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Feeder Module Matt Dry Ink Auto Density Control
Feeder module (up to six), two paper trays each; A new dry ink formulation was developed to take Every press, be it digital or litho, can be susceptible
load while run; up to 30,000-sheet capacity. advantage of a tremendous opportunity in the to density variations and streaks. Xerox iGen4
photo market by optimising the uniformity of Diamond Edition Auto Density Control is patented
B gloss appearance across highlights, midtones and technology designed to detect streaks in output
Cut-sheet Format shadows. Ideal on any application demanding before they occur and fix them without operator
Largest digital cut-sheet format, up to a pleasing matt finish, particularly those on intervention. The system automatically measures
364 x 660 mm. uncoated or silk stocks. the image density for a series of test patches
from the top and bottom of the page. If it detects
C E a difference, it digitally compensates for any
Gripperless Transport Dry Ink Containers inconsistencies ensuring consistent image
Gripperless transport mechanism allows printing Easy-to-load, high-capacity dry ink containers; density across the page.
to within 1mm of sheet edge; enhances feeding replace while run.
reliability across a range of coated and uncoated H
paper stock. F New Automated Image on Paper Setup
Auto Carrier Dispense With the new iGen4 Diamond Edition Automated
This new method of combining dry ink and carrier Image-on-Paper technology, manual setups are
yields consistent colour uniformity from the first replaced with a predictable, automated routine
print to the last and from job to job. With Auto eliminating costly and time-consuming image
Carrier Dispense, operators no longer have to stop fit setups.
the machine and change the developer, resulting
in greater machine availability and productivity.