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Deputies and Alternates to General Convention

Elect 4 Clergy Deputies and 4 Clergy Alternates; The Rev. David P. Chalk,
Elect 4 Lay Deputies and 4 Lay Alternates. Rector, St. Francis by the Lake,
Canyon Lake
Description of duties: As voting representatives of the Qualifications: While I was not
diocese, attend the 79th General Convention of the born and raised in the Diocese of
Episcopal Church, to be held July 5-13 in Austin, TX. West Texas, I got here as fast as I
could. I have a historical knowl-
Clergy edge of, and intense personal expe-
rience with, the Episcopal Church in many dioceses and
The Rev. Scott Brown, Rector, through many ministries. I also have international experi-
St. Albans, Harlingen ence with the Episcopal Church. I have now served as a
Qualifications: Scott is a great priest in this diocese for more than 15 years and believe I
leader at a parish and diocesan understand our local concerns and context. I would like
level. He has previous experi- the opportunity to put my knowledge and experience to
ence on a national level, as good use on behalf of the diocese and for our church.
well. Local Church Activities: I have been rector of two
Local Church Activities: Rector parishes and one school in DWTX since 2000.
Community Activities: Frontera Unida; Chair-Young Community Activities: Food pantry, local assistance
Life Board; Stagen Leadership Academy programs, homeless shelter, counseling, advocacy, and
Diocesan Activities: Standing Committee; Executive pastors Bible study and fellowship
Board; Evangelism Committee; Dean at Camp Capers; Diocesan Activities: TMI Board of Trustees; Execu-
Cursillo Spiritual Director; Recovery retreat leader; Depu- tive Board; Trustee of the diocese; World Mission (both
ty to General Convention; Father/Son Retreat leader on the commission and have personally led or been a
Nominated by: The Rev. Ripp Hardaway, Rector, participant in many missions to SE Mexico, Honduras,
St. Johns, New Braunfels and India); Chaplain and Dean for many Camp Capers
camps, Good Sam camps, and Mustang Island Family
The Rev. Stephen Carson, Camps; DWTX Cursillo Movement as spiritual and mu-
Rector, St. Francis, Victoria sic director; Dean of the Western Convocation and pres-
Qualifications: Stephen has ent Dean of the NE Convocation; Examining Chaplains
a desire to serve Christ more for over 10 years; General Convention Deputy from
fully at the diocesan and na- another diocese, and alternate deputy from DWTX
tional level. His previous busi- Nominated by: The Rev. Rob Harris, Assistant Rector,
ness experience and experi- Christ Church, San Antonio
ence working at the parish and
diocesan levels and his sense of The Rev. Rod Clark, Vicar,
humor give him the skills necessary for this position. St. Peter and St. Paul, Mission
Local Church Activities: Curate 2010-2012; Rector Local Church Activities: Vicar
2012-present Community Activities:
Community Activities: Police Chaplain; Communi- Co-founder and Abbot of The
ties of Faith member; Pine Street Community Center Order of Naucratius, a ministry
Board member and society of hunters and fish-
Diocesan Activities: Executive Board; Nominating ermen; MDiv and specialization
Committee member and chair; Episcopal Schools in Hispanic Church Studies
Commission; Scholarship Committee; Camp Capers Diocesan Activities: World Mission Committee;
Chaplain-four years; Camp Capers Dean-two years; Frontera Unida
Chaplain at Mustang Island Family Camp-three years Nominated by: Nominating Committee
Nominated by: The Rev. Rob Harris, Assistant Rector,
Christ Church, San Antonio Continued on next page.
The Rev. Ripp Hardaway, Chaplain for Mustang Island Family Camp; Reconcili-
Rector, St. Johns, ation Commission; Communications Committee.
New Braunfels Nominated by: The Rev. Matt Wise, Assistant Rector,
Qualifications: Ripp is a strong St. Marks, San Antonio
and wise leader at the parish,
diocesan, and national level. The Rev. Lisa Mason,
He has tremendous pastoral Rector, St. Davids Church
gifts. and School, San Antonio
Local Church Activities: Rector Qualifications: Lisa has
Community Activities: Habitat for Humanity; Family knowledge and experience of
Promise; Community Arts program; Ministerial Alli- both diocesan and national
ance; SOS Food Bank church life. She served as a
Diocesan Activities: Standing Committee; Chair for deputy to both General Con-
the Commission on Ministries; Discernment Commit- vention 2012 and 2015, as well
tee; Dean at Camp Capers; Chaplain at Mustang Island as served on the Stewardship
Family Camp; Spiritual Director for Happening and Committee at General Convention 2015.
Cursillo; Father/Son retreat; Nails and Prayers retreat; Local Church Activities: Rector
Deputy to General Convention Community Activities: Open Table; Snak Pak 4 Kids;
Nominated by: The Rev. Dr. Ben Nelson, Rector, Terrell Hills Park Board; Battle of Flowers Association
St. Marks, San Marcos Diocesan Activities: Standing Committee; Develop-
ment Committee; Discernment Committee; Episcopal
The Rev. John Hill, Rector, Schools Commission; Mustang Island Program Com-
St. Margarets, San Antonio mittee Chair; Camps Annual Fund Co-Chair
Qualifications: John is the rec- Nominated by: Mr. John Brooke, Sr. Warden,
tor of a church that is growing. St. Davids, San Antonio
Local Church Activities:
Priest; School Board; Brother- The Rev. Dr. Ben Nelson,
hood of St. Andrews Rector, St. Marks, San Marcos
Community Activities: Stahl Qualifications: Ben is a great
Elementary Committee; Madi- leader at the parish and dioc-
son High School Partner esan level. He has previous ex-
Diocesan Activities: Executive Board member; Chair perience on the national level.
of Evangelism Committee; Chaplain at Camp Capers Local Church Activities:
Nominated by: Mr. Mike Gibson, Sr. Warden, St. Mar- Rector
garets, San Antonio Community Activities: Hands
of Hope Advisory Board;
The Rev. Sean Maloney, School Fuel volunteer; San Marcos Watershed Com-
Rector, St. Bartholomews, mittee; youth soccer coach; CTMC mission trip chap-
Corpus Christi lain; Mental Health & Recovery Advocate - local, state
Qualifications: Sean is a pas- and national
sionate leader in the church. Diocesan Activities: Recovery Commission Co-Chair;
He has a deep desire to serve Chaplain at Camp Capers; Chaplain Mustang Island
and wrestle with difficult ques- Family Camp; Water and Spirit retreat leader; Recov-
tions. He has a deep belief that ery retreat leader; Discernment Committee; Trustee to
the Holy Spirit is calling the Sewanee; General Convention Alternate
Church into something new. Nominated by: The Rev. Ripp Hardaway, Rector,
Local Church Activities: Rector St. Johns, New Braunfels
Community Activities: Director of the Corpus Christi
Commodores Barbershop Chorus; Clergy Alliance Continued on next page.
Diocesan Activities: Dean for Camp Capers and
The Rev. David G. Read, Local Church Activities: Primary responsibility for
Rector, St. Lukes Church and pastoral care and adult formation; weekly role of
School, San Antonio preaching and/or presiding three Eucharist services
Qualifications: David has Community Activities: Getting acquainted with
served as a Deputy or Alter- McAllen; learning my way around
nate at seven conventions. He Nominated by: The Rev. Rob Harris, Assistant Rector,
has served on several legisla- Christ Church, San Antonio
tive committees, including
Ministry, Structure, and The Rev. Patrick Soule,
Dispatch of Business Assistant Chaplain, TMI-The
Local Church Activities: Rector Episcopal School of Texas
Diocesan Activities: President, Standing Committee; Qualifications: Patrick has
Co-Chair Church Planting Task Force; Development a passion for being involved
Committee; Diocesan Secretary; TMI Trustee in the larger councils of the
Nominated by: Vestry of St. Lukes Church, San Antonio Church and is faithful in work-
ing towards reconciliation.
The Rev. Cristopher Local Church Activities: Preaching; teaching; pasto-
Robinson, Rector, ral care; administration; congregational development;
St. Francis, San Antonio long-range planning
Qualifications: Cristopher has Diocesan Activities: Vocational Discernment Com-
served in leadership positions mittee; Executive Board (2013-2016); Camp Capers
(Council, Vestry, or clergy) in Dean/Chaplain-five years; Mustang Island Family
four different dioceses giving Camp-six years; Cursillo Spiritual Director-three
him a broad perspective on times; Bishops Focus Group on same gender union
issues affecting the Episcopal discussions (2014-2015)
Church. His experience as a Nominated by: Vestry of St. Helenas, Boerne
consulting engineer before
attending seminary gives him valuable experience in Continued on next page.
systems thinking and big-picture perspective.
Local Church Activities: Rector
Community Activities: Host for the San Antonio
Refugee Health Clinic; volunteer baseball coach/chap-
lain at Our Lady of the Lake University
Diocesan Activities: Episcopal Schools Commission;
Ecumenical Commission; Disaster Evacuation Co-
ordinator; Dean and Chaplain for Camp Capers and
Mustang Island Family Camp; Spiritual Director for
Happening, HIS Love, and Vocare
Nominated by: Vestry, St. Francis, San Antonio

The Rev. Jennifer Shadle, As-

sistant Rector,
St. Johns, McAllen
Qualifications: I am a recently
ordained priest with a keen
interest in the presence and
activities of the larger Church.
Im also experienced in concil-
iar and parliamentary delibera-
tions and would be an apt participant.
The Rev. Matthew Wise, Lay
Assistant Rector, St. Marks,
San Antonio Ms. Wheless Baker, member
Qualifications: Matt is a leader of St. Johns, Sonora
in the church and at diocesan Qualifications: Wheless loves
and national levels. He served the Diocese of West Texas
as an alternate to General Local Church Activities:
Convention in 2012 and has Wheless has served on Vestry
a passion for the future of the as a general member and is
whole church and the DWTXs now serving on current Vestry
role in it. as Junior Warden; she has also
Local Church Activities: Associate Rector for Family served as a lay reader, Godly
Ministries; Parish Life; Outreach Play instructor, Council del-
Community Activities: Parent at St. Davids Bright egate many times, served on Vet Mission teams to Vera
Beginnings; local band member Cruz and Honduras, as well as been on a mission trip
Diocesan Activities: Executive Board-DWTX 2009- to an orphanage in Belarus.
2012; Executive Board, Diocese of Texas 2013-2016; Community Activities: Chair for Good Samaritan
Provincial Coordinator of Campus and Young Adult program in Sonora for several years; board member for
Ministry, Province VII, 2013-present; Alternate to Eaton Hill nature preserve in Sonora
General Convention 2012; previously served on Camps Diocesan Activities: Nominating Committee; Order of
and Conferences Development Committee; Liturgy St. Luke
and Music Commission; Teacher at Iona School for Nominated by: Nominating Committee
Ministry; Dean and Chaplain at Camp Capers; retreat
leader Mrs. Nancy Bennett, member
Nominated by: The Rev. Beth Knowlton, Rector, of St. Philips, Uvalde
St. Marks, San Antonio Qualifications: Nancy is com-
mitted and actively involved in
The Rev. Chuck Woehler, parish and diocesan activities
Rector, St. Thomas, and is committed to prayer and
San Antonio service.
Qualifications: Chuck is famil- Local Church Activities:
iar with diocesan history and Vestry; Senior Warden; School
is committed to the diocesan Board; Altar Guild; Daughters
mission. of the King; Council delegate many times; lay reader;
Local Church Activities: chalice bearer
Priest; everything else Community Activities: Board memberships include:
Community Activities: Habitat for Humanity Uvalde Board of Realtors (President 2013); Historic
Diocesan Activities: Standing Committee; Executive Preservation Board; Downtown Uvalde; Opera House;
Board; Department of Camps and Conferences; Hap- Mainstreet Board
pening; Episcopal Church Corporation; Delegate to Nominated by: Nominating Committee
General Convention
Nominated by: Nominating Committee Continued on next page.
Mrs. Melinda (Missy) Denney, Local Church Activities: Senior Warden-two times;
St. Thomas, San Antonio Vestry-five times; School Board; lay reader; Council
Qualifications: Missy is a delegate-nine times; treasurer-10 years; Sunday school
lifelong Episcopalian and a teacher; outreach coordinator
long-standing, extremely ac- Community Activities: Uvalde Food Pantry, Trea-
tive member of St. Thomas, surer; Outreach Coordinator for St. Philips; Uvalde
the diocese and the National Humane Society
Church. She has a very strong Diocesan Activities: Assistant Chancellor; General
belief in the ethos of our Convention Deputy; Standing Committee; Executive
diocese and is very passionate Board; Trustees of Church Corp.; TMI Trustee; Devel-
about the life and direction of our Church. opment Committee
Local Church Activities: Vestry; lay reader; Lay Eu- Nominated by: The Rev. Dr. Mike Marsh, Rector,
charistic Minister; Council delegate; DOK Chapter St. Philips, Uvalde
president and trainer; Global Mission Committee;
Outreach Committee; Hospitality Committee; Educa- Dr. Elizabeth Manning,
tion for Ministry Mentor; church secretary; Habitat; member of Church of the
Cursillo team; Faith Alive Holy Spirit, Dripping Springs
Community Activities: Bulverde Republican Women; Qualifications: Elizabeth has
womens shelter; Magdalena House been active in the diocese for
Diocesan Activities: Diocesan President of DOK; 17 years.
Commission for Womens Ministry; ECW Triennial Local Church Activities:
delegate to General Convention. On the national level: Vestry; lay reader; Sunday
Province VII President of DOK; National 1st and 2nd school teacher; Education for
Vice President of DOK and 2015 DOK Triennial Chair Ministry; Council delegate;
Nominated by: The Rev. Chuck Woehler and the Open Table member; Capital Campaign committee
Vestry of St. Thomas, San Antonio Community Activities: UT Forum; HOA architectural
review; Retired Educators Book Club; former public
Mr. Carter S. Huber, member school board member
of St. Albans, Harlingen Diocesan Activities: Nominating Committee-two
Qualifications: Carter is a years; Discernment Committee; Executive Board; Hab-
team builder and is passionate itat builder; Mexico mission to Piedras Negras sewing/
about people; he has a love of construction; Bishops Address Committee
others and is willing to serve in Nominated by: The Rev. Chris Caddell, Rector,
any way needed. He is humble Church of the Holy Spirit, Dripping Springs
and sensible.
Local Church Activities: Mr. Curt Mowen, member of
Usher; lay reader; Vestry; St. Lukes, San Antonio
Stewardship Committee; Bible study leader Qualifications: Curt has
Diocesan Activities: Delegate to Council; Chair of church and business leadership
Sharing Faith dinners experience; he is collaborative;
Nominated by: St. Albans Clergy and Vestry has experience working as part
of a cross-functional team and
Mrs. Kelley Kimble, member experience in leading in dif-
of St. Philips, Uvalde ficult situations.
Qualifications: Kelley served Local Church Activities: Current: Lay reader; Council del-
as deputy in 2009 and 2015 egate. Previous: Vestry member; Senior Warden; Discern-
and alternate in 2012. As ment Committee; member sabbatical committee; leader
incoming Chancellor, she stewardship committee; student Education for Ministry.
believes its important to stay
current with our larger church. Continued on next page.
Community Activities: Current: Habitat for Humanity; Diocesan Activities: Happening Board member;
Morningside Ministries. Previous: United Way; Haven for Co-leader Kenya mission
Hope; Catholic Charities; HEB Tournament of Champi- Nominated by: The Rev. Rob Harris, Assistant Rector,
ons; home owners association board. Christ Church, San Antonio
Diocesan Activities: Current: member World Mission
Committee; member Habitat Builders of West Texas Task Mr. Rob Schneider, member
Force. Previous: member Executive Board; board mem- of Church of the Holy Spirit,
ber Texas Water Mission; team leader Texas Water Mis- Dripping Springs
sion; leader volunteer/personnel committee Texas Water Local Church Activities:
Mission; member Cursillo Secretariat; rector Cursillo. Vestry/Bishops Committee;
Nominated by: The Rev. David Read, Rector, Senior Warden; lay reader;
St. Lukes, San Antonio chalice bearer; Council del-
egate, Education for Ministry
Mrs. Sharon Neukam, Diocesan Activities: Assistant
member of St. Stephens, Chancellor; Chair of Constitu-
Wimberley tions and Canons (member 20+years); Bishops Ad-
Qualifications: Sharon un- dress Committee; Trustee for Church Corporation;
derstands the Diocese of West Cursillo team leader; Deputy to General Convention
Texas and can represent the 2015
many voices at General Nominated by: The Rev. Chris Caddell, Rector,
Convention. Church of the Holy Spirit, Dripping Springs
Local Church Activities:
Vestry; Treasurer; music ministry; Lay Eucharistic Mrs. Nancy Schweers,
Ministry Captain; Council delegate member of St. Davids,
Community Activities: Assisted with school activities San Antonio
for many years; assist husband with Masonic functions Qualifications: Nancy has
Diocesan Activities: General Convention alternate a life-long commitment of
2015; Cursillo; Cursillo Secretariat; Happening Board; service to this diocese and her
National Episcopal Cursillo Committee-Past President parish; and she is dedicated to
Nominated by: Mrs. Caroline Mowen, St. Lukes, 21st century Christianity.
San Antonio Local Church Activities:
Godly Play presenter; Lay
Mr. Gavin Rogers, member of Eucharistic Minister; lector; DOK, DOCC; Cursillo;
Christ Church, San Antonio Council delegate; assisting parish chaplain
Qualifications: Gavin served Community Activities: McNay Art Museum docent;
as Student Body President Trinity University Womens Club; Bishop Jones Care-
at Duke Divinity School and givers Support Group
various committees; loves Diocesan Activities: Womens Commission parish
legislative processes; serves representative; Triennial alternate; formerly Reconcili-
on a number of committees in ation Commission; Lay Ministry Commission; Hope
city government, and he would for the Hungry Committee; Ecumenical Commission;
serve well in the churchs delib- Womens History Chair
erations. Nominated by: The Rev. Lisa Mason, Rector,
Local Church Activities: Christ Church Outreach St. Davids, San Antonio
Committee; leader annual Guatemala mission; Youth
Pastor; Bible study leader Continued on next page.
Community Activities: Board member, Downtown
Rotary; Board member (District 1) Housing Trust;
Member of Centro San Antonio; Organizer of Pub
Theology-San Antonio
Mrs. Vanessa Smith, member Ms. Emily Vandewalle,
of St. Davids, San Antonio member of St. Lukes,
Local Church Activities: San Antonio
Leader of St. Davids Young Qualifications: My ministry
Adult Group; wedding coor- experience and involvement,
dinator; leader of St. Davids coupled with my deep commit-
Young Adult Bible study ment to the work of the dio-
Community Activities: San cese makes me a strong match
Antonio A&M Club; San An- for each office position. My
tonio pharmaceutical event coordinator experiences as a missionary in
Diocesan Activities: Young Adult Leadership initiative the Philippines; leadership at
Nominated by: The Rev. Lisa Mason, Rector, Good Samaritan, St. Lukes, Camp Capers, and Hap-
St. Davids, San Antonio pening have each given me unique gifts and qualities
that distinguish and allow me to be an asset to these
Ms. Libby Templeton, offices.
member of St. Francis by the Local Church Activities: Music minister; Youth Group
Lake, Canyon Lake Facilitator; Council alternate; Young Adult Ministry
Qualifications: Libby has leader
excellent leadership and com- Community Activities: Young Adult Coffee & Com-
munication skills, is an active pline ministry; Pub Theology; Good Samaritan Com-
listener, and is very involved munity Services
in both her parish and at the Diocesan Activities: Happening Board member;
diocesan level, and has good Christian Faith in Action Committee member
knowledge of structures that govern the church. Shes Nominated by: Rector and Vestry of St. Lukes, San
grounded in prayer, study and worship. She represents Antonio
her peers well and has a continuing willingness and
desire to serve Christ at all levels. Shed welcome the Mrs. Jennifer S.T. Wickham,
opportunity and be honored to represent our diocese member of All Saints,
at General Convention. Corpus Christi
Local Church Activities: Council delegate and alter- Qualifications: Jennifer is a
nate; Finance and Budget Committee Chair; Chair of lifelong Episcopalian; a leader
Lector and Lay Eucharistic Minister teams; Vestry; in the church at multiple ju-
Clerk; Vestry nominating committee; Lay Eucharistic risdictional levels; and she has
Minister; Lay Eucharistic Visitor; Acolyte; Cursillo a strong commitment to the
representative; Community of Hope unity and strength of the body.
Community Activities: Connected in Faith - prayer Local Church Activities: 14-year mentor and men-
employee resource group; Dell Powering the Possible tor trainer, Education for Ministry; Council alternate;
Community volunteer activities volunteer in various parish ministries
Diocesan Activities: Executive Board; World Mission Community Activities: Mission for Mercy; CC Metro
Committee member; World Mission Pray-er team Ministries; CC Chorale; Westside Business Associa-
lead; Cursillo Secretariat; Cursillo teams tion; Rotary Club
Nominated by: The Rev. David P. Chalk, Rector St. Diocesan Activities: First alternate to General Con-
Francis by the Lake, Canyon Lake vention; member of the Province VII Multi Cultural
Relations Committee; two-time delegate to provincial
synod; Discernment Committee; contributor to Reflec-
tions magazine
Nominated by: Mr. Alan Berecka, Senior Warden,
All Saints, Corpus Christi