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Smart Planet 1 Unit 3 Standard Grammar

Name Class Date

1 Complete the sentences with the correct 5 Write questions for these answers.
form of the verbs in the box. 1 Does she study French / German ...
eatspeakstudydo No, she studies English.
go brushlivewatch 2 Does your father work in Bristol
Yes, my father works in Bristol.
1 Brian speaks English, German and 3 What time does William get up?
William gets up at seven oclock.
2 We live in a big house.
4 Does Mary speak German?
3 Nora eats lunch at home every day.
Yes, Mary speaks German very well.
4 Moira and Nick go to school
5 Does Emma play the guitar?
together every morning.
Yes, Emma plays the guitar very well.
5 Mr Smith watches television in the
evening. 6 Answer the questions about Joe.
6 I brush my teeth after breakfast.
7 They study at university. 1 2
8 Lucy does sport on Tuesdays and
Thursdays after school.

2 Write questions with the words.

1 Sara / speak English 3
Does Sara speak English ?
2 your parents / work
Do your parents work ? 4
3 you and your friends / study at school
Do you and your friends study at school ? 5
4 you / live near school
Do you live near school ?
5 Matt / do his homework in the morning
Does Matt do his homework in the morning ?

3 Now match the answers with the questions

in Exercise 2. 1 Does he play tennis?
a 2 Yes, they do. No, he doesnt. He plays football.
b 3 Yes, we do. 2 Does he wake up at 7.30?
c 1 Yes, she does. Yes, he does.
d 5 No, he doesnt. 3 Where does he live?
e 4 Yes, I do. He lives in Manchester.
4 When does he watch TV?
4 Put the words in the correct order to make He watches TV in the evening.
questions. 5 What does he have for lunch?
1 live / Jonathan / Where / does He has a sandwich.
Where does Jonathan live ?
2 do / you / What time / go / to school 7 Circle the correct words.
What time do you go to school ? 1 Tom play / plays chess with his friends.
3 have / lunch / we / When / do 2 The dog eat / eats the food in the morning.
When do we have lunch ? 3 Do / Does he like tennis?
4 her parents / Where / work / do 4 My friends dont / doesnt speak Chinese.
Where do her parents work ? 5 We never listen / listens to the radio.
6 Her brothers friend live / lives in Mexico.

PHOTOCOPIABLE Cambridge University Press 2015 Unit 3 Standard Grammar