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P.O.Box : 11668
AL Hasa, Saudi Arabia
Postal Code : 31982
Home Phone : +9665360635 Cell Phone : +966508322283
E-mail :

Associates Degree (AA) in Computer Technology-Technical
Support .
Al Hasa Technical and Vocational Training Corporation
Train Street
Al Hasa, Al Mubarraz
Saudi Arabia 31982
October 2009 to April 2011
Website :
Email :
Contact : Mr. Adel AlMahboeb

Certificate in English
TVTC English program at Al Hasa Technical College
Al Hasa, Al Mubarraz
Saudi Arabia 31982
September 2011 to February 2012
Email : (TVTC Program )

Certificate in English
Excellence Institute For English Languages at Al Hasa
Al Hasa, Al Mubarraz
Saudi Arabia 31982
July 2007 to April 2008
Website :

Certificate in English
PMPQE Prince Mohammad Bin Fahad Program For Qualifying
and Employing Saudi Youths
Al Hasa Saudi British Centre
Al Hasa Al Mubarraz
Saudi Arabia 31982
June 2005 to August 2005
Website :

Certificate in Computer Application Skills

PMPQE Prince Mohammad Bin Fahad Program For Qualifying
and Employing Saudi Youths
Al Hasa AlAlamiah for Education and Training
Al Hasa, Al Mubarraz
Saudi Arabia 31982
June 2005 to July 2006
Website :

Certificate in Computer Technology & Viruses

Human Resources Development Fund- HDF
At Al Hasa Technical College
Saudi Arabia 31982
June 2012 to August 2012
Website :

Skills and Experience:

Microsoft Office Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Front Page, Access,
Outlook, Build Website, Adobe Photoshop, Sony Vegas, SWISH Max,
Visual Basic, GIMP
Operating systems Linux ,Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows
Seven, Windows Server 2003 and 2007, IOS, and Android

INTERNET EXPERIENCE: Hotmail, Google, Yahoo, Bing, Gmail.


I have used the Internet for research for approximately 25,000

SOCIAL MEDIA : Facebook, Twitter, Skype, Google Plus, Messenger

Live, Paltalk Messenger, and Talk for approximately 11,000 Hours

EQUIPMENT/SKILLS :Calculator, Paint, Clean Up, Organize,

Garden, Cook, Play Football, Play Video Games online, and I have
driven a car for 9 Years

SOFT SKILLS :I play computer games, clean, and computer

programming. These activities allow me to improve my dexterity,
increasing my response time and allows me to learn new things
while relaxing.

College Hard Skills :

Computer Technology - Technical Support:
Preparation of Professional Certificates, Advanced Computer Applications,
Fundamentals of Electronics, Computer Network Fundamentals, Computer
Hardware Maintenance, Technical Support skills, Computer Client OS, LAN
Support, Operating Systems-1, and Fundamentals of Computer Security,
Introduction to Computer Applications, General Mathematics, Islamic
Culture-1 and 2, Arabic Language, Professional Ethics and
Communications Skills, Specialized English 1 and 2

Internship Program:
Three Month Program after completing of Associates Degree

Ahsa College of Technology

Computer Technology Department
Al Hasa, Saudi Arabia

References :

Will be supplied upon Request



Personal References:

Name :Hussein Al-Salman

Contact Number : +966555925021

Name : Raid Al-Essa

Contact Number :+966593424450

Business Reference :
Name : Mr. NelloMehl

Name : Dr. Jack Russell

Email :