- actually a Holy War between
war. As we accompany them on their extraordinary adven- itual awakening? two major religions, and that
tures and spiritual journey, we meet Krishna, a divine in- 256 Pages 8X11 Fully Illustrated in color Paperback F.D.R. and Hitler were com- NEW!
carnation. Because of Krishnas presence the Mahab- $24.95 peting to lead humanity into
harata is revered as a sacred text. It contains the a new golden age: the New Atlantis.
Bhagavad-gita, a masterpiece of spiritual wisdom, em- 249 Pages 5X8 Paperback $16.95
Robert BauvalGeology and archeo-astronomy have al-
braced by millions and one of the worlds most significant ready indicated that the lion-bodied Sphinx may be vastly ORION MYSTERY Robert BauvalThe story of a se-
treatises on karma, reincarnation, and yoga. Highly read- older than Egyptologists currently believe, dating from cret, hidden for thousands of years, that will forever
able and beautifully illustrated. 10,500 B.C.the beginning of the astrological age of change our understanding of the meaning and purpose of
940 pages 6X9 Hardcover $39.95 Leo. And we now know that the three pyramids of Giza the most fascinating wonder of the ancient world; the Pyr-
are in fact a precise map of the three stars of Orions belt. amids of Egypt. Written by a construction engineer, born
MANKIND Child of the Stars in Egypt in 1948, who developed a line of study linking
Are these monuments trying to tell us something?
Max H. Flindt and Otto O. Paperback, 370 pgs., 16 pgs. of black & white plates, 6x9 the pyramids and the Pyramid Texts with astronomy.
Binder forward by Erich Von
DanikenScientific evidence $16.00 Paperback, 325 pgs., 6 x 9 $14.00
proving that mankind could not pos- MESSENGER OF PATH OF THE POLE
sibly have evolved naturally, but BEAUTYThe Life Cataclysmic Pole Shift
quite possibly are the direct descen- and Visionary Art Geology Charles
dants of ancient starmen who came HapgoodHapgood re-
of Nicholas Roerich
from other planets to Earth millions
of years ago.
Jacqueline searched Antarctica, ancient
Decter, Ph.D. maps and the geological
NEW! 252 Pages 5X8 Paperback $15.00 record to conclude that the
Artist, archaeologist,
MAPS OF THE ANCIENT SEA KINGS Charles H. explorer,and peace- Earths crust has slipped in the
HapgoodHapgoods classic book on ancient maps, maker, Nicholas Roe- inner core many times in the
with concrete evidence of an advanced world-wide civili- rich (1874-1947) left a past, changing the position of
zation existing many thousands of years before ancient rich legacy that com- the pole.He discusses various
Egypt. Not only were these ancient people more advanced prises 7,000 paintings, drawings, and set and costume de- NEW! pole shifts in Earths past,
in map-making than any people prior to the 18th century, signs, as well as 30 books. This lavishly illustrated edition giving evidence for each one,
it appears they mapped all the continents of the globe and features 88 color plates that cover the full scope of Roe- and moves on to possible future pole shifts. A planetary
Antarctica when its coasts were free of ice. richs artistic career. alignment on May 5, 2000 is predicted to cause the next
Paperback, 10 1/2 X 10 1/2, 123 pages, 88 Color pole shift ...Packed with illustrations.
Paperback, 315 pgs., black & white maps, 8 x 10 $19.95
Reproductions, 35 B & W photographs $24.95 413 Pages 6X9 Paperback $16.95

& Lynn SchoederIn this radical revision of their 1970 WilkinsThe reprint of Wilkins classic book, first pub- Robert Temple
investigation of Russian parapsychological research, the lished in 1952, claiming that South America was Atlantis. Superior beings from Sirius
authors present six new chapters of post-Cold War activi- Recounts the mysterious tale of the disappearance of Col. visited earth between 7,000 and
ties. Percy Fawcett. Chapters include Mysteries of a Lost 10,000 years ago, the extraterres-
Paperback, 384 pgs., 9 x 6 $14.95 World; Atlantis Unveiled; South Americas Amazons trial origin of human civilization.
Existed!; The Mystery of El Dorado and Grand Paya- This claim, and Temples sophis-
THE PHYSICS OF LOVE: The Ultimate Universal ticated case, caused the worlds
titithe Final Refuge of the Incas; The Mystery of Old
Laws Dale Pond, Edgar Cayce, John Keely, Rudolf top secret intelligence agencies
Steiner, Nikola Tesla Explore the physics of love and Man Noah and the Arks; and more.
to wage a fifteen year persecu-
consciousness in an easy-to-understand and exciting 438 pages 6X9 PB $16.95 tion campaign against the author.
manner. The universal laws in this book are applicable to Draws on Temples astounding
music, electronics, mechanics, healing and all branches of SECRET OF knowledge of ancient history, mythology, Pythagorean
science and philosophy. This science demonstrates the SHAMBHALAIn Search physics, chaos theory, and the African Dogons belief that
commonality that underlies all phenomenavibration. of the Eleventh Insight they were visited by beings from Sirius.
Another name for Sympathetic Vibration is Love. Science James RedfieldWhen Paperback, 440 pgs., black & white illustrations, 6 x 9
and Spirituality are finally reunited. James Redfield first wrote his $19.95
152 pages, 9 X 11 Paperback, Illustrated $15.95 #1 New York Times bestseller
The Celestine Prophecy, mil- ST. GERMAINS PROPHECY FOR THE NEW
PYRAMID POWERThe lions of readers passed it from MILLENIUM Elizabeth Clare ProphetSaint Ger-
Millennium Science hand to hand across America, main, Nostradamus and Mother Mary reveal that the pe-
Dr. G. Patrick Flan- discovering within its pages a riod we are entering is uniqueboth in opportunity for
aganThis book will in- life-affirming truth about syn- spiritual and technological progress and in its potential for
form, excite and stimulate chronicity, intuition, and per- war, turmoil and even cataclysm. Explores the most com-
the minds of readers as it sonal destiny. Now, in Red- pelling prophecies of our time, with new interpretations of
moves from the mysticism fields newest adventure tale, The Secret of Shambhala the celebrated quatrains of Nostradamus.
of ancient Egypt to the In Search of the Eleventh Insight, the inspiring journey Paperback, 386 pgs., black & white illustrations $7.99
hard science of the modern continues, striking a global chord by tapping into a truth
world. Dr. Flanagan ex- that has been kept hidden for centuries; an insight that can STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN Zecharia SitchinAfter
plores pyramid energy and have a profound effect on the way we live our lives. years of painstaking researchcombining recent archaeo-
measuring technologies, Hardcover, 238 pages $23.95 logical discoveries with ancient texts and artifacts
its hidden mathematics, Sitchin has identified the legendary Land of the
its effect on plants, water
NEW! THE SECRET TEACHINGS OF ALL AGESAn Godsand provided astounding new revelations about the
and animals, and its ef- Encyclopedic Outline of Masonic, Hermetic, Great Pyramids, the Sphinx, and other mysterious monu-
fects on brain rhythms, meditation and thinking, and much Qabbalistic & Rosicrucian Symbolical ments whose true meanings and purposes have been lost
more. Philosophy Manly Palmer Hall for eons.
173 pages 5X8 Illustrated Paperback $14.95 Simply put, this is the most beautiful and complete oc- 327 pgs., illustrated, Paperback, $6.99 Cloth, $22.95
cult book ever published. It represents a lifetime of re- TEMPLE OF MAN R.A. Schwaller De Lubicz
REINCARNATION Elizabeth Clare ProphetThis search into the mythology, symbolism, and magical prac-
groundbreaking work makes the case that Jesus taught re- Twenty-eight years in the making, a monumental work
tices of countless cultures. From the secrets of Isis to the that brings to life the greatness of ancient Egypt and the
incarnation. Elizabeth Clare Prophet traces the history of teachings of mystic Christianity, nearly every occult
reincarnation in Christianityfrom Jesus and early Chris- profundity of the human soul. Combines first rate scholar-
dogma imaginable is represented here. Included is Halls ship with profound spiritual insight. Commentators liken
tians through Church councils and the persecution of so- case for Francis Bacon as the author of the Shakespearian
called heretics. reading The Temple of Man to a spiritual and philosoph-
plays. The book is full of giant illustrations, some of ical odyssey. $20 S&H on this item.
Paperback, 414 pgs., 5.5 8.5 $14.95 which fold out into magnificent two-page splendor. This Clothbound with case, Two 544-page volumes, 400 black-
REMARKABLE HEALINGS Shakuntala Modi, M.D. is the definitive guide to secret societies, famous figures,
and more. A must for every personal library. and-white illustrations, 9 x 12, $195.00
Dr. Modis revolutionary discovery reveals how spirits at-
tached to the physical body and energy field create psy- Paperback or Hardcover, 254 pages, Illustrated THOTHArchitect of the
chological and physical problems. Based on years of expe- PB $54.95, HC $69.95 Universe Ralph Ellis
rience in hypnosis and past-life regressions. Sure to upset A fascinating reevaluation of
SHAPE POWER Dan DavidsonThis the ancient monuments of Stone-
book is the result of 35 years of person- NEW!
the apple cart of western medicine.
Paperback, 631 pgs., 9 x 6 $18.95 henge, Avebury and Giza. These
ally funded research into finding how ancient monuments are nothing
SEARCH FOR shapes and different materials convert uni- less than ancient maps, maps of
LOST ORIGINS versal aether into other forces and energies. Dan has our world that indicate the hidden
Contains At- broken the code on how the process works; how nature location of the legendary Hall of
lantis Risings manifests from the virtual particle soup of the aether into Records. And there is scientific
great interviews matter. Dan has also defined a unified field theory which proof of an ancient technical civili-
with the likes of puts all this into perspective, complete with the mathemat- zation...To be read with an open mind.
John Anthony ical physics and a morphology of atomic structure. He de-
287 Pages 6X9 Hardcover Illustrated $29.95
West, Robert fines the embryonic basis for a new branch of physics and
Bauval, Graham chemistry. The implications of the breakthrough discov- THE TIME TRAVEL
Hancock, Ze- eries elucidated in this book have far reaching implica- HANDBOOKA Manual of
charia Sitchin, tions in every area of our lives. Practical Teleportation
Rand Flem-Ath 154 Pages Hardcover $19.95 & Time Travel
and many more. SHATTERING THE MYTHS OF DARWINISM Edited by David Hatcher
Plus incisive arti- Richard MiltonExposes the gaping holes in an ide- Childress
cles by Joseph ology that has reigned unchallenged over the scientific An authoritative chroni-
Jochmans, David world for a century. Darwinism is considered to be hard cling of real-life time travel
Hatcher Chil- fact, the only acceptable explanation for the formation of experiments, teleportation de-
dress, David life on Earth. Milton reveals that this theory totters atop a vices, and more, from the
Lewis, J. shambles of outdated and circumstantial evidence, which government to individuals
Douglas Kenyon like Nikola Tesla and Dr..
and others. Scores of photos and illustrations.
in any less controversial field would have been questioned NEW! John von Neumann. A highly
long ago.
224 pages 51/2 x 81/2 Trade Paper 16 color photos visual book, with patents, photos and schematics
$14.95 Hardcover, 308 pgs., 6.125 x 9.25 $24.95
271 Pages 7X10 Paperback $16.95

chael McDonnough (to order see website: www.ufo
KEELYS SECRETSUnderstanding and Using the
Science of Sympathetic Vibration HARD-TO-GET
Dale Pond, John Keely, Nikola Tesla, Edgar Cayce
and othersOne hundred years ago, scientist/inventor/
philosopher John Keely built various devices that were
able to overcome gravity, tunnel through rock using a
hand-held device, employ acoustics to power engines, and CLASH OF THE GENIUSES:
create superconductivity by using wires made of gold, INVENTING THE IMPOSSIBLE
silver and platinum. Almost lost, this book finally com- Here, at last, is the story of a
piles ten years of research by the editor/author that ex- handful of inventors battling to
plains the technology used. Understandable to the laymen save the world from industrial
and useful to the most advanced teacher. giants, like Ford, Morgan, Edison
Paperback, 288 pages, 8 1/2 X 11 illustrated $19.95 and their ilk. From Nicola Tesla to
T. Henry Moray. From John Keely
ULTIMATE TIME MACHINE Joseph McMoneagle to Pons and Fleischman, the
McMoneagle, a former remote viewer with the United struggle to break through with
States Armys top-secret STARGATE project, explores world-saving technologies has gone on for generations,
questions philosophers have debated for centuries: Does but now a new breed of inventors threatens to succeed
time really exist? Can we change the past? Do we slip be- where others have failed. Here is the story and the com-
tween alternate realities. McMoneagle also delivers first mentary of the geniuses behind many of todays amazing
hand information about the origins of humanity, the discoveries in free energy, anti gravity, rejuvenation, and
building of the pyramids, the crucifixion of Christ, and a much more.
detailed picture of our immediate future through the year
2075. One-Hour VHS $19.95
Paperback, 275 pgs., 5.5 x 8 $12.95
VIMANA AIRCRAFT David Hatcher Childress
Authentic Indian texts and epics such as the Ramayana
and Mahabarata are used to prove that man flew in air-
planes thousands of years ago. Learn about the secrets of
Mercury Vortex Propulsion, the true nature of the Rama
Empire of ancient India, the wars that destroyed itand
its connection to Atlantis.
Paperback, 334 pgs., black & white plates and illustra- COLD FUSION: Fire from Water
tions, 6 x 9 $15.95 Find out what happened to the Cold Fusion discovery
VISITORS FROM TIME Marc DavenportA con- in the years since the Utah announcement. The facts of
vincing case is made that UFOs may be visitors from our Cold Fusions birth are far stranger than fiction!
own future. VHS $34.95
Paperback, 6 x 9 $18.95 ENTER DARKNESS, ENTER LIGHT Can We Change
ENGLISH SACRED SITES: THE ATLANTIS Our Predicted Doom? On May 5, 2000 all of the planets
VOICES OF THE ROCKS and the sun will align opposite the Earth provoking mas-
Robert SchochFollowing the CONNECTION Powerful evidence linking Stonehenge,
Avebury, Glastonbury and many other English locations sive Earth changes and perhaps even a cataclysmic Pole
trail uncovered by his re-dating Shift, according to many scientists and psychics in this
of the Egyptian Sphinx, Scientist with an advanced ancient order now lost to history.
Written and narrated by Atlantis Rising editor Doug fascinating documentary. Testimony from experts, chan-
and university professor Dr. nels and futurists like Richard Noone, Dolores Cannon,
Robert Schoch spearheads the Kenyon, the video is based primarily upon the discoveries
of Cambridge-trained scholar and author John Michell. Richard Kieninger, David Childress, Dr. Jean Houston
scientific paradigm shift. This is and others reveals the mounting physical evidence as well
the story of Schochs own The program demonstrates how a mysterious network of
perfectly straight tracks, laid out for hundreds of miles as the unseen forces affecting our future.
search for evidence of lost civili-
zations obliterated by Earths across the English landscape, proves the great advance- 110 minutes VHS Video $24.95
long catastrophic history, and ment of pre-historic science. EVENING WITH
his warnings about how to sur- Forty minutes VHS $19.95 ZECHARIA SITCHIN Ze-
vive whatever catastrophes the TECHNOLOGIES OF THE GODS charia Sitchin, internation-
future has in store. Overwhelming evidence of the ex- ally acclaimed author of
Hardcover, 258 pgs., 8 pages of istence of high technology in pre- The Twelfth Planet, The
black and white plates, 6.25in x 9.25 $25.00 historic times, this video shatters Stairway To Heaven and
WARS OF GODS & MEN Zecharia SitchinEons the orthodox scenario for the dawn Genesis Revisited to name a
ago, the Earth was a battlefield. Mighty armies clashed, of civilization on Earth. Now as- few, presents evidence for
led by giant warriors meticulously skilled in the art of sembled in a devastating one-hour mankinds extraterrestrial
combat. These wars would shape mans destiny and live documentary, hosted by Atlantis origins and cosmic connec-
on for centuries in legend, song and religious lorebrutal Rising Editor and Publisher J. tions. Sitchin discusses
and terrible conflicts that began lifetimes earlier on an- Douglas Kenyon, are the com- some of the advanced
other planet. ments and evidence of break- knowledge possessed by
through researchers such as John the Sumerians nearly 6,000
Paperback, 377 pgs., black & white illustrations $6.99 Anthony West, Robert Bauval, years ago. Not only did
WHEN TIME BEGAN Zecharia SitchinThe architects Richard Noone, Colin Wilson, they have the wheel and de-
of Stonehenge, says Sitchin, came to Earth thousands of John Michell, Patrick Flanagan, Christopher Dunn, Ze- tailed writings on clay tab-
years ago to usher in mankinds first New Age of scien- charia Sitchin, David Hatcher Childress, Edgar Evans lets but also wrote of the planets in our solar system and
tific growth and spiritual enlightenment. Cayce and others. knew the accurate distances between them.
Paperback, 410 pgs., black & white illustrations $6.99 One-Hour VHS $19.95 2-hours 2-videos $34.95

Stan Tenen noticed a pattern in the Hebrew Text of Gen- OF THE APOCALYPSE cock And Robert BauvalThe Hidden Secrets of Man-
esis. It took ten years for him to discover how the se- Part Three kinds Past Revealed and Lost CivilizationsCovers the
quence of letters in the first verse of Genesis mathemati- The prophecies of mysteries of the alignments of the three pyramids in Egypt
cally folds itself up into a fundamental three dimensional Nostradamus, the Mayan with the constellation of Orion. Exciting and topical.
geometric shape whose shadows generate the alphabet in calender, the writing in 150 minutes 2 tape set, VHS Video $29.95
which the text is written. The implications of this work the great pyramid of Giza,
elaborated since then link consciousness with cosmology and the recent changes on MYSTERIES OF THE DEAD SEA SCROLLS EXPOSED I
through geometric meditations expressed in gestures of the Earth indicate that Frank StrangesDr. Stranges points out that there are
our own hands. todays humanity has currently 72 English translations of the Bible and that
2 hours VHS Video $33.00 reached another cycle of from the earliest days these translations were often incom-
evolution. This poignant plete, inaccurate or actually tampered with to change their
HOLES IN HEAVEN? documentary tells us meaning.
Narrated By Martin about the last warning of 72-minutes $24.95
Sheen A Documen- Elia the returned prophet
tary on HAARP & Ad-
and his message for our
vances in Tesla Tech- Frank StrangesIdeal for those who prefer a more con-
nology Starting with times. NEW! densed, less detailed version of the story including the on-
Nikola Teslas inven- 85 minutes VHS $24.95
going cover-up. But rather than focus on extraterrestrial
tions, this video features THE RETURN OF THE subjects, Dr. Stranges translates certain scroll passages at-
interviews with HAARP LIGHTMASTER tributed to Jesus.
expert Robert Eastlund, Part Four 40-minutes VHS $19.95
and shows how the mili-
Thousands of years MYSTERY OF THE SPHINX
tary plans to use this
have passed since the high BC VideoThe original NBC
giant facility located at
civilization of Atlantis. special (plus additional
Gakona, Alaska to focus
All the ancient people footage) which documented the
a billion-watt pulsed
who lived through the de- case of John Anthony West and
radio beam into the iono-
cline of this dark era are geologist Robert Schoch that,
sphere. This will give us
being reborn today. This based on obvious rain weath-
various capabilities, in-
thrilling documentation ering, the Great Sphinx of
cluding seeing inside
shows why all the envi- Egypt is thousands of years
the earth, communicating with satellites and more.
ronmentalists, therapists, older than is maintained by or-
51 minutes VHS Video $29.95 artists, esoteric teachers thodox Egyptology. Powerful
and many more are en- and convincing arguments. The
THE LEGEND OF ATLANTIS SERIES tering the Earth in order to howls of protest havent died
THE DAWN OF THE NEW! heal it. down yet. West won an Emmy
GODSPart One 85 minutes VHS $24.95 for research for work on this
The legend tells how THE BATTLE OF program.
thousands of years ago ARMAGEDDON 95-minutes VHS $29.95
the Gods arrived on Earth
from the stars in order to
instigate the genesis of In this thrilling video The debate between Evolution and
the human race. Human documentation, the an- Creationism rages on. Darwins theory for
civilization developed and cient secret of the pyra- evolution between species is still the most widely ac-
reached its peak at the mids, the Sphinx, the cepted explanation in scientific circles for the origins of
time of Atlantis. A dark world network of tunnels man, but did you know that to this day, there is not one
era was initiated and a under the Earth, the expe- single shred of solid scientific evidence to prove it? This
war of the Gods lead to dition of the Nazis to the video is thought-provoking, entertaining and very well-
the sinking of Atlantis. A South Pole and a lot more made. It offers valuable insights and stimulating questions
secret brotherhood give the spectator an over- for those of any creed as to the possible origins.
brought the Atlantean view of the lost secrets of 63-minutes VHS $24.95
the past. It also discusses
NEW! knowledge to safety in
Egypt and elsewhere. The
secret Atlantean Brother- will come on Earth. Author of the bestselling alien-visitation books with
hood together with inspiration from extra-terrestrial guar- 85 minutes VHS $24.95 NEW! insights into the depths of human consciousness as it
dians has used its educational programs to influence all reaches beyond the third dimension.
our political systems. 108-minutes VHS $19.95
85 minutes VHS $24.95 SECRET OF NIKOLA TESLAThis is the rare Yugo-
THE SECRET slav-made feature film (in English) made 20 years ago.
BROTHERHOODPart Two With Orson Wells as J.P. Morgan, the movie tells the
MISTRESS OF ATLANTIS story of the young genius as an immigrant to New York
After the destruction of aka
Atlantis the nations were di- and his struggle to bring his fantastic inventions to the
LATLANTIDE public, including his system of towers that would broad-
vided. Parts of the Atlantean G.W. Pabst
Brotherhood survived in cast power into the atmosphere. A great movie on the sup-
The English language ver- pression of technology and free energy!
Egypt, India and in Tibet. The sion of the German film made
Freemasons, the Templars 110 minutes VHS Video $29.95
in 1932. Brigitte Helm plays
and the Illuminati Brother- Antinea, the Mistress of At- FLYING SAUCERS AND THE GOVERNMENT
hoods all emerged from this lantis, the lost empire that yet COVERUP John LearLear details his harrowing expe-
original brotherhood. This is survives in the Sahara Desert. riences with Bob Lazar, the controversial physicist who
the first documentation of its
78 minutes VHS $23.95 worked at Area 51's top-secret efforts to back-engineer an
kind to reveal the true origins
alien craft. As a former contract pilot to the CIA and other
of the secret brotherhoods and
security agencies, Lear shares his extensive knowledge of
their belief structures.
85 minutes VHS $24.95
NEW! the current state of the U.S. Government UFO cover-up
NEW! and information being withheld from the public.
90 minutes VHS Video $19.95



A video documentation with sensa- Learn amazing facts about UFOs in This is a documentary with an eso- One of the last secrets of this century
tional material and fantastic UFO footage the atomic era, the 1948 UFO project of teric, metaphysical, religious as well as a is the occult history of the Third Reich as
and photography. In this first part scien- the US Air Force, and the CIAs politics scientific background. It is the preparation well as its secret societies, such as the
tists elaborate on the most recent research: of secrecy. Incredible evidence including for something unfathomable. The South Templars, the Thule, and the Vril. Anti-
Is there life in the universe? Were the UFOs on radar, reports from Soviet air pi- American Air Force discovers an alien gravitional technology emerged from se-
Gods astronauts? Which signs are there to lots, commercial airline pilots who saw survivor? UFOs: what is their intention? cret occult knowledge discovered in the
indicate the UFOs were present UFOs, an encounter between an English Do humanity and the aliens have a Third Reich. The allies covered it up and
throughout the ages? Are there Pyramids police officer and extra-terristrials, offi- common origin? Are these the first signs it was never revealed to the public. This
and a Sphinx on Mars? cial photographs from the Brazilian navy, of an open communication? Will UFOs be is a thrilling documentation with extraor-
hidden alien spacecraft at the US Air a part of our daily reality? dinary stories, testimonies, documents
85 minutes VHS $24.95 and original footage from the Third
Force, and Project Majestic 12. 85 minutes VHS $24.95
85 minutes VHS $24.95 Reich. Scientists and CIA members re-
veal their secrets!
85 minutes VHS $24.95


TRILOGY Mike Mandeville The
Trilogy provides master keys from the pre-
dictions of Edgar Cayce to the ancient past,
the future, and the anatomy of the coming pole shift. The
three books include a scientific assessment of Cayces ac-
curacy and how his stories parallel with the ancient mem-
ories of humanity and with the latest findings in arche-
ology, the earth sciences, and other fields.
3 CDs $38.45
For the first time ever, several of the worlds most
prominent and respected UFO researchers have come to-
gether to present this powerful, moving , compelling in- an exclusive interview with Brig. General Thomas du-
vestigative exploration! Here is an interactive journey into Bose USAF, admitting on the record that the Roswell
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beginning in 1821, seven US presidents wisdom of many ages in the light of
ASTROLOGY come to term during a Jupiter/Saturn new discoveries. But Uranus awakens
conjunction in earth signs has meant us that change is inevitable and to try
Continued from page 71 his demise in office. Only one presi- to stall cycles whose time has come
would be hallmarked by beauty and dent since then to the present has es- often results in as much damage as
knowledge. Taurus, ruled by Venus, caped the curse, Zachary Taylor in jumping the gun without care for fu-
deals with beauty in the physical/ma- 1850. Tecumseh was a Shawnee Chief ture consequence. In the natural
terial plane. This alignment strongly im- who with his brother formed a pan- world, we see nature herself releasing
pacts the financial capital of the world, tribal confederacy to battle the menace tremendous tension in terrifying ways.
New York City, also still, thank good- of the growing white nation. Te- We also seek to stall science (Uranus)
ness, the home to Broadway and flour- cumseh was killed during a battle until we have a value structure (Saturn
ishing arts. Rudhyar notes that at the under the command of Henry Harrison. in Taurus) to accommodate scientific
end of the last century the end of the When Harrisons term in office was cut discovery safely. We may not see the
world was expected. When nothing oc- short by his death of pneumonia on real meaning of this signature until the
curred of catastrophic proportions, a April 4, 1841, talk spread that the generation born under it (1999-2000)
deep upsurge of cultural activity and Shawnee Chief had placed a curse grow into adulthood. The overall
commercial travel took place with upon the president and upon the of- change doesnt happen overnight but
Pluto in Sagittarius as it is today. Rud- fice. With each succeeding death, the in varying periods of adjustment as
hyar expected a similar legend has grown. new orders and paradigms set in. The
type of development to baby boomers born
take place about the time during the early 50s
seven planets once more were born with a Saturn/
congregate in Taurus. Uranus square that threat-
Astrologer Ray Grasse ened the prevailing social
sees a resurgence of the order with the liberation
arts as a result of the of women into the work-
awakening of the global force and the redefinition
heart. Grasse associates of women and the family.
Taurus with the heart As many women and
chakra. I associate Taurus men are forced, rather
with the Third-Eye than choosing to work,
chakra. He sees 2000 as a for economic survival,
time when the energies we reach a point when
of the heart chakra are our solutions become
more accessible, en problems and we look to
masse, to men and the younger generation
womenwhether these who hold within them
be applied toward either the seeds of progressive
creative or mystical ends. change to show us the
I agree, for different rea- An ancient Taurean depiction from the cave of the Bulls in Lascaux, France next step.
sons, but the real point is The Buddha taught
that history upholds this positive slant . While Nolle in 1993 called Clinton a around 500 B.C.E. This great teacher
Grasse called the Taurus megaconjunc- one-term president, other astrologers was born in Taurus and received illumi-
tion a golden age in film making. A mused that Clinton might not be ree- nation during the month of May under
short list of titles include: Gone with lected, would be impeached or would the Full Moon in Scorpio. He taught
The Wind, The Wizard of Oz, The meet his demise. The inauguration that all suffering comes from desire. He
Grapes of Wrath, Casablanca and chart of his second chart was pretty taught compassion. Of great signifi-
Disneys Fantasia. Born under this dismal. While Leos are lucky, he barely cance to our times, I believe, is the
awesome signature was none other made it. Writing in 1996, Nolle wrote compassion and Buddhic teaching of
than the Taurean Bob Dylan. Changes whoever wins the 1996 election is to the East becoming integrated with the
occur on many levels and in many be pitied rather than congratulated. In dynamic lifestyle and Christic teachings
seemingly contradictory ways. It helps all likelihood, hes about to become of the West. Bestsellers like Dont
to keep in mind that in making room the eighth sacrificial goat. In indi- Sweat the Small Stuff are really Bud-
for positive trends you will meet the vidual readings, I have seen family dhist teachings in Western garb.
force within yourself or within your or- curses, curses on graves on psycholog- Speaking of the Way of the Christ and
ganization or culture that opposes that ical curses (youll never succeed) the Way of the Buddha, in Quietly
progress. The big megaconjunction of stripped of energy and turned around Comes the Buddha spiritual leader Eliz-
1994 in Capricorn seems to have disap- sometimes to the point of saving a life abeth Clare Prophet writes, once
peared from sight. But such a hap- in danger. armed with truth and compassion, you
pening can takes centuries to complete I agree with Richard Nolle and Ray- will be ready to encounter the shadow
its work. Note that the Taurean align- mond Merriam that the Saturn/Uranus self that for aeons has conspired
ment trines the Megaconjunction, sug- square, the signature of Y2K, wont dis- against the truth of your being.
gesting a positive development in the appear when 1999 is history. The ten- Judging from people of myriad back-
arts and economy as part of the Mega sion symbolized by the meeting of new grounds across the globe who contact
plan of restructuring. trends and revolutions against tradition me, I would say that if spiritual victo-
The curse of Tecumseh warrants and crystallized old momentums and ries made the news we would be
mention. Jupiter/Saturn conjunctions values continues throughout August greatly comforted and would more
have come to signal great moments in with May as a critical point. Saturn acts readily see an incredible synthesis of a
history, especially when the pairing is as anchor against the Uranian compul- higher way emerging despite the mad-
part of a greater planetary alignment. sion for new paradigms and change. ness that erupts around us and in the
The historical records bears out that Saturn warns us not to throw out the headlines. Walk on.
cancers, by Hulda Clark ND PhD. $20 +
tapes. SASE Catalog. API, Bx 29396, St.
$3.20 S/H Twin Press, Dept. 99754,
Box 26984, West Haven, CT 06516. ADVERTISING POLICY
Louis, MO. 63126 203-934-6209. The
ETX, POB 22201, Sacramento, CA
ing link. Anti-Aging Miracle Revealed.
Author, scientist, child prodigy Patrick
Flanagans greatest invention. Nobel
ment of
Rising re- ATLANTIS
to V2 Box 911 Stanwood, WA 98292

15 kw/ per hr. $275 includes shipping
prize submitted technology has now
made a miraculous natural way to slow
down the aging process giving you
more energy and alertness than ever be-
fore. One capsule is equal to 10,000
glasses of freshly squeezed organic
orange juice. Call toll free for a tree
serves the
right to re-
fuse any
tising which we deem incom-
patible with our editorial and/
& installation. Guaranteed! Brochure is tape or more information. 888-313- or graphic policies.The ap-
$5 & a 3-hr. video is $25. Garson Co, 7 6170.
Ave. Vista Grande #115J, Santa Fe, NM
pearance of any advertise-
ment in Atlantis Rising does
OPPORTUNITIES not constitute an endorsement
HEALTH MAKE MONEY. Share the Adventure
by the publisher. Any inaccu-
racies or misrepresentations in
PARASITE CLEANSER KITS for adults, and improve your finances at the same
time. Distribute Atlantis Rising among such advertising are the sole
children, petsas researched by Dr. responsibility of the advertiser.
Hulda Clark. $40. NAP Dept. 99754 your friends. Buy 25 or more copies at
Box 540, Orchard Park, NY 14127. Or- a 50% discount, Use your credit card
ders: 800-455-6459. and call 1-800-228-8381.


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