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Student Name: Emma Slaunwhite Date: January 19, 2017 Age Group: 14 Months 3 Years


Upon speaking with my site supervisor, I was informed that the toddlers in the
room enjoy everything, specifically sensory objects and items they can
manipulate with their hands. The purpose of this activity is to explore the
childrens interest in sensory play.


Exploring Play-Doh


1) Social Interest (1.1): Children will increase their social skills through having
the opportunity to observe and imitate their peers. (Excerpts from ELECT, 2014,

2) Sensory Exploration (5.3): Children will improve the use of their senses as
they explore the properties of the play-doh and the functions of the
manipulative materials (Excerpts from ELECT, 2014, p.36)

3) Sensory Discrimination (5.3): Children will improve their fine motor skills as
they identify and differentiate between the properties of the manipulative
materials. They will explore the differences in texture, shape, size, and
usefulness in relation to the play-doh as well as the other objects. (Excerpts
from ELECT, 2014, p.36)


-Two bags of homemade play-doh with food colouring for colour

-Plastic straws


-Cookie cutters

-Pipe cleaners

-Popsicle Sticks



-This activity will be set up on the small red table inside the classroom, allowing
for four children to participate at a time.

-Each space will contain an assortment of manipulatives and a ball of play-doh.

-Children will be invited over to the table to explore the materials.

-Ms. Emma will model a few different uses of the materials.

-Ms. Emma will then observe the different ways the children use the materials.

-The children will be rotated through the small group activity until all children
who have showed interest have had a turn.

Teaching Strategies:

Modelling: Children learn by imitating other. For this activity, Ms. Emma will
model some different uses of the manipulatives in relation to the play-doh,
verbally explaining what she is doing.

Environmental Cues: Children will be able to assess the activity based on the set-
up. Four chairs set up with four balls of play-doh will provide evidence that four
children can participate at any time.