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Why this top chef fears his

restaurants wont survive
Andy Rickers Pok Pok has been a culinary destination in Portland since it opened
in 2005. He spent the next decade expanding his brand of Thai cuisine with
restaurants across Portland and the nation. But as restaurants struggle with surging
costs, Ricker says its unlikely all of his can stay open. ANDY GIEGERICH, 33


Nikes HQ expansion
heavy on parking lots
Take a deeper look into the latest
images of Nike Inc.s parking-heavy
expansion of its Washington County
headquarters. MATTHEW KISH, 10


How Radisys is
owning its market
Shares of the Hillsboro-based
company have soared this year as
it fills a key role guiding telecom
companies into the next generation of
technology. MALIA SPENCER, 12


Taking the shackles

rgy off of new shelters
en re Ken Cowdery of the Home Builders

b le fo to Foundation explains why city fees are

a be ve a hindrance to developers looking
e ree ha re. to help solve Portlands homeless
re al-f will ctu ns
challenge by building new shelters.
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rov o b tilit fra e n ets
p t u in th g
ap ate jor gy of tar
rch st ma er ne gy
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r s uire reg wab m ble en
e q O e to a rd
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O m 40 st ns g G
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2 inv go ost
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APRIL 8, 2016 3


Hitting the jackpot with new lotto machines

Gaming revenue in Oregon, much like every other industry, took a nose dive during the recession. Yet its recovery has been steady and all-too slow. That is, until fiscal 2015, when
Oregon video lottery revenue grew by nearly $56 million. The easy explanation for the growh would be the start of the lotterys four-year, $227.1 million project to replace obsolete
video terminals. Josh Lehner, an economist with the state, agreed that the new machines are a big reason for the growth, but not the only one. Gaming revenues are up nationwide,
outside of a few markets. This likely points toward bigger macroeconomic drivers of the growth, like lower gas prices, higher consumer confidence and incomes, he said via email.
Of course Oregons gains are larger than nearly all other markets, at least in part due to the new video lottery terminals. So the new terminals are having an impact, but thats not the
only thing going on here. Heres a look at some data provided by Lehner. And for more analysis from Lehner, go to


Ohio 11%
Oregon 10%
Illinois 8%
-5% -6.4%
Oregon economist Josh Lehner compared
video lottery sales in Oregon with slot Colorado 5%
machine revenue in Las Vegas to show how South Dakota 5%
far each has come toward edging back to
pre-recession peaks. Nevada 4%
Florida 4%
b Oregon video lottery New York 3%
b Las Vegas strip -12.6%
b Downtown Las Vegas
U.S. Casinos 3% NOT ALONE IN
Pennsylvania 3% GAMBLING GROWTH
Oregon last year posted
Missouri 2%
-15% the nations third-highest
Michigan 2% year-over-year increase
in gambling revenues,
-18.6% Iowa 1% but as the chart shows, it
Delaware 1% wasnt alone in achieving
notable growth.
Mississippi 1%
-2% Connecticut
-5% New Jersey
-5% New Mexico
-6% Rhode Island
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BY JAMES CRONIN most aggressive. California and New While elected officials may contin- cent rate increase for retail customers, @SustainableBzOR York both plan for half their power ue to battle it out over Oregons shift that year, according to PGE.
to be renewable by 2030 and Hawaii to renewable energy, the utilities are The newer RPS legislation does

ith the nation watching, is going for the gold 100 percent plotting their path to 2040. include ratepayer protection in the
Oregon lawmakers last renewable energy by 2045. PGE, with about 850,000 Oregon form of a 4 percent cost cap. If the
month passed first-of-its- Oregons Clean Electricity and customers, is the dominant provider cost of renewable energy comes in 4
kind renewable energy legislation. Coal Transition Plan a collabora- of power to the Portland area, and its percent higher than the cost of more
Senate Bill 1547 calls for Portland tion between environmental nonprof-
nonprof ability to balance the new clean pow- traditional energy sources, the pause
General Electric and Pacific Power to its, ratepayer advocates and the clean er demands with keeping costs from button will be pressed allowing utili-
stop using coal-fired power no later energy industry didnt pass with- spiking will have far-reaching impli- ties to forego additional investment in
than 2035. It also mandates at least out a fight. Some conservative politi- cations for not only its own business wind and solar to prevent steep rate
half their customers power originate cians, the states utility regulators and but ratepayers as well. increases.
from renewable energy sources like regional energy planners feared asso- Under previous legislation enacted All told, PGE predicts it will need
wind and solar by 2040. ciated costs would be too high and in 2007, PGE was required to include to add roughly 1,500 to 2,000 mega-
The Renewable Portfolio Stan- that the carbon reduction numbers 5 percent renewables in its energy
dard (RPS) is among the countrys were unattainable. mix by 2014. That caused a 0.24 per- CONTINUED NEXT PAGE

2020-2024 that PGE hit that target

2025-2029 costs), said Rachel
between 2020 and 2024. Shimshak, executive
Renewable target: Renewable target:
Fortunately, renewables director of Renewable
20 percent of total 27 percent of total
already account for Northwest.
energy mix energy mix
about 15 percent of The cost of
Additional PGEs energy portfolio, Additional renewables are pretty
megawatts thanks in part to megawatts needed: competitive, even with
needed: 160 to renewable energy 420 to 540 the currently low cost
210 mandates approved by of gas. It all costs money,
Carbon emissions
Carbon emissions lawmakers in 2007. reduced: 160,000 and if we need to invest
reduced: 300,000 If PGEs current metric tons annually anyways, we should invest
metric tons annually renewable portfolio is any in something clean and not
indication, the utility may well turn Between 2025 and 2029, PGE and something with unstable costs.
2020 will be a big year for PGE. Thats to wind to generate a good amount the states other utilities need to be At $2 million per megawatt in todays
the target date for the company of the 160 to 210 megawatts of clean generating at least 27 percent of their pricing, it would cost PGE between
to shut down or transition its coal- energy that will be needed to get to electricity from qualifying renewable $840 million and $1.08 billion to meet
burning power plant in Boardman, 20 percent. As it stands now, about sources. the 27 percent target.
the only coal-burning facility in the 800 of PGEs 900 renewably sourced To reach the milestone, PGE That cost does not include federal
state. The Boardman Coal Plant has megawatts are wind. The balance anticipates needing between 420 and tax credits, state incentives and other
emitted millions of tons of carbon comes from solar and hydropower. 540 new renewable megawatts in its ways renewable energy developers
each year. At todays pricing of about $2 energy mix. significantly reduce costs for their
Moving Boardman offline will million to build 1 megawatt of wind Now, predicting the cost of projects. And its certainly worth noting
result in a loss of approximately or solar power, it would cost between generating those additional megawatts that renewable energy infrastructure
500 megawatts of average power $320 million and $400 million to is difficult. For example, its impossible costs have been declining for years.
generation. That amount of annual build it all now, without including to know what construction or parts will
power is enough to electrify more federal tax breaks or other incentives. cost in the future, or to account for
than 400,000 Oregon homes. To While hydro, generated in large new clean energy technology that may
make up for the loss, PGE is spending part by the Bonneville Dam and come online in the next decade.
more than $500 million to build the others along the Columbia River, Of course, the same uncertainty
440-watt Carty Generating Station accounts for a huge amount of the exists when it comes to coal and gas.
near the Boardman plant. When that states energy generation, megawatts Its hard to predict (future energy
comes online later this year, gas from existing infrastructure
will represent about 40 percent of wont count towards the states
PGEs generating capacity, according renewable portfolio. Under the
to Brett Sims, PGEs director of RPS requirements, only new hydro
origination, structuring and resource generation, achieved through
strategy. efficiency upgrades or from new low-
These transitions will be taking impact facilities, can be counted (See
place as PGE aims to increase the Why hydro doesnt count, Pg. 5).
amount of clean electricity
it sells to retail customers
to 20 percent. The
Renewable Portfolio
Standard (RPS)
legislation requires

Portland General Electric must shut down or transition its Boardman coal
plant, the only coal-burning facility in the state, by 2020.
APRIL 8, 2016 5

Biomass Other Waste

Nuclear 0.16%

3.21% 0.16%



35% Natural Cogeneration

Gas 0.00%

2030-2034 ENERGY MIX

Renewable target: 35 percent of
total energy mix
Additional megawatts needed: 540
to 700 Coal
Carbon emissions reduced: 33.68%
850,000 metric tons annually

Between 2030 and 2034, renewables

must account for 35 percent of the
energy utilities are providing to
customers. PGE is projecting needing
between 540 and 700 new megawatts
of renewable power in its mix.
If the company were to build the
generating capacity needed to meet
that number today, it would cost
between $1.1 billion and $1.4 billion.
Again, that doesnt include incentives
Oregon derives roughly 43 percent energy advocate. Since it was already
of its electricity from hydropower- such a large portion of the states
producing dams located throughout electric supply, renewable power
the state. But the clean energy from proponents wanted to diversify the
those facilities does not count toward resource mix, so the emphasis was on
the states Renewable Portfolio new resources, not existing.
Standard requirement. In the end, the only hydro
Heres why: that will count toward the RPS is
The purpose of the RPS was to the power generated by energy
build on Oregons hydroelectric efficiency upgrades to existing hydro
legacy, according to Rachel Shimshak, infrastructure and new low-impact
head of Renewable Northwest, a clean facilities.

CONTINUED FROM PAGE 4 structing new wind and solar infra- percent annual increase to ratepay- renewables.
structure, and factoring in federal ers bills. Given how the legislation is stat-
watts of new renewable energy to tax credits and other incentives for But in the energy industry, mar- ed, the significant increases are from
meet the 2040 target. Much of that renewable projects, PGE estimates ket dynamics and pricing are always 2030 to 2040, said Brett Sims, PGEs
will come from new wind and solar it will need to invest between $300 changing, meaning there is little cer- director of origination, structur-
farms. million and $600 million in clean tainty when it comes to planning. ing and resource strategy. But as we
PGE will also look to other west- energy technology to meet the 2040 Pricing for renewable technologies figure out the resources we need in
ern states to purchase renewable requirements. has been dropping for years, natural 2020 and 2025 ... we need to factor
energy in real-time when it joins the In addition, it expects operating gas prices rise and fall and its impos- in if we are making decisions in the
western Energy Imbalance Market in costs to increase between $1.25 bil- sible to know what new renewable next five to six years that are doing
October 2017. And it will also be able lion and $1.5 billion over the next 24 technology think wave energy things supportive of where we need
to satisfy some of the requirements years. That includes new investments may come online that could impact to be in 2030 and 2040.
with renewable energy certificates, in infrastructure such as flexible nat- costs. Follow along on the timeline
known as RECs, which are tradeable ural gas plants that will be needed to PGE does have a firm timeline, beginning on page 4 for details on
energy commodities that represent 1 balance the system when renewable however, one that is included in the PGEs targets and how it plans to
megawatt-hour of electricity. energy is unavailable. legislation and maps milestones meet them.
Based on todays pricing for con- The end result will likely be a 1.5 for increasing the percentage of

2035-2039 To meet the standard, PGE remove coal-fired energy it on clean energy and uses only
estimates needing 730 to 940 derives from the Montana as much gas as necessary,
Renewable target: 45 percent
megawatts of new renewable Colstrip power plant from said Renewable Northwests
of total energy mix
energy in the power supply. If its resource mix, which will Shimshak.
Additional megawatts that came from new wind or result in a loss of about 300 Natural gas is cleaner as
needed: 730 to 940 solar facilities built at todays megawatts of generating a fuel than coal. Depending
Carbon emissions reduced: costs, the price tag would be capacity. on the type of coal used, gas
1.8 million metric tons annually somewhere between $1.46 Before the RPS legislation to emits about half the carbon of
billion and $1.88 double renewables was passed, coal when burned for energy.
Between 2035 and 2039, billion. that replacement capacity Renewable sources, however,
PGE is expected to 2035 is would likely have included a lot have no such emissions.

provide its Oregon also the more natural gas-fired power.
customers with at year PGE The challenge now is
least 45 percent will figuring out how to put a
clean electricity. need to portfolio together that is long

2040 PGE anticipates needing 550 to policy director great energy storage
710 megawatts of new renewables for NW Energy breakthrough, it could
Renewable target: 50 percent of
to make this milestone. To build Coalition, which be dramatically less.
total energy mix
the necessary wind and solar was involved in In fact, any new
Additional megawatts needed: 550 infrastructure needed to meet that negotiations for the renewable energy
to 710 goal would cost between $1.1 billion new RPS legislation. breakthrough, which
Carbon emissions reduced: 2.4 and $1.4 billion in todays dollars. When youre looking could include anything from
million metric tons annually I think PGEs cost analysis that far out to 2040, it is energy storage to wave power, has
(regarding a predicted 1.5 percent very hard to predict cost. Theyre the potential to dramatically impact
This is it. By 2040, at least half average annual customer rate erring on the side of, It wont cost the cost to PGE and, ultimately, to
the electricity PGE is providing to increase) ... is on the high end of more than X. But I expect long-term ratepayers.
retail customers should come from what it will actually come out to be costs will be much less than what
renewable sources. in the long-term, said Wendy Gerlitz, they are estimating. If we get some


Oregons Renewable Portfolio the state. It helps developers get into the to continue to have clean air, and they winners because they
Standard legislation to eliminate coal game here at the same time our utilities dont like coal, they like clean energy. are cleaning up the fuel
and double renewable energy was a are needing more renewable energy. Weve followed a no-regrets policy. The mix and getting out the
controversial topic from the start long Rikki Seguin, state director, idea behind the renewable standard carbon. But who gets
before it passed into law in March. Environment Oregon is to influence how utilities make stuck footing the bill for
Fossil fuel interests, the renewable decisions to meet our future energy all that? Peoples rates
industry lobby, politicians left and There wasnt enough needs. We anticipate that through the will go up, and I guess
right, environmental crusaders, time to get out of the federal government or international its a matter of where
ratepayer advocates and state cigar smoke-filled pressure, other states in the West will you see value? If you see renewables
regulators all got into the act. room to get this out in continue wanting to ratchet-down their as valuable resources, its a win. But if
On one side, renewable energy emissions. youre driven by your bottom line, no,
front of everybody. I
advocates were extolling the
would suggest that if Rachel Shimshak, executive director, its not the best bet.
environmental and health benefits
the governor wanted Renewable Northwest John Morris, CEO, Morris Energy
from the carbon reductions. On the
to, she could have Consulting
other, opponents bemoaned what
they said was too little time to review said, No, we wont rush into something The bad part is
a complex bill with far-reaching thats a quarter-century bet on carbon probably that achieving For us to do an analysis
implications, including potential costs reduction, its not good for power the goal is uncertain. on cost, we need
to ratepayers. ratepayers, and lets slow it down. The They cant through information from the
Now that the RPS is in place, we Oregon way is to try to get it right. We as legislation turn off coal utilities as the basis
reached out to some of the most a state have been so blessed with low- plants in other states. If for those numbers. We
vocal stakeholders for their thoughts cost power that we need to do this in a in fact it results in the need to go through their
on Oregons rewewable future. Heres way that figures out how to do it right. closure of plants the assumptions. We heard
what they had to say. The utilities are fine with it because it utilities own outside the region because the utilities numbers,
imposes on the (investor-owned utilities) they no longer buy the power, then they but we still need to dig into it to be
The largest implication to go out and build projects that they will achieve the objective. If not, the bill sure they are correct. We didnt have
that I see is Oregon is are statutorily entitled a return on simply displaces the coal power from complete data and a full picture to say
really falling behind investments for. Oregon and provides it elsewhere. Thats if we agreed or disagreed with them (on
nationally when it State Rep. Cliff Bentz, a Republican the wildcard in whether the bill achieves the legislation). Two or three weeks is
comes to actually from Ontario its goals. not much time to do that. And we still
installing solar in-state. Tom Eckman, power planning director, dont have it all right now.
Its not because of our What we learned over Northwest Power and Conservation Michael Dougherty, chief operating
solar potential; east of the two years we were Council officer, Oregon Public Utility
the Cascades we have an incredible developing this policy Commission
resource. But we havent had policies and finally got it ready Because theres not that much load
that make it easy to do solar here. This for primetime, the coming online, a lot of the demand
gets Oregon in the game. As the utilities people of Oregon really can be met through energy efficiency
look to acquire more utility-scale solar care about the quality because its most cost effective. From
farms, this means itll likely happen in of life here, they want an environmental perspective there are
APRIL 8, 2016 7




Sponsored by:

Making bank on R THE NUMBER

renewable power AN ENERGY STAR

GreenSavers is a home efficiency
OREGONS CLEAN ENERGY MANDATE company working in Portland and
Bend. In the last two years, the
OPENS DOORS FOR INDUSTRY PLAYERS contractor has improved the energy
use at more than 650 Oregon
Environmental groups and other sup- homes. Now, it has been named one
porters of Oregons Renewable Portfolio of six top Energy Star contractors
by the U.S. Environmental Protection
Standard werent the only ones celebrat- Agency, chosen out of 2,100 similar
ing when the energy legislation passed enterprises nationwide. GreenSavers
in March. says it has reduced emissions so
A host of Portland-area companies, much that its the equivalent to
including renewable energy develop- burning ...

er Iberdrola Renewables, wind turbine
manufacturer Vestas, solar panel man-
ufacturer SolarWorld, solar developer
pounds of coal
Obsidian Renewables and others that
generate or sell renewable power, ser-
vices or parts may well have raised a
glass as well.
In addition to mandating that Port-
land General Electric and Pacific Power
stop using coal-fired power no later than
2035, Senate Bill 1547 also requires that PETE SHEPHERD
those investor-owned utilities generate The Department
at least 50 percent of power for retail cus- of Environmental
tomers from renewable sources by 2040. Quality lost its
Thats a potential boon for renewable longtime leader,
Dick Pedersen, last
energy companies.
month. Now, Gov.
All told, the Clean Electricity and Kate Browns top
Coal Transition Plan could require up to dred megawatts of new demand for his natural resource
4,000 megawatts of new renewable pow- company. adviser has
er in the states energy supply, accord- As it stand now, wind power dwarfs recommended the
agency hire a former deputy attorney
ing to Jeff Bissonnette, executive direc- solar in Oregons renewable energy
general as its interim director until
tor of the Oregon Solar Energy Industries mix, but solar power-focused compa- a permanent director is found. Pete
Association (OSEIA), an industry advo- nies, which today employ about 11,000 Shepherd spent 2001 through 2009
cate and membership group. workers statewide, are poised to win in the deputy AGs role. Now, he is of
Its no surprise then that Port- big. In addition to SB 1547, Oregon law- counsel in the Salem office of law firm
Harrang Long Gary Rudnick P.C. Beyond
land-based Iberdrola Renewables, a makers also passed incentives during
his professional functions, Shepherd
major developer of wind farms with a the most recent session for utility scale has been a volunteer judge in the
growing solar footprint, was a particu- solar projects. Salem Teen Court program since 1999.
larly strong supporter of SB 1547. The program would pay the owner of
It creates more a 2-megawatt system roughly $11,400
demand for renew- per year for five years, or $57,000.
able energy, said Plus, the bill created a communi-
Jesse Gronner, Iber- ty solar program that allows renters or
drolas manag- those who live in cloudy parts of the state BIG WINNERS IN
ing director of U.S. to buy into a shared photovoltaic instal- SOLAR, WIND
West development. lation somewhere offsite. Those systems Oregons new 50
We were very suc- must be located in Oregon and have a percent renewable
portfolio standard will
cessful for a num- minimum generating capacity of 25 kilo-
be a boon to wind and
Jesse ber of years devel- watts. In Oregon, an average household solar companies. To PBJ FILE PHOTO
Gronner oping renewable would need 10-plus kilowatts of renew- reach the goal, utilities
energy in Oregon, able energy to meet its energy needs for a will need to add about
4,000 megawatts of
but the market in year, according to numbers from OSEIA. An agreement thats been decades in
renewable power. At
effect dried up, so to have an injection The solar industry is a big winner the making has finally come to fruition
todays prices, that
of new demand is very attractive for our in the RPS, said Jason Johns, a partner over the Klamath Basin dams.
equals around $8 billion
business. with Stoel Rives in Portland whose prac- Officials from Oregon and California, as
in new solar and wind
well as utility company PacifiCorp, have
The company has constructed 11 wind tice focuses on energy strategies for util- energy developments.
inked a deal to remove four dams on
farms in the Columbia River Gorge area ity companies. Traditionally the states the Klamath River in southern Oregon
representing roughly 1,300 megawatts solar has been limited to onsite genera- in the next four years.
of renewable capacity. Gronner expects tion. The solar industry by virtue of the Removing the dams will offer
that the requirement to double renew- community solar portion is certainly significant opportunities for watershed
and fisheries restoration in the
ables by 2040 will result in several hun- benefiting substantially. legendary river, which, before the dams
were built, was the third-largest salmon
producer on the West Coast.


Elizabeth Hayes
covers health care


A spotlight on health innovation

OHSUs startup event brings investors and entrepreneurs together. Here are some of the highlights
Oregon Health & Science University brought the ideas people together with the money people last week. OHSUs Fourth Annual Startup Symposium gave the scien-
tist-inventor-entrepreneurs a platform to pitch their ideas to venture capitalists and the heads of pharmaceutical companies investment arms. About 300 people attend-
ed, 40 of them investors, and about twice as many as the first year. It gives me hope and fills me with pride to see that the event has grown every year, said Jennifer
Fox, executive director of the Oregon Translational Research and Development Institute, a conference sponsor. Im hoping this will lead to investment in some of these
startups. There were pitches and reverse pitches, and too many ideas and kernels of advice to go into in depth. Heres a roundup of the more colorful quotes I scribbled
down throughout the daylong event.

Funding companies, not research Riding VCs coattails

Peter McWilliams, CEO & chairman of Artielle Immunotherapeutics and Diane Fraiman, a partner at Voyager Capital, said biotech can benefit
managing director of Sanderling Ventures, shed some light on what from the venture capital flowing into Portlands broader tech scene.
makes for an attractive biosciences investment.

Theres a coattail there. Theres an overlap

One of the mistakes we make is that we fund
in investors. Theres a perceived opportunity
a research project. It takes a long time, and
because of the tech world that we can do
its expensive. Were looking to invest at a point where a
this in other sectors as well. We need some biotech and
lot of the basic science is worked out. ... We dont invest
medical device successes. Thats how it started in the
in companies unless we see the potential to make a big
tech community. Success begets success. It makes it
multiple. Were not completely misaligned here. We want
easier to recruit people into town. In tech, we can hire
both of us to make a boatload of money. What sustains
anyone we want at this point in Portland now. You still
the industry is people thinking if they work hard and
have that challenge in biotech and life sciences, because
take a risk, theyll make an outsize return.
if you move someone here, where are they going to go?
PETER MCWILLIAMS, managing director, Sanderling Ventures
DIANE FRAIMAN, partner, Voyager Capital

Over the past 100 years,

weve achieved a lot.
Some of our Scouts have
achieved even more.
The Boy Scouts of America, Cascade Pacific Council, is pleased to recognize one of our
own, Luis Machuca. As we celebrate the 100th anniversary of Scouting in Oregon and
Southwest Washington, were honored to acknowledge Luis service to our community,
along with his vision as an entrepreneur and business leader by awarding him this
years national Distinguished Eagle Scout Award.

This unique award was created to honor those Eagle Scouts who have achieved
extraordinary accomplishments in their lives. Join event co-chairs John Morgan,
CEO, Avamere; Rick Echevarria, VP Software and Services Group, GM Intel Security
Platforms Group; and guest speaker Howard Lincoln, Chairman and CEO, Seattle
Mariners in honoring Luis at the Cascade Pacific Councils 100th Anniversary Eagle
Scout Celebration on May 4. We hope to see you there.

For details and to register, visit by April 25.

Honorary Steering Committee | Frank Gill Terry Porter Pat Reiten Brent Schafer


Luis Machuca,
CEO, Enli Health Intelligence
APRIL 8, 2016 9

Urine as genetic GE as an $18B

goldmine startup
Trevor Levin, former John Flannery, president
research fellow in Dr. and CEO of GE
Joe Grays lab at OHSU Healthcare, gave the
and co-founder and keynote address. GE and
chief science officer of OHSU are partnering
San Francisco-based on an initiative around
UrologyDx, explained why urine-based cardiovascular imaging. He said even
liquid biopsies are the future. Urine, it though GE is a 124-year-old, $18 billion
turns out, is an effective vehicle to monitor business, it still behaves in many ways
a persons genome for certain cancers. like a startup. It also believes strongly in
Collection is simple and non-invasive and collaboration.
urine provides abundant genetic material.
UrologyDx is working on ways to better
Congratulations to the Melvin Mark honor roll
preserve urine samples. It brought in $2.2 You have an incredible 17 of the markets top commercial real estate
million in seed financing and is looking to
raise a Series A round. legacy and reputation, brokers who collaborated with our team
and we see an inflection to produce a stellar year in 2015.
Every time we urinate, point, in terms of activity
we are literally pissing growing, expanding and OUR TOP THREE TRANSACTIONS
away our genome. accelerating, and at the
Office Building Sale, 35,000 sf, Durham
TREVOR LEVIN, chief science officer, same time, the secret
UrologyDx David Hill, Newmark Grubb Knight Frank
sauce of collaborating
together. We see a lot of Jama Software, 19,082 sf lease, 2&Taylor
things we can do with you Niall Travers, Jones Lang LaSalle
in life sciences, molecular Guild, 28,940 sf lease, Central Eastside
(research), cardiology, Dann Wonsor, Macadam Forbes
Jamaal Brown, Colliers International
Mark Carnese, Cushman & Wakefield
NEWSMAKER Cliff Finnell, Kidder Mathews
WOULD YOU FIRE YOUR Robert Greenfield, Colliers International
DANA-FARBER JOINS Kevin Joshi, Kidder Mathews
DRUG AND DEVICE MAKERS? The news: Dana-Farber Cancer
Institute in Boston and the Ontario
Stacy A. Looney, Living Room Realty
Half of Oregon doctors receive payments
from manufacturers of drugs and medical
Institute for Cancer Research in Mark McFarland, Jones Lang LaSalle
Toronto joined Oregon Health &
devices, a practice that totaled $24.5
Science University and Intel Corp.s Ajay Malhotra, CBRE
million in 2014, according to ProPublica.
Collaborative Cancer Cloud last
These payments include speaking fees,
Allen Patterson, Capacity Commercial
royalties and licensing. ProPublica was
able to show a broad correlation between What it is: The Collaborative Cancer Charles Safley, CBRE
payments and prescribing patterns, Cloud is an ambitious project
with the highest earners more likely to to share genomic, imaging and Tom Usher, Cushman & Wakefield
prescribe brand-name drugs. Hence, we clinical data. By pooling resources Tiffany West, CBRE
asked readers what they would do if their in a secure fashion, the hope is
doctor took a lot of pharma money. to gain a better understanding of
the root causes of cancer and to
Most, it turns out, had a problem with it.
advance precision medicine to tailor On behalf of everyone at Melvin Mark, thank you
treatments to each individual.
Why theyre doing it: Even though
for your continued hard work and effort on our
b 53% Yes. Doctors should prescribe
based on efficacy and cost only.
Dana-Farber has one of the worlds behalf. Heres to another A+ year.
largest databases of genetic
b 23% Maybe. It would depend how much abnormalities underlying cancer, it
they were paid. still saw value in signing onto the
OHSU/Intel Cloud. Even for a place
b 22% No. These kinds of payments play like ours, when you start asking
no role in my doctors decisions. questions about cancers, you dont
b 2% Other have sufficient numbers to answer
questions in a rigorous way, said Dr.
Barrett Rollins, chief scientific officer
at Dana-Farber. The only way to
answer them is to combine our data
23% with others.
53% Maybe
286 No

MATTHEW KISH Covers footwear & apparel, banking

and general assignment news


A closer look at Nikes expansion

Nike last week released new renderings
of its giant campus expansion project.
Theres a bit of news in the photos. It now
includes a third parking garage.
In 2014, Nike announced it would add
1.3 million square feet of space, including 2
two buildings and two parking garages.
The plans subsequently expanded to
3.2 million square feet of space, includ-
ing 1.6 million square feet of office, fit-
ness and mixed-use space and 1.6 mil-
lion square feet of parking. 1
The Business Journal first reported on
the possibility of a third garage in June
2015. Nike declined comment for the
report. The aerial image of the expan-
sion confirms the third parking struc-
ture (No. 5).
The expansion was expected as a RENDERINGS COURTESY OF NIKE INC.
result of Nikes rapidly growing work-
force. The sportswear giant has reported than double the $150 million Nike need- age teamwork. chemistry and collaboration.
a string of stellar quarters and wants to ed to spend as part of a 2012 deal it made Every day at Nike we dream up new Pacific Northwest architects ZGF
hit $50 billion in sales by fiscal 2020, a in exchange for tax certainty. ways to inspire athletes to expand their Architects, SRG Partnership and Skylab
plan that calls for growing the top line by The structures are designed to reflect potential, said CEO Mark Parker, in a Architecture worked on the project.
nearly $20 billion in less than five years. Nikes values, which include speed, news release. To do that, we relentless- Heres a quick guide to the five
Nike recently informed the state it has movement and energy. The office space ly evolve how we inspire our own teams structures.
spent $380 million on the project, more will feature open work areas to encour- and design environments that foster Completion expected in 2018.

NBS Financial Services is pleased

to announce the arrangement of

in permanent financing for

a 20,000 sf, free-standing retail
building in Oregon City, Oregon

Arranged by
TODD B. HARDING | Senior Vice President
MICK STAPLETON | Finance Officer

503.223.7181 Portland, Oregon

Broker Affiliates: Reno, NV Spokane, WA Boise, ID

Stay in the loop on all aspects
of the regional health care industry.
Portland | Seattle | Phoenix
Health Care Inc. Northwest brings you daily in-depth reporting
and analysis from our local health care industry reporters and
other experts from around the nation.

2016 Norris, Beggs & Simpson Companies, LLC

APRIL 8, 2016 11



1 The focal point of the expansion is a sort of winged commercial office building
with a central tower. Nike previously said it would be 887,000 square feet. It
will include a cafeteria, kitchen, restaurant, lecture hall, banquet floor, cafe and 500
underground parking spaces, according to general contractor Hoffman Construction.
PCT Written
Johanna P. Schwartz, Ph.D.
Klarquist Sparkman LLP
503.595.5300 |


2 The second office building will be 412,000 square feet. Similar to the first,
it will feature abundant natural light and sharp angles. It also will have 500 I received a PCT Written Opinion should I respond to it?
underground parking spaces. Green spaces surround each of the new structures,
continuing the university-like theme of the campus, which covers roughly 280 acres.
It depends. The Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) is a popular
framework for seeking protection around the world. A Written
Opinion assesses the patentability of a claimed invention at the
international phase, and in some cases it will make sense to respond to
the Written Opinion to decrease time and costs spent in each national
jurisdiction. However, national patentability standards can differ the
standard for obviousness, for example, can vary by country. Postponing
responding to some objections until national phase prosecution may let
you tailor arguments to each jurisdictions standard, as opposed to filing
a unilateral response. A patent attorney can help you weigh the pros and
cons in your particular situation.


3 One of the two initial parking garages includes a fitness center. This rendering
appears to be the garage valued at $31 million with 1,100 parking spaces,
according to permits Nike previously filed in Washington County. The building will be a

Become the
short walk from the biggest office building.

next Expert!

general business health care

labor & employment discrimination
divorce & family law intellectual property
4 business & commercial patent protection
The other garage initially expected will include a covered outdoor seating
area. It appears to have 1,300-1,400 parking spaces, according to a permit litigation record keeping
Nike previously filed in Washington County. The garage will cost around $42 million,
according to a permit.

For information on how you can

participate as one of the experts
call your account executive at
the Portland Business Journal
at 503.274.8733.


5 A post on the website of general contractor Hoffman Construction Co. last year
*This general information is not intended to provide individual advice. Schedule an
appointment with an expert to discuss your particular situation and needs. Questions
said the third garage would have 2,300 parking spaces and seven floors, five
sent to our experts may be answered in the future Ask the Expert pages.
above and two below ground. Thats what this image appears to show. It also features a
basketball court and what looks like a covered area. Nikes signature orange is prominent.

MALIA SPENCER Reporter Malia Spencer

covers technology and startups




In the last several
& weeks Hillsboro- $3.95

A based Radisys Corp.

has had some major
which reveal a clearer

Shares of Radisys (NASDAQ: RSYS)
picture of the companys path have risen more than 40 percent
forward and its goal to reinvent key since the end of 2015. $3.50
telecommunications infrastructure.
The company built its business $3.25
as a telecommunications parts
manufacturer, supplying bigger
telecommunication manufacturers. $2.77
Since 2012, when CEO Brian Bronson
took over, the company has shifted to $2.75
include a software focus.
On March 9, it brought its software $2.50
and hardware paths together with
its latest product called DCEngine. $2.25
The DC stands
for data center Dec 31, Feb 1, Mar 1, Apr 5,
and its aimed at 2015 2016 2016 2016
a wider range of
customers from What is the new Radisys aimed at? from very expensive purpose-built built gateways and switches or load
telecom carriers So, AT&T and Verizon pick your boxes to a telecom data center rack. balancers. We have a load balancer
to cable firms carrier have thousands of aggregation These central offices are turning into that is $100,000. For us, that $100,000
that are working points (or central offices) across the data centers around the country and is upside, its all new business. The
Brian to shift from country. When you talk on your phone, Radisys mission is to deploy both (traditional manufacturer) revenue just
Bronson networks powered or pick up your land line, it transports software, hardware and services to got cut 80 percent.
by purpose-built (data) into a central location that gets build out those telecom data centers.
hardware to aggregated and then it goes through With this new strategy, dont you
flexible data center-like appliances. the big fiber pipes across the country. How do you compete with the just become the vendor locking the
In addition to DCEngine, the You can imagine after 100 years there traditional manufacturers in this carriers in? So here is what is different.
company revealed that the large are boxes on top of boxes and wires massive market? This is a $400 billion The DCEngine is built on the principles
North American carrier that inked a connecting old boxes and new boxes. market. All of these big traditional of Open Compute Platform. There is a
pilot contract, and has been heavily telecom equipment manufacturers are belief that there is enough ecosystem
hinted at, is in fact Verizon. Thats a And thats your target? What we have under pressure because the carriers development going, and enough of that
roughly $19 million contract. done over the last couple of years is and operators are wanting to finally is outsourced, that (carriers) dont feel
All this news has caught the built a strategy along with where the embrace disruptive software and like they are held as hostage. For us,
attention of Wall Street. The company market is moving to take the central hardware technology. They dont want if 50 percent of our product is open
has also picked up new equity office and move it into the telecom data to be held hostage to the traditional sourced and we either incorporate it for
analysts as its stock has climbed 43 center. And you do that through all big guys. The best case for (incumbent free or figure out a way to put toolkits
percent since the end of 2015. sorts of buzzwords: software-defined manufacturers) is they win this on top of it, its 50 percent upside for
We caught up with Bronson to talk networking, the cloud, network telecom data center business and us. Its never all Radisys.
about all these changes: function virtualization, all those things their revenue drops by half. They are
and principles that allow you to go used to selling $500,000 purpose-



MIRCHANDANI Leaders in two of Intel Corp.s business units are on their way out, OUT DIVISION
Title: President, including the head of the companys PC division. What: The Portland company, which
chief operating Kirk Skaugen, based at the chipmakers Washington specializes in hospitality technology,
officer, Puppet County campus, is leaving April 8 for his next career sold its hotel business center division,
opportunity, according to the company. Skaugen headed which installed, supported and
Previous: the Client Computing Group, which includes products
Corporate vice managed hotel business centers.
for PCs, notebooks, phones, mobile communications and
president and wired and wireless products. Revenue from this group The Buyer: Nashville-based Uniguest
general manager makes up the majority of Intels business. Why: By selling the division, Eleven said
of Asia Pacific and He is being replaced by Navin Shenoy, corporate vice it can focus on its software platform,
Japan at VMware; president in client computing and general manager of the ElevenOS. The cloud-based platform
executive vice president of global companys mobile computing platforms. integrates with network hardware and
enterprise service at EMC; chief Also leaving is Doug Davis, who heads Intels Internet allows clients to manage tiered WiFi,
information officer at EMC; Regional of Things group and is based in Arizona. Davis is customize entry portals and understand
vice president of enterprise service retiring at the end of the year. A successor has guest WiFi usage.
at Microsoft; president of Asia not been selected.
Pacific at Microsoft Terms: Not disclosed, but the capital
There are also reports that Aicha Evans, will fund growth of the software
New role: He directs Puppets go-to- head of Intels mobile phone business, business
market operations and execution is also leaving. The company has not
Employees after the deal: 40
commented on Evans status.
APRIL 8, 2016 13




STACY CROSS, CEO, Planned Parenthood Columbia-Willamette
STACEY DODSON, President, U.S. Bank
Reinvestment Initiatives, Inc
CONSTANCE FRENCH, CEO, Portland State University Foundation
EVELYN GALLONI, Vice President, R&H Construction
JO ANN GISH, President, RAMS Specialized Security Services
TANIA GITCH, Partner, Geffen Mesher

ANGELA HULT, Executive Director of Corporate Philanthropy,
Cambia Health Solutions/Cambia Health Foundation
BRENNA LEGAARD, Partner, Schwabe, Williamson & Wyatt
Join over 600 regional executives for the annual
SUSAN MULLANEY, COO, Kaiser Permanente
Women of Influence Awards honoring the top
CHRIS OTIS, CEO, Start Making a Reader Today (SMART)
26 women of 2016! Program will include an
ANN RAISH, Vice President, OHSU Knight Cancer Institute
KELLY RIT, President, Stone Bridge Homes NW awards ceremony, a panel with the 4 Women
LISA SCHAUER, COO, MacKay Sposito Executives of the Year and a welcome message
KATHY SHALOOBERG, Partner, ZGF Architects from Governor Kate Brown.
JENNIFER SHEASGREEN, President, Triumph Healthcare Finance
AMANDA STUERMER, Director, World Muse
LYNN VALENTER, Vice Chancellor, Washington State University -


Entrepreneur of the Year:
MONICA ENAND, Founder & CEO, Zapproved
QUESTIONS? Contact Jan Block at or (503 219-3423
Large Company Category Executive of the Year:
RUTH BEYER, Vice President, Precision Castparts Corporation

Nonprofit Executive of the Year:

HEATHER MARTIN, CEO, Classic Wines Auction

Small/Medium Company Category Executive of the Year:

LORI OLUND, President, Miles Fiberglass & Composites, Inc.



REAL ESTATE INC. Jon Bell covers commercial real estate


Tearing down roadblocks NEWSMAKER


to new homeless shelters THE 10TH TIME
When you seal up
industrial deals
Ken Cowdery of the Home Builders Foundation on ways the city can totaling more
than 1.1 million
make it easier for developers to tackle Portlands homeless problems square feet and
$61 million in a
Ken Cowdery is not shouldnt have to pay these single year, youre

bound to get
& new to the homeless kinds of fees? We are under a housing noticed. Thats

scene in Portland. state of emergency and we are making nothing new for
Since 2012, hes these organizations, which are trying Brad Fletcher,
been the executive to help, pay for things that they cant executive Brad Fletcher
director of the Home afford. They can barely make payroll. managing
director for
Builders Foundation, the charitable These nonprofits are providing a huge Newmark Grubb Knight Frank, who in
arm of the Home Builders Association public benefit and theyre saving the city March was named the 2015 Industrial
of Metropolitan Portland, which hundreds of thousands of dollars. They Broker of the Year by the Commercial
focuses on increasing the areas shelter cant be penalized for that. Association of Brokers for Oregon and
capacity. Cowdery also served for 12 Southwest Washington. It was the 10th
time Fletcher has received the award.
years as the head of New Avenues for How do you think the city could help A three-decade veteran of the Portland
Youth, a Portland nonprofit that aims The HBFs Ken Cowdery talks homeless remedy these kinds of situations? What real estate scene, Fletchers portfolio
to help the homeless youth of Portland. shelters, development fees and getting we would propose to the city is that, if in 2015 including sizeable deals for
And while the nonprofits hes led we are in a housing state of emergency some of the regions biggest players,
Portlanders off the street. including Nike, Intel and Subaru.
have made a difference for Portlands and you want organizations to build or
homeless population the HBF expand shelters, give us a point person
completed four major shelter projects What was it with the Community of in the city who can help streamline the
in 2015 alone that will provide Hope shelter project that triggered you process. Theres really no one there for R THE NUMBERS
13,140 bed nights to serve nearly 120 to approach the city about reducing shelters and nonprofits to deal with
individuals each year the crisis has some of the development fees? (The directly. And make it so that person can
only seemed to worsen in recent years.
Not making it any easier are steep
HBF) was working on expanding the
shelter for them. It was a $300,000
help us waive some of these fees, or even
legislate something. Make it a policy at
development charges and fees that project, and the development fees least until the situation improves. A lot of houses sold in Oregon in
2015 and those purchases took
Cowdery said the city imposes on imposed by the city were about $21,000,
a lot of loans to complete. Guild
small nonprofits trying to expand their which is insane. Bank of the West recently awarded the Mortgage Co., a San Diego based
shelter space. One such nonprofit, HBF a $10,000 grant for a program lending giant with 30 branches
Community of Hope in North Portland, What kind of fees are we talking? They called Pathways to Affordable Housing. across Oregon, handled a big
was facing $21,000 in various fees on are systems development charges and Whats that all about? Too many people chunk of those loans.

top of a nearly seven-month delay other specific requirements. One was are languishing in shelters, so our
before the HBF and other supporters that they wanted the shelter to move approach is that maybe we can help
intervened and asked the city, given a fire hydrant closer to the building them make the transition to more stable,
The dollar value of the loans
the declared housing emergency, to at their own expense. They wanted a permanent housing a little quicker. One closed by Guild Mortgage Co.s
cut them some slack, which they did. $5,000 drain under a dumpster, a $750 way would be with rent assistance. Not Oregon operations in 2015.
Cowdery talked recently with traffic study. The city rejected waiving only does that help those people, but it
the Business Journal about how the any of the fees because the organization opens up shelter beds sooner for others.
city might be able to further tackle
the homeless challenges and how a
$10,000 grant from West Coast Bank
is faith-based. But I know that the city
has waived those fees for other faith-
based organizations before.
Our whole motivation here is that if we
can accelerate the turnover, that gets
more and more people off the street, and
The dollar value of those loans that
could do the same. thats important, because its never been came from purchase transactions.

So youre saying that shelter projects worse than it is now.

SINGULAR SHELTERS Guild Mortgages rank on Oregons

list of 2015s top purchase loan
Beyond the relaxed public camping rules and the occasional easing of development fees for expanded shelters (see above), the city of
Portland has taken some creative turns to help increase the number of shelters available to the homeless in Portland in recent months.
Heres a look at three city partnerships on new shelters:



The partner: Menashe Properties The partner: Portland Public Schools Partner: Transition Projects
The project: In January, real estate The project: The city is working out a Project: Late last fall, the city turned its
magnate Barry Menashe and his son, partnership with PPS that would turn a then-vacant Jerome F. Sears building
Jordan, teamed up with the city and school district-owned building near the at 2730 S.W. Multnomah Blvd. into a
nonprofit group Transition Projects to former Washington High School into a temporary shelter for women and couples.
turn the Menashes Washington Square homeless shelter in exchange for city
property in downtown Portland into a funding for school security and bus
temporary overnight homeless shelter. passes.
APRIL 8, 2016 15



Creative highs A direct response

and lows to close the deal
Click fraud, misinformation, R2C Group co-founder
bad vendors: those are a and CEO Michelle
R Top creative few things creative agencies
are concerned about.
Cardinal has harnessed
the power of the modern-
Theyre optimistic about
agencies in the innovation, millennials and
talent. And fatter budgets
day infomercial to build
a powerhouse creative
agency operating in
Portland metro area 18
makes them smile as well.
four U.S. cities.

A handy guide of dos and donts for pitching the PBJ staff

Nothing makes a business journalists job easier than a high-quality public relations pro. The good ones just get it: they know what you need, when
you need it, and when to step aside and let us do our job. And lets be honest, we often rely on each other to be successful. But, unfortunately, many
of the pitches that hit our inboxes miss the mark. We humbly offer you seven of our biggest PR pet peeves and what you can do to avoid them. The
more seasoned PR pros in town already know this, but for others, we hope this handy guide will help us all work better together.

HALL OF SHAME PITCHES Know who you need: Before pitching us a story, find out which of our reporters might be the most suitable target.
A mismatched pitch is pretty much destined for immediate deletion. And whatever you do, dont blanket the entire
Our reporters have received some pretty newsroom with the same pitch. Ours is a small, chatty newsroom, so we all know when this happens.
unusual pitches over the years. Here are a What to do: Feel comfortable reaching out directly to reporters. Our website has this handy roster of newsroom staff,
few of their most noteworthy foul pitches: complete with a detailed description of responsibilities, here: If youre still not sure where to send a
pitch, direct it to Managing Editor Erik Siemers at

Understand the audience: Get a feel for the publication, our audience, and our focus. Doing so will help you
understand not only the types of stories we cover, but also what we dont, a list that includes book or product reviews.
What to do: Scour our website and the weekly print edition. Familiarize yourself with recurring features (Strategies,
PBJ Interview, The Pitch, People on the Move) before pitching. We realize not everything fits neatly into a category, so
dont hesitate to reach out with questions.

I dont know if Id call it foul, but it was
Can the script: Dont give the intern a script and a list of newsroom phone numbers. Its so easy to spot: the out-of-
certainly odd. I still have the pitch: Hi
state phone number, the robotic tone, the way the person on the other end clearly loses their place when interrupted
there, hope you are well. When you have
with a question. Chances are weve tuned out before you get to the last carefully-crafted sentence.
a second, I wanted to suggest a story
on how murder affects home values, What to do: If its already scripted, just email it. If youve followed the first two steps in this guide, then your pitch will
the topic of a recent study by my client, likely catch our attention on its own. . . . I thought the 20-year
anniversary of the OJ Simpson trial would

make for a cool news hook.
The unnecessary follow-up: This one happens all too often you send the pitch, you dont receive an immediate
JON BELL, real estate reporter response, so you call a day or two later to remind us that you emailed us. This, on its own, isnt a bad thing. Its good
to be proactive, particularly if you have what you believe is important news thats buried in email clutter. But if youre
simply trying to draw attention to a new product or your recent charitable contributions, that extra call wont put you
at the front of the line.
What to do: Dont call on the same day as an email pitch, or even the next day. If its truly newsworthy, well usually
find it. It also helps to be aware of our deadlines. Its easy for press releases to get overlooked on Wednesdays, crunch
time for our weekly print edition, or any day around 3 p.m., the deadline for our Afternoon Edition digital newsletter.

Be available: This one dumbfounds most reporters. We receive a pitch complete with contact information, only to call
and learn the contact person is out of the office until Monday or worse, on vacation. Its maddening, particularly if its
I got a pitch addressed to Dear 851 SW important news were eager to share quickly.
6th Ave. Suite 500 that was immediately What to do: Be there to answer questions. But more than that, provide someone who knows the most about the
deleted. Most bad pitches are for things I subject and in a timely manner. Ideally, the pitch or news release would include that persons name, title, direct line,
dont cover. email and available interview time slots.
MALIA SPENCER, technology reporter

The local hook: In order for us to be interested in your pitch, the story has to be local. Not tangentially local. Not
Seattle-is-kinda-close local. It has to be Portland metro-specific. We commonly get pitches for stories on companies
that might sell products in Oregon or that have one very small office in the region, but the company itself is based
elsewhere. Its usually a nonstarter.
What to do: Know the local angle to your story before making the pitch. Like anything, there will be pitches that lie in
the gray area. Maybe your client is a high-profile CEO thats from Oregon, but doesnt work here now.

Dont skimp on numbers: Were the Business Journal, so were always going to want your financial statistics.
Dear media partner! We present the Companies that balk at giving us deal or value numbers value of an acquisition, annual revenue, company
latest press release from PMR: Cosmetics employment total are companies that are less likely to get covered.
stores have the highest market share in What to do: This is particularly an issue with startups and privately held companies. But stats like revenue are a way
Hungary, Poland and the Czech Republic. for us to measure a companys size. If exact figures make you uncomfortable, consider offering a reasonable ballpark
figure. Knowing a company last year generated between $10 million and $20 million in revenue tells us a lot. Digital
MASON WALKER, interactive editor, on a Managing Editor Andy Giegerich put it this way: Whenever you can mention money, your pitch stands roughly a 35
pitch he received Tuesday that missed the percent better chance of earning traction. Without it, we have no context and, unless we know your company well,
mark for local relevance. might have less reason to run a story on you.
APRIL 8, 2016 17

Compiled by Brandon Sawyer

503-219-3411, @PDXBIZresearch


Metro Metro Year Top local
Name / prior rank / URL Address / phone revenue employees Top specialties founded Headquarters executive(s) R CLOSER LOOK
17800 S.E. Mill Plain Blvd. #120 Amazon Marketplace retail strategy: brand Inc. *
$59.45 Vancouver, Brian Gonsalves,
Vancouver, WA 98683
50 control, content management, premium 2006
WA Chris Marantette
800-643-1470 packaging and marketing
Branding; strategy and planning; digital
1631 N.W. Thurman St. #400 marketing; analytics; film and video; earned and
2 CMD 4
Portland, OR 97209
160 paid media; content marketing; sales tools; 1978 Portland, OR Mike Cobb
Total combined metro-area 503-223-6794
product marketing; channel enablement; branded
revenue in 2015 of the firms
merchandise; events; experiential on The List.

9000 S.W. Nimbus Ave. Brand events and marketing; creating and
3 Opus Agency 3
Beaverton, OR 97008
116 managing hundreds of events and immersive 1993 Beaverton, OR Monte Wood million
971-223-0777 brand experiences each year around the world
207 N.W. Park Ave. Performance-driven creative and media agency Michelle
4 R2C Group 1
Portland, OR 97209
125 that leverages advanced analytics aimed at 1998 Portland, OR Cardinal, Jane Increase from 2014 in million
503-222-0025 achieving goals for our clients Crisan combined metro-area
209 S.W. Oak St. #300 Digital media, traditional media and creative ad revenue of firms on The List.
5 Sq1 West Inc. 5
Portland, OR 97204
55 agency that measures, tests and optimizes for 2011 Dallas John Holmes

41.6% million
503-227-7200 maximum return on investment
6360 N.E. Martin Luther King Jr. Live events; integrated experiential marketing
6 Henry V Events
* Blvd.
Portland, OR 97211
campaigns; product launches; press events; sales
meetings; mobile tours; consumer events;
1978 Portland, OR
Katja Asaro, Matt
503-232-6666 tradeshows Average percentage of
revenue from advertising at
1634 S.W. Alder St.
7 AdPearance 18
Portland, OR 97205
101 Paid search, SEO, advanced analytics software 2009 Portland, OR
David Steinberg, firms on The List. million Aaron James

8 Dealer Spike
6405 S.W. Rosewood St., Ste. C
Lake Oswego, OR 97035
Distinctively designed, responsive websites for
dealerships; advanced search engine optimization
and marketing strategies; enhanced lead
generation abilities for increased sales
Lake Oswego,
Jay Mason
Average percentage
Pacific Marketing & 9304 S.E. Main St.
Fully integrated campaign development and in-
Worth Caldwell, of revenue from public
9 Publishing 10 Milwaukie, OR 97222
86 house execution for organizations needing direct 2006 Milwaukie OR
Everett Carson relations at firms on The List. 503-653-0145 marketing

4350 S.W. Galewood St. #200 Digital marketing agency providing paid search Michael
10 Logical Position 20
Lake Oswego, OR 97035
107 management, search engine optimization and 2010
Lake Oswego,
Weinhouse, John million OR
800-875-2129 website design Ganey
Affiliated Media LLC 7080 S.W. Beveland St.
Broadcast TV, cable TV, broadcast radio, internet Average percentage
11 12 Portland, OR 97223
6 radio, outdoor, transit and all forms of digital, 2007 Portland, OR Ron Massey of revenue from digital 503-639-1303 social and online media
marketing at firms on The
1875 S.E. Belmont St. List.
12 Nemo Design 11
Portland, OR 97214
42 Brand design; retail; marketing 1999 Portland, OR Trevor Graves million
415 W. 6th St. #605 Brand strategy, purpose-driven content and
13 AHA 13
Vancouver, WA 98660
61 campaigns and a broad range of corporate 1994
Betsy Henning
ABOUT THE LIST million WA Information was obtained
360-750-1680 communications
from firm representatives
Comprehensive solutions to political and public
Pac/West 8600 S.W. St. Helens Dr.
$8.17 relations challenges; multi-faceted Wilsonville,
through questionnaires and
14 Communications 22 Wilsonville, OR 97070
communication campaigns to influence decisions
Paul Phillips could not be independently 503-685-9400 verified by the Portland
and generate results
Business Journal. In case of
Bradshaw Advertising 811 N.W. 19th Ave.
$8 Digital marketing; media buying services; Barbara ties, companies are listed
15 17 Portland, OR 97209
marketing and advertising
1986 Portland, OR
Bradshaw alphabetically. 503-221-5000
DVA Advertising & 109 N.W. Greenwood Ave. #103
Advertising agency and public relations firm with
Justin Yax, Mary NEED A COPY
15 Public Relations * Bend, OR 97703
12 particular expertise in the travel/tourism, lodging/ 1990 Bend, OR
Angelo OF THE LIST? 541-389-2411 hospitality, golf and health care industries
Information for obtaining
Business-to-business marketing agency creating reprints, Web permissions
1233 N.W. 12th Ave. #100 Denise Barnes,
17 Babcock Jenkins 9
Portland, OR 97209
technology-enabled insight-driven strategies
1992 Portland, OR Heidi Dethloff, and commemorative million aimed at connecting buyers to brands in authentic,
503-382-8500 Lauren Goldstein plaques, call 800-927-2363.
enduring and measurable ways
More information can be
1430 S.E. 3rd Ave., 3rd Fl.
18 R/West 16
Portland, OR 97214
Consumer brands that want to do great work that
1997 Portland, OR Sarah Simmons
found online by clicking the 503-223-5443
million makes money Store tab near the top of
the site.
107 S.E. Washington St., 6th Fl.
19 Fish Marketing 42
Portland, OR 97214
24 Building brands and influencing behavior 2003 Portland, OR
Nate Parr, Doug million Fish WANT TO BE
Strategic communication; multi-cultural
engagement; organizational and resource Eric Friedenwald- If you wish to be surveyed
519 S.W. 3rd Ave. #700
20 Metropolitan Group 19
Portland, OR 97204
development for public health environment and
1989 Portland, OR
Fishman, Kiernan when The List is next million sustainability; children, youth and families; social Doherty, Laura updated, or if you wish to
justice and human rights; community and Dellinger be considered for other
economic development; public sector Lists, email your contact
240 N. Broadway #301 information to Brandon
21 Sockeye 21
Portland, OR 97227
26 Brand creative agency 1997 Portland, OR
Andy Fraser,
Sawyer at bsawyer@ million Peter Metz
P.O. Box 14689
22 Sasquatch Agency 51
Portland, OR 97293
23 Food, beverage and fun 1995 Portland, OR Ken Chitwood million THE ONLINE LIST
To see this and other lists
Gard Communications 1140 S.W. 11th Ave. #300
$5.25 Advertising and public relations firm specializing Brian Gard, Liz online (often including more
23 33 Portland, OR 97205
in corporate and public policy communications
1979 Portland, OR
Fuller listings and information not 503-221-0100 shown in print) visit:
eROI 505 N.W. Couch St. #300
$5.16 Digital campaigns across email, web, and social
Portland, OR 97209
2002 Portland, OR Ryan Buchanan portland/topic/lists.
2950 S.E. Stark St. #200
25 Charlton Marketing
* Portland, OR 97214
Media strategy and buying; business-to-consumer
advertising; creative strategy
1998 Portland, OR Rob Charlton

531 S.E. 14th Ave. #106 Business-to-consumer; travel and tourism;

25 Struck 23
Portland, OR 97214
19 consumer packaged goods; restaurant and retail 2003 Salt Lake City Anderson Matt million
503-517-2526 franchising; entertainment

NOTES: NA = not applicable, not available or not approved \ = Not ranked last year.

Compiled by Brandon Sawyer

503-219-3411, @PDXBIZresearch


Metro Metro Year Top local
Name / prior rank / URL Address / phone revenue employees Top specialties founded Headquarters executive(s) R CLOSER LOOK
3 Point Brand 11815 S.W. King James Pl. #50

$4.8 Branded apparel; promotional marketing; marketing
27 Management 28 Portland, OR 97224
displays; custom products; awards
2006 Portland, OR Joann Whitcher 503-620-3410
DRIVE Marketing 2626 S.W. Corbett Ave. #200
$4.5 Marketing strategy; digital campaigns; motion
28 Group 30 Portland, OR 97201
graphics; branded merchandise and apparel
2011 Portland, OR Eric Weckert Total combined number of 503-303-8499 metro-area employees at
7405 S.W. Tech Center Dr.,
firms on The List.

29 Pivot Group * Building B #140 $4.2 Marketing; market research; website services;

41 2004 Portland, OR Mark Fordice Portland, OR 97223 million training
501 S.E. 14th Ave. Enterprise e-commerce; usability and customer Paddu
30 Copious 32
Portland, OR 97214
27 journey mapping; custom digital product 2005 Portland, OR Ramachandran, million Increase from last year
503-255-1822 development; magento enterprise; demandware Tim Haskins in combined metro-area
905 S.W. 16th Ave. employees at firms on The
31 LANE 29
Portland, OR 97205
Consumer lifestyle; food and beverage; travel and
1990 Portland, OR
Wendy Lane million hospitality; financial services; technology Stevens List.
1515 N.W. 19th Ave. Outdoor lifestyle; athletic apparel and gear; food and Mark Ray,
32 NORTH Inc. 25
Portland, OR 97209
34 beverage; organics and naturals; luxury; 1992 Portland, OR Rebecca MOST EMPLOYEES million
503-222-4117 entertainment Armstrong Here are the firms on The
Marketing communications for print and interactive List re-ranked by number of
2130 N.W. 29th Ave. including: product launches, packaging, brand metro-area employees:
33 HB Design 31
Portland, OR 97210
18 identity, presentations, catalogs, print materials, Web 1978 Portland, OR
Noma Hanlon, million Gail Snow
503-944-1000 site development, interactive demos, animation and
motion graphics, online tools, applications, CMS CMD 160
601 S.W. Oak St.
34 Sparkloft Media
* Portland, OR 97205
Social media; influencer marketing; social insights
and analytics
2006 Portland, OR Martin Stoll
Dealer Spike 130

R2C Group 125

Digital marketing campaigns, ongoing collateral for
Bonfire Marketing 3530 N. Vancouver Ave. #200
engaging with target markets; brand creation and Opus Agency 116
35 Company * Portland, OR 97227
40 optimization for ongoing marketing; creative strategy, 2008 Portland, OR Ryan Lewis 503-686-8469 reviewing and ideating opportunities and tactics for Logical Position 107
brand engagement
106 S.E. 11th Ave., Ste. A Digital technology firm offering complex Web AdPearance 101
Portland, OR 97214
28 applications, e-commerce, custom apps and software 2009 Portland, OR Paul Weinert 503-575-2485
and marketing websites Pacific Marketing &
Opus Creative Group 2337 N.W. York St.
Integrated marketing agency that provides creative
Anna Huston, Jim
35 * Portland, OR 97210
17 solutions for digital, physical, event and retail 1994 Portland, OR
Fletcher Henry V Events 68 503-220-0252 programs
5 Centerpointe Dr. #570 Public relations; strategic communications; creative Zach Hyder, Rick AHA 61
38 Quinn Thomas 36
Lake Oswego, OR 97035
8 strategy; media planning and buying; public affairs; 2009 Portland, OR Thomas, Doug million Sq1 West Inc. 55
503-260-3235 corporate communications Badger
215 S.E. Morrison St. #2004
39 Mutt Industries 39
Portland, OR 97214
15 Brand, advertising and production services 2009 Portland, OR Cindy Wade million
503-841-5427 ABOUT THE LIST
1430 S.E. 3rd Ave. #250 Digital strategy and consumer experience; content Information was obtained
40 The Program 49
Portland, OR 97214
23 (film, photo, motion) production; software 2006 Portland, OR
Ethan Smith- million Gillespie from firm representatives
503-616-3742 engineering
through questionnaires and
240 N. could not be independently
Broadway #116, LeftBank
41 Watson Creative 64
11 Business by design, branding and digital 2008 Portland, OR Matt Watson
verified by the Portland Portland, OR 97227
million Business Journal. In case of
800-280-3057 ties, companies are listed
217 N.E. 8th Ave. alphabetically.
42 DHX Advertising 48
Portland, OR 97232
Brand strategy and development; digital
1989 Portland, OR Dave DeMots million engagements; campaign creation NEED A COPY
Brand development; strategic planning; creative OF THE LIST?
Magneto Brand 71 S.W. Oak St. #3N
$2.75 development/production and media, traditional and Information for obtaining
43 Advertising 38 Portland, OR 97204
digital; website; public relations; promotions for all
2001 Portland, OR Craig Opfer
reprints, Web permissions 503-222-7477
industries and commemorative
107 S.E. Washington St. #300 plaques, call 800-927-2363.
44 Grady Britton 37
Portland, OR 97214
Food and beverage; travel and tourism; sustainability;
1974 Portland, OR
Andy Askren,
More information can be million consumer goods and services; health Paige Campbell
503-228-4118 found online by clicking the
CFM Strategic 1100 S.W. 6th Ave. #1425
Store tab near the top of
45 Communications Inc. Portland, OR 97204
Health care; energy; transportation; infrastructure;
1990 Portland, OR Gary Conkling
the site.
35 million development; manufacturing
503-294-9120 WANT TO BE
Kent Lewis, Mike ON THE LIST?
310 N.E. Failing St. Measurable marketing agency specializing in search-
46 Anvil Media Inc. 40
Portland, OR 97212
15 engine marketing, social-media marketing and 2000 Portland, OR
Terry, Shannon If you wish to be surveyed 503-595-6050
Wolcott, Josh when The List is next
Breese updated, or if you wish to
Maxwell PR + 3934 S.W. Corbett Ave.
$2.4 Natural and organic food and beverage; consumer Jennifer
be considered for other
47 Engagement 46 Portland, OR 97239
packaged goods; travel and tourism; sustainability
1997 Portland, OR
Lists, email your contact 503-231-3086 information to Brandon
Consumer-facing and B2B technology; comprehensive Daniel O'Connell, Sawyer at bsawyer@
1200 N.W. Naito Pkwy. #520
48 Brand Definition 61
Portland, OR 97209
and creative differentiation for consumer-electronics,
2010 New York
Chris Hertzog, million proAV, security, enterprise-IT, broadcast, Abbey
architectural and automotive technology Masciarotte THE ONLINE LIST
712 Main St. #100 Strategic video consultancy driving traffic and sales To see this and other lists
49 Funnelbox 41
Oregon City, OR 97045
18 through YouTube, content strategy, production, 1999
Oregon City, Robb Crocker,
online (often including more million OR Robb Crocker
503-595-5901 analytics and optimization listings and information not
1001 S.E. Water Ave. #120 shown in print) visit:
50 Thread Creative
* Portland, OR 97214
Verbal identity; inbound content management;
narrative-led branding
2009 Portland, OR Brian Hennessy
High-level strategy and tactical execution throughout
Dunthorpe Marketing 8825 S.E. 11th Ave. #100
$2.18 the lead lifecycle with marketing automation,
51 Group Inc. 50 Portland, OR 97202
teleservices, database, content, demand generation
1996 Portland, OR Susan Linman 503-236-4242
and consulting
Online marketing agency that specializes in helping
808 S.W. 3rd Ave. #600 Nick Herinckx,
52 Obility 59
Portland, OR 97204
business-to-business companies increase marketing-
2011 Portland, OR Mike million qualified leads and sales opportunities, all while
503-320-4455 Nierengarten
tracking efforts back to revenue

NOTES: NA = not applicable, not available or not approved \ = Not ranked last year.
APRIL 8, 2016 19

Researcher Brandon Sawyer compiles

The List for the Business Journal.


Ad it up
sector with multiple business models, 22 percent over last year to $489 million We asked agencies on The List to
revenue streams and specializations. at the top 52 creative agencies, and they describe the most innovative local
So its difficult to gauge their aggregate added 234 employees, nearly reaching campaigns in the last year. Rebecca
success or common challenges. Some 2,000 combined. And these numbers Armstrong, managing director of No.
remain traditional advertising agencies are certainly way higher due to notable 32 NORTH Inc. wrote: The Timbers'
working with multiple vendors entirely in omissions, including Portlands biggest campaign continues to be the most
The List of creative agencies is, command of their clients advertising and ad agency, Wieden+Kennedy, as well as impactful, creative and innovative local
admittedly, something of a grab bag. A marketing presence. Others offer more SET, Instrument and Downstream, which advertising in Portland. Ben Herman,
major fixture of Portlands long heralded a la carte services, such as social media all chose not to disclose their revenue president of No. 54 Mad Fish Digital,
creative class, marketing, advertising, management or branding strategies. as required by our survey. In the ultra- agreed. Almost every Portlander knows
public relations, digital, design and Nevertheless, looking at The List as a competitive marketing world, privately what the Timbers Army is, regardless of
communications firms are a diverse whole, Portland metro-area revenue grew held agencies are notoriously private. ever attending a game.


click fraud finding skilled contractors

cost of housing over-saturation
start up financing potential for recession keeping costs down
Heres what creative CPC inflation misinformation tighter budgets
agencies surveyed for The
List said about whether
clients' advertising and
retaining qualified staff
web security bad
finding good people
attracting a-level talent
marketing budgets increased
over the last year.


5.5% culture, difference making helping businesses grow

marketing automation
better data innovation video
creative talent
increased collaboration new digital tools
Increased Increased Stayed Decreased Decreased digital targeting capabilities new technology
by more
than 10%
by 5-10% about the
by 5-10% by more
than 10% future growth of millennials online presence importance

FACES OF THE LIST understanding of how to sell direct.

Now, our primary clients are what we

Michelle Cardinal
call fast companies that are selling
online and focus on both driving sales
and building their brand, and they
want to use data to help decide how to
CEO AND COFOUNDER, R2C GROUP spend their money. Weve worked with
companies such as ChristianMingle

emember Ginzu Knives, Mr. Microphone and the Psychic Friends and that have done a great
Network? Infomercials for those products and others hawked on job growing to $200 million to $300
late-night television may have spawned countless spoofs, but they million. Now they need mass media
to grow the brand. We specialize in
also launched a marketing industry specialty that by some estimates
taking companies to $1 billion.
generated up to $150 billion in sales in 2015.
Whats one of your favorite
Today, so-called direct response Bissell, Google, bareMinerals and Analytics, tracking and campaigns? Im very proud
marketing includes television, digital ChristianMingle. accountability are big when it of the work weve done with
and radio campaigns that have a call- In addition to direct response comes to marketing campaigns, ChristianMingle. We looked at the
to-action that helps product makers marketing, R2C Group also provides and those are primary focus areas brand and said this isnt about dating,
close transactions. clients with brand advertising, a for R2C Group. Whats driving the its about community. It was a big
Michelle Cardinal has harnessed combination that for years was a demand for data? A lot has to do with challenge to reposition the brand from
the power of direct marketing rarity within a single creative agency. technology. When you think about just another dating website featuring
throughout her 20-year career, and We talked to Cardinal about why traditional marketing, its all about couples sitting on a couch to
continues to do so through R2C that is and about whats new at R2C eyeballs, how many people see an communicating the core aspirational
Group (No. 4 on the list), which she and in the industry. The interview has advertisement. We bring sophisticated message of the brand, which is: The
co-founded with her partner Tim been edited for brevity and clarity. tracking and analytic skills. When Power of Two. We launched that
OLeary, when the two merged their a client comes to us, they get an campaign in January 2015.
respective agencies, Cmedia and Why is it unusual for a single agency in-depth dashboard and every day
Respond2. to provide direct response marketing they know how many products they You have offices in San Francisco,
Together, theyve built a creative and brand advertising? I think it goes sold by channel. Weve been doing Rhode Island, outside of Philadelphia
agency powerhouse. Revenue in 2015 back to old ideas about marketing and this for 18 years and have developed and Portland. What keeps you here in
was $45.8 million. The company has advertising and that a lot of brands proprietary technology. Portland? Its innovative, out-of-the-
offices in four cities and employs 200, that utilized direct response were not box thinking, but its also nice. People
including 125 in Portland. terribly good at building brands. Now, How have client demands changed in Portland and in Oregon are nice and
Local employees work in four those two have come together naturally in recent years? When I first got that can be unusual in the advertising
owned and operated buildings in and were seeing fast-growing, national into the industry, I was working industry.
the North Park Blocks, one of which companies that need to be able to drive with entrepreneurial companies
houses a production studio. sales, drive transactions and build that wanted to sell direct or Fortune Suzanne Stevens, @PDXBizSuzanne
Clients include Consumer Cellular, brands. 500 companies that wanted a better

Get started today at


The Corporate Portal is a dedicated website accessible ONLY to your team, tailored to your needs. Think of it as your own
version of the Portland Business Journal website, in which you and your team will have access to all content - free and
premium - without having to pay for a subscription for every single employee. For a modest flat fee, you can avoid the
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APRIL 8, 2016 21

A comprehensive resource for growing businesses

Bringing housing and clinics together


ater this year, Cascadia Behavior-
al Health will break ground on a
gleaming $3.5 million center in
Northeast Portland that will combine
affordable housing and physical and
mental health services.
Were seeing
this project as a
model, were hop-
ing, not just for Cas-
cadia, but for oth-
er organizations in
Oregon and nation-
ally, said Cascadia
CEO Derald Walker.
Derald Cascadia, a non-
Walker profit provider of
mental health and
addiction services
to low-income people, has plans for
three other, similar clinics with integrat-
ed services on the drawing board as well.
Yet the $3.5 million center in North- COURTESY OF CASCADIA BEHAVIORAL HEALTH
east Portland and the next wave of proj- Cascadia Behavioral Health is replacing its Garlington Center on Northeast Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard with a $3.5
ects would have been unthinkable eight million facility that will combine a primary care clinic with 52 apartments, most of which will be low-income housing.
years ago, when the nonprofit nearly col-
lapsed. Even after Cascadia returned to
profitability two years later under Wak- fiting clients. A five-person data intelli- Portland is impacting employees, as
ers direction, the nonprofit was half as gence team mines things like the average nonprofits have a limited ability to keep
big as it used to be. The company: Cascadia Behavioral length of care for someone at a given age pace. Staff turnover is a constant prob-
At its low point, the staff numbered Healthcare Inc. and diagnosis. lem, he said. Employees can often make
around 350. Now that number has near- What: Nonprofit provider of mental We track and trend a lot of what we $20,000 a year more at hospital systems
ly tripled, to more than 900 employees. health and addiction services to do, Walker said. We can go in through and health plans or a completely unre-
Revenue has also rebounded, reach- low-income people; operator of 600 our claims data and come up with an lated industry.
housing units
ing $59.3 million last year, up from $42 aggregate analysis, so if we find out a If were lucky, we get a couple of
million five years ago. Net consolidated CEO: Derald Walker large percentage are dropping out of percentage points increase in rates from
income has remained steady, at around Revenue: $59.3 million care prematurely, and theres evidence year to year and pass as much as we pos-
$4 million. Net assets: $25.7 million, as of June theyve relapsed, we can go back and sibly can to employees, Walker said.
A lot of hard work was done and tears 30, 2015 look at how were providing that level That, more than anything, keeps me
shed, Walker said. Weve increased Individuals served: 13,000 a year of care. up at night.
significantly. The challenge is to control Locations: 75, with four main In the past three years, reimburse- The dearth of affordable housing in
that growth and consolidate the prog- outpatient clinics ment has gone back to the fixed amount Portland is one reason Walker is passion-
ress weve made, before launching into Area of operations: Multnomah, per month, based on the seriousness of ate about Cascadias planned, 52-unit
Clackamas, Washington, Marion and
another venture. each patients needs. Cascadia, like all project on Northeast Martin Luther King
Lane counties
mental health providers, has struggled to Jr. Boulevard. Cascadia is about halfway
Employees: 900
Fiscal meltdown keep up with the increased demand from through fundraising for the primary care
What led to Cascadia nearly unraveling the Medicaid expansion, which opened clinic piece, which will be run by Central
in the spring of 2008 was a change in the the program to low-income adults. One City Concern. And its almost done with
way it was paid for its services, Walker Medicaid, which provides most of the strategy is to triage patients through a raising funding for the housing, which
said. The organization went from receiv- nonprofits revenue. Its founding CEO, new intake system, Walker said. will be geared mostly to low-income
ing lump sum payments to provide pro- Leslie Ford, was forced out, while two Joanne Fuller, Multnomah County people, with about a dozen reserved for
grams, requiring minimal data, to a fee- chief financial officers quit. Health Department director, said Walk- those with mental illness.
for-service model, a highly complex Walker came in and obtained a $2.2 er and his team have done an outstand- Cascadias existing Garlington Cen-
system that required them to produce million loan from Multnomah County ing job of turning Cascadia around and ter building will be razed in September
more detailed records. and the state, negotiated the Medicaid navigating the current environment. to make way for the new project. Walk-
It was rough, but pretty straightfor- assessment down to $1.2 million over five Its tremendously challenging, she er said its the first building he knows
ward, and a situation where companies years and transferred several programs said. Just because we insured a bunch of of designed in partnership between
whether theyre for-profit or nonprof- to other nonprofits to cut expenses. people, that doesnt mean we have more behavioral/addictions and primary care
it, especially in health care can go side- Cascadia invested in a new electron- therapists and crisis workers, so we have providers. Teams will work together in
ways on, Walker said. ic health records system, which fixed to be creative and innovative to meet pods to coordinate patients care and
Cascadia, at one point, had $3.5 mil- the billing and claims coding prob- that demand and continue to improve ensure that theyre receiving all the ser-
lion in outstanding claims. Cash reserves lems, and expanded its administrative outcomes. vices they need.
were getting thinner and thinner and staff, which occupies two full floors of We dont want a cold clinic-type of
it spent down a line of credit that need- its Northeast Portland offices. Cascadia Looking ahead building, but one that seems inviting,
ed to be renewed, Walker said. The state now uses a quality management system One of Walkers biggest worries these safe and warm for the people we serve,
demanded repayment of $2.7 million to to assess whether its services are bene- days is how the rising cost of living in Walker said.


Writing letters by the bottle


bout three years ago, while
she was a student at the Art
Institute of Portland, Jessica Company name: WinkPens LLC
Chan was given the assignment to Headquarters: Portland
design a sustainable product.
Year founded: 2015
She chose a printer, a decision that
CEO: Jessica Chan
sent her on a mission to understand
Employees: 1
the lifecycle of its components, most
notably its ink. Online:, www.
It turns out that not all inks are
equal, nor all inks actually ink.
The lessons learned from that
that provide her resources, feedback
research sparked the idea for the
and accountability in business
industrial designers newest venture,
goals and actions. WinkPens is also
WinkPens LLC, her startup that
among the dozen local businesses
manufacturers refillable glass fountain
chosen to participate in the Portland
pens that can write using any liquid
Development Commissions new
with a staining property, like tea, juice
Project Increase, a pilot program
or wine.
designed to take established, minority
Thanks to a successful Kickstarter
CATHY CHENEY small business owners through a
campaign last year, Chans already
Jessica Chans Wink Pen can be refilled with either traditional ink or any liquid tailored growth planning course.
sold more than 1,200 pre-orders of the
that stains, including wine, juice or coffee. Prices start at $149 per pen.
Wink Pen wine + ink = wink at
Capital raised: Chan raised $62,062
prices ranging from $149 to $164 for a
contains an ink reservoir. market since the 1930s, which Chan from 850 different backers through
personalized version.
believes will make it appealing to pen a Kickstarter campaign last May,
The pens, she said, are something
How it makes money: The pens are, enthusiasts. Its also the only writing surpassing her initial goal of $47,000.
of a throwback, harkening back to a
for now, only being sold through the device on the market built to handle She also received personal loans
time when calligraphers used brushes
website. So far, Chan has taken orders both traditional inks and alternatives and investment from family and
dipped in wine.
from 26 different countries following like wine and juice. friends to cover the $100,000 cost of
There hasnt been a new glass
a successful crowdfunding campaign manufacturing the first batch of pens.
pen on the market since the 1930s,
last year, which raised enough capital Business it could disrupt: Chan sees
she said. In a way, it brings back
to cover most of the upfront costs of Winkpens as a foil to the world of Capital sought: Chan is still
inspiration from history and marries it
making the product. The first pens are high-tech gadgetry. With the shift determining how much, if any,
with modern aesthetics.
expected to ship in mid-April. towards a higher tech and more additional funding she may need. Her
automated world today, there is also first $100,000 covered the production
The business: Winkpens makes
The market strategy: Chan said she the importance of the low tech, of 2,000 pens. There were only 1,200
refillable glass fountain pens built to
hopes to eventually expand the brand brand transparency, she said. With pre-ordered, so shes hoping sales of
write with raw inks such as wine, juice,
both domestically and internationally. a Wink Pen, not only is it a new tool her remaining inventory will cover the
or tea.
The firm is working with what she for creative expression but there cost of the next production run.
called a high-profile distributor to will always also be that irreplaceable
The product: Called the Wink Pen,
increase brand awareness, market and satisfaction of translating your Ideal exit: At the moment, Chan said
it was created by Chan to provide a
sell products into new niches and retail thoughts manually onto paper. shes not considering an exit. Her hope
sustainable alternative to the everyday
stores. She envisions collaborating with is to build WinkPens into a standalone
writing utensil. The companys name,
other businesses, such as wineries or Managers and their background: operation with a broader product line.
Winkpens, is derived from the concept
museums, and possibly expanding its Chan, the companys sole employee, is Its going to become a full-on pen
of using wine as ink. The pen can be
product offering to include things like a Portland-based industrial designer company, she said. Growing it is the
loaded with any liquid that possesses
stationary, pen sleeves or scented inks. with a background in business. She has plan.
a staining property. They have been
more than seven years of experience in
engineered to adapt to low-viscosity
Competition: Chan said her closest business and design. Erik Siemers, @PDXBIZErik
fluids, allowing users to use both
competitors would be other brands of
traditional and nontraditional inks.
fountain pens or art supplies. Advisers: Chan works out of Nedspace,
Chan describes it as a hybrid between
a coworking space in downtown The Business Journal doesnt endorse
a dip pen and a fountain pen, because
Competitive advantage: Wink pens Portland, and is heavily involved in two companies featured in The Pitch, nor is
it can be both manually fed and
are the only new glass pen to enter the roundtable entrepreneurship groups this an invitation to invest.

New Location
Morgan Stanley is proud to announce that
the Portland Branch offices have moved. You are invited
to call and visit us
The Portland Branch is now located at: at the new office.
George Kane
Complex Manager
760 SW 9th Avenue, Suite 2100
Portland, OR 97205

2016 Morgan Stanley Smith Barney LLC. Member SIPC. CRC1441039 03/16


MECH 8538958/ 603619778 4.875" 3.25"


FINISHED SIZE: 4.875 3.25

JOB NAME: WM Mkt Chin Portland LocAd
APRIL 8, 2016 23


are involved in community affairs; and
R COMMERCIAL REAL ESTATE R NONPROFIT R GIVING BACK who provide a credible role model
professionally and personally to their
community, other health professionals and
FOUNDATION AWARDS FUNDS FOR residents and medical students.
MEDICAL CENTER EXPANSION Dr. Dillon has been practicing family
The Mount Hood Medical Center medicine in Hood River for the past 15
Foundation board of trustees approved years at Columbia Gorge Family Medicine
$150,000 in funding to support the is now the Director of the Columbia Gorge
expansion of Legacy Mount Hood Medical Coordinated Care Organization.
Randy Young MaryKay West Mike Tharp Jan Musgrove Elfers Centers Breast Health and Outpatient She was also elected to the board of
Imaging Center. Donations from patients, directors of the OAFP.
Colliers Colliers Colliers Ecumenical their families, Legacy Health employees
International has International has International has Ministries of Oregon and the broader community made this
added Randy Young added MaryKay added Mike Tharp has promoted Jan R BOARDS
expansion project possible.
as vice president. West as senior vice as associate vice Musgrove Elfers to Since opening in June 2012, the Legacy
He has a broad president. She president. He is a executive director.
base of experience is a leader in the recognized expert She is dedicated
Mount Hood Breast Health and Outpatient YOUTH, RIGHTS & JUSTICE
Imaging Center has experienced
in corporate real leasing, acquisition in residential and to community substantial growth, with a 74 percent ADDS ATTORNEY TO BOARD
estate, including and disposition industrial land sales ministry, increase in mammograms and 75 percent David Rabbino, an
development, of office, mixed- and development environmental increase in ultrasounds. attorney with Tonkon
brokerage and use and industrial in the Portland/SW stewardship The project will increase admission and Torp, was elected
client account properties. Washington area. and theological waiting room space, add an additional to the board of
management. education. ultrasound room, as well as dressing directors for Youth,
rooms and expand clinical areas. Rights & Justice,
R MANUFACTURING R HOW TO SUBMIT a not-for-profit law
firm that provides
R children and families Rabbino
The Portland Business Journal accepts in Oregon with legal
People on the Move submissions online representation and advocacy in the courts,
at DR. KAZ RAFIA HONORED legislature, schools and community.

Portland-area business person who Dr. Kaz Rafia, president of Rafia JOINS OREGON LEGAL BOARD
has been promoted, joined a new Dental, was nominated by his peers Vicki M. Smith, a trial
Mark Rittenbaum Lorie Tekorius company or received an award. and recognized as a Fellow of the lawyer and partner
International College of Dentists for his with Bodyfelt Mount
The Greenbrier The Greenbrier Include name, position and jpeg
years of volunteer service abroad. LLP, has been elected
Companies, Inc. Companies, Inc. photo attachment (see requirements
has promoted has promoted online) of the person, along with to serve as an officer
company contact name and phone HOOD RIVER DOCTOR NAMED on the board of
Mark Rittenbaum Lorie Tekorius to
number in case additional information FAMILY DOCTOR OF THE YEAR directors for the
to executive chief financial
is needed. Dr. Kristen Dillon was named the 2016 Oregon Association
vice president, officer. She will also
Oregon Family Doctor of the Year by the of Defense Counsel. Smith
of commercial, continue as senior
Oregon Academy of Family Physicians. Smiths practice
leasing and finance. vice president,
The award recognizes physicians who focuses on general civil litigation and
His primary focus corporate finance
provide compassionate, comprehensive insurance coverage matters in Oregon and
will be commercial and treasurer.
family medicine on a continuing basis; Washington.



CONGRATULATIONS to the Portland Business

Journals editorial and design team on being
named the nations top business weekly by the
Society of American Business Editors
and Writers (SABEW).

In addition, Reporter Matthew Kish took home

the top honor for probe reporting for his
three-year probe into shell company abuse in
Oregon, and Managing Editor
Erik Siemers was a finalist in breaking news
for his coverage of Hanjin Shippings
exit from Portland.

P was one of just 13 publications
nationwide to win three or more awards. Others
included the Wall Street Journal, the New York
Times, the Associated Press and CNBC.






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APRIL 8, 2016 25

Information to build your business

Sycamore St., Scappoose Sir Home Inspections LLC, Maintenance, 1820 S.E.
R Assumed 97056. R ABOUT THIS SECTION 14211 S.W. Tewkesbury Mulberry Court, McMinnville
business Drive, Portland 97224. 97128.
names Multnomah County READERS GUIDE Robert Woodruff, Justpay, Marketproz, P.O. Box 747,
COURT LISTINGS 15685 S.W. 116th Ave., McMinnville 97128.
Clackamas County Cascade Custom Concrete The Business Leads is a collection of Construction liens ................... 26 Tigard 97224. Jennifer Sanders, The
Coatings, 4421 S.E. Topaz information gathered from Portland area Joshua Bryant, Buyers Green Heart Oregon, 1208
Julie Carman, Five Dogs Drive, Troutdale 97060. New civil lawsuits .....................28
Farm, 28601 S.E. Dale Lane, courthouses, government offices and 24, 2410 S.W. 87th Ave., S.W. Baker St., McMinnville
Eagle Creek 97022. Richard Kraft, Kraft Painting informational websites. We gather these Federal tax liens filed............... 26 Portland 97225. 97128.

Ralph Soule, Geopotential,

and Remodel, P.O. Box 12,
public records so you can build your Federal tax liens released ........ 26 Paul Lalone, Brooklyn Casey Dempsey, Illumination
Corbett 97019. Trattoria, 4708 N.W. Bethany Creations, 701 Deborah Road
22323 E. Wild Fern Lane,
Joseph Weston, The business. State tax liens filed .................. 26 Blvd. No. E-3, Portland Suite D, Newberg 97132.
Brightwood 97011.
Stratford Condominiums, No matter what business you are in, you 97229. Joshua Thoreson, JM
Jerald Catt, Listening For A 2154 N.E. Broadway No. 200,
Change, 1435 S. Birch Court, can gain a competitive edge by reading the PROSPECTING ENTRIES Erin Johnson, Right at Home Windows, 3411 Hayes St.
Portland 97232. PDX, 2216 N.W. Ramsey Apt. 526, Newberg 97132.
Canby 97013.
Mark Kaip, MK Distinctive
Business Leads. Find new and expanding Assumed business names ........25 Drive, Portland 97229. David Rightmire, Jeld, 629-
Chelsea Tuning, Fine Tuning Dentistry, 1800 S.W. First St. businesses and new customers. Find out New businesses ....................... 26 Chris Nardin, Consulting A Grant St., Newberg 97132.
Training, 43299 S.E. Porter
Road, Estacada 97023.
Suite 530, Portland 97201. the areas commercial and residential New corporations .................... 29 Services Northwest, 19190 William Green, RM Green
S.W. 90th Ave./P.O. Box
Darla Christensen, Picket
Jose Ruiz, The Office hot spots. Find clues about the financial 1811, Tualatin 97062.
Co., 7700 N.W. French Lane,
Taproom, 6193 S.E. Foster Carlton 97111.
Perfect, 21623 S. McKenzie Road, Portland 97206. condition of your vendors, customers or REAL ESTATE LISTINGS Len Dalton, Iron Triangles
Lane, Estacada 97023. competitors. Conveyance Wines, 20980
Christina Vander Werf, Building permits .......................25 Consulting, 12260 S.W. N.E. Niederberger Road,
Hunter Johnson, Oregon Healthcare Communicators of Listings for each category may vary 124th Ave., Tigard 97223.
Dundee 97115.
Apiaries, P.O. Box 662, Oregon, 4400 N.E. Halsey St. Commercial ............................. 30
Molalla 97038. from week to week because of information Sir Realty Group, 14211
Randy Ernst, French Hill
Suite 592, Portland 97213.
availability and space constraints. (Note: Residential ............................... 30 S.W. Tewkesbury Drive,
Truffles, 29400 N.E. Miller
Charity Wood, PELN, 11638 Lynneah Tessman, 22751 Portland 97224.
View Lane, Newberg 97132.
S. New Era Road, Oregon City N.E. Halsey St. Apt. 51, *Indicates listings are not available for this Timothy Lee, Milestone
Mary Warnshuis, Gift Basket
97045. Fairview 97024. week.) Property Management LLC,
Boutique, 17445 N.E. Ribbon
Khalid Shnan, Almanar, Hasan Artharee, Score 6823 S.W. Canyon Road,
Ridge Road, Newberg 97132.
6871 S.W. Wilsonville Road Athletics, 2733 N.E. Elliott Portland 97225.
Apt. 96, Wilsonville 97070. Ave., Gresham 97030.
EMAIL EDITION Jordan Lutz, Cultured
Andrea Roesch, Nexthome
Norma Gonzalez Ramirez, Ashley Pederson, Bridal
To buy Leads information for Portland and Realty Connection, 9616
Cannabis Co., P.O. Box 266,
Dundee 97115.
La Yaquesita, P.O. Box 2686, Bling, 1905 S.W. Heiney more than 40 other markets, call 877- N.W. Arborview Drive,
Wilsonville 97070. Portland 97229. Sandra Finch, Dreambody
Road, Gresham 97080. 593-4157, or see Massage, P.O. Box 1063,
Deborah Tenenholz, Fusako Imai, Syun Izakaya
Husband for An Hour, P.O.
Jeffrey Johnson, Current The information is available on disk or via Japanese Restaurant and Sake
McMinnville 97128.
Extracts, 3301 S.W. 23rd St.,
Box 22473, Milwaukie Gresham 97080. email and arrives earlier than the published Club, 32755 S.W. Wohler St.,
Arena District, 2775 S.W. version. Hillsboro 97123.
R Building
Harry Mitchell, Cannacafe,
Sheree Murray, Pampered Old Orchard Road, Portland
N.W. Keeton Park Lane,
Paws, 38660 S.E. Hudson 97201.
Road, Sandy 97055. Portland 97229.
USCS YEA, 1300 S.W. Fifth Elena Dyakova, International Glisan St. Apt. 222, Portland Ave., Portland 97203. Scott Spielvogel 1800 City of Portland
Karla Sanchez Sotomayor, Ave. Suite 2400, Portland Institute of Speech 97213. N.W. Cornelius Pass Road, Jayson Fleming, Flat Line
Julia Bosworth, Jewel Lotus Motor Sports, 4480 S.W. (contractor not shown),
S&S Accounting Services, 97201. Pathology, 9700 N.E. Everett Hillsboro 97124.
Norm Lippert, Lathe Yoga Center, 1020 S.W. 175th Ave., Beaverton commercial alteration at 700
685 First St. Apt. 28, Lake Court No. 306, Portland
Erik Berglund, Glisan- Creations NW, 1800 S.E. Taylor St. Suite 780, Portland Northwest Landscape 97078. N.E. Multnomah St., AAT
Oswego 97034. 97220. Services of OR LLC, c/o
Berglund, 1268 S.W. 104th Court, Portland 97205. Lloyd District LLC, $160,000.
Carl Coffman, Waterside Cardinell Drive, Portland Nicholas Doughty, 1937 97216. R. Scott Spielvogel 1800 Alejandra Villatoro, Titos
Sarasvati Institute of Food, 6925 S.W. 104th Ave. (contractor not shown),
Apartments, P.O. Box 387, 97201. Studio, 1937 N.E. 101st Ave., Jordan Bernier, Bernie Ayurvedic Yoga Therapy, N.W. Cornelius Pass Road,
Oregon City 97045. Portland 97220. Hillsboro 97124. No. 1, Beaverton 97008. commercial building at 3410
Evohl Malagon, Malagon Shirts, 910 N. Harbour Drive 1307 S.E. Harrison St., S.W. Bond Ave., Oregon
Jian Chen, Happy Family Dispute Resolution, 600 S.E. Mike Blackburn, Blackburn No. 429, Portland 97217. Portland 97214. Northwest Landscape Dallas Elmore, Lava
Mountain Brewing Co., Health Science University,
Restaurant and Lounge, 413 Marion St. No. 302, Portland Sound, 3436 N. Gantenbein Salvatore Folisi, Xander Saraswati Institute of Services of Oregon, c/o $2,667,553.
Grange Ave., Molalla 97038. 97202. Ave., Portland 97227. R. Scott Spielvogel 1800 17480 S.W. Timber Crossing
Stone Ink, 4610 N.E. Alberta Ayurvedic & Yogic Arts, Lane, Sherwood 97140. (contractor not shown),
Dan Ionita, Mynter Auto, David Boekelheide, Court, Portland 97218. 1307 S.E. Harrison St., N.W. Cornelius Pass Road,
National Alliance On single-family residence
28600 S.E. Knox Road, Boekelworks, 238 N. Beech, Portland 97214. Hillsboro 97124. Neal Bauer, Double Plus
Mental Illness Mid-Valley, Lisa Weseman, Lost addition at 3029 S.W. Sunset
Boring 97009. 4701 S.E. 24th Ave. Suite E, Portland 97227. Northwest Landscape Good Games, 16200 S.W.
Treasures Decor, 1111 S.E. Stephen Arnold, Technical Pacific Highway Suite H-250, Blvd., Bradley Malone,
Harrison Jensen, Harrisons Portland 97202. High Society Collection, 144th Ave., Portland 97233. Counseling, 6911 N. Albina Services of WA, c/o R. $200,000.
Scott Spielvogel 1800 Portland 97224.
Mobile Detailing, 18787 Benjamin Jacobsen, Clear 911 N. Monroe St., Portland Samantha Shearer, Chill Ave., Portland 97217. (contractor not shown),
Central Point Road Apt. 227, 97227. N.W. Cornelius Pass Road, Guillermo Ocampo
Path Concentrates, 2123 S.E. Services, 604 S.E. 72nd Ave., Nathan Emerson, Maitri single-family residence
Oregon City 97045. Hillsboro 97124. Fernandez, Two Brothers
Division St., Portland 97202. Stephanie Goold, Ebony & Portland 97215. Mental Health Counseling, at 3258 S.W. Fairmount
Northwest Landscape Gutter Services, 13285
Sam Shimary, Shimary Auto, Matthew Hilla, RWB Ivory 4U 2U, 17924 S.E. Haig Det Vongthongthip, Primary 8606 N.E. Schuyler St., S.W. Jenkins Road Apt. A, Blvd., James Tropfenbaum,
8010 S.E. Otty St., Milwaukie Drive, Portland 97236. Portland 97220. Services of WA LLC, c/o $272,973.
Portland, 3924 S.E. Office Services, 2025 S.E. Beaverton 97005.
97222. R. Scott Spielvogel 1800
Woodward St., Portland Matt Ruhland, Ruhland 92nd Ave., Portland 97216. Teresa Ruuemau, Truuemau (contractor not shown),
N.W. Cornelius Pass Road, Richard Johnson, Portland
Vieng Oudom, Sommi 97202. Mandolins, 6342 S.E. 89th Adult Foster Care, 7104 commercial alteration at
Matthew Wenner, Sasquatch Hillsboro 97124. Cash Register Systems,
Wine Cellars, 10876 S.E. Lindsay Fryback, St. Johns Ave., Portland 97266. S.E. 122nd Drive, Portland 11760 S.W. Timberline Drive, 222 S.W. Clay St., City of
Garden Design, 8436 N. Northwest Landscape
Sunnyside Road, Clackamas Clay Cooperative, 6810 N. Oscar Valadrian, Valadrian 97236. Beaverton 97008. Portland, $1,285,010.
Willamette, Portland 97203. Services of Washington,
97015. Nashton St., Portland 97203. Creative and Consulting, Natalie Moravec, The Absher Construction Co.,
Timothy Wright, Anatomy c/o R. Scott Spielvogel 1800 Charles McLawhorn,
Black Market Glass, 28151 Bright Girls, 10035 N. 1220 N.E. 17th Ave. Unit Chariot Tarot Eclectic, P.O. N.W. Cornelius Pass Road, Cascade Dealing Services, multi-family residence
Woodworks and Design, 8216
S.E. Highway 212, Boring MacRum Ave., Portland 3-D, Portland 97232. Box 16814, Portland 97292. Hillsboro 97124. 14325 S.W. Sexton Mountain addition at 1221 S.W. 11th
N. Swenson St., Portland
97009. 97203. The Bridgetown Drive Apt. E, Beaverton Ave., PH Portland Jefferson
97203. Nicki Howell, Sold Monarch Landscape
Apartments, c/o Kyle D. 97008. LLC, $200,000.
Jacquelin Weathers, CJS Cecily Madanes, 7521 ISI Security Solutions, 818 Photography, 936 S.E. 25th Services, c/o R. Scott
Craft Boutique, 33000 S.E. N. Gloucester Ave. Unit 1, Wuepper 75 S.E. Yamhill St. St., Gresham 97080. Spielvogel 1800 N.W. Angel Chandler, S&A Home Balfour Beatty Construction
S.W. Third Ave. No. 430,
Colorado Road, Sandy 97055. Portland 97203. Suite 202, Portland 97214. Cornelius Pass Road, Services, 9700 S.W. Tualatin LLC, commercial alteration at
Portland 97204. Nicole Young, Foodsy
Joseph Weston, The Hillsboro 97124. Road No. 18, Tualatin 97062. 700 N.E. Multnomah St., AAT
7-Eleven No. 27453C, Jeffrey Nudelman, Timber Jarred Trantham, Lost Sailor Photo, 2955 N.E. 59th Ave.,
Manhattan Condominiums, Lloyd District LLC, $450,000.
29955-A S.W. Boones Ferry Arms, 1121 S.W. Salmon St., Design, 4626 N.E. 29th Ave., Portland 97213. Monarch Landscaping, c/o Patrick Lechner, Pitside
Road, Wilsonville 97070. Portland 97205. 2154 N.E. Broadway No. 200, R. Scott Spielvogel 1800 Maintenance and Repair, Centrex Construction
Portland 97211. Michael Demidenko, Michael
Portland 97232. N.W. Cornelius Pass Road, 3404 19th Ave. Apt. 215, Inc., commercial alteration
Nathan Raymond, A+ Jeffrey Nudelman, Timbers Leslie Morgan, Pine Cone Demidenko Photography,
Joseph Weston, The Waldorf Hillsboro 97124. Forest Grove 97116. at 1732 N.W. Quimby St.,
Computer Service, 14932 S. Tower, 1121 S.W. Salmon St., Express, 9223 S.E. Ash St., 430 N.E. 16th Ave. Apt. 323,
Condominiums, 2154 N.E. Modoc Investments LLC,
Blue Vista Drive, Oregon City Portland 97205. Portland 97216. Portland 97232. NW Landscape Services, Donald Pender, Stoke-
Broadway No. 200, Portland $1,000,000.
97045. Danielle Thompson, c/o R. Scott Spielvogel 1800 Design and Build, 3993 S.W.
Paul Ferretti, Ferretti Rosa 97232. James Cote, Zip Line Crescent Custom Homes
Bryan Tom, Gocity Services, Rose`, 6909 S.E. Mall St., Personal Touch Cleaning N.W. Cornelius Pass Road, 190th Terrace, Beaverton
Delivery, 8728 N. Wilbur Hillsboro 97124. 97078. LLC, single-family residence
1658 Laurel St. Apt. 1, Lake Portland 97206. Robert Phed, Cherry Avenue Services, 1717 S.E. Orient
Ave., Portland 97217. at 3584 S.E. Holgate Blvd.,
Oswego 97034. Trailer Park, 1001 S.W. Fifth Drive No. 228, Gresham Northwest Landscape Megan Price, Meg
Eric Rowe, Studio Infinity, Klay Arsenault, Kleja $306,305.
Ave. Suite 1220, Portland 97080. Services, c/o R. Scott Enterprises, 1275 N.E.
Bryan Tom, Gocity Staffing, 1221 N.W. 11th Ave. Apt. Design, 6907 N.E. Roselawn, Dozer Construction LLC,
97204. Spielvogel 1800 N.W. Orenco Station Parkway No.
1658 Laurel St. Apt. 1, Lake 607, Portland 97209. Portland 97218. Gail Kearns, Oregon City multi-family residence at
Oswego 97034. Bonsai Restaurant, 615 Cleaners, P.O. Box 14732, Cornelius Pass Road, H-201, Hillsboro 97124.
Kelsey Glasser, Thelonious, Oana Ticula, Ticula Hillsboro 97124. 5350 S.E. 18th Ave., NW
S.W. Broadway Ave., Portland Portland 97293. Mitchell Seitzinger,
Sunday Effiong, Edemsons 555 N.W. Park Ave. Apt. 102, Enterprises, 8539 S.E. Properties LLC, $1,152,270.
97205. Todd Decker, ABC Graphics, Bridgewater Distributing,
Enterprise, 16690 S.E. Portland 97209. Clinton St., Portland 97266. Altrue Walker, Shiloh Church Fulcrum Inc., commercial
McLoughlin Blvd., Milwaukie Patricia Talarico, Whats For of God In Christ, 2407 10250 S.W. 130th Ave., 14670 S.W. Peak Court,
Run PDX, 1126 N.W. Marshall David Campion, Dave Beaverton 97008. Portland 97224. alteration at 200 S.W. Market
97267. Dinner, 6945 S.W. Seventh N.E. Saratoga St., Portland
St., Portland 97209. Campion Web Development, St., Two Hundred Market
Ave., Portland 97219. 97211. Jamie Van Nuys, Felix and Erica Broadous, Blackstar
Kenneth Dill, Kede 609 S.E. Taylor St. No. 301, Assoc. LP, $244,000.
Robin Brassaw, Brassinez, Sergey Pipchenko, Western Frazzled, 5160 S.W. 180th Entertainment, 442 S.W.
Productions, 2220 Gilman 5250 N.E. 25th Ave., Portland 97214. Neri Albarran Velazquez, General Sheet Metal Works
Drive Apt. 313, Oregon City Sky Motors, 1597 S.W. 29th Brisa Child Care, 747 N.E. Ave. Unit 1, Aloha 97078. Valeria View Drive Apt. 201,
Portland 97211. Portland 97225. Inc., commercial alteration at
97045. St., Troutdale 97060. Patricia Davidson, RV 162nd Ave., Portland 97230. Kirsten Isakson, Kirsten 309 S.W. Sixth Ave., P7 Bank
Single Origin, 5934 N.E. Mobile Web Services, P.O. Box Isakson LAC, P.O. Box 831, Carrie East Hypnosis, 10445
Krishan Nattar, Stumptown Clutch Coffee Roasters, Tigist Adare, Tigi Blocks LLC, $501,913.
14th Ave., Portland 97211. 82292, Portland 97282. Forest Grove 97116. S.W. Canyon Road Suite 111-
Videos, 7350 S.E. Jack Road, 5904 N.E. 13th Ave., Transportation, 9673 N.
E, Beaverton 97005. General Sheet Metal Works
Milwaukie 97222. Lisa Dunlap, Dunlap Portland 97211. Melissa Pope, Wundershun Woolsey Ave., Portland Richard Little, Inc., commercial alteration
Advisors, 3002 N.E. 13th Music, 2119 N. Kerby Ave. 97203. Teamcheckpoint, 1232 S.E. Derek Rodrigues, Timelines
April Truong, Beyond Skin Bailey Patterson, So Simple at 308 S.W. Second Ave., PR
Ave., Portland 97212. Shave Ice & Fresh Syrups, Suite E-2, Portland 97227. Roundelay St., Hillsboro Barbershop, 14120 S.W.
Deep Laser Center, 11505 Tesfaye Tessema, Yohanna Block 300 LLC, $152,861.
S.E. 77th Place, Milwaukie Rodney Walker, The Groove 3435 N.E. 45th Ave. Suite C, Young Kim, Dereks Shoe Medical Transportation, 97123. Tewkesbury Drive, Tigard
97224. Green Gables Design &
97222. Band, 6226 N. Curtis Ave., Portland 97213. Repair, 515 S.W. Broadway, 10608 N.E. Wygant Apt. B, Devin Hunter, Hillsboro Restoration Inc., single-
Portland 97217. Lenny VanScyoc, Game Portland 97205. Portland 97220. Classified United, 245 S.E. Nails 4 U Two, 110 N. 20th
Binh Huynh, The Nail family residence alteration
Parlour, 8800 S.E. Sunnyside Danielle Zeghbib, Buffalo On! Gifts and Collectibles, Joseph Perry, Perry Fourth Ave. Suite A, Hillsboro Ave., Cornelius 97113. at 4220 S.W. Strathfell Lane,
Road Suite 257-5, Clackamas 21, 7207 N. Albina Ave., 4849 S.W. 11th St. Apt. 210, Productions, 3003 S.E. 97123. Ruth Parra, Chiquitin Day Chamre Properties LLC,
Portland 97217. Gresham 97080. Brooklyn St., Portland Washington County
97015. Bob Trout, Sawyer Networks, Care, 13945 S.W. Hazel St., $375,000.
Unite Oregon, 700 N. Rubina Martini, The Pigeons 97202. Michelle Christensen, Little 21195 N.W. Evergreen Beaverton 97005.
Jorge Hernandez, Oswego Grinko Inc., single-family
Cleaning Co., 5019 Foothills Killingsworth St., Portland Studio and Gallery, 7325 N. Ann Pyne Productions, 107 Farm Preschool, 24025 S.W. Parkway Suite 203, Hillsboro Irene Nolan, Childs Play residence at 14011 S.E.
Road Apt. A, Lake Oswego 97217. Alta Ave., Portland 97203. S.E. Washington St. Suite Middleton Road, Sherwood 97124. Childcare, 3147 N.E. Lincoln Tenino St., $384,779.
97034. Jesse Aszman, The Stoney Lindsay Fryback, Rock 245, Portland 97214. 97140. NLS, c/o R. Scott Spielvogel St., Hillsboro 97124. Lease Crutcher Lewis Corp.,
Point, 4606 N.E. Holman St., Bottom Pottery, 6810 N. Vadim Feytser, Rafael Video Joshua Bryant, Modern 1 1800 N.W. Cornelius Pass commercial alteration at 760
Portland 97218. Nashton St., Portland 97203. Pro, 10149 S.E. Pardee St., Homes, 2410 S.W. 87th Ave., Road, Hillsboro 97124. S.W. Ninth Ave., $1,025,000.
Columbia County Portland 97266. Portland 97225. Yamhill County
CSM Advantage LLC, 1287 Kindra Lanford-Crick, Denise Keesee, ADCK, 23566 MCRT PNW Construction
Tim Mosterdyke, Plans NW, S.W. Ophelia St., Portland Kindra Crick Studios, 3936 Del Stephens, Tuna Dog Joshua Bryant, New Republic S.W. Voss Place, Sherwood Krista McCallum, Pick This LLC, multi-family residence
33740 Blaha Road, Warren 97219. N.E. 14th Ave., Portland Productions, P.O. Box 10762, Homes, 2410 S.W. 87th Ave., 97140. Farm & Studio, 16835 N.E. at 1481 N.W. 13th Ave.,
97053. Kimberly Rinehart, Nox 97212. Portland 97296. Portland 97225. Airtech NW, 11225-A S.W. Dopp Road, Newberg 97132. MCREF 1420 Pearl
George Cornwall, PDM Aeon, 10820 N.E. Hancock Jyunmi Hatcher, Just Some Melissa Pope, Makeup by Northwest Landscape Greenburg Road, Tigard Nicolas Amador, Leaving Development LLC, $600,000.
Staffing LLC, 44638 S.W. St., Portland 97220. Movie Junkies, 5819 N.E. Melissa Pope, 8004 N. Hurst Services of OR, c/o R. 97223. Beauty Landscape Morrison Built Inc., single-

family residence at 6116 S.E. single-family residence at JB Custom Homes, single- wholesalers. Solutions Heating and public administration). Evan Corey, 6655 N. Astor Runa M. Kahan, 7016 S.E.
47th Ave., $350,407. 11205 N.E. 151st Ave., family residence at 2631 S.W. International Marine & Cooling LLC, P.O. Box Bryan P. Quinlan, 6965 St., Portland 97203, other Boise St., Portland 97206,
P&C Construction Co., $317,837. McKenna Place, $269,429. Industrial Applicators LLC, 2005, Fairview 97024, N.E. Ronler Way Apt. 1928, services (except public offices of all other health
commercial alteration at New Tradition Homes, Pacific Lifestyle Homes 7884 Spanish Fort Blvd., construction. Hillsboro 97124, other administration). practitioners.
10102 N.E. Glisan St., Kaiser single-family residence Inc., single-family residence Spanish Fort, Ala. 36527, Amber R. Martinez, P.O. services (except public Dawn J. Bonnevie, 9015 Isaiah M. Gootee, 7457 S.E.
Foundation, $295,000. at 16500 N.E. 97th St., at 47269 S.W. Scoggins construction. Box 619, Gladstone 97027, administration). N. Oswego Ave., Portland 78th Ave., Portland 97206,
Raimore Construction LLC, $399,196. Valley Road, $434,495. Adaptive Micro Systems other services (except public 97203, offices of mental other services (except public
Scott A. Duncan, 831 N.E.
commercial alteration at NW Elite Homes Corp., Pahlisch Homes Inc., LLC, 7840 N. 86th St., administration). health practitioners (except administration).
Thomas Court, Hillsboro
8411 N. Denver Ave., City of single-family residence at Milwaukee, Wis. 53224, Hollie Fasone, 920 N.W. physicians). Henry S. Marshall, 8926 S.E.
single-family residence 97124, other services (except
Portland, $150,000. at 5206 N.E. 95th St., 10634 N.W. Glenmore Way, other communications Fifth St., Gresham 97030, public administration). Cori Moore, Rides by E&C, 58th Drive, Portland 97206,
$256,466. $506,011. equipment manufacturing. hotels (except casino hotels) 6655 N. Astor St., Portland other services (except public
RJD Inc., multi-family Shanna Teeter, Ground
residence at 55 N.E. Tentamus North America and motels. 97203, other services (except administration).
Pahlisch Homes Inc., single- Level Construction LLC, P.O.
Grand Ave., TRG Burnside Inc. and Subsidiaries, 820 public administration). Thang Le, Best Nails and Spa
family residence at 5807 N.E. Anibal Lobo Jui-Jitsu LLC, Box 217, Lafayette 97127,
Development LLC, $300,000. 120th Circle, $316,475. R Construction N. Third Ave., St. Charles, Ill. 839 E. Powell Blvd., Gresham construction. Michael S. Jacobs, 7541 N. LLC, 7908 S.E. 76th Place,
Skanska USA, commercial Perry Gilmour, single-family liens 60174, all other professional, 97030, sports and recreation
Creekwood Homes Inc.,
Jersey St., Portland 97203, Portland 97206, hair, nail,
addition at 3610 N.W. St. scientific, and technical instruction. other services (except public and skin care services.
residence at 32422 N.E. P.O. Box 1785, North
Helens Road, American Clark County services. administration). Shelly Jones, 6730 S.E.
Clearwater Drive, $197,541. Jose J. Chavez Garcia, P.O. Plains 97133, commercial
Industries Inc., $1,000,000. Amys Hallmark No. 542, Box 1912, Gresham 97030, and institutional building Greg Lustyik, Lustyik Henry St., Portland 97206,
Pillar Homes, single-family Claimant: Manor Homes
P.O. Box 419479, Kansas City, other services (except public construction. Construction, 9038 N. health care and social
Turner Construction Co., residence at 8916 N.E. 150th LLC, Contractor: Parr Lumber
Mo. 64141, home and garden administration). Gilbert Ave., Portland 97203, assistance.
commercial alteration at Ave., $190,219. Co., $35,522, Owner: Kevin Mark Whitlock, Portland
equipment and appliance construction. Dustin Nelson, Green
3181 S.W. Sam Jackson Seppala, on property at 5630 Brandon R. McVeigh, 87 Eco Laundry LLC, P.O. Box
Quail Construction LLC, repair and maintenance.
Park Road, State of Oregon, N.W. Century Blvd., Hillsboro, Tanglewood Drive, Lake 218, Saint Paul 97137, Anna L. Dalton, 7937 N. Lightning, 7600 S.E. Crystal
single-family residence
$350,000. Ore. 97124, recording DDI-DSPRO LLC, 75 Glen Oswego 97035, other other services (except public Fessenden St., Portland Springs Blvd., Portland
at 103 N.E. 233rd St.,
Urban Housing #5264413, 03/14/16. Road Suite 204, Sandy services (except public administration). 97203, other services (except 97206, electronic shopping
Development, single- Hook, Conn. 6482, software administration). public administration). and mail-order houses.
Stephen Hubbard (owner), Amy K. Delaney, 7715 S.E.
family residence at 3912 N. publishers. Andrea J. Levy, 9433 N. Mabuhay Grocery, 7130
Gantenbein Ave., Agurezo
single-family residence at R State tax liens TMS Construction Inc., P.O.
Brian G. Nicholas, P.O. 31st Ave., Portland 97202,
Buchanan Ave., Portland S.E. Harold St., Portland
Box 1122, Molalla 97038, other services (except public
38103 N.E. 135th Ave., 97203, other services (except 97206, general line grocery
Group LLC, $243,324. Multnomah County Box 76197, Colorado Springs, other services (except public administration).
$203,921. public administration). merchant wholesalers.
Urban Housing Colo. 80970, residential administration).
Stoneridge Custom Bryan J. Lynch, 8211 S.E.
Development, single- Rudmar Inc., 8708 S.E. building construction. Nicholas Cannard, P.O. Box Elizabeth Zirk, 8624 N. John Dover, Johnny Scotch
Development, single-family 15th Ave., Portland 97202,
family residence at 3916 N. 76th Drive, Portland 97206, Guy Nielson Co. Industrial 823, Mulino 97042, other other services (except public Haven Ave., Portland 97203, Comics, 8022 S.E. 57th
residence at 10206 N.E. $15,701, (Withholding), other services (except public Ave., Portland 97206,
Gantenbein Ave., Agurezo Division Inc., P.O. Box 2029, services (except public administration).
110th Circle, $577,054. document #2016 31581, administration). arts, entertainment, and
Group LLC, $243,324. Pocatello, Idaho 83206, administration).
Urban Northwest Homes 03/14/16. other services (except public Crazy Awesome LLC, 8226 recreation.
Steelblue Solutions Inc., S.E. 15th Ave., Portland Benjamin Pope, Wundershun
LLC, single-family residence AD Traffic Control Services administration).
Clark County P.O. Box 2637, Oregon 97202, graphic design Music, 8004 N. Hurst Ave., A-Team Construction Co.,
at 15400 N.E. 108th Way, LLC, P.O. Box 28157, Portland 97203, other 7615 S.E. 71st Ave., Portland
$354,521. More & Faster, 940 City 97045, administrative services.
AHO Construction Inc., Portland 97228, $15,763, N. Mansfield Ave., Los and support and waste services (except public 97206, construction.
Urban NW Custom Homes (Withholding), document Angeles, Calif. 90038, management and remediation Jason Perez, 7924 S.E. administration).
single-family residence James E. Vautravers,
Inc., single-family residence #2016 31598, 03/14/16. arts, entertainment, and services. 17th Ave., Portland 97202,
at 12609 N.E. 112th St., Michael Wienick, 7619 S.E. Harold St.,
at 15521 N.E. 108th Way, recreation. other services (except public
$294,773. Willamette Valley Student Alicia M. Cain, 775 Curvedline LLC, 9510 N. Portland 97206, other
$212,853. administration).
Alexander and Kimberly Movers LLC, P.O. Box 543, Robert A. Markel, 650 S.W. Cascade St. Apt. 1204, Edison St., Portland 97203, services (except public
Waverly Homes/H.G. Gresham 97030, $14,013, Meadow Drive Apt. 106, Oregon City 97045, other Abraham K. Lopes, 824 management of companies administration).
Massie (owner), single-
Homes LLC, single-family (Withholding), document Beaverton 97006, other services (except public S.E. Spokane St., Portland and enterprises.
family residence at 32007 Gretchen A. Klein, 7704 S.E.
residence at 3011 N.E. 74th #2016 32045, 03/15/16. services (except public administration). 97202, all other professional,
N.E. Rock Creek Road, Melissa Pope, Makeup by 60th Ave., Portland 97206,
St., $247,132. administration). scientific, and technical
$290,363. Willamette Valley Student Erik D. Shackelford, 750 Melissa Pope, 8004 N. Hurst professional, scientific, and
Brabec Homes Inc., single- Movers LLC, P.O. Box 543, Sergio Lopez, 791 S.W. Cascade St. Apt. 312, Ave., Portland 97203, other technical services.
Gresham 97030, $14,365, Williamsburg Way, Beaverton Oregon City 97045, other Cielle Charron, Cielle services (except public
family residence at 7680 N.E. Washington County Lourdes Jaurigue, LJ
(Withholding), document 97006, other services (except services (except public Charron Design, 7615 S.E. administration).
Livingston Mountain Road, Services, P.O. Box 1625,
Balfour Beatty Construction #2016 32046, 03/15/16. public administration). administration). 13th Ave., Portland 97202,
$980,494. Daniel Pugh, Love Is Rad Portland 97207, other
LLC, commercial alteration interior design services.
Cascade West Development Tyler Valina, 959 N.W. Matthew D. Christensen, LLC, 9531 N. Portsmouth services (except public
at 9205 S.W. Barnes Road, Washington County Wheelock Place, Beaverton 747 S.W. 257th Ave. Apt. Michelle Magid, Ayurveda Ave., Portland 97203, administration).
Inc., single-family residence
(hospital/fire water storage), 97006, janitorial services. 134, Troutdale 97060, Vibrance, 8083 S.E. 13th arts, entertainment, and
at 19926 N.E. 144th St., Miles Merwin, Oregon
$2,100,000. Acacia Construction other services (except public Ave. Suite 5, Portland recreation.
$449,673. Sanghoon Paek, 7260 Heartwood LLC, P.O. Box
Baseline Woods SFD II LLC, Services Inc., 400 W. administration). 97202, health care and social
D.R. Horton Inc., single- S.W. 174th Ave., Beaverton assistance. Ashlie K. Grundy, 8065 N. 2307, Portland 97208, other
single-family residence at Covina Blvd., San Dimas, Ivanhoe St., Portland 97203, miscellaneous durable goods
family residence at 13011 Calif. 91773, $32,548, 97007, other services (except Jeffrey P. Wadley, 8900
N.E. 116th Circle, $207,506. 459 S.W. Aldea Terrace, public administration). S.W. Sweek Drive Apt. 917, Stacy C. Sheffler, 8336 N. other services (except public merchant wholesalers.
$175,055. (Withholding), document Johnswood Drive, Portland administration).
#2016 18759, 03/11/16. Reed Plumbing & Tualatin 97062, other Dylan Pickford, P.O. Box
D.R. Horton Inc., single- 97203, offices of mental
Baseline Woods SFD II LLC, Mechanical Group services (except public Nichol E. Welsh, 7212 N. 4901, Portland 97208,
family residence at 13100 health practitioners (except
single-family residence at LLC, 7825 S.W. 184th administration). Central St., Portland 97203, other services (except public
N.E. 116th Circle, $207,506. physicians).
445 S.W. Aldea Terrace, R Federal tax Ave., Beaverton 97007, Jonathan C. Roley, 9301 landscape architectural administration).
D.R. Horton Inc., single- $204,417. Christopher G. Penman, services.
liens construction. S.W. Sagert St. Apt. 99, Walter Moorhouse,
family residence at 12012 7227 N. Philadelphia Ave.,
Baseline Woods SFD II LLC, Trevor A. Woller, 9895 Tualatin 97062, other David Hoover, DH Tile Annulet Consulting LLC,
N.E. 110th St., $268,267. Portland 97203, other
single-family residence at S.W. 153rd Ave., Beaverton services (except public and Stone LLC, 6815 N. 920 N.W. Naito Parkway
D.R. Horton Inc., single- Clackamas County services (except public
403 S.W. Aldea Terrace, 97007, other services (except administration). Smith St., Portland 97203, Apt. J-19, Portland 97209,
family residence at 13010 $205,934. administration).
Technocom Inc., 25849 public administration). Cascadia Associates LLC, construction. professional, scientific, and
N.E. 116th Circle, $197,464. Brianamarie Garcia, 6855 technical services.
Bethany Creek Falls LLC, S.W. Canyon Creek Road N. 9155 S.W. Ibach Court, Rebekah Dykhorst,
Syed F. Ahmed, 8446 S.W. N. Burlington Ave. Apt.
D.R. Horton Inc., single- single-family residence Suite 300, Wilsonville 97070, Tualatin 97062, professional, Soap Suds Cleaning and Kerry Davies, 783 N.W.
family residence at 13015 186th Ave., Beaverton 316, Portland 97203, other
at 15165 N.W. Marie Way, $169,423, (941), document scientific, and technical Organizing, 7212 N. New Naito Parkway Apt. 406,
N.E. 116th Circle, $197,464. 97007, other services (except services (except public
$395,820. #2016 16778, 03/14/16. services. York Ave., Portland 97203, Portland 97209, other
public administration). administration).
D.R. Horton Inc.-Portland, Bethany Creek Falls LLC, Pacific Hot Tub Solutions Kurt Geist, P.O. Box 3, other services (except public services (except public
single-family residence at Michael J. Sumner, 6655 Presley M. Poe, 8409 N. administration). administration).
single-family residence LLC, 13851 Beavercreek Welches 97067, social
13101 N.E. 116th Circle, S.W. 178th Place, Beaverton Willamette Blvd., Portland
at 15221 N.W. Marie Way, Road, Oregon City 97045, advocacy organizations. David C. Forman, 888 Popcycletta, 783 N.W.
$186,973. 97007, other services (except 97203, hair, nail, and skin
$395,820. $22,064, (941), document S.W. Fifth Ave. Suite 1600, Naito Parkway Apt. 509,
public administration). Goldfoot Productions care services.
D.R. Horton Inc.-Portland, #2016 16789, 03/14/16. Portland 97204, other Portland 97209, other
Bethany Creek Falls LLC, LLC, 8600 S.W. Carmel
single-family residence Top Gun Pressure Washing, Doctor Bird Elixirs, 9211 services (except public services (except public
single-family residence Circle, Wilsonville 97070,
at 12009 N.E. 111th St., P.O. Box 6175, Beaverton N. Clarendon Ave., Portland administration). administration).
at 15185 N.W. Marie Way, Multnomah County arts, entertainment, and
$262,235. 97007, other services (except 97203, accommodation and
$436,058. recreation. Jake Ottosen, 818 S.W. Third Andrew A. Ping, 730 N.W.
public administration). food services.
Devon Snider, commercial Bethany Creek Falls LLC, Reliant Plumbing & Accurate Corporate Ave. No. 221-4482, Portland Naito Parkway Apt. E-15,
construction at 8605 Mechanical Inc., 11575 S.W. Devin C. Lindquist, 8658 Tyrin D. Harris, 8860 N. 97204, other services (except Portland 97209, other
single-family residence Services, 9685 S.W. Ridder
N.E. Highway 99, (shell), Pacific Highway Suite 219, S.W. Muledeer Drive, Columbia Blvd. Apt. 1, public administration). services (except public
at 15203 N.W. Marie Way, Road Suite 150, Wilsonville
$1,114,809. Portland 97223, $120,921, Beaverton 97007, other Portland 97203, other administration).
$292,212. 97070, commercial and Donald Branham, Old Town
(941), document #2016 services (except public services (except public
Devon Snider, commercial industrial machinery Investigations, 818 S.W. Karla Patricia Hernandez
D.R. Horton Custom Homes, 31058, 03/14/16. administration). administration).
construction at 8601 and equipment (except Third Ave. No. 290, Portland Vivanco, 783 N.W. Naito
single-family residence Al Mudhafar, Mawj Cart
N.E. Highway 99, (shell), automotive and electronic) Tawni Boynton, Diamond 97204, investigation, guard, Parkway Apt. 509, Portland
at 16725 N.W. Anita St., Food, 9904 S.W. Conestoga
$1,200,620. repair & maint.. Jewels, 9222 N. Dwight Ave., and armored car services. 97209, other transportation
$353,011. R Releases of Drive Apt. 180, Beaverton Portland 97203, hair, nail, equipment manufacturing.
Edward & Christy Sanchez Tiffany Gosden, 82 Degrees, The Leadership Lab LLC,
(owner), single-family
D.R. Horton Custom Homes, federal tax 97008, restaurants and other
P.O. Box 446, Beaverton and skin care services. 707 S.W. Washington St. Sarah Wildwood, 930
single-family residence at eating places.
residence addition at 38306 7298 N.W. Abigail Terrace, liens 97075, gift, novelty, and Catherine Palmer, Catherine Suite 1100, Portland 97205, N.W. Naito Parkway Apt.
N.E. 18th Place, (guest Cathrine J. Batten, 6970 souvenir stores. Palmer Counseling, 8417 N. professional, scientific, and K-23, Portland 97209,
$225,951. S.W. King Blvd. Apt. 1,
house), $178,442. Clackamas County PDXPK LLC, 6476 S.W. Smith St., Portland 97203, technical services. other individual and family
D.R. Horton Custom Homes, Beaverton 97008, other health care and social services.
H.G. Homes LLC, single- 192nd Ave., Aloha 97078, James Stanley, Alpifany,
single-family residence Clackamas Physical services (except public assistance.
family residence at 3013 N.E. educational services. 707 S.W. Washington St. Sean Matlock, Matlock
at 7292 N.W. 167th Ave., Therapy, 11203 S.E. administration).
74th St., $247,132. $249,552. Eugene W. Johnson, 885 Chelsea Bailey, Chelsea Suite 1100, Portland 97205, Custom Services, 665 N.W.
Sunnyside Road, Clackamas Erik Sveen, 8920 S.W.
S.E. Fleming Ave., Gresham Bailey Consulting, 9300 N. wholesale trade. Hoyt St., Portland 97209,
JB Homes, single-family D.R. Horton Custom Homes, 97015, $14,546, (941), Rebecca Lane, Beaverton
97080, residential building Tyler Ave., Portland 97203, Bethesda Lutheran other services (except public
residence at 3208 N.W. 108th single-family residence document #2016 16797, 97008, other services (except
construction. professional, scientific, and Communities Inc., 831 administration).
St., $299,456. at 7336 N.W. 167th Ave., 03/14/16. public administration). technical services. S.W. 17th Ave., Portland Jeffrey N. Neuman, 940
JB Homes, single-family $249,552. Multnomah County Justin Bolt, Bolt Pest
Michael D. Noble, 815 N.E. Jeffrey Lind, Lind 97205, other residential care N.W. Naito Parkway Apt.
residence at 11404 N.E. 99th Control, 7542 S.E. 282nd
D.R. Horton Custom Homes, Din Din LLC, 900 N.E. 81st 16th Ave., Canby 97013, Technology Support Services facilities. L-1, Portland 97209, other
Circle, $304,746. Ave., Gresham 97080,
single-family residence Ave. Unit 114, Portland other services (except public LLC, 8920 N. Clarendon services (except public
all other specialty trade Kathryn Schoknecht, Brass
Loren Sickles, single-family at 7015 N.W. 168th Ave., 97213, $19,690, (941), administration). Ave., Portland 97203, other administration).
contractors. Tacks Strategy, 831 S.W.
residence at 2404 N.E. 159th $295,014. document #2016 31060, Howard Crampton, Howard services (except public
Mr. Ruben A. Lumanglas, Vista Ave. Apt. 211, Portland Villa Ricardo, Star Quality
St., $158,583. D.R. Horton Custom Homes, 03/14/16. K. Crampton Jr. Intl., P.O. administration). 97205, information. Cleans, 824 N.W. 20th Ave.
8800 S.E. Causey Loop Apt.
Manor Homes Washington single-family residence at Gish Construction Inc., Box 2747, Clackamas 97015, Elizabeth N. Gomez, 7454 Apt. 404, Portland 97209,
C-202, Happy Valley 97086, Cyrus Yates, 6823 S.E.
Inc., single-family residence 16903 N.W. Antonio St., P.O. Box 594, Clackamas professional, scientific, and N. Monteith Ave., Portland janitorial services.
other services (except public Carlton St., Portland 97206,
at 4800 N.E. 56th Place, $341,465. 97015, $14,987, (940/941), technical services. 97203, health care and social
administration). arts, entertainment, and Oregon Table, 804 N.W.
$198,440. J.T. Roth Construction Inc., document #2016 31068, Federal Signal Security, assistance. recreation. Couch St., Portland 97209,
John R. Paris, 8800 S.E.
Manor Homes Washington single-family residence at 03/14/16. P.O. Box 502, Clackamas Falafel House LLC, 7028 N. accommodation and food
Causey Loop Apt. M-103, Luz R. Montes, 8115 S.E.
Inc., single-family residence 10563 N.W. 303rd Place, 97015, electrical contractors Happy Valley 97086, other Central St., Portland 97203, services.
Woodstock Blvd., Portland
at 5810 N.E. 47th St., $261,947. and other wiring installation services (except public mobile food services. 97206, other services (except ILFI, 721 N.W. Ninth Ave.
$209,862. J.T. Roth Construction Inc., R New business contractors. administration). public administration). Suite 195, Portland 97209,
Every Coast, 9334 N.
Manor Homes Washington single-family residence at licenses Anna Penn, P.O. Box 2002, Jesse R. Gheliuc Sr., Lombard St. Apt. 1, Roonjav Properties LLC, nonclassifiable.
Inc., single-family residence 10597 N.W. 303rd Place, Clackamas 97015, other 8591 S.E. Owen Drive, Portland 97203, other 6510 S.E. Foster Road Suite Catherine ODell, Catherine
at 5708 N.E. 47th St., $261,947. City of Portland services (except public Happy Valley 97086, other services (except public D, Portland 97206, real Lazar ODell, 7225 N.E.
$253,445. J.T. Roth Construction Inc., administration). services (except public administration).
Milliken Infrastruction estate and rental and leasing. 11th Ave., Portland 97211,
Manor Homes Washington single-family residence at Kathleen A. Cicerich, P.O. administration). Sunflower Biko, graphic design services.
Solutions LLC, 920 Milliken Haley M. Harrison, 6510
Inc., single-family residence 10577 N.W. 303rd Place, Box 406, Corbett 97019, Justin D. Giardinelli, 9701 9336 N. Lombard St.,
Road, Spartanburg, S.C. S.E. Windsor Court, Portland Julija M. Anderson, 6827
at 5806 N.E. 47th St., $267,953. offices of real estate agents S.E. Johnson Creek Blvd. Apt. Portland 97203, other 97206, other services (except N.E. 23rd Ave., Portland
29303, broadwoven fabric
$189,507. JB Custom Homes, single- and brokers. M-206, Happy Valley 97086, services (except public public administration). 97211, book stores and news
New Tradition Homes, family residence at 2643 S.W. Sucden Americas Corp. & Greg Lange, P.O. Box 473, other services (except public administration). Maddison Uphoff, Misty dealers.
single-family residence McKenna Place, $233,989. Subsidiaries, 701 Brickell Fairview 97024, other administration). Metta LLC, 9015 N. Mountain Mattress Co., 8418 Terrain Wellness LLC, 728
at 9606 N.E. 164th Ave., JB Custom Homes, single- Ave. Suite 1200, Miami, Fla. services (except public Heather Welch, 6771 S.E. Clarendon Ave., Portland 1/2 S.E. 60th Ave., Portland N.E. Dekum St., Portland
$310,094. family residence at 2535 S.W. 33131, other miscellaneous administration). Patricia Lane, Hillsboro 97203, child and youth 97206, electronic shopping 97211, health care and social
New Tradition Homes, McKenna Place, $269,169. nondurable goods merchant Mitchell Clark, Climate 97123, other services (except services. and mail-order houses. assistance.
APRIL 8, 2016 27

Sadal K. Singh, 814 N.E. technical services. 7907 S.E. Stark St., Portland John G. Ross, 7117 N. 40th Ave., Portland 97219, Marissa Estes, 6823 S.E. George Millak, 8637 S.W. professional, scientific, and
Mariners Loop, Portland Peter M. Schnacky, 6620 97215, accommodation and Knowles Ave., Portland food service contractors. Lamphier St., Milwaukie Brightfield Circle, Tigard technical services.
97211, health care and social N.E. Tillamook St. Apt. food services. 97217, other services (except Martin & Stowe Inc., 7552 97222, other services (except 97223, other services (except Elite Experts Management
assistance. 184, Portland 97213, other Corey Gregory, 905 S.E. public administration). S.W. La View Drive, Portland public administration). public administration). Inc., 650 N.E. Holladay St.
Charlotte E. Lewis, 815 services (except public 50th Ave., Portland 97215, David Riopel, Flat River 97219, marketing research Jason C. Holmgren, 6955 Cariloha, 7615 S.W. Beveland Suite 1619, Portland 97232,
N.E. Roselawn St., Portland administration). agriculture, forestry, fishing Contracting, P.O. Box 17254, and public opinion polling. S.E. Norbert Drive, Milwaukie Road, Tigard 97223, piece wireless telecommunications
97211, other services (except Nicholas Dewitt, Fantasy and hunting. Portland 97217, other DG Chemicals Inc., 7119 97222, other services (except goods, notions, and other dry carriers (except satellite).
public administration). Reality, 7034 N.E. Irving Cherylle C. McKee, 9205 services (except public S.W. 60th Ave., Portland public administration). goods merchant wholesalers. Evan Harold Carmi, 701 N.E.
Anderson Ballard LLC, P.O. St., Portland 97213, E. Burnside St. Apt. 105, administration). 97219, wholesale trade. Jesse R. Johnson, 6515 S.E. Robert Thompson, 28th Ave. Apt. 26, Portland
Box 11213, Portland 97211, arts, entertainment, and Portland 97216, landscape Bri Richards, Tortoise and Wa Matsanga, 6795 S.W. Aspen St., Portland 97222, Thompson Enterprises, 8086 97232, computer systems
professional, scientific, and recreation. architectural services. Hare Fine Foods, 825 N. 26th Ave. Unit E, Portland other services (except public S.W. Ashford St., Tigard design and related services.
technical services. Matiash Inc., P.O. Box Truong D. Tran, 8236 S.E. Webster St., Portland 97217, 97219, other services (except administration). 97224, other services (except Artem Kandyba, 779 S.E.
Brandy Pirtle-Guiney, 13323, Portland 97213, all Ash St., Portland 97216, management of companies public administration). Ryan M. Murray, 9008 S.E. public administration). 193rd Ave., Portland 97233,
Pirtle-Guiney Law LLC, P.O. other professional, scientific, other services (except public and enterprises. 32nd Ave., Milwaukie 97222, Hardin Lanier, 9875 S.W. other services (except public
Candace C. Cunningham,
Box 11225, Portland 97211, and technical services. administration). Vincent Boileau, 714 N. 6800 S.W. 34th Ave., other services (except public Serena Way, Tigard 97224, administration).
professional, scientific, and Dr. Josie Schmidt Inc., 903 Emily A. Mejia, 9135 S.E. Baldwin St., Portland 97217, Portland 97219, arts, administration). other services (except public Window Tint King LLC, 725
technical services. N.E. 72nd Ave., Portland Alder St., Portland 97216, other services (except public entertainment, and Gomez Ricardo, Clover administration). S.E. 166th Place, Portland
Universal Machine Shop 97213, other direct selling interior design services. administration). recreation. Landscaping Maintenance Andrew D. Rocker, 7833 97233, other direct selling
Inc., 7500 N.E. 11th Ave., establishments. SDMT Inc., 9135 S.E. Alder Camille Hook, FMF Patrick A. Cunningham, LLC, 7958 S.E. Glencoe Road S.W. Alder St., Tigard 97224, establishments.
Portland 97211, machine Erich Sauer, 955 N.E. 80th St., Portland 97216, interior Bodyworks, 7715 N. Kerby 6800 S.W. 34th Ave., Unit 31, Portland 97222, other services (except public Bezu T. Tufule, 993 S.E.
shops. Ave., Portland 97213, design services. Ave., Portland 97217, health Portland 97219, other services (except public administration). 193rd Ave., Portland 97233,
Irvington Farmers Market, interior design services. care and social assistance. professional, scientific, and administration). Megan Boaglio, 810 S.W. other services (except public
Melissa Bernard, Bernard
7531 N.E. 33rd Drive No. C, Travis Blue, Ghostwood Jaymz, 9143 S.E. Ankeny HDB Network Technology technical services. Shane A. Edwards, 9161 Barnes Road Apt. 106-D, administration).
Portland 97211, fruit and Studios, 918 S.E. 16th Ave. St., Portland 97216, Inc., 6620 N.E. 79th Court Stephen Percy, 808 S.W. S.W. 69th Ave., Tigard Portland 97225, motion Jacob D. Hyder, 705 S.E.
vegetable markets. Apt. 1, Portland 97214, arts, entertainment, and Suite 4, Portland 97218, Evans St., Portland 97219, 97223, offices of all other picture and video production. 143rd Ave., Portland 97233,
Seth A. Freeman, 6730 N.E. motion picture and video recreation. couriers and express delivery elementary and secondary health practitioners. Tealeaf Mediation LLC, other services (except public
26th Ave., Portland 97211, production. services. schools. Gary J. Stump, 8750 S.W. 8555 S.W. Apple Way Suite administration).
David M. Wester, 7728 N.
other services (except public Rebecca L. Taplin, 816 S.E. Chautauqua Blvd., Portland Miles J. Eubanks, 8336 S.W. Alexis Gearheart, 9725 N.E. Maple Court, Portland 320, Portland 97225, health Anastasia M. Poole, 910 S.E.
administration). 29th Ave. Apt. 105, Portland 97217, motion picture and 24th Ave. Apt. 15, Portland Prescott St., Portland 97220, 97223, other services (except care and social assistance. 175th Place, Portland 97233,
Annie R. Hailstone, 6730 97214, offices of mental video production. 97219, other services (except all other personal services. public administration). Natee Tases, 8585 S.W. other services (except public
N.E. 26th Ave., Portland health practitioners (except public administration). Daniel S. Columbo, 8364 Canyon Lane Apt. 15, administration).
Eggdrop LLC, 7225 N. Timothy R. Stricker, 8354
97211, other services (except physicians). Burrage Ave., Portland Robyn J. Evans, 7232 S.W. N.E. Sandy Blvd. Apt. 301, S.W. Pfaffle St. Apt. 207, Portland 97225, other Craig Wells, Wells Industries,
public administration). Geo Consultants Northwest 97217, other direct selling 35th Ave., Portland 97219, Portland 97220, other Tigard 97223, other services (except public 910 S.E. 175th Place,
Miles T. Quillen, 826 N.E. Inc., 824 S.E. 12th establishments. other services (except public services (except public services (except public administration). Portland 97233, other
Roselawn St., Portland Ave., Portland 97214, administration). administration). administration). Taqueria Casa Vaca, services (except public
Melita L. Sheets, 6928 N.
97211, promoters of professional, scientific, and Maryland Ave., Portland Christina Marshall, Christy Stephen Miller, 8439 N.E. David Q. Nguyen, 8403 S.W. 7205 S.W. Dogwood Place, administration).
performing arts, sports, and technical services. 97217, nonclassifiable. Marshall-Real Estate Broker, Alberta St., Portland 97220, 85th Ave., Portland 97223, Portland 97225, restaurants Anna Bolliger, 6534 S.E.
similar events with facilities. Terri N. Gautier Svetich, 8120 S.W. Eighth Ave., other services (except public other services (except public and other eating places. 138th Place, Portland 97236,
Chad Pollard, 6937 N. Portland 97219, real estate administration).
Bobby Hayes, Northwest 6820 S.E. Pine Court, Maryland Ave., Portland administration). Trevor A. Fenwick, P.O. child day care services.
Carwash & Detail LLC, 7212 Portland 97215, other and rental and leasing. Eric A. Vogt, 8124 S.W. Box 5644, Portland 97228,
97217, other services (except Jordan Henline, 8925 N.E. Patrice Calligaris, Binary
N.E. M.L. King Blvd., Portland services (except public public administration). Jessica Sinn, JSINN, 9827 Sandy Blvd., Portland 97220, Pine St., Portland 97223, other services (except public Tiny, 650 S.W. Gaines St.
97211, other automotive administration). S.W. 59th Ave., Portland electronic shopping and mail- other services (except public administration). Apt. 705, Portland 97239,
Faith Helma, 6551 N.
repair and maintenance. Toby Johnson, TSMA- 97219, other services (except order houses. administration). Ronald Prague, 730 N.W. computer systems design and
Maryland Ave., Portland
Carrie E. Crimin, 736 N.E. Enterprise, 7732 S.E. Main public administration). Dominique Matia, Rose City 109th Ave., Portland 97229, related services.
97217, other services (except Amy R. Way, 941 N.E. 111th
Failing St., Portland 97212, St., Portland 97215, real public administration). Roam, 7415 S.W. 53rd Ave. Apt. B, Portland 97220, Dip LLC, 8150 S.W. 80th Ave., other services (except public Feel Train LLC, P.O. Box
health care and social estate and rental and leasing. Ave., Portland 97219, other child day care services. Portland 97223, information. administration). 42251, Portland 97242,
Circus In Motion LLC, 844 N.
assistance. Hillary G. Decker, 8128 S.E. services (except public Jennifer Sloan, 6635 S.W. Mihye Ko, Namu Design, professional, scientific, and
Emerson St., Portland 97217, Nathan Emerson, Maitri
Casey M. Moreland, P.O. Mill St. Apt. 49, Portland administration). Hickman Lane, Portland 8231 N.W. Hawkins technical services.
arts, entertainment, and Mental Health Counseling,
Box 12066, Portland 97212, 97215, other services (except recreation. Benjamin J. Ehnert, 7867 8606 N.E. Schuyler St., 97223, other services (except Blvd., Portland 97229, Kelly McMullen, Kelly
other services (except public public administration). S.W. 30th Ave. Apt. 15, Portland 97220, health care public administration). arts, entertainment, and McMullen LMT, 9803 S.E.
Leslie Butler, Open
administration). Guang Yu Wen, 7843 S.E. Portland 97219, other and social assistance. Cascade Real Estate recreation. Clatsop St., Portland 97266,
Insight Counseling, 6611
Christopher M. Williams, Sherman St., Portland services (except public Services LLC, 7035 S.W. Electrical Wiring by Johnny health care and social
N. Vancouver Ave. No. 2, Johanna C. Brigadier, 8705
P.O. Box 12697, Portland 97215, other building administration). Hampton St., Tigard 97223, Inc., 950 N.E. 152nd Ave., assistance.
Portland 97217, offices of N.E. Broadway St., Portland
97212, arts, entertainment, material dealers. physicians. Daniel Parker, Parker Finish 97220, real estate and rental real estate and rental and Portland 97230, electrical Harper Greene, 7820 S.E.
and recreation. Owen J. Lamb, 818 S.E. Dominik Schmidt, Rola Carpentry, 9416 S.W. View and leasing. leasing. contractors and other wiring 114th Ave., Portland 97266,
Nimrod Production Inc., 45th Ave., Portland 97215, Music, 6634 N. Montana Point Terrace, Portland, 8720 Michael D. Walker, 8585 installation contractors. other services (except public
6818 N.E. Tillamook St., other services (except public Ave., Portland 97217, 97219, finish carpentry N.E. Clackamas St., Portland S.W. Pfaffle St. Apt. 5, Tigard C. Bradford Biddle PC, administration).
Portland 97213, all other administration). arts, entertainment, and contractors. 97220, agriculture, forestry, 97223, other services (except 650 N.E. Holladay St. Suite Michael G. Bodine, 9834
professional, scientific, and Vintage Cocktail Lounge, recreation. Lara R. Ansai, 7937 S.W. fishing and hunting. public administration). 1600, Portland 97232, S.E. Boise St., Portland

Mike Zupan
President of Zupans Markets
Please join Portland Business Journal President and Publisher Craig Wessel as
he sits down with Mike Zupan, President of Zupans Markets for a walk down the
grocers road. Zupans Markets has been a fixture in the Portland community for
Thursday, April 21, 2016 over 40 years. The market was established by Mikes late father, John, and has been
under Mikes leadership since early 2000.
7:30 a.m. 9:00 a.m.
Mike gained experience in the grocery business at a young age he began working
alongside his parents when he was just eight years old. Starting with bagging
The Sentinel Hotel groceries, Mike worked his way up, observing and learning his fathers passion for
4th Floor Ballroom the business, in particular his love for produce. Mike continued to work in grocery
614 S.W. 11th Ave stores during his years studying at Pepperdine University and, after graduating
with a bachelors degree in business, he interned with Associated Grocers.

Tickets to attend are $45 each or TO REGISTER VISIT:

$600 for a table of 10.
Contact Jan Block with questions: | 503.219.3423

97266, other services (except nonclassifiable. Alexander Albear Gongora, professional, scientific, and Dale A. Terry, 8916 N.E. 150th St., Vancouver, Wash. Building Solutions/RSV US Bank NA vs. Robert
public administration). P.O. Box 20524, Portland technical services. St. Johns Road, Vancouver, 98685, other services (except Construction Services Inc., H. Wilkerson/Cindy S.
Allison Coe, P.O. Box 83284,
97294, other services (except Wash. 98665, other public administration). tort motor vehicle, case #16 Wilkerson/Fred Meyer
Mojo Crepes, 8409 S.E. Portland 97283, all other Josue Guerra, 912
public administration). services (except public 2 05119 1, 03/08/16. Employees Credit Union,
Division St., Portland 97266, personal services. Helena Ave., Vancouver, Thomas J. Holczer, 7101
administration). case #16CV08326,
accommodation and food Geoffrey Doolittle, Geoffrey Wash. 98661, other N.E. 109th St. Apt. 173, Janice Leveton/Estate
Portland Bookkeepers, P.O. 03/15/16.
services. M. Doolittle, P.O. Box services (except public Alan C. Hernandez, 8917 Vancouver, Wash. 98686, of Donald Leveton vs.
Box 83314, Portland 97283, Denise Kelley vs. General
29110, Portland 97296, administration). N.E. 15th Ave. Apt. 98, other services (except public Pacific Specialty Health
Alexander S. Rose, 9230 other services (except public
other services (except public Vancouver, Wash. 98665, administration). and Rehabilitative Care/ Parts International Inc./
S.E. Division St. Unit 206, administration). Gary Tressel, 7214 N.E. Wheels LT/Kavay E.
administration). other services (except public Extendicare Health Services
Portland 97266, other Par Lane, Vancouver, Joanne L. Mook, P.O. Box Thanasouk, personal
Kelly Baucum, Clear Heart administration). Inc./Extendicare Homes
services (except public Tile Supply Wholesale Inc., Wash. 98662, other 87820, Vancouver, Wash. injury, case #16CV08327,
Acupuncture, P.O. Box Inc., case #16 2 05122 1,
administration). P.O. Box 10852, Portland services (except public Evelyn Wilson, 932 N.E. 98687, other services (except 03/16/16.
86371, Portland 97286, 03/08/16.
Mai T. Do, 9911 S.E. Long 97296, wholesale trade. administration). 86th St., Vancouver, public administration).
health care and social Adam Polan vs. Gentle Michael Hunter vs. AC&E
St., Portland 97266, child Jill M. Arguello, 975 14th James H. Peacock Jr., Wash. 98665, other Mercenary Technologies
assistance. Dental of Oregon PC, case Electrical Co./Columbia
day care services. St. N.E., Salem 97301, other 9801 N.E. 82nd Ave., services (except public LLC, P.O. Box 3073, Walla
Matthew Hansell, P.O. Box administration). #16 2 05130 1, 03/14/16. Drywall Systems Inc.,
Michele Cover, 9918 S.E. services (except public Vancouver, Wash. 98662, Walla, Wash. 99362, personal injury, case
86529, Portland 97286, administration).
Harold St., Portland 97266, other services (except public Daniel Kerr, Kerr Gutters professional, scientific, and #16CV08328, 03/16/16.
other services (except public
other services (except public Danielle Gillespie, 675 Oak administration). Roofing LLC, 9600 N.W. technical services. Multnomah County
administration). Fedex Techconnect Inc.
administration). Villa Road, Dallas 97338, David W. Jones, 8812 N.E. 24th Ave., Vancouver, Wash.
Nuyrus Ali, P.O. Box 90441, 98665, roofing contractors. Dollarhide vs. Hometown vs. Heller Enterprises Inc.,
other services (except public 111th Ave., Vancouver, Wash. account, case #16CV08329,
Scott H. Moore, 7025 S.E. Portland 97290, translation administration). 98662, other services (except Brandon S. Robinson, R New civil Buffet Inc./Ruby
84th Ave., Portland 97266, and interpretation services. Rodriguez, personal
other services (except public James Wallace, 981 Wild public administration). 8320 N.W. Greenbriar Drive, lawsuits injury, case #16CV07454, Kayla Mares vs. Sandy
administration). Jeffrey Ransom, Intelligent Rose Court, Independence Vancouver, Wash. 98665,
Elydia Ramirez, Styled 03/08/16. Farms LLC/Transpacific
Business Systems LLC, P.O. 97351, other services (except other services (except public Clackamas County
JRPDX Inc., 8931 S.E. by Lydia, 8416 N.E. 85th Food Inc., case #16CV08330,
Box 66203, Portland 97290, public administration). administration). Motschenbacher & Blattner
Foster Road Suite 101, Drive, Vancouver, Wash. 03/16/16.
professional, scientific, and ROIC Oregon LLC vs. LLP vs. Jonathan Guyette/
Portland 97266, all other Folium Partners Inc., P.O. 98662, health care and social Sherri Watson, P.O. Box
technical services. Encompass Enterprises Islands Franchise Co./ Charles Allison vs.
miscellaneous store retailers. Box 453, Ashland 97520, assistance. 6115, Vancouver, Wash. Providence Health &
LLC/Angela Stock/Marc Bogo Tanning Inc., case
Kathleen A. Gibson, management of companies 98668, other services (except
Dullas Mudannayake, Reni Danielle Fredricks, 7900 Davidson, breach of #16CV08061, 03/14/16. Services Oregon/dba
P.O. Box 66785, Portland and enterprises. public administration). Providence Portland
Maintenance LLC, 8205 S.E. N.E. Loowit Loop Apt. 58, contract, case #16CV08262, Carol Dickey/Mary Bartlett
97290, other direct selling Medical Center/The
Rhine St., Portland 97266, Armando Sauceda, 928 N.W. Vancouver, Wash. 98662, Sergey V. Tsibulskiy, 847 03/15/16. vs. R&B Remodel LLC, case
establishments. Oregon Clinic PC, action
farm and garden machinery Glass Drive, Madras 97741, other services (except public W. S St., Washougal, Wash. #16CV08081, 03/14/16.
Cecily Bequette/Jeremy at law, case #16CV08331,
and equipment merchant Leon E. Pfaller, P.O. Box other services (except public administration). 98671, other services (except Bequette vs. Herron Law Ellen Soper representative 03/16/16.
wholesalers. 33158, Portland 97292, administration). public administration).
Dimitrios Moustakas, LLC, case #16CV08599, of the Estate of Kelly
information. Jonathan L. Guyette/
J&R Equipment & Robynne Parkinson, Universal Parking Services Sergey A. Lazukin, 8519 03/17/16. Soper vs. BNSF Railway
Automotive Repair LLC, Christopher E. Sataua, P.O. Thaxton Parkinson PLLC, LLC, 8607 N.E. 28th Way, N.E. 161st Ave., Vancouver, Islands Tanning and Med
Alcantar and Associates Co., wrongful death, case Spa Inc. vs. Nicholas J.
9112 S.E. Woodstock Blvd., Box 33818, Portland 97292, 9311 S.E. 36th St. Suite 103, Vancouver, Wash. 98662, Wash. 98682, other #16CV08082, 03/14/16.
LLC vs. Ortiz and Associates Henderson/Troy G. Sexton/
Portland 97266, other other services (except public Mercer Island, Wash. 98040, parking lots and garages. services (except public Inc., case #16CV08713, Delores Marie Gassner Motschenbacher & Blattner
services (except public administration). professional, scientific, and administration).
Timothy S. Sibley, 8611 03/18/16. vs. Double K Ventures LLP, legal malpractice, case
administration). Adrian Pennington, Big technical services. N.E. 25th Circle, Vancouver, Jason Salisbury, 7907 N.E. John Triesch vs. Taylor Inc./dba Double K/dba #16CV08400, 03/16/16.
Hannah J. Jordan, 8716 S.E. Azz Leaf, P.O. Box 16784, Robert D. Navarre, 815 First Wash. 98662, other 160th Court, Vancouver, Rene Booth/Legacy McDonalds Restaurant,
Portland 97292, wholesale services (except public Wash. 98682, other Richard Ross Jones vs.
Ellis St., Portland 97266, Ave. Apt. 219, Seattle, Wash. Meridian Park Hospital/ personal injury, case
trade. administration). services (except public Farmers Insurance/
other services (except public 98104, other services (except dba Legacy Meridian Park #16CV08120, 03/15/16.
administration). Jim Miller Agency Inc./
administration). Natalie Moravec, The public administration). Hillary Davies, 9508 N.E. Medical Center, negligence, Jim Miller, breach of
Angelica Neidiger vs.
Gelgelu Yadeto, Gelgelu Chariot Tarot Eclectic, P.O. Best Construction Control 70th St., Vancouver, Wash. Leonid Orlov, River City case #16CV08735, Vanport Marine Inc./Todd contract, case #16CV08591,
Yadeto Adult Foster Box 16814, Portland 97292, & Layout, P.O. Box 340, 98662, other personal care Automotive LLC, 7606 N.E. 03/18/16. Mahin, personal injury, case 03/17/16.
Home, 8733 S.E. Harney other services (except public Rochester, Wash. 98579, services. 157th Ave., Vancouver, #16CV08163, 03/15/16. 52 Limited vs. Martha
St., Portland 97266, administration). other heavy and civil Vladimir I. Zhelezkin, Wash. 98682, automotive
Clark County Yolander Gallegos vs. Humphrey/The Short List
accommodation and food Chris D. Taylor, P.O. Box engineering construction. 6815 N.E. 91st Ave., mechanical and electrical
Native American Youth LLC, case #16CV08593,
services. 14021, Portland 97293, Vancouver, Wash. 98662, repair and maintenance. 03/17/16.
John Bottari, Bottari & Co. Greenway Terrace LLC and Family Center/Cori
Michael Dleora, 7452 S.E. other services (except public LLC, 911 S.E. Fourth Ave., other services (except public Parry R. Boucher, P.O. vs. Black Helterline LLP/ Matthew/Matt Morton, case Jason Patton vs. Jerry
Carla Court, Milwaukie administration). Battle Ground, Wash. 98604, administration). Box 821575, Vancouver, Margaret E. Schroeder/ #16CV08224, 03/15/16. Woody/Interstate Wood
97267, independent artists, Under Pressure painting and wall covering Linda R. Merrell, 8805 N.W. Wash. 98682, other Steven Zipper, collection, Products Inc., personal
State of Oregon vs. Kelaye
writers, and performers. Powerwashing, P.O. Box contractors. 23rd Ave., Vancouver, Wash. services (except public case #16 2 05110 5, injury, case #16CV08596,
Concrete LLC/Rebekah
15074, Portland 97293, 98665, other services (except administration). 03/07/16. 03/17/16.
James Smith, Adornment John D. Sorensen, 7216 N.E. Williams, case #16CV08316,
Events, 7116 S.E. Tuscany other services (except public 72nd Ave., Vancouver, Wash. public administration). Kulbir Singh, 811 N.W. Henry G. Luken III vs. 03/15/16.
Way, Portland 97267, administration). 98661, other services (except Ian Rathgeber, 9211 N.E. 150th St., Vancouver, Christensen Group Inc./ Johnson Street Townhouse Washington County
packaging and labeling Continental Hardware public administration). 15th Ave. Apt. C-320, Wash. 98685, other David H. Christensen/Joe F. Condominiums Owners
services. Inc., P.O. Box 30839, Stephen Hall, BG Studios, Vancouver, Wash. 98665, services (except public Foggia, tort-other, case #16 Association vs. RJD Brian Dalrymple vs.
Lisa D. Wilson, P.O. Box Portland 97294, hardware 6600 N.E. 33rd St., other services (except public administration). 2 05118 2, 03/08/16. Inc., negligence, case Holland Breckenridge
83493, Portland 97283, manufacturing. Vancouver, Wash. 98661, administration). Singh Pamaldeep, 811 N.W. Fred Munoz vs. RSV #16CV08322, 03/15/16. Apartment Homes

can be a
Be a lifeline for someone
who needs a lift.

Help seniors and people Find out more at

with disabilities get where
they need to go. or 503.528.1738
APRIL 8, 2016 29

LLC, action on property Corporation. LLC. McGinnis Ave., Troutdale Airport Solar LLC, 1600 Portland 97209, Domestic 1125 S.E. Madison Suite 112, Endurance Sports Business
damage, case #16CV07835, Gandy Dancer LLC, 4783 Dimitris Auto Service LLC, 97060, Domestic LLC. Pioneer Tower 888 S.E. LLC. Portland 97214, Domestic News LLC, 13217 S.W. 63rd
03/10/16. Black Forest Court, Lake 14200 S.E. McLoughlin Blvd. Bear Investments LLC, 226 Fifth Ave., Portland 97204, Michael Knights LLC, 1200 Nonprofit Corporation. Place, Portland 97219,
Cincinnati Insurance Co. Oswego 97035, Domestic Suite G, Portland 97267, W. Historic Columbia River Domestic LLC. N.W. 12th Ave. No. 3400, Carevoyance LLC, 1414 S.E. Domestic LLC.
vs. Arrow Mechanical LLC. Domestic LLC. Highway, Troutdale 97060, Century Drive Partners LLC, Portland 97209, Domestic 32nd Ave., Portland 97214, People Med Transit Corp.,
Contractors/Interstate Grace Management Domestic LLC. 1600 Pioneer Tower 888 S.W. LLC. Domestic LLC. P.O. Box 4772, Portland
Greyhound Wholesale Inc.,
Roofing Inc., negligence, Services Inc., 5335 Meadows Fifth Ave., Portland 97204, 97220, Domestic Business
7075 S.E. Tuscany Way, Oregon Contractors & Halo and Milo LLC, 815 N.W. Stonedware Co. LLC, 1614
case #16CV07942, Road Suite 385, Lake Oswego Domestic LLC. Corporation.
Portland 97267, Domestic Design Inc., 1204 S.W. Naito Parkway Apt. 317, S.E. Stark St., Portland
03/11/16. 97035, Domestic Business Clear Solutions With Jane
Business Corporation. 257th Ave., Troutdale Mount Chinidere LLC, 1600 Portland 97209, Domestic 97214, Domestic LLC.
Corporation. 97060, Domestic Business Pioneer Tower 888 S.W. LLC. Inc., 11106 N.E. Prescott St.,
Ann Pyne Productions LLC,
Corporation. Fifth Ave., Portland 97204, Portland 97220, Domestic
R New HAA LLC, 14347 Orchard Columbia County Domestic LLC.
Third & Taylor Hotel 107 S.E. Washington St.
Business Corporation.
Springs Road, Lake Oswego Blue Magic Productions Development LLC, 1100 Suite 245, Portland 97214,
corporations 97035, Domestic LLC. LLC, 23705 N.E. Sandy Blvd., Helvetia Holdings LLC, 111 N.W. Glisan St. Suite 2-A, Domestic LLC. Trees Portland LLC, 1234
May Chiropractic LLC,
Synchronous LLC, 16679 80407 Bodine Road, Troutdale 97060, Domestic S.W. Fifth Ave. Suite 1900, Portland 97209, Domestic N.E. 102nd Ave., Portland
Clackamas County Reyes Industries LLC, 615
S.W. Boones Ferry Road No. Clatskanie 97016, Domestic LLC. Portland 97204, Domestic LLC. 97220, Domestic LLC.
S.E. Clay St., Portland 97214,
205, Lake Oswego 97035, LLC. SM Express LLC, 3358 S.W. LLC. Third & Taylor Hotel Domestic LLC. Blu 7 Inc., 3232 N.E.
Stony Point Farms LLC, P.O.
Box 1230, Boring 97009, Domestic LLC. Eric Swanson Outdoor LLC, 33rd St., Gresham 97080, Aukum-V185 LLC, 121 Investment LLC, 1100 N.W. 82nd Ave., Portland
Baldner Homestead LLC,
Domestic LLC. Turn Key Properties 5 LLC, 58989 Morten Lane, St. Domestic LLC. S.W. Morrison St. Suite 600, Glisan St. Suite 2-A, Portland 97220, Domestic Business
1527 S.E. Main St. No. 2,
5200 Meadows Road Suite Helens 97051, Domestic LLC. Portland 97204, Foreign LLC. 97209, Domestic LLC. Corporation.
Integrity Construction NW Transglobal Energy Corp., Portland 97214, Domestic
Inc., 28600 S.E. Knox Road, 150, Lake Oswego 97035, Luttrell Leather LLC, P.O. 225 S.W. Birdsdale Drive, BDSR Inc., 818 S.W. Third Bask Collective Inc., 1255 LLC. Corrick & Co. LLC, 5027 S.W.
Boring 97009, Domestic Domestic LLC. Box 1744, St. Helens 97051, Gresham 97080, Domestic Ave. No. 1318, Portland N.W. Ninth Ave. No. 403, Downs View Court, Portland
Itrigger Inc., 2424 S.E.
Business Corporation. Jill Bentley LLC, 19158 Domestic LLC. Business Corporation. 97204, Domestic Business Portland 97209, Foreign 97221, Domestic LLC.
11th Ave., Portland
Longfellow Ave., Lake Corporation. Business Corporation. 97214, Domestic Business Astronaut Supply Co. LLC,
Belvedere Barber Shop LLC, Wild Thyme On The River AF Ventures LLC, 1412 S.W.
641 N. Locust St., Canby Oswego 97035, Domestic LLC, P.O. Box 1681, St. Hall St., Portland 97201, Innovative Safety Inc., 818 Equity Rock National Inc., Corporation. 4027 N. Longview Ave.,
97013, Domestic LLC. LLC. Helens 97051, Domestic LLC. Domestic LLC. S.W. Third Ave. No. 430, c/o Ater Wynne LLP 1331 Portland 97227, Domestic
Late Shake LLC, 3206 S.E.
NW Seamless Surfaces Portland 97204, Domestic N.W. Lovejoy St. Suite 900, LLC.
Finish Line Landscaping Kelly Drive LLC, 52904 N.W. CH Beaverton LLC, 1303 Lincoln St., Portland 97214,
LLC, P.O. Box 31, Marylhurst Business Corporation. Portland 97209, Domestic Domestic LLC. Eighty-Sixed LLC, P.O.
Maintenance LLC, 651 N. Cliff Drive, Scappoose 97056, S.W. 16th Ave., Portland
97036, Domestic LLC. Business Corporation. Box 3711, Portland 97228,
Birch St., Canby 97013, Domestic LLC. 97201, Foreign LLC. Dyecandy LLC, 121 S.W. Gardening For Wellness
Domestic LLC. Basement Buds LLC, 20368 Salmon St. Suite 1000, PDX Ent. and Audiology Domestic LLC.
REL Creative Ventures LLC, TMS Group LLC, 1618 S.W. LLC, 1172 S.E. 55th Ave.,
Danny Court, Oregon City Portland 97204, Domestic Medical Group PC, c/o Molina On The Rocks
Twin Holdings LLC, 660 50776 Dike Road Slip 15, First Ave. Suite 250, Portland Portland 97215, Domestic
97045, Domestic LLC. LLC. Ater Wynne LLP 1331 N.W. LLC. LLC, 1700 N.E. 162nd Ave.
S. Ponderosa Court, Canby Scappoose 97056, Domestic 97201, Domestic LLC.
Lovejoy St. Suite 900, Apt. Q-2, Portland 97230,
97013, Domestic LLC. On The One LLC, 14290 LLC. Rose City Food & Beverage EASI Holding Corp., c/o The Gault Shop LLC, 244
Portland 97209, Domestic Domestic LLC.
Kahut Investment Holdings S. Marjori Lane No. 1098, LLC, 1915 S.W. Elizabeth St., Thomas R. Rask III 520 S.E. 52nd Ave., Portland
G.E.T. Agriculture LLC, Professional Corporation.
LLC, P.O. Box 550, Canby Oregon City 97045, Domestic Portland 97201, Domestic S.W. Yamhill St. Suite 600, 97215, Domestic LLC. Simple Pin Assistant LLC,
15165 Airport Way, Vernonia Portland 97204, Domestic Lifeline Entertainment
97013, Domestic LLC. LLC. 97064, Domestic LLC. LLC. 1110 N.E. 178th Ave.,
Business Corporation. Music Group LLC, 123 Spacetime Ventures LLC,
Portland 97230, Domestic
Kjeresti Kliewer LLC, 23700 Philip H. Cardwell LLC, Bamboo Sushi Avanti LLC, W. Burnside St. Suite 223, 222 S.E. 79th Ave., Portland
Bayou Belles Real Estate LLC.
S. Rondevic Drive, Canby 20120 S. Impala Lane, 1300 S.W. Fifth Ave. Suite Portland 97209, Domestic 97215, Domestic LLC.
Oregon City 97045, Domestic Multnomah County 2400, Portland 97201, Holdings LLC 7, 888 S.W. LLC. Smart Buy Auto LLC, 2710
97013, Domestic LLC. 3D Printers and Repairs
LLC. Domestic LLC. Fifth Ave. Suite 650, Portland N.E. 131st Ave., Portland
Kwok-Palo Enterprises Fire Organix LLC, P.O. 97204, Domestic LLC. New Balance Portland LLC, 11729 S.E. Yamhill St.,
97230, Domestic LLC.
LLC, 23300 S. Highway 99E, Signature ATM LLC, 13632 Box 432, Corbett 97019, Joseph Edwards LLC, 1330 Roses LLC, 2121 N.W. Portland 97216, Domestic
Duane St., Oregon City Domestic LLC. S.W. Third Ave. No. P-10, Be Free Healing Hearts 23rd Ave., Portland 97210, LLC. Williams Transportation
Canby 97013, Domestic LLC.
97045, Domestic LLC. LLC, 732 S.W. Third Ave. Domestic LLC. LLC, 1840 N.E. 129th Place,
Dabio Inc., 14913 S.E. MB Group LLC, 2951 N.W. Portland 97201, Domestic Square RT LLC, 444 N.
LLC. Suite 401, Portland 97204, Portland 97230, Domestic
82nd Drive, Clackamas Heavymetal Werks LLC, Division St. Suite 110, Domestic LLC. Wildwood Apartments Sumner St. Unit 4-E, Portland
97015, Domestic Business 113 Williams St., Oregon City Gresham 97030, Domestic U.S. China Solar Young LLC, 1845 N.W. 23rd Place, 97217, Domestic LLC.
97045, Domestic LLC. LLC. Entrepreneurs Association Turning Leaf Homes IV LLC, Portland 97210, Domestic Emerald Heights Farms
Corporation. Five Starfish Inc., 4715 N.
Inc., 1300 S.W. Fifth Ave. 308 S.W. First Ave. Suite 325, LLC. LLC, 10160 N.W. 107th Ave.,
Smart Home Investments US 2 U LLC, 36330 Yocum Pure Prana Healing LLC, Portland 97204, Domestic Lagoon Ave. Suite A, Portland
Suite 2400, Portland Portland 97231, Domestic
LLC, 9123 S.E. St. Helens Loop, Sandy 97055, 2951 N.W. Division St. LLC. Festival of All Culture 97217, Domestic Business
97201, Domestic Business LLC.
Road Suite 4, Clackamas Domestic LLC. Suite 110, Gresham 97030, LLC, 915 N.E. Emerson St., Corporation.
97015, Domestic LLC. Domestic LLC. Corporation. KT Editorial Inc., 520 Portland 97211, Domestic Peak Potential Fitness LLC,
Portland Electric Boat Co. S.W. Yamhill St. Suite 600, Gato Montes LLC, 6212
Adapt Lighting Design LLC. 1750 N.E. Irving St. Apt. 27,
R.A. Anderson Group LLC, LLC, 3400 Belknap Drive, Marianne Egan Custom Portland 97204, Domestic N. Michigan Ave., Portland
LLC, 4106 S.E. Lambert St., Portland 97232, Domestic
26546 S. Highway 211, West Linn 97068, Domestic Bridal & Alteration LLC, Business Corporation. Pirtle-Guiney Law LLC, P.O. 97217, Domestic LLC.
Portland 97202, Domestic LLC.
Estacada 97023, Domestic LLC. 2951 N.W. Division St. Box 11225, Portland 97211,
LLC. Shady Lane LLC, Farleigh Mt. Hood Angels Inc., 6124
LLC. Suite 110, Gresham 97030, Domestic LLC. Ferg Investments LLC,
Element 38 LLC, 2883 Wada Witt 121 S.W. Morrison N. Villard Ave., Portland
Domestic LLC. Friedman & Co. LLC, 2636 3438 N.E. Davis St., Portland
Duane Hiersche Custom Rawhide Court, West Linn No. 600, Portland 97204, Grandma Sally LLC, 4736 97217, Domestic Business
S.E. 35th Ave. Apt. 1, 97232, Domestic LLC.
Woodworking LLC, 225 W. 97068, Domestic LLC. Superior Sanitation LLC, Domestic LLC. N.E. 31st Ave., Portland Corporation.
Jersey, Gladstone 97027, 2951 N.W. Division St. Portland 97202, Domestic 97211, Domestic LLC. Phil Armstrong, OPA
HET LLC, 2606 Hillcrest LLC. Kells Irish Pipes and Aric Debriae LLC, 7014 N.
Domestic LLC. Suite 110, Gresham 97030, Equipment Corp., The Oregon
Court, West Linn 97068, Drums, 121 S.W. Salmon Claire The Doula LLC, 5814 Wilbur Ave., Portland 97217,
Domestic LLC. Meanwhile Elsewhere, 2804 Clinic PC 847 N.E. 19th
The Oregon Trout Co. LLC, Domestic LLC. St. Suite 1100, Portland N.E. Garfield Ave., Portland Domestic LLC.
S.E. Franklin St., Portland Ave. Suite 300, Portland
P.O. Box 734, Gladstone T&M Car Wash LLC, 2615 Complete Consulting LLC, 97204, Domestic Nonprofit 97211, Domestic LLC. Ebony Enterprise Inc., 3120 97232, Domestic Business
97027, Domestic LLC. 2951 N.W. Division St. 97202, Domestic Nonprofit
Lorinda Lane, West Linn Corporation. Corporation. Taste of Italy LLC, 4912 N. Arlington Place, Portland Corporation.
The Von Howlers LLC, 265 97068, Domestic LLC. Suite 110, Gresham 97030, N.E. Mallory Ave., Portland 97217, Domestic Business
Domestic LLC. Thornton Recovery Centers Spartan Analytics LLC, 805 Inger Ellam, Julie Davis
W. Kenmore St., Gladstone Robert Saito, Health Beyond S.W. Broadway Suite 2400, 97211, Domestic LLC. Corporation. Blogs LLC, 607 N.E. Floral
97027, Domestic LLC. River City Lights Inc., 2951 LLC, 1566 S.E. Linn St.,
Communities Inc., 1489 Portland 97202, Domestic Portland 97205, Domestic Hancock Rinehart LLC, FLVX Papers LLC, 4633 N.E. Place, Portland 97232,
330 Leasing LLC, 17250 Rosemont Road, West Linn N.W. Division St. Suite 110, LLC. 6335 N.E. Garfield Ave., Cully Blvd., Portland 97218, Domestic LLC.
Gresham 97030, Domestic LLC.
Wall St., Lake Oswego 97034, 97068, Domestic Nonprofit CFJ LLC, 805 S.W. Broadway Portland 97211, Domestic Domestic LLC.
Business Corporation. Niguidula Medical Writing Phoenix Fire Labs LLC,
Domestic LLC. Corporation. Suite 2400, Portland 97205, LLC.
LLC, 1336 S.E. Nehalem St., Mac Wine Cellars LLC, 4441 13035 S.E. Sherman St.,
Benoit & Associates Steve Crawford, House Dream Industrial Solutions Domestic LLC. Happy Endeavors LLC, 4332 N.E. Mason St., Portland Portland 97233, Domestic
Inc., 2951 N.W. Division Portland 97202, Domestic
Inc., 1073 Sunningdale To Home Realty Team LLC, LLC. Astoria Retail LLC, 805 N.E. 27th Ave., Portland 97218, Domestic LLC. LLC.
Road, Lake Oswego 6105 Canter Lane, West Linn St. Suite 110, Gresham 97211, Domestic LLC.
97030, Domestic Business JPF Holdings LLC, 4109 S.E. S.W. Broadway Suite 2400, Absolut Diesel Repair Carolina Co., 2237 S.E.
97034, Domestic Business 97068, Domestic LLC. Portland 97205, Domestic LLC, 7015 N.E. 42nd Ave.,
Corporation. 28th Ave., Portland 97202, Double Time User and 178th Ave., Portland 97233,
Corporation. Williamson LLC. Network Services LLC, 5533 Portland 97218, Domestic Foreign Business Corporation.
Niner Empire of Portland, Domestic LLC.
Oregon Residential Communications Group Rockaway Retail LLC, 805 N.E. 19th Ave., Portland LLC.
4712 W. Powell Blvd. No. Transform Pilates Studio Advocacy5, 17915 S.E.
Construction LLC, 19225 LLC, 2174 Long St., West S.W. Broadway Suite 2400, 97211, Domestic LLC.
235, Gresham 97030, LLC, 7910 S.E. 31st Ave., Greenhaven LLC, P.O. Box Main St., Portland 97233,
Bryant Road, Lake Oswego Linn 97068, Domestic LLC. Portland 97205, Domestic
Domestic Nonprofit Portland 97202, Domestic Big Ed Barnham LLC, 2041 18126, Portland 97218, Domestic Nonprofit
97034, Domestic LLC. Willow Creek Investments LLC. N.E. Highland St., Portland Domestic LLC. Corporation.
Corporation. LLC.
Ripa LLC, 333 S. State St. No. LLC, 19363 Willamette Drive, Corey Tennant PC, Attn: 97211, Domestic LLC.
Saint Ram LLC, 2951 N.W. Jared Elliot Productions Zainah Botanics LLC, 8721 Chuukese Christian Church,
V-201, Lake Oswego 97034, West Linn 97068, Domestic Dallas G. Thomsen 1000
Division St. Suite 110, LLC, 4035 S.E. 31st Ave., Studio Reset LLC, 2115 N.E. S.W. 50th Ave., Portland 18256 S.E. Yamhill St.,
Domestic LLC. LLC. S.W. Broadway Suite 1400,
Gresham 97030, Domestic Portland 97202, Domestic 16th Ave., Portland 97212, 97219, Domestic LLC. Portland 97233, Domestic
Gocity Inc., c/o Howard Overton15 Office LLC, LLC. LLC. Portland 97205, Domestic Domestic LLC. Nonprofit Corporation.
Cascadia Trading Co., 2031
Russell P.O. Box 2107, Lake 24979 S.W. Quarryview Professional Corporation.
Open Opportunities Group Eat Well LLC, 2522 S.E. Sweetlime Productions S.W. Stephenson St., Portland Tacos Ramos LLC, 16133
Oswego 97034, Domestic Drive, Wilsonville 97070, The Leadership Lab LLC,
LLC, 2951 N.W. Division St. 28th Place, Portland 97202, LLC, 2224 N.E. 36th Ave., 97219, Domestic Business S.E. Alder St., Portland
Business Corporation. Domestic LLC. 707 S.W. Washington St.
Suite 110, Gresham 97030, Domestic LLC. Portland 97212, Domestic Corporation. 97233, Domestic LLC.
Intercon Technical Sales Phoenix Research Suite 1100, Portland 97205, LLC.
Domestic LLC. Smatch LLC, 2746 S.E. Richard E. White LLC, 4733 New Day Housing LLC,
Inc., 2055 Ridge Pointe Management LLC, 29570 Domestic LLC.
Elevated Street Culture 32nd Ave., Portland 97202, Tab Industries LLC, 3519 S.W. Miles Court, Portland 12405 S.E. Stephens St.,
Drive, Lake Oswego S.W. Volley St. No. 35, Oregon Retail Holdings
LLC, 2951 N.W. Division St. Domestic LLC. N.E. 15th Ave. No. 273, 97219, Domestic LLC. Portland 97233, Domestic
97034, Domestic Business Wilsonville 97070, Domestic LLC, 805 S.W. Broadway
LLC. Suite 110, Gresham 97030, Portland 97212, Domestic Conrad Sales & Marketing LLC.
Corporation. Extra Medium Holdings Suite 2400, Portland 97205, LLC.
Domestic LLC. LLC, 3411 S.E. 22nd Ave., LLC, 1287 S.W. Ophelia St., Awni Ice Cream LLC, 17007
LKB Development LLC, Dyma LLC, 28905 S.W. Costa Domestic LLC.
Our Family Business LLC, Portland 97202, Domestic Rupert Enterprises Four Portland 97219, Domestic S.E. Stark St. Unit 24,
5012 Foothills Road, Lake Circle W., Wilsonville 97070,
2951 N.W. Division St. LLC. Laudato Si USA, 1220 S.W. LLC, 2817 N.E. Hamblet LLC. Portland 97233, Domestic
Oswego 97034, Domestic Domestic LLC.
Suite 110, Gresham 97030, Morrison Suite 920, Portland Road, Portland 97212, LLC.
LLC. Love Is Rad LLC, 9531 N. Naffa Inc., 11247 S.W.
Jo Barbering LLC, 11609 97205, Domestic Nonprofit Foreign LLC.
Domestic LLC. Portsmouth Ave., Portland Capitol Highway, Portland J&L Strong Construction
Meadows 127 LLC, 5200 S.W. Toulouse St. Apt. 413, Corporation.
Western Gate Inc., 3123 97203, Domestic LLC. Rupert Enterprises LLC, 97219, Domestic Nonprofit and Remodeling LLC, 2211
Meadows Road Suite 150, Wilsonville 97070, Domestic
N.E. 29th St. Apt. 230, Zeitgeist Glass LLC, 5505 2817 N.E. Hamblet Road, Corporation. S.E. 159th Ave., Portland
Lake Oswego 97035, LLC. Cascade Cannabis Cooking
Gresham 97030, Domestic S.E. Malden St., Portland Portland 97212, Foreign LLC. 97233, Domestic LLC.
Domestic LLC. Zink Realty Advisors Co. LLC, 6935 N. Smith St., Nansea LLC, 4940 S.W.
Business Corporation. 97206, Domestic LLC.
Portland 97203, Domestic Rupert Enterprises One LLC, Pomona St., Portland 97219, Las Rosas LLC, 17047
Mobile Asbestos Testing Ltd., 25260 S.W. Parkway
P.L.A.Y. Daycare LLC, 2951 LLC. NB Consulting LLC, 6104 2817 N.E. Hamblet Road, Domestic LLC. S.E. Stephens St., Portland
Service NW Inc., 5300 Ave. Suite B, Wilsonville
N.W. Division St. Suite 110, S.E. 56th Ave., Portland Portland 97212, Foreign LLC. Horseshoes & Hand 97233, Domestic LLC.
Meadows Road Suite 200, 97070, Domestic Business Althena Integrative
Gresham 97030, Domestic 97206, Domestic LLC. Grenades Publishing LLC,
Lake Oswego 97035, Corporation. Medicine LLC, 8532 N. Rupert Enterprises Three Oleg Pesetskiy, UM Express
Domestic Business LLC. Ivanhoe St. Suite 201, Ashley Turner Coaching LLC, 2817 N.E. Hamblet 1731 S.W. Moss St., Portland LLC, 6430 S.E. 128th Ave.
Randy Oetken, American
Corporation. Erin Johnson LLC, 2951 Portland 97203, Domestic LLC., 7306 S.E. Division St., Road, Portland 97212, 97219, Domestic LLC. Apt. 11, Portland 97236,
Industrial Staffing LLC, 2647
N.W. Division St. Suite 110, LLC. Portland 97206, Domestic Foreign LLC. Domestic LLC.
Arlington Condo LLC, 5 S.E. Lake Road, Milwaukie DSR Duners LLC, 3305 S.W.
Gresham 97030, Domestic LLC.
Centerpointe Drive Suite 97222, Domestic LLC. American Global Rupert Enterprises Two Caraway Court, Portland Kits Transport LLC, 12308
400-A, Lake Oswego 97035, LLC. Investments LLC, 7403 Roonjav Properties LLC, LLC, 2817 N.E. Hamblet 97219, Domestic LLC. S.E. Kelly St. Apt. 3, Portland
Mockrin Slavin Donnelly
Domestic LLC. Willamette Digital LLC, N. Syracuse St., Portland 6510 S.E. Foster Road Suite Road, Portland 97212, Nextasea LLC, 7206 S.W. 97236, Domestic LLC.
LLP, 2029 S.E. Jefferson St.
2951 N.W. Division St. 97203, Domestic LLC. D, Portland 97206, Domestic Foreign LLC. Virginia Ave., Portland
Online Fertility Coach Inc., Suite 101, Milwaukie 97222, Youkoso-Oregon LLC, 1 S.W.
Suite 110, Gresham 97030, LLC. 97219, Domestic LLC. Columbia St. Suite 1110,
50 Kerr Parkway No. 54, Lake Domestic Registered LLP. Blisslandia LLC, 9918 N. Macs Track House LLC,
Oswego 97035, Domestic Domestic LLC. Oregonian Ave., Portland Thuis LLC, 5328 S.E. 2904 N.E. 51st Ave., Portland Thom Innovation Portland 97258, Domestic
NLH Inc., 3650 S.E. Johnson
Business Corporation. Pacific Northwest 97203, Domestic LLC. Woodward St., Portland 97213, Domestic LLC. Consulting LLC, 7332 LLC.
Creek Blvd., Portland
Hardwood and Tile LLC, 97206, Domestic LLC. S.W. Virginia Ave., Portland ZWJ LLC, 6712 S.E. 83rd
Big Kid Films LLC, 14353 97222, Domestic Business Renuka Prasad, Original The Dandy Lions School
Holly Springs Road, Lake Corporation. 2951 N.W. Division St. Bubble Tea LLC, 9240 N. Sip Stop Collective LLC, LLC, 3415 N.E. 64th Ave., 97219, Domestic LLC. Ave., Portland 97266,
Oswego 97035, Domestic D Signature Construction Suite 110, Gresham 97030, Mohawk Ave., Portland 6822 S.E. Mall St., Portland Portland 97213, Domestic Tick Engineering LLC, 9831 Domestic LLC.
LLC. LLC, 5863 S.E. Robhil Drive, Domestic LLC. 97203, Domestic LLC. 97206, Domestic LLC. LLC. S.W. Second Ave., Portland APFM LLC, 4724 S.E. 118th
Recreation Military Milwaukie 97222, Domestic CBN Enterprises LLC, 2951 MF Brookwood LLC, Attn: 2 Seconds Productions Hufnagel Design Build 97219, Domestic LLC. Ave., Portland 97266,
Ministries, P.O. Box 2282, LLC. N.W. Division St. Suite 110, Michael D. Walker 111 LLC, 5651 N.E. 52nd Ave., LLC, 4036 N.E. 64th Ave., Better Home Buyer LLC, Domestic LLC.
Lake Oswego 97035, Firesign Publishing NW Gresham 97030, Domestic S.W. Fifth Ave. Suite 3800, Portland 97206, Domestic Portland 97213, Domestic 9231 S.W. 50th Ave., Sunchine Plus LLC, 12028
Domestic Nonprofit LLC, 3129 S.E. Boyd St., LLC. Portland 97204, Domestic LLC. LLC. Portland 97219, Domestic S.E. Bush St., Portland
Corporation. Milwaukie 97222, Domestic RCO Holdings LLC, 410 S.E. LLC. Oregon Heartwood LLC, Nicolesy Inc., 2955 N.E. LLC. 97266, Domestic LLC.
Resident Resources, LLC. Sandy Dell Road, Troutdale Macro Acquisition Co., 111 P.O. Box 2307, Portland 59th Ave., Portland 97213, Sean D. Kliewer LLC, Alpha 1 Auto Glass LLC,
4800 S.W. Meadows Road Tenzo Tonics LLC, 2001 97060, Domestic LLC. S.W. Fifth Ave. Suite 1500, 97208, Domestic LLC. Foreign Business Corporation. Knauerhase Law Office 8403 5308 S.E. 118th Ave.,
No. 300, Lake Oswego S.E. Silver Springs Road, Inksick5150 Tattoo and Portland 97204, Domestic Portland Iconic LLC, 959 Stadium District Business S.W. Eighth Ave., Portland Portland 97266, Domestic
97035, Domestic Nonprofit Milwaukie 97222, Domestic Clothing LLC, 2642 S.W. Business Corporation. N.W. Overton Suite 1015, Group, c/o Venture Portland 97219, Domestic LLC. LLC.

RSD Transport LLC, 3226 NT Guide Service LLC, 50 Facultas Partners Inc., 2867 LLC. Newberg 97132, Domestic R0955336, $625,000, ID 05029281, $656,361, 871717, Vancouver 98687,
S.E. 118th Ave., Portland S.W. 152nd Ave., Beaverton S.E. Brodiaea Court, Hillsboro W&J Real Estate LLC, LLC. 03/18/16. 03/15/16. Sec. 05 03 01 ID 179838-
97266, Domestic LLC. 97006, Domestic LLC. 97123, Domestic Business 2165 S.W. Cedar Hills Blvd., Daniel Maust Construction Ronald D. and Janice H. Stephanie C. Meza to Haley 000, $600,280, 03/16/16.
Ramblin Trucking LLC, 3226 New Begin Inc., 18033 N.W. Corporation. Portland 97225, Domestic LLC, P.O. Box 550, Yamhill Wismer Co-Trustees to CTH N. and Keith S. McClung, Evelyn M. Turner/Glenn
S.E. 118th Ave., Portland Evergreen Parkway Suite I, VIA PCB Engineering and LLC. 97148, Domestic LLC. Investments LLC, 1800 4508 S. Lone Hollow Road, and Sarah Corey to Paul
97266, Domestic LLC. Beaverton 97006, Domestic Design LLC, 537 N.E. 64th N.W. 167th Place Suite 150, Woodburn 97071, Tract 49 and Kathleen Cosgrove,
West Slope Wood LLC.,
Cypher Construction & Business Corporation. Court, Hillsboro 97124, Beaverton 97006, Tract H Woodburn Orchard Tracts 6211 Buena Vista Drive,
2185 S.W. 75th Ave.,
Maintenance LLC, 11414 Expertly Learning Corp., Domestic LLC. Portland 97225, Domestic R Commercial and Lot 127 Wismer Ridge, ID 01082731, $635,000, Vancouver 98651, Lot 18
$611,000, 03/18/16. 03/14/16. Evergreen Highlands ID
S.E. Harold St., Portland 1915 N.W. Amberglen Weybright & Associates LLC. real estate 037910-590, $600,280,
97266, Domestic LLC. Inc., 2745 N.W. John Olsen Charles E. Rotta Jr. and Robert and Amy Chisholm
Parkway Suite 105,
Ave. Apt. E-59, Hillsboro
3DAuthority.Net LLC, 7327 transactions Gerri Lynn Annenberg Rotta to Thomas Isaac and Aleena 03/15/16.
Ruhland Mandolins LLC, Beaverton 97006, Domestic S.E. Barnes Road No. 818,
Business Corporation. 97124, Domestic Business Trustees to HP Oregon I E. Abraham-Isaac, 1495 Mark C. and Ginger C.
6342 S.E. 89th Ave., Portland Portland 97225, Domestic Clackamas County
Corporation. LLC, 180 N. Stetson Ave. Woodland Terrace, Lake Rambis to Evan and
97266, Domestic LLC. Turiyam Research LLC, LLC.
Suite 3650, Chicago, Ill. Oswego 97034, Sec. 09 02 Chelsea Olson, 10415
16055 S.W. Walker Road A Strong Design LLC, 1400 KB Properties LLC to
Noble Sprout Farms Inc., Gus Nadelhoffer, Gus 60601, Lot 39 Mountain 01 ID 01652651, $630,000, N.W. 31st Ave., Vancouver
No. 199, Beaverton 97006, N.E. 48th Ave. Suite 200, Rivers East LLC, 1211
6920 S.E. 83rd Ave., Portland Nadelhoffer Insurance Gate, $578,500, 03/18/16. 03/14/16. 98685, Lot 5 Erickson Farms
Domestic LLC. Hillsboro 97124, Domestic S.W. Fifth Ave. Suite 1900,
97266, Domestic Business Agency Inc., 4848 S.W. ID 986031-116, $585,280,
LLC. Portland 97204, Lots 9-14 Mark S. and Donna L. Tsai to Stuart F. and Donna K.
Corporation. Eyelet Careers LLC, 900 Scholls Ferry Road, Portland Adam and Joanna Perkins, 03/14/16.
First Addition to the Town Rosove to Kiva J. and
Electric Sheep Textiles N.W. 178th Ave., Beaverton Honey Hole LLC, 12155 N.W. 97225, Domestic Business 4475 N.W. Metollius Court,
of Oswego, $3,000,000, Melissa M. Hartfield, 17704 Jeffrey H. Waldbauer to
LLC, 11937 S.E. Schiller St., 97006, Domestic LLC. Dick Road, Hillsboro 97124, Corporation. Portland 97229, Lot 35
03/15/16. Treetop Lane, Lake Oswego Kalen and Ryan Statz, 4715
Portland 97266, Domestic Domestic LLC. Rockstar Cleaning Service Rock Creek Country Club
Filbert South Inc., 17010 97034, Lot 6 Palisades N.E. 126th Circle, Vancouver
LLC. S.W. Weir Road, Beaverton Becky and Betty LLC, 12155 LLC, 12245 S.W. Taylor ID R1385209, $513,000, Heights ID 00316394, 98606, Lot 8 Parkview
97007, Domestic Business N.W. Dick Road, Hillsboro Court, Portland 97225, Clark County 03/18/16. $610,000, 03/17/16. Estates ID 186193-016,
Velocity German Autos LLC,
7415 S.E. 92nd Ave. Building Corporation. 97124, Domestic LLC. Domestic LLC. $565,280, 03/15/16.
Gary Colemansmith and Gail M. Garcelon to
1, Portland 97266, Domestic White Label Nutrients Inc., The Abacist LLC, 1400 BDavis Holdings LLC, 13190 Thomas E. Bell and Julie B. Brad G. and Lynn Marie Day
LLC. 6595 S.W. 178th Place, N.E. 48th Ave. Suite 200, S.W. Edgewood St., Portland
Mark Colemansmith to R Residential Goodwin, 4672 Auburn Lane, to HP Washington I LLC,
2105 C Street LLC, 2105 C
Brick and Mortar LLC, Beaverton 97007, Domestic Hillsboro 97124, Domestic 97225, Domestic LLC. St., Vancouver 98685, Lots real estate Lake Oswego 97035, Lot 7 180 N. Stetson Ave. Suite
12131 S.E. Lexington St., Business Corporation. LLC. Bellstone Wellness LLC, 1-6 Arnada Park ID 42850- transactions Auburn Hill ID 05006383, 3650, Chicago, Ill. 60601,
Portland 97266, Domestic Alerie L. Lyche CPA LLC, National Wild Turkey 4931 S.W. 76th Ave. No. 225, 000, $870,280, 03/14/16. $585,000, 03/15/16. Lot 7 Applewood Hills ID
LLC. P.O. Box 7214, Aloha 97007, Federation Washington Portland 97225, Domestic 090264-416, $523,764,
Jachin LLC to Lovelace Clackamas County Calais at Villebois LLC to
County Chapter, 1288 N.E. LLC. 03/15/16.
Denouement LLC, P.O. Box Domestic LLC. Properties LLC, 16701 Charles J. and Suzanne M.
19210, Portland 97280, Margeaux Place, Hillsboro S.E. McGillivray Blvd. Suite J&J Development LLC to Bentz, 28265 S.W. Belfast Mike Lin and Paurin
Riley Racing, 7903 S.W. Ultimatecreek LLC, 5125
97124, Domestic Nonprofit 100, Vancouver 98683, Sec. Kathryn L. and Nicholas Lane, Wilsonville 97070, Sangpatson to Bruce
Domestic LLC. 166th Place, Beaverton S.W. Scholls Ferry Road
Corporation. 35 02 02 ID 167683-000, D. Sweers, 831 Fourth St., Lot 2 Calais at Villebois Johnson and Denise
KPM Law LLC, P.O. Box 97007, Domestic Nonprofit Apt. 02, Portland 97225,
$660,280, 03/17/16. Lake Oswego 97034, Lots ID 05026416, $579,990, Troxell, 12903 N.E. 37th
80743, Portland 97280, Corporation. Goose Creek Property LLC, Domestic LLC.
6/7 Town of Oswego ID 03/15/16. Court, Vancouver 98686,
Domestic LLC. P.O. Box 162, North Plains Future Montessori School
Sad Minds LLC, 14755 S.W. 00194079, $1,685,000, Lot 8 Highland Ridge ID
97133, Domestic LLC. LLC, 13150 N.W. Sue St., Jeanenne Chizum to Brian
Brian M. Parrott LLC, P.O. Osprey Drive No. 1012, Multnomah County 03/14/16. 186425-016, $505,280,
Beaverton 97007, Domestic Meacham Estate LLC, 23707 Portland 97229, Domestic Doyle, 1060 Upper Devon 03/16/16.
Box 80933, Portland 97280, Monogram Inc. to James Lane, Lake Oswego 97034,
Domestic LLC. LLC. N.W. Dairy Creek Road, North LLC. STAG Gresham LLC to G&I D. and Lisa M. Curzon, P.O. Lot 33 Windsor Terrace
Plains 97133, Domestic LLC. Portland Window Cleaning VIII Halsey LLC, 220 E.
Saturn Duplication LLC, P.O. Lulac Portland Council Box 1728, Wilsonville 97070, ID 00307983, $553,033,
LLC, 4180 N.W. Carlton 42nd St. 27th Floor, New Multnomah County
Box 86680, Portland 97286, 40002, 5265 S.W. 153rd Full Moon Tours LLC, 22580 Lot 223 Lake View Villas, 03/14/16.
S.W. Mountain Home Road, Court, Portland 97229, York, N.Y. 10017, Lots 1-4 $1,650,000, 03/17/16.
Domestic LLC. Ave., Beaverton 97007, Kevin Pereau and Beth
Sherwood 97140, Domestic Domestic LLC. Halsey Corners ID R632989, Lisa K. Shepard to David
Domestic Nonprofit Wiley and Stacey Henry to Andersen to DMDM
AITVN LLC, P.O. Box 66903, LLC. $22,300,000, 03/17/16. W. Warden and Leilei Byl,
Corporation. Ammanna Properties LLC, Daniel and Teresa Aranda Investments LLC, P.O. Box
Portland 97290, Domestic G. Smith Holdings LLC 2280 Tannler Drive, West
Marina Oregon City Inc., Sapphire Investment 5926 N.W. 170th Ave., Co-Trustees, 24655 N.E. Linn 97068, Sec. 35 02 01 5350, Bend 97708, Unit
LLC. to Iron Fireman Building
17010 S.W. Weir Road, Group, 18850 S.W. Parrett Portland 97229, Domestic Graham Road, Aurora 97002, ID 00405546, $551,000, 708 Marshall-Wells Lofts
Mountain Road, Sherwood LLC. LLC, 810 N.W. Marshall St. Sec. 28 03 01 ID 00833067, Condominiums ID R530155,
Beaverton 97007, Domestic 03/14/16.
97140, Foreign Business Suite 300, Portland 97209, $1,650,000, 03/15/16. $1,684,000, 03/14/16.
Washington County Business Corporation. Bill and Jan Enterprises
Corporation. Lots 6-11/28-33 Holgate Lennar Northwest Inc. to
Concept Three LLC, LLC, 16067 N.W. Rondos Addition, $3,750,000, The Schollander Companies Jennifer and James Fulton, Harlan D. Griffith to Craig
Plumbing Craftsman and Pari Partners LLC, 7175 S.W. Drive, Portland 97229, Inc. to Stephen T. and Alexis L. Chanti and Donna A.
9446 S.W. Inverness Way, 03/18/16. 12715 S.E. Jubilee St., Happy
Drain Service LLC, 13300 Beveland Road Suite 210, Domestic LLC. Lamoureux, 3137 Douglas Avedisian, 11400 S.W.
Beaverton 97007, Domestic The Port of Portland to Valley 97086, Lot 14 Sunrise
S.W. Butner Road, Beaverton Portland 97223, Domestic Circle, Lake Oswego 97034, Military Road, Portland
LLC. The Health Nut Coach Fedex Ground Package Mountain View ID 05025960,
97005, Domestic LLC. LLC. Parcel 1 Partition Plat No. 97219, Lot 46 Palatine Hill
Northwest Cloud Solutions Co., 3300 N.W. 185th Ave., System Inc., 1000 FedEx $548,150, 03/14/16.
Portland Dance School 2015-035 ID 00237835, ID R232836, $1,555,000,
LLC, 17858 S.W. Richard Terry Scannell, Visionary Portland 97229, Domestic Drive, Moon Township, Pa. Randy and Judy Giltner to
and Theater Corp., 10058 $1,450,000, 03/15/16. 03/17/16.
Court, Beaverton 97007, Means Corp., 7128 Gonzaga Business Corporation. 15108, Lot 1 Troutdale Yue Juan Ma and Wan Ling
S.W. Arctic Drive, Beaverton St. No. 220, Portland Renaissance Custom Classic Image Homes LLC
97005, Domestic Business Domestic LLC. Meet Your Mind LLC, 13393 Reynolds Industrial Park, Huang, 18685 S.E. Sunnyside
97223, Domestic Business $3,082,000, 03/18/16. Homes LLC to Cory R. Road, Damascus 97089, to Mary and John Grossi,
Corporation. 123 Painting and N.W. Payne Drive, Portland
Corporation. Davis, 822 Sixth St., Lake Sec. 05 02 03 ID 00609390, 2710 N.W. Pettygrove St.,
Construction LLC, 9940 S.W. 97229, Domestic LLC. Lawrence Property
West Hills Turf & Tree LLC, Oswego 97034, Lot 7 Town $529,950, 03/16/16. Portland 97210, Parcel 1
Buckskin Terrace, Beaverton Red Hills Investments LLC, Tinyrain LLC, 12733 N.W. Management LLC to GL-B44 Partition Plat No. 2016-20
12550 S.W. Butner Road, of Oswego ID 00195167,
97008, Domestic LLC. 10220 S.W. Greenburg Road Forest Spring Lane, Portland Acquisition LLC, 3050 S.E. Kiva J. and Melissa M. ID R171623, $1,500,000,
Beaverton 97005, Domestic $1,082,000, 03/16/16.
Suite 111, Portland 97223, 97229, Domestic LLC. Division No. 235, Portland Hartfield to Casey E. 03/16/16.
LLC. White Star Cleaning Carole Mae Cooperman
Domestic LLC. 97202, Lots 6/7 Wehlams and Rachel K. Miller,
Service Inc., 14320 S.W. Forever Memories LLC, P.O. Trustee to Mitchell R. and Paul H. and Eileen P.
Hearthstone Media LLC, Advantage Equities LLC Addition, $2,080,000, 17015 Chapin Way, Lake
Barlow Court, Beaverton Box 230965, Tigard 97281, Sallie J. Boyce Trustees, Gerrie to George W. and
5665 S.W. Stott Ave., 9398, 10220 S.W. Greenburg 03/16/16. Oswego 97034, Lot 58 Glen
97008, Domestic Business Domestic LLC. 183 Furnace St., Lake Elizabeth F. Ratliff, 2975
Beaverton 97005, Domestic Road Suite 111, Portland Morrie Park ID 00307536,
Corporation. Ward Estate Co. Oregon Oswego 97034, Unit 2 S.W. Montgomery Drive,
LLC. 97223, Domestic LLC. Speedbump Charities, $525,000, 03/15/16.
Serpa Audiology LLC, 10117 Ltd. to J.R. Zukin Corp., Riverbend On the Willamette Portland 97201, Lots 16/17
Wit & Charm LLC, 280 P.O. Box 230211, Tigard P.O. Box 1810, Los Gatos,
S.W. Cynthia St., Beaverton Applegate River LLC, 2331 Condominiums ID 05001006, Peter W. and Claire L. Old Orchards ID R229683,
S.W. 133rd Ave., Beaverton 97281, Domestic Nonprofit Calif. 95031, Sec. 36 01 01
97008, Domestic LLC. S.W. Sixth Ave., Portland $955,000, 03/16/16. Frye to Stephen Tienhsing $1,300,000, 03/18/16.
97005, Domestic LLC. Corporation. ID R328657, $1,446,250,
97223, Domestic LLC. Cheng and Lynn ChiYing,
Shumanity Inc., 8620 S.W. Truly Med Inc., P.O. Box 03/18/16. Casey E. and Rachel K. Bhupesh Dua and Sarita
Avenger LLC, 4900 S.W. 5261 Windsor Terrace, West
Pacer Drive, Beaverton Rose City Dip LLC, 8150 S.W. 230347, Tigard 97281, Miller to Rodney Jay Dua to Michael Wang and
Griffith Drive Suite 133, Rose Marie Schulz Trustee Linn 97068, Lot 6 Villa
97008, Domestic Business 80th Ave., Portland 97223, Domestic Business and Kari Reid, 2351 Alexis C. Goubran-Wang,
Beaverton 97005, Domestic to Group 701 LLC, 3560 S.W. Roma Estates ID 00387398,
Corporation. Domestic LLC. Corporation. Palisades Crest Drive, Lake 6009 S.W. Patton Road,
LLC. Troy St., Portland 97219, $521,500, 03/15/16.
Oswego 97034, Lot 16 Portland 97221, Sec. 07 01
Kore Strategic Ventures Lawn Care Unlimited LLC, Sec. 33 01 02 ID R319505/
JR Stucco and Exteriors Palisades Heights Estates 01 ID R327284, $1,285,000,
LLC, 14389 S.W. Rancher 7410 S.W. Oleson Road R319507/R319509,
Inc., 4130 S.W. 117th Yamhill County ID 00317062, $925,000, Clark County 03/18/16.
Lane, Beaverton 97008, Suite 130, Portland 97223, $965,000, 03/17/16.
Ave. Suite A, Beaverton 03/15/16. S.K. Lenor and Benjamin F.
Foreign LLC. Domestic LLC.
97005, Domestic Business Ideas To Patents Inc., Structure Redevelopment Mymai T. Doan and Daniel Covington Manor Rentals Balme Trustees to Kassie
Corporation. Deal Place 4U LLC, 8319 Skookum Plumbing LLC, 876 S.W. View Crest Drive, LLC to TYS Investment LLC to Lippert Heatherbrae A. Westmoreland Trustee,
A. Ngo to Chungbin Qin,
S.W. Cirrus Drive, Beaverton 10723 S.W. 82nd Ave., Dundee 97115, Domestic LLC, 8305 S.E. Monterey LLC, 1822 Cambridge Oaks 3507 N.W. 14th Ave., Camas,
Beaverton Medical Massage 9421 S.E. Quail Ridge Court,
97008, Domestic LLC. Portland 97223, Domestic Business Corporation. Ave. Suite 211, Happy Valley Drive, Eugene, Ore. 97401, Wash. 98607, Unit 714 Henry
LLC, 3863 S.W. Hall Blvd. Happy Valley 97086, Lot
LLC. 97086, Lots 74/75 Roselawn Lots 15-43 Covington Condominiums ID R552503/
Suite B, Beaverton 97005, Procanna USA LLC, 23285 Relentless Trucking LLC, 126 Altamont ID 01751624,
Domestic LLC. S.W. Boones Ferry Road, Tailored Realty LLC, 12505 702 N. Grant St., Lafayette Annex, $720,000, 03/15/16. $924,500, 03/15/16. Manor Homes ID 986026- R552649, $1,125,000,
Tualatin 97062, Domestic S.W. North Dakota St. Apt. 97127, Domestic LLC. Paul Hooson to TAJ 726/986026-727 et al., 03/14/16.
Kontrafy Productions LLC, Wiley and Stacey Henry to $4,900,280, 03/15/16.
LLC. 1314, Portland 97223, Development Group LLC, Daniel and Teresa Aranda Sally J. Davis Trustee to
4745 S.W. Lombard Ave. CS Property Investments
Domestic LLC. 15635 S.E. 114th Ave. Suite Co-Trustees, 24655 N.E. JSC Family LLC to Terry Joseph P. and Elizabeth
Apt. 314, Beaverton 97005, Joslin Consulting LLC, P.O. LLC, P.O. Box 237,
Domestic LLC. Box 1387, Beaverton 97075, ThreeWB LLC, 10220 S.W. McMinnville 97128, 205, Clackamas 97015, Graham Road, Aurora 97002, H. and Joan S. Pellham, E. Lawlor, 3541 Downing
Domestic LLC. Greenburg Road, Portland Domestic LLC. Sec. 20 01 02 ID R318168, Sec. 28 03 01 ID 00833085, 38207 N.E. Gerber Road, Ave., Glendale, Calif. 91208,
Cascadia Sports LLC, $684,000, 03/17/16. Yacolt 98675, Sec. 22 05 03
97223, Domestic LLC. $889,950, 03/15/16. Unit 1013 Park Place
13775 S.W. Sixth St. Apt. N, Cash Or Collateral Chirobiz LLC, 4155 N.E. ID 276621000, $871,699,
David C. Gaggero to Chaney Jeffrey M. and Donna Condominiums ID R551216,
Beaverton 97005, Domestic Entertainment LLC, P.O. Empire Trace LLC, 6950 Three Mile Lane Unit 03/15/16.
Chaney and Peterson J. Swan to Stacy and $1,060,000, 03/17/16.
LLC. Box 1486, Beaverton 97075, S.W. Hampton St., Portland 135, McMinnville 97128,
Domestic LLC. 97223, Domestic LLC. Domestic LLC. LLC, 100 W. Powell Blvd., Sharon S. Friedman, Gary and Janice Snyder to Stephen R. Smiley to Mark
MF Chase LLC, 14335 Gresham 97030, Lot 10 Adam and Damla Hamide,
13380 Streamside Court, Samuel Shapiro, 3499
S.W. Allen Blvd. Suite 200, Barbacoa Don Pancho LLC, Uphill Endeavor LLC, 6440 Joy Nutrition and Wellness Arcadia ID R107143, 4320 S.E. 159th Court,
Lake Oswego 97035, Lot 5 N.W. Thurman St., Portland
Beaverton 97005, Domestic 19155 S.W. Kinnaman Road, S.W. Old Scholls Ferry Road, LLC, 142 N.E. Seventh $650,000, 03/18/16. Vancouver 98683, Lot 3
Westbrooke ID 01371296, 97210, Lot 6 Gordon Green
LLC. Beaverton 97078, Domestic Portland 97223, Domestic St., McMinnville 97128, Diamond Estates ID 122123-
Lucas Oregon Properties $875,000, 03/15/16. ID R658998, $985,000,
Casita Multiservicios LLC, LLC. LLC. Domestic LLC. 006, $823,764, 03/17/16.
LLC to Cameron Oregon Michael G. and Kim L. 03/18/16.
12588 S.W. Gem Lane, West Coast Land & Logs Gilly Kids Clothing LLC, Spirit Mountain Marijuana Properties LLC, P.O. Box Sandra L. Schwartz to 2211
Oberg to David Kevin John Ramage and Eleanor
Beaverton 97005, Domestic LLC, P.O. Box 309, Banks 13975 S.W. Chinn Lane Apt. Inc., 3592 N.E. Golden 713, Point Reyes, Calif. Bergman and Micki C. LLC, 2526 N.E. Glisan No. Wood Ramage Trustees to
LLC. 97106, Domestic LLC. 132, Tigard 97224, Domestic Leaf Lane, McMinnville 94956, Sec. 15 01 01, Olsen, 17987 S. Bogynski 100, Portland, Ore. 97232, Kenneth Heinemann and
Corsair N1337A LLC, 4900 Pacific Mountain Roofing LLC. 97128, Domestic Business $642,227, 03/15/16. Road, Oregon City 97045, Lot 9 Merrifield Acre Tracts Melissa Whitson, P.O. Box
S.W. Griffith Drive Suite 133, LLC, 159 S.E. Maple St. Restore Massage PDX LLC, Corporation. Sec. 12 03 02 ID 00874192, ID 028243-000, $675,280, 130, Seaview, Wash. 98644,
Beaverton 97005, Domestic Unit 6-E, Hillsboro 97123, 14833 S.W. 72nd Ave., 3 Angels Towing LLC, $875,000, 03/15/16. 03/17/16. Lot 4 Irvington, $975,845,
Washington County
LLC. Domestic LLC. Portland 97224, Domestic 1002 N. Springbrook Road Leroy and Joy K. Cook to Washington Federal 03/14/16.
Yolanda Figueroa, Ms. Yola Firestarter International LLC. Suite 160, Newberg 97132, Renate Berry heir of Liam Slusser, 20344 S. Savings to Jason and Ann Maureen Sullivan and
Cleaning Services LLC, 12500 LLC, P.O. Box 3771, Hillsboro Andreia Group LLC, 16280 Domestic LLC. Harry L. Berry deceased Lake Vista Court, Oregon Ordway, 6821 N.E. 289th Edward A. Chasteney IV
S.W. Colony Lane No. 3, 97123, Domestic LLC. S.W. 113th Ave. Apt. 109, AD Gibson Photo LLC, to Kemmer Ridge LLC, City 97045, Lot 12 Beaver St., Battle Ground 98604, to 2933 50th LLC, 1336
Beaverton 97005, Domestic Tigard 97224, Domestic LLC. 3305 Vittoria Way Apt. 13, 12555 S.W. Hall Blvd., Tigard Lake Estates ID 01698443, Lot 4 Short Plat 3/721 ID Stone Haven Drive, West
Justin and Sherre LLC, 5920 224950-015, $660,280,
LLC. Newberg 97132, Domestic 97223, Lots 6/7/8 Mountain $859,995, 03/16/16. Linn 97068, Lot 8 Rose City
N.E. Ray Circle Suite 100, Sir Group LLC, 14211 S.W.
LLC. View Heights ID R258615, 03/14/16. Park ID R260632, $935,000,
Nakajima N43JE LLC, 4900 Hillsboro 97123, Domestic Tewkesbury Drive, Portland David W. Frasher and
$4,800,000, 03/17/16. Gianina L. Johnson to Lee Susan Rae Berry Trustee 03/14/16.
S.W. Griffith Drive Suite 133, LLC. 97224, Domestic LLC. E&L Ideas LLC, 3713 Bur
Beaverton 97005, Domestic Oak Court, Newberg 97132, Weston Investment Co. A. Ritze Trustee, 10365 to Ryan M. and Kali E. Classic Image Homes LLC
Keith Brown Properties LLC, Cambodia Chamber of Harvey, 2528 N.W. 12th
LLC. Domestic LLC. LLC to NWPI LLC, 5331 S.W. S.E. Quailridge Drive, Happy to Evan Jacob Fertig and
25365 S.W. Rainbow Lane, Commerce LLC, 16716 S.W. Circle, Camas 98607, Lot
MacAdam Ave. Suite 258, Valley 97086, Lot 229 Theresa Hanna Liao, 1605
P-38 LLC, 4900 S.W. Griffith Hillsboro 97123, Domestic 72nd Ave., Portland 97224, Earlwood Road LLC, 7120 10 Renaissance Summit ID
Portland 97239, Lot 6-8 Altamont ID 05003928, S.E. 35th Ave., Portland
Drive Suite 133, Beaverton LLC. Domestic LLC. N.E. Earlwood Road, Newberg
Westmark ID R2104045/ $850,000, 03/17/16. 127385-020, $615,280, 97214, Lot 7 Rochelle
97005, Domestic LLC. Sunstone Sport Horses LLC, Timelines Barbershop LLC, 97132, Domestic LLC. 03/16/16.
R21040465/R2104047, Jerry W. and Kimberly R. ID R258381, $915,000,
JEC NW LLC, 1500 N.W. 302 S.E. 37th Ave., Hillsboro 14120 S.W. Tewkesbury Group of Fire LLC, c/o $2,100,000, 03/21/16. Urban Oaks LLC to Urban 03/18/16.
King to Jared and Saleem
Bethany Blvd. No. 185, 97123, Domestic LLC. Drive, Tigard 97224, Demetri Tsohantaridis PC Findley Heights LLC to Northwest Homes LLC,
Barhoum, 16010 S.E. Cielo DAW Remodeling Inc. to
Beaverton 97006, Domestic Maple Leaves Lawn Care Domestic LLC. 201 N. Meridian St., Newberg North Bethany Partners 15217 N.E. 107th St.,
Court, Damascus 97089, Brendan C. and Elise N.
LLC. LLC, 2045 S.E. Maple St., Ethereal Technology LLC, 97132, Domestic LLC. LLC, 735 S.W. 158th Ave., Sec. 10 02 03 ID 00623267, Vancouver 98682, Lots Raher, 2944 N.E. 50th Ave.,
SEEDSC LLC, 680 N.W. 167th Hillsboro 97123, Domestic 15855 S.W. Stratford Loop M&S Yard Service LLC, Beaverton 97006, Lots 77-79 $795,000, 03/16/16. 5/7/44/66/67/75/76 Portland 97213, Lot 16
Ave., Beaverton 97006, LLC. Apt. A, Portland 97224, 24070 Wildwood Road, Findley Heights, $675,000, Renaissance Custom Homes Urban Oaks ID 986037-696, Rose City Park ID R260618,
Domestic LLC. Cypress Ridge Development Domestic LLC. Newberg 97132, Domestic 03/17/16. LLC to Stacy Lynne Shrock, $603,033, 03/16/16. $890,000, 03/14/16.
Shopthetrends LLC, 1140 LLC, 1602 S.E. 71st Ave., Platinum Painting LLC, LLC. John G. Hall to 2600 LLC, 7870 S.W. Summerton St., Gerhard H. and Margarethe Jonathan W. Liss to Jeff
S.W. 160th Ave., Beaverton Hillsboro 97123, Domestic 2470 S.W. 112th Place, Mozer Desserts LLC, P.O. Box 489, Cornelius Wilsonville 97070, Lot 3 Eckert to Glavin Oram and Anne Stanton,
97006, Domestic LLC. LLC. Portland 97225, Domestic 3305 Vittoria Way Apt. 13, 97113, Sec. 02 02 03 ID Renaissance at Canyon Creek Development LLC, P.O. Box 7725 N.W. Stark St.,
APRIL 8, 2016 31

Portland 97229, Parcel 3 $765,000, 03/14/16. Ave., Portland 97212, 97210, Lot 4 Balchs Addition Eeva Sisko Gray to Jason Allen and Tina Napetian Creek Falls ID R2189855, R2055755, $550,000,
Partition Plat No. 1997-54 Cameron D. and Jennifer Lot 14 Albina Homestead ID R111149, $574,500, Hays and Sean Jenkins, to Robert H. and Susan R. $619,990, 03/15/16. 03/18/16.
ID R239555, $880,000, K. Mitchell to Samuel J. ID R103192, $636,000, 03/18/16. 88 S.W. 49th Ave., Portland Bond, 8274 S.W. Pointer Polygon WLH LLC to Jarrad Mitchell J. Tracy and
03/18/16. and Stephanie L. Needham, 03/17/16. Vincent A. and Maryanne 97219, Lot 19 West Portland Way Apt. A, Portland William and Penny Suzanne Christina Gong to Steven
West Coast Real Estate 3915 N.E. Hoyt St., Kerry A. Weymouth Trustee M. Galea to Jeffrey J. ID R301590, $515,000, 97225, Lot 15 Brentwood Smith, 2695 Montara Drive, M. Zeiden and David A.
Holdings LLC to TYS Portland 97232, Lots 16/17 to Julia Farina, 3924 S.E. Graham and Jennifer R. 03/16/16. ID R2036263, $839,560, Medford 97504, Lot 24 Castle, 8300 S.W. 71st Ave.,
Investment LLC, 816 S.E. Laurelhurst ID R203428, Pitzer, 2244 S.E. 47th Paul and Meredith Ramey 03/14/16. Polygon at Bethany Creek Portland 97223, Sec. 25 01
Ivon St., Portland 97202,
35th Ave., Portland 97214, $752,000, 03/15/16. Lot 5 Richmond Addition Ave., Portland 97215, Lots to Theodore P. Braun/ 4824 SW Oleson Road Falls, $613,798, 03/16/16. 01 ID R971381, $549,900,
Units 1-4 Townhomes ID R254936, $635,000, 17/18 Tabasco Addition Julia E. Maxon and Marcus Portland LLC to Sara 03/18/16.
Benjamin D. Odenberg to Doug M. and Joan E. Stiles
at Liebe Condominiums, 03/17/16. ID R282914, $572,000, O. Braun, 9019 S.W. 15th Herrera/Verla Hood and
Adolfo Chou and Bryna to Kari and Christian ADLV Land Holdings LLC
$880,000, 03/15/16. 03/14/16. Ave., Portland 97219, Lots Michael Hood, 1660
Chang, 3338 Waverley St., Susan Reiter and Carolyn Troche, 6525 S.W. Midmar to William Lyon Homes
2/3 Portland Highlands Wynoochee Way, Petaluma,
Gregory V. Swanson Palo Alto, Calif. 94306, Lot Fujita to Justin Ross Top Spin LLC to Gregor Place, Portland 97223, Lot Inc., 109 E. 13th St.,
ID R247492, $515,000, Calif. 94954, Sec. 13 01
and Gillian D. Floren to 9 English Park, $732,455, Bourne and Amy Jean D. and Karen McWee, 9 Arranmore ID R214547, Vancouver, Wash. 98660,
03/18/16. 01 ID R95159, $807,000,
Matthew Gordner, 922 N.W. 03/16/16. Bourne, 7929 S.E. 34th Ave., 3425 N.E. Webster St., $590,000, 03/21/16. Lots 38/52/96/97 Polygon
Annika Brands and Laurie 03/16/16.
11th Ave. Unit 513, Portland Eugene W. Brown Trustee Portland 97202, Lots 8/9 Portland 97211, Lots Richard K. and Lisa M. Apau at West River Terrace,
97209, Unit 513 Park Place Eastmoreland ID R152979, 21-23 Willamette Addition Brands to John R. and Jill John Kim to Naynesh $541,800, 03/18/16.
to Exceptional Homes by to Sean C. and Jennifer
Condominiums ID R551168, $630,000, 03/18/16. ID R307415, $566,000, D. Borek, 6335 N.E. 25th A. Khamar and Deepthi
Andre Inc., 14237 Bridge L. Naughton, 14890 S.W. Donald C. and Marilyn I.
$875,000, 03/14/16. 03/15/16. Ave., Portland 97211, Lot 8 Madhava, 2007 N.W. 127th
Court, Lake Oswego 97034, 5250 Vancouver LLC to Sunrise Lane, Tigard 97224, Kuby Trustees to Cesar
Irvington Park ID R190726, Place, Portland 97229,
Jay Dykeman Trustee to Lots 2/3 Lydia Buckmans Calli Daly, 142 N. Emerson David D. Shaw and Amy Sec. 08 02 01 ID R482882, Andres Antista and Rachelle
$512,419, 03/17/16. Lot 156 Bauer Oaks ID
William T. and Kerry A. Addition ID R210121/ St., Portland 97217, Lot Estep to Martin Rapalski, $588,000, 03/18/16. S. Robinett, 6710 S.W.
Rebecca Westby and R2099931, $785,000,
Weymouth, 6549 S.E. Scott R210122, $725,000, 6 Hayashi ID R668205, 1285 Potrero Ave., San Shane A. and Susan M. 161st Place, Beaverton
William Crane to Nalani 03/16/16.
Drive, Portland 97215, Lot 4 03/15/16. $625,000, 03/18/16. Francisco, Calif. 94110, Wentz to Huang Jin and 97007, Lot 112 Burntwood
Tabor Heights ID R282951, Lot 17 Rose City Park ID Oda, 1120 S.E. Sherman Gertz Construction Co. ID R1380534, $540,000,
David W. Miles Trustee to Portland Development Inc. to Gary F. and Joanne Daze Kang, 15260 N.W.
$850,000, 03/18/16. R259588, $560,000, St., Portland 97214, Lot 2 03/18/16.
Terry Durell Colosi Trustee Group Investments LLC to M. Livesay, 9890 S.W. Iowa Decatur Way, Portland
03/18/16. Irvington Heights, $510,000,
Everett Custom Homes Inc. of the TDC Investment Melissa M. Kennedy, 5040 Drive, Tualatin 97062, 97229, Lot 95 Bethany Crest D.R. Horton Inc.-Portland
to Staci A. Bainbridge and Trust, 6519 N.E. Alameda N.E. Eighth Ave., Portland James H. and Charlene A. Lot 6 Victoria Terrace ID ID R2054502, $585,000, to Ajay Deshpande and
Gregory Gruber, 4521 S.W. St., Portland 97213, Lot 97211, Lot 3 Rosedale Suire to David S. Deen, Georgia A. Abraham 03/15/16. Neha Jadhav, 16969 N.W.
Honi and Jason E. Honi R2190106, $717,875,
60th Place, Portland 97221, 9 Belle Crest ID R113996, ID R672158, $624,900, 11809 S.W. 17th Ave., 03/18/16. Gregory Stipkala to Kristine Madrone St., Portland
Parcel 2 Partition Plat No. $705,500, 03/18/16. 03/15/16. Portland 97219, Lot 15 to Melissa A. Schultz and 97229, Lot 43 Bethany
William Matthew Walker, Jae Yung Oh and Kyung Campbell, 230 N.W. 99th
2015-103 ID R673143, Jennette P. and Travis Wilde Properties Inc. to Oregon Hills Estates ID Ave., Portland 97229, Lot Abbey Heights ID R2191675,
$849,900, 03/18/16. R231106, $555,000, 2404 N. Wygant St., Portland Jong Oh to Clayton E. $539,965, 03/14/16.
I. Lovejoy to Michael W. Leon I. Fishlyn and Lydia 97217, Lot 9 Brainard Tract Montgomery, 6545 S.W. 19 Murlea ID R648482,
Timothy G. and Michele Engelbert and Kirsten E. Alix Fillingham, 1927 S.E. 03/15/16. $584,000, 03/18/16.
ID R119600, $502,500, Evan Court, Portland D.R. Horton Inc.-Portland
T. Provinsal to Martin Hauge, 5214 N.E. 27th Ave., Clinton St., Portland 97202, Marta Freundlich and 03/17/16. 97223, Lot 6 Karyl Park Twin Creeks at Cooper to Ankitha Chandran
Rapalski, 1285 Potrero Ave., Portland 97211, Lot 9 Ina Lots 6/7 Leabo Addition Rob R. Rowley to David ID R2142257, $699,900, Mountain LLC to Christian and Ravishankar
San Francisco, Calif. 94110, Park ID R186450, $672,500, ID R205365, $621,500, N. Woolf and Alyssa H. Deanne Mahoney to Thirugnanasambandam,
Imuetinya T. Okonokhua 03/14/16. Koehle, 20355 S.W.
Lots 9/12 Ladds Addition, 03/15/16. 03/17/16. Koomas, 214 S.E. 26th Cassandra Lane, Beaverton 16973 N.W. Madrone St.,
$849,000, 03/18/16. Ave., Portland 97214, Lot and Eileen I. Offer, 5530 Mission Homes Northwest Portland 97229, Lot 44
Paul A. and Suzanne S. Monica M. Colcord to Tobin S.W. Coronado St., Portland to Lindsey Ong and Kristy 97007, Lot 50 Twin Creeks
Ethan and Heidi Sernoff to Jones to John W. Liedel and Allison Knapp, 1610 6 Pleasant Home Addition ID R2185197, $576,194, Bethany Abbey Heights
ID R244712, $552,000, 97219, Lot 1 Ferndown Ong, 1212 N.W. 96th Ave., ID R2191676, $520,720,
Sally T. Baldwin Trustee, and Mary R. Liedel, 222 S.E. Flavel St., Portland ID R162176, $500,000, Portland 97229, Lot 4 03/14/16.
2234 N.E. Gile Terrace, S.W. Clara Mae Way, Portland 97202, Lots 9/10 City View 03/18/16. 03/16/16.
03/15/16. Mission Ridge ID R2190177, Twin Creeks at Cooper
Portland 97212, Lot 5 97219, Lot 4 Palatine Crest Park Addition ID R134619, James and Madeline Potts $653,900, 03/17/16. Mountain LLC to Paul Stanley P. and Marie D.
Alameda Park ID R101663, ID R232720, $665,000, $620,000, 03/17/16. to Brigitta K. Bazso, 7141 N. Colby J. Thompson to Shope to Sunil M. and
Danelle Aviva Bernstein and Laird M. and Pamela J. H. and Michelle Colin,
$817,000, 03/14/16. 03/18/16. Rose City Investment Boston Ave., Portland 97217, 20335 S.W. Cassandra Lane, Caroline J. Nazareth, 3229
Lots 28/29 First Electric Rachel Elaine Bernstein, Goodman Trustees to James
Lighthouse Mission Church Joseph A. and Christine Properties LLC to James Beaverton 97007, Lot 48 N.E. 11th Way, Hillsboro
Addition ID R163535, 7922 N. Peninsular Ave., S. Galbraith and Mara A.
to Eden Enterprises LLC, E. Macca to Jason Herget Kaczarowski and Brett Twin Creeks ID R2185195, 97124, Lot 6 Evergreen
$550,000, 03/18/16. Portland 97217, Lots Kershaw, 14244 S.W. 134th
5505 S.W. Delker Road, and Katrina Bolton Herget, Fogelstrom, 1934 N.E. 45th $573,955, 03/14/16. Addition ID R2073623,
41-44 Peninsular Addition Drive, Tigard 97224, Lot
Tualatin 97062, Lot 12 7304 S.E. 19th Ave., Portland Ave., Portland 97213, Lot 12 Portland Redevelopment $520,000, 03/21/16.
ID R241662, $500,000, 41 Three Mountain Estates Bilal Salem Alsbou and
Maple Hill Place ID R212353, 97202, Lot 1 Westmoreland Rose City Park ID R259484, LLC to Charmel Rhyne, 03/15/16. ID R2006507, $649,000, Hanadi Massoud Achour to Alice Maria Luo to Chris R.
$815,000, 03/14/16. ID R303974, $663,000, $600,000, 03/18/16. 4632 S.W. Kelly Ave., 03/17/16. Timothy and Tiffany Day, and Wendy S. Lounsbury,
Renaissance Custom Homes 03/16/16. Michael A. Hawbecker and Portland 97239, Lot 3 R.K. 16515 S.W. Emerald View 17268 S.W. Timer Crossing
Wilson Place, $550,000, Tobey Sharpe Trustee to
LLC to Christopher J. and Pacific N.W. Properties LP Jennifer L. Newby to Mark Washington County St., Beaverton 97007, Lot Lane, Sherwood 97140,
Gordon Richard and Janice
Laura M. Moran, 1933 S.W. to David Y. Chen, 922 N.W. Molinari and Kerry Frances 03/18/16. 10 Sunrise ID R2142018, Lot 27 Timber Crossing at
Kingswood Investment A. Krenn, 22605 S.W. Riggs
Iowa St., Portland 97239, 11th Ave. Unit 206, Portland Bourne, 178 Springfield Patchen M. Haggerty and Road, Beaverton 97078, $565,000, 03/18/16. Woodhaven ID R2148214,
St., Henderson, Nev. 89074, Co. to Aukum-V185 LLC, $515,000, 03/16/16.
Lot 7 Bertha ID R115879, 97209, Unit 206 Park Place James L. Smith to Bennett Lot 17 Hazel Meadows Christopher G. and Heidi
Lot 18 Vernon Addition 900 Larksup Landing Circle
$809,922, 03/17/16. Condominiums in the Pearl S. and Sylvia A. Engelman ID R396235, $644,000, Trenholme to Trevor C. Bradley S. and Kimberly
ID R517167, $600,000, Suite 100, Larkspur, Calif.
Mary W. Kurz to James and ID R551127, $660,000, Trustees, 1025 N.W. Couch 03/18/16. McGowen and Catherine J. Sieveke to Amy Potter,
03/14/16. 94939, Lot 120/121 185th
Dorothy Goodman, 5450 03/18/16. St. Unit 817, Portland 97209, Fahrner, 4167 S.W. 100th 14540 S.W. 148th Place,
West ID R624907/R624916, Kari J. and Christian J.
S.E. 40th Ave., Portland Jesslyn Galeazzi and David L. Dysert to Richard ID R552519, $549,000, Terrace, Beaverton 97005, Portland 97224, Lot 53
$13,100,000, 03/14/16. Troche to John Lekas, 6580
97202, Lots 2/3 Woodstock Michael S. Gramza to John J. and Carol A. Ranger, 03/18/16. Lot 4 Jamieson Ridge ID Summit Ridge, $515,000,
West Hills Land S.W. Evan Court, Portland
ID R312785, $795,000, T. Miller and Paula M. 937 N.W. Glisan St. Unit Kimberly S. Williams to 97223, Lot 4 Karyl Park R2155133, $565,000, 03/18/16.
Development LLC to
03/17/16. Miller, 2816 N.E. Dunckley 1035, Portland 97209, Unit Michael G. Benedetti and ID R2142255, $642,000, 03/21/16. D.R. Horton Inc.-Portland
Everett Custom Homes Inc.,
John M. Coletti III to St., Portland 97212, Lot 16 1035 Nine Three Seven Sandra K. Lau, 11105 S.W. 03/21/16. Justin and Brenda Mayland to Archana Jayaraman
735 S.W. 158th Ave. Suite
Charles P. Duffy and Carol Alameda Park ID R101051, Condominiums ID R624530, 37th Ave., Portland 97219, to Christian Szamelt and and Arvinth Sivakumar
180, Beaverton 97006, Lots Polygon WLH LLC to
Lynn Terry Trustees, P.O. $655,000, 03/15/16. $595,000, 03/18/16. Lots 19-22 West Portland Susanne Langer, 1195 Easwaran, 16758 N.W.
240/241/243/244/251 Nicholas A. and Dalbinder
Box 29138, Portland 97296, Lukas Peter and Karley Rita Garrett A. and Jennifer L. Park ID R302411, $530,000, Arbor Heights ID R2189732/ N.W. 122nd Ave., Portland Antonio St., Portland 97229,
K. Colman, 21377 N.W.
Lot 12 Goldsmiths Addition Schneider to Cuchulain Bishop to Angela Myers 03/17/16. R2187126/R2187128, 97229, Lot 36 Hickethler Lot 19 Bethany Abbey
Sydney St., Hillsboro 97006,
ID R171414, $795,000, Luke Rust and Bobbi Jo and Daren Dixon, 2105 N. Carillon J. Olmsted to $1,590,000, 03/16/16. Lot 25 Polygon at Bethany Park ID R998736, $562,000, Meadows ID R2192669,
03/14/16. Rust, 1428 S.W. Pendleton Alberta St., Portland 97217, Nathan Berg and Manjiri Creek Falls ID R2189857, 03/15/16. $511,342, 03/17/16.
Ding and Patsy W. Chan
Marielle C. and Matthew St., Portland 97239, Lot Lot 19 Terminus Addition Gadagkar, 420 S.E. 28th $640,085, 03/18/16. Benjamin J. and Ruth S. James J. Cogswell to Brent
to Matthew and Kimberly
Slater to Charles W. Meyer 4 Hillsdale Heights ID ID R284358, $590,000, Ave., Portland 97214, Lot Bloom to Adam J. Farrell and Amber Nickle, 10800
N. McKeown, 8295 S.W. John Robert and Kellice
and Deborah W. Meyer, R180930, $649,000, 03/18/16. 2 Castle Ann ID R130113, and Maria D. Sadri, 800 S.W. Westfall Court, Tualatin
135th Ave., Beaverton Ann Baker to Bernardo
9812 S.W. Lancaster Road, 03/16/16. Margaret A. Wright to $530,000, 03/15/16. N.W. 112th Ave., Portland 97062, Lot 12 Quail Crossing
97008, Lot 37 Carr Estates Bravo, 18311 S.W. Handley
Portland 97219, Lot 41 1836 SE 51st Ave. LLC Richard Kassebaum, 16081 Janice L. Crain-Juday and ID R2046728, $1,218,000, St., Sherwood 97140, Lot 97229, Lot 3 Sonic Acres ID R2136264, $504,000,
Edgecliff ID R154134, to Martin Rapalski, 1285 S. Moore Road, Oregon Sandra Lee Kidd Trustees 03/15/16. 23 Copper Meadows ID ID R642692, $560,000, 03/16/16.
$789,000, 03/17/16. Potrero Ave., San Francisco, City 97045, Lot 1 Clifford to Steve Stadtfield/Heidi David J. Pokorny and Jane R2133786, $630,000, 03/15/16. D.R. Horton Inc.-Portland
Portland Development Calif. 94110, Lot 18 Addition ID R135607, Hoogstra and Kristine A. Moore to Jonathan A. 03/21/16. Matthew McKeown to Bryan to Michael J. Lee and
Group Investments LLC to Second Electric Addition $580,000, 03/18/16. Durden, 1215 S.E. Clatsop Dantzig Trustees, 12553 White and Angela Griffin- Shelley W. Chien, 8095 N.W.
Recurant Capital Fund I
Au H. Nguyen and Mary L. ID R266535, $645,000, Dianne Ruff Trustee to St., Portland 97202, Sec. N.W. Woodland Court, White, 1459 N.W. 10th Ave., 167th Ave., Portland 97229,
LLC to Alex M. and Kristina
Emerson Trustees, 2224 03/18/16. Micah S. Chu and Elizabeth 11 01 02 ID R334140, Portland 97229, Lot 50 Bauer M. Wells, 15226 S.W. Hillsboro 97124, Lot 3 Tract Lot 13 Bethany Abbey
S.E. 32nd Place, Portland Di-Ann Eisnor to William F. White-Chu, 6306 S.E. $525,000, 03/18/16. Woods Estate ID R2013119, Greenfield Drive, Portland A Partition Plat 2005-015 Meadows ID R2192663,
97214, Lot 3 Chestnut Hill T. Birdsong Jr. and Robin 45th Ave., Portland 97206, Albert M. Jr. and Ann M. $949,000, 03/15/16. 97224, Lot 30 Summit Ridge ID R2135434, $560,000, $503,529, 03/17/16.
ID R132988, $774,900, K. Birdsong, 635 N.E. Going Lot 12 Chicago Centre Crowder to Ronald R. Ross Dennis E. Sackhoff to North ID R2132399, $624,950, 03/15/16. Randy C. Schumock to Josh
03/17/16. St., Portland 97211, Lots ID R133282, $575,000, and Bradi N. Ross, 5506 Bethany Partners LLC, 735 03/16/16. John and Robin Cavoretto X. Gittelman and Keli Ann
Villa Home Design LLC to 7/8 Highland ID R179797, 03/16/16. S.E. 41st Ave., Portland S.W. 158th Ave., Beaverton Polygon WLH LLC to to Bilal S. Alsbou and Gump, 9215 N.W. Stark
Brent Frederick, 1525 N.E. $640,000, 03/18/16. Charles A. Le Guin and 97202, Lot 4 Woodstock 97006, Lots 242/245/248 Justin Ngo and Pauline Hanadi Massoud-Achour, Court, Portland 97229,
Rosa Parks Way, Portland Garrett Gonzales to Sean Ursula K. Le Guin Trustees ID R312658, $520,000, Arbor Heights ID R2187130/ Luu, 14525 N.W. Safflower 13299 S.W. Ascension Lot 34 Channing Heights
97211, Lot 11 Columbia M. Rea and Katherine R. to Sarah A. Hing, 2533 03/18/16. R2189738, $900,000, Drive, Portland 97229, Drive, Tigard 97223, Lot ID R172397, $500,000,
Heights ID R138644, McGee, 3614 N.E. Cleveland N.W. Savier St., Portland Joel Thomas Gray and 03/17/16. Lot 23 Polygon at Bethany 25 Hillshire Woods ID 03/17/16.

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KICKING THE WAGE GAP Oregon should exit liquor business

Five members of the U.S. womens
national soccer team filed a wage
State monopoly on hardly imagine. Yet the states outdated
discrimination complaint last week liquor sales hamstrings monopoly gives us far less control over
our pricing and distribution.
with Equal Employment Opportunity
Commission. The players argue they are small distillers Problems with the states
paid far less by the sports governing Prohibition-era system may be harder

agency than players on the mens team,
eading the March 25 guest to see if youre producing more than
despite being the driving economic
force for U.S. Soccer. opinion by Hood River Distillers a million cases of liquor a year like
Mike Selberg is the craft distiller/
CEO Ron Dodge reminded Hood River Distillers, the first Oregon
owner of Cannon Beach Distillery.
me how differently Oregons liquor distillery licensed after Prohibition
distribution monopoly works for the ended.
WE ASKED states largest distillery compared to
nearby state liquor stores directly. Our
All we desire is to maintain product
IS THE WAGE GAP BETWEEN how it works for small, grain-to-bottle control in the same way as Oregon
spirits must be taken to the states
THE U.S. MENS AND WOMENS distilleries like us. beer and wine producers. The current
distribution center in Milwaukie to
SOCCER TEAMS DEFENSIBLE? I strongly support the initiative to
be shipped back to a Cannon Beach
system forces new Oregon distillers
end the states antiquated, inflexible into a volume-based market. We
liquor store and then be sold to a local
YOU ANSWERED system of state-run liquor distribution
that Mr. Dodge opposes.
restaurant. Its ridiculous.
We want to develop a
believe an open market will promote
greater control for producers and
The state monopoly may work well greater convenience for consumers.
local market on the coast
for large producers that sell most of Please join me in signing the
and grow at a rate that
their liquor out of state. But its unfairly petition to put the measure on
reflects our production
burdensome to craft distilleries like us the ballot, and vote Yes in
capabilities. The states
that wish to control local marketing November to end the states
monopoly distribution system
and distribution of products theyve control over the pricing,
takes that control out of our
invested their heart and soul in distribution and
producing. consumer sales of
Our total 2015 production
Today every bottle of spirits sold liquor.
was 450 cases. Fortunately,
in Oregon must be purchased from
we sold all but 4 cases

the state. Pricing and distribution of
directly from our tasting
61% No liquor is under the complete control of
room. Local bars and
The mens and womens unelected political appointees. When
teams should be restaurants, however,
we sell spirits in our tasting room were
compensated evenly. had no access to our

selling on behalf of the state, at a price
33% Yes
products, so they are
set by the state.
There are a lot of factors unable to share in our
Even when the state has not
that determine salaries in success.
sports. received, stored, shipped, promoted

Yet we write the state
or distributed our spirits, they receive
6% Other checks weekly based on our
up to 40% of what buyers pay for our
tasting room sales. Last year we
VOTES CAST: 284 spirits.
paid the state more than $78,000
Oregon craft beer and wine makers,
for selling our products in our
on the other hand, can control their
distillery at state-set prices.
own distribution. They can create their
The state earned more than
own customer network going bar to bar
twice what we were able to spend
selling their product on the spot at a
on our job-producing payroll.
price they decide.
Our small production volume
When a bar wants a bottle of our
earns as much revenue for the
spirits, it must buy it from a state liquor
state as it makes from vastly
store. Its illegal for us to sell to bars
larger breweries and wineries
and restaurants, even if they come to
that produce on scales we can
our tasting room. We cant even supply

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vote at: portlandbusinessjournal.


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eminent Lake Oswego investment firm has found a snazzy new headquarters site Papers, which detailed how offshore shell
anonymous letters will be printed. All
Aequitas Capital Management contin- in Tigard. The move, from a Bridgeport Vil- companies hide high-net worth investors
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not be returned. Submissions may
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be edited and may be published or
and law firms including Portland-based 250 workers. Consumer plans to do just of State Jeanne Atkins has vowed to write
otherwise used in any medium.
Tonkon Torp. that over the next few years. legislation aimed at stronger enforcement.
APRIL 8, 2016 33


Even the strong wont survive

open Pok Pok, do modestly well so that
I could work six to eight months out
of the year and go to Thailand for the
balance of the year. If things got crappy, I
could pick up a painting job on the side.
I had no idea any of this could happen.

Any plans to expand into new locations?

No. Basically, its now a universally
bad time to open a restaurant. Anyone
opening a restaurant right now and
planning to run the way we did before is
making a horrible choice.

Why? Theres a housing crisis going on.

(Points out window) There are studio
apartments on Division going for $1,500,
meaning cooks cant afford to live near
where they work. Also, theres a shortage
Renowned Portland chef Andy of cooks. And theres a huge number of
Ricker said restaurants are restaurants opening. Everyone thinks
struggling to keep up with they can do it and theres no real barrier
rising costs and he isnt sure all to entry except capital. Its not like
of his will survive. I can think starting an investment firm: Youre not
of three now that cant survive regulated by the feds. Also, food prices
with the existing structure. are going through the roof, taxes and
rents keep going up and up and theres
a wage disparity problem between
MATT SACKS the front and back of the house. Also,
the minimum wage is heading to $15
an hour, which causes some pretty

s proprietor of the Pok Pok Do you get a rush out of seeing it complicated unintended consequences.
restaurant empire, Portlands there? I dont get a rush, I do get some
Andy Ricker is known on each
coast for his inventive menus, his
RICKER satisfaction from it. But I get more
satisfaction if I see it on a shelf and
Because it sends your overall costs up?
visionary operational methods and watch a customer carry it to the cash
Title: Chef, restaurateur
his role in driving the Rose Citys food register or see a clerk stocking it. With all this going on, you think well
culture to unimagined heights. Restaurants: Pok Pok, see tons of restaurants going out of
Whiskey Soda Lounge,
Hes lately added a new feather to Pok Pok Noi, Sen Yai (all Are there any other Pok Pok products business? Well see tons of things. Theyll
his gourmet cap: beverage entrepreneur. in Portland), Pok Pok LA, you can do this with? Like, frozen go out of business, people might move
Ricker has taken his Som drinking Pok Pok Phat Thai LA (in wings or something? We already do to counter-service models or modified
vinegar its a Thai-influenced additive Los Angeles) and Pok it with our Thaan charcoal logs (sold counter-service models. High-end
that flavors both adult and non- Pok NY and Pok Pok Phat on Pok Poks site). ... We use it at all restaurants will move to no-tipping fairly
Thai NY (in New York).
alcoholic beverages at his eight eateries the restaurants and sell it wholesale to rapidly, and owners might need to take
Awards: Best Chef
and crafted a carbonated treat. Som barbecue suppliers ... it burns really cash-only and pay themselves less or
NW, James Beard
Soda is currently sold at such spots as Foundation, 2011 hot, really clean and it burns long. serve worse food. It all sucks for people
New Seasons Markets and Whole Foods. Book: Pok Pok: Food like me who try to do everything right.
Its also ready to hit shelves at more and Stories from the What about other foodstuffs? We have
mainstream spots, such as Kroger. Streets, Homes, and begun the process of getting our own All of thats pretty bleak. Well, despite
The strategy is part of a move by Roadside Restaurants fish sauce sachets made in Thailand the relatively dire forecast, restaurants
Ricker to address what he sees as of Thailand, published and will market them under the Pok will survive. Restaurants are not going
Oct. 2013
a drastically changing restaurant Pok brand. Our target market will be to disappear overnight. Well adapt,
landscape. We talked about that and restaurants. If we can hit the right price the next wave will figure it out. The
other topics in catching up with him point, the hope would be to get it into problem is, in the next five years,
late last month at the Whiskey Soda Cash-and-Carry or Costco, or any of the we dont know whatll happen. The
Lounge, his casual Southeast Division big-box supply guys, which is where a numbers are pretty telling, but what
Street eatery and nightspot. lot of restaurant supplies are sold. is society going to accept next? Will
people do all service charges or no tips
Was bringing Som Soda to market It seems Pok Pok, as a business, is or modified back- and front-of-house
always in the cards? Yeah, the idea of still doing well. Usually, its kind-of tip checks? We dont know. And anyone
doing a product like that was something depressing: your idea runs its course opening now has to think about it.
wed thought about since the inception and the restaurant fails. When I opened
of the company. Since we were already Pok Pok, I thought if I made it 10 years, How about your own restaurants? Do
manufacturing the (concentrate) for itd be good. Now, Im thinking 15. I think most of my restaurants will
restaurants and supermarket sales, my survive? Definitely not. I can think of
thought was that we were ready for the Fifteen years? Seriously? Youre kind three now that cant survive with the
RTD (ready-to-drink) soda market. of in Jakes (the old-line Southwest existing structure. And if we, as one
Portland eatery) territory now. I cant of the most recognizable brands, are
What sort of learning was involved? imagine you wont be here forever. struggling with some of our concepts
We overbottled on our second or third (Points to the original Pok Pok, roughly and our costs go through the roof,
round and we did the next 80,000 across the street from Whiskey Soda) what does it mean to less-established
bottles before we needed to. Its starting Im cautiously optimistic about the one restaurants with the same overheads?
to move now, but we jumped the gun, restaurant across the street. The rest, I
we should have waited. dont know. The first endgame was to Andy Giegerich, @PBJAndy