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Jun 8, 2015 - The Intelligrid both as a noun and a verb presents a loving challenge to ...

the loving
perception and strong belief that the universe is benevolent, change is ....
1. The Universe, under God, is Benevolent.
2. The Cause is in the Future.
3. Change is Continuous, but GOD does not change.
Creating Calm Amid "Apparent" Chaos
FROM BEARS (Barry Neil Kaufman):
Can it be done? If we begin at the beginning. Chaos is not about what's "out there" or the events we
experience. Chaos is not a fact or observation. It is a descriptive belief that contains, for most of us, an
embedded judgment. "My life is chaos." "The economy is chaos." "World affairs are chaotic." What
we are saying is that we can't organize and therefore understand what we see or experience in a
way that makes sense to us. It doesn't mean that there is no explanation for what is occurring -- it
just means we don't have an explanation so we then assume it's random and (here's the
judgment) bad for us.
In our program, Calm Amid Chaos (we even have a CD series of this program), we present
something we call THE INTELLIGRID -- which is a framework to organize
organize all that we see and experience for easy consumption by us without fear or judgment.
C'mon, you might be sighing. Here's why we can do it -- if we don't need to understand everything and
we don't need to explain everything but want a way to embrace what the universe delivers to you at
your doorstep (love, hate, kindness, illness, broken relationships, loss of a loved one, economic
challenges) with a deep sense of peace for all that occurs, then such a thesis could be possible. One
essential aspect of the Intelligrid is the principle that experience is not "out there" but what we do
inside of ourselves with what is "out there". We are not often in charge of what is happening "out
there", but we are in charge of what is happening within. Sooooo..
Jun 8, 2015 - The Intelligrid both as a noun and a verb presents a loving challenge to ... the loving
perception and strong belief that the universe is benevolent, change is ....
1. The universe, Under GOD, is benevolent.
2. The cause is in the future.
3. Change is continuous, but GOD does not change.

We've always been taught that first we have a cause, then we have an effect. Cause & Effect. You kick
something and it moves. You turn on the faucet and water pours forth. You flick the light switch and the
light comes on. Very simple. Reasonable. Substantiated. Now, let's consider turning that notion on its
head and reverse the construct. Instead of the cause preceding the event, suppose, just suppose the
cause is in the future (not the past). Suppose the future is actually beckoning to you...and gives you
opportunities to learn, grow, change so you can meet it. Personal example: as a young man, I was
unhappy so I searched for ways to explain the world, make sense of the world so I can experience more
joy and love. Then, after several years, I learn about the power of beliefs and change myself as does
Samahria, my wife. We get to understand about judgments and take ownership for what we feel and
what we do (all based on the beliefs we adopt and empower). Then suddenly we have a child with
autism...Raun. However, if we had never explored and changed, we could never have greeted Raun
with ease, love and creativity. It was as if Raun was coming from the future, beckoning us to get ready
(and so what we maybe saw as hardships were actually gifts and blessings to change). We helped Raun
fully recover through the Son-Rise Program, which we designed just for him...or so we thought.
Because actually there was Simon and Kyle and Brandon and Amy and Sarah and Jimmy all in our
future, calling to us and Raun -- our work with Raun readied us to be with those other children and help
them. Ah, but it doesn't stop here...imagine, all this has happened because in 2018 in a remote village, a
little boy will be born with autism and he is calling to us from the future to keep working with children
and spreading the word so he can find us.
One component of the Intelligrid (a component we have been discussing and teaching for over three
decades) is set into place. There are others that fully construct this grid. It's all make-believe, but it
In CALM AMID CHAOS class this morning (WE ALL HAD THE BEST, BEST TIME), after I
presented and explored with the group the notion, as part of the Intelligrid, that the cause is
other than in the past (smiles), Gerty Handelman concluded (her learning) that "if you want
to where you have been (your personal history), look at their body; if you want to know where
you're going, look at your thoughts." Ah, one lovely insight (among many expressed today)
into the nature of human dynamics and the Option Process Philosophy -- the basics of all we
teach at the Option Institute.

Calm Amid Chaos Program Reviews

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The best program I have taken to date. Exercises are well designed to make it clear that we actively
choose how to respond to life events and that we have a choice to regard the universe as benevolent
creating happiness in the present. The choice for me is clear.
Ted McCarthy, Physician,, Maine
Calm Amid Chaos a life changing program to view the world, my life and the universe in the most
trusting and benevolent way. The content and teaching tools really helped me understand and use the
Intelligrid in every aspect of every day. I am truly blessed and grateful for this program.
Steven Williams, Residential Mental Health Counselor, New Hampshire
Calm Amid Chaos is life changing from day one. The Intelligrid both as a noun and a verb
presents a loving challenge to dance with God. It is my guidepost and lifeblood to choice, acceptance,
love and gratitude. Thank you.
Sue Kirck, Massage Therapist/ Educator, Connecticut
I expanded my universe in the most fantastic way. I learned why being a victim has been seductive to
me and I dont ever have to choose to be a victim again. I now see everything that happens to me as an
opportunity. When Im uncomfortable about anything, my discomfort is not being done to me I am
doing it and nothing is random. I am never a victim and always in a benevolent universe. Using the
grid has made all of this possible for me
Robin McCarthy, Social Worker/ Artist,, Maine
My life seemed chaotic until I took Calm Amid Chaos. Nothing about my life will ever again be
chaotic or seem random. Everything is changing so I wont be digging in but will change with it and
loving myself and the changes.
Murry Epple, Secretary, Treasurer And Housewife, Canada
Fantastic program! In some ways Calm Amid Chaos seems to be the foundation for the Option
The Intelligrid provided me an opportunity to see clearly where I was not fully committed to
taking ownership for my own thoughts, feelings and behaviors and thus I can now more easily
strengthen this aspect of my life. Resolving this one issue then will have major consequences in terms
of my authenticity, my ability to deal with fear and self-trust.
Phil Lomas, Psychiatrist, WI
The tools of Calm Amid Chaos have probably impacted my life in ways that allow me to be happy,
comfortable and much to pursue my dreams in life than any other Ive taken at the Option Institute. I
love this stuff!
Dodge White, Entrepreneur, Washington
In Calm Amid Chaos, I finally really got how I create chaos inside and outside myself with my
perceptions. I can now approach myself and the world around me with the loving perception and
strong belief that the universe is benevolent, change is constant and that I dont have to understand
something in order to feel happy-I can feel happy anytime and anywhere.
Jan Hafner, Social Worker / Student, Minnesota
Calm Amid Chaos is the pinnacle by which to embrace the Option Process intelligent, organized
and full of bountiful learnings. I can see taking this class again and again.
Jenifer Westphal, Home Engineer, Pennsylvania
I struggled with a decision for two years, after one morning here I was completely clear and
profoundly free of confusion. Not only was a dark cloud lifted, but I saw that the dark cloud itself
was a beautiful thing.
Maria Sando, Program Coordinator, Canada
Calm Amid Chaos is such a great program. It is provocative, innovative, challenging and so useful.
Having done other programs over the years, Calm Amid Chaos gave me a whole new perspective on
familiar concepts. I feel I am leaving with a powerful tool (a power tool!) to deal with whatever this
benevolent universe serves up to me!
Tony Dalton, Company Director, Ireland
I came here to deal with my husband being killed. I came to realize over the five days that I can let the
pain and grief go, but keep Paul forever in my heart. Change my beliefs change my life. Now I see a
future, I used to think my life was over. This is indeed a place for miracles for it has given me and my
two boys back our lives. Its time to be happy! The best week ever thanks guys. I felt loved and secure
being amongst the other participants some will be friends forever.
Linda McGinn, Son-Rise Mom, Scotland
Absolutely awesome! This being week five of the Grand Summer Sequence was definitely the climax
of it all. The first four weeks were learning the inner tools and Calm Amid Chaos was how to put it
all into life practice, sinking everything weve learned deeply within, like a solid foundation, and now I
can build my house; my relationships, my career, my family, and create the life I dream.
Shaya Talbot, Community Service Worker / Reconnective Healer, Canada
Having been to the Institute several times over the past fifteen plus years, it is amazing that I always
seem to take away learnings that are precisely what I need at that point in my life. Calm Amid Chaos is
no different. For many reasons, the ability to handle what seem like chaotic situations in a more
peaceful and accepting manner, makes room to make decisions with greater clarity and self-trust. I am
confidant that I can begin to implement the practical techniques to use the minute I leave the place
Bob Blenn, Training Consultant, New York
The Option Process is a delightful way to embrace your inner self with love and acceptance. You get
to learn brilliant, original and carefully designed material. It is helping me to change my life and the
door is open to anyone who desires happiness.
Vicki Blackburn, Special Ed Teacher, MI
There is a watershed moment in everyones life that changes the course of your history forever. Calm
Amid Chaos is now the next I have gained a powerful sense of self through the simplest of grids
and yet a grid of pure poetry in its very simplicity. I now have a filter system that I can use in every
new piece of information that comes my way life is so easy its that simple.
Nancy Haas, Realtor / Writer, PA
Calm Amid Chaos was all and more than what I hoped for. I received and felt so much love and
affirmation from my fellow participants. Perhaps most important I achieved a new appreciation for
Bears and saw more love from and through him that Ive ever experienced before. The grid is very real
for me and Im already using it daily. I got what I came to receive from this program.
Marian Rose, Supervisor, Massachusetts
Each time I come to the Option Institute, I gain a greater understanding about what lifes about. This
time I really got it in a very deep way, like its now cellular and solid. I feel I will be able to meet lifes
challenges, both big and small and give them the same importance and trust that the answer is in the
future and that everything makes perfect sense in the end. I am a much happier person after this
Denise D, Lawyer, Ireland
Calm Amid Chaos was an absolutely magnificent program, filled with amazing exercises. The
meditations were incredible. I came to so many wonderful conclusions for myself. It was truly
gratifying to walk into the room every morning knowing I was untouchable because I believed in the
benevolence and rationality of any and everything in the world!
Emmy Zappa, Student, California
I met such incredible people this week. Ive made friendships that I know will last forever. I learned
that no matter what happens in my life, I have the ability to see beauty.
Erin Sullivan, Banquet Server, South Carolina
The Calm Amid Chaos program is mind blowing. It gives you answers about the questions What is
the meaning of life? Who am I? or Who do I want to be, and how do I want to live my life?
You can change your perception of life and decide where and how you are going to go on with it.
Absolutely the top if you want to know what life is all about.
Bright Tellegen, Director, the Netherlands
I came to this program anticipating that its value for me would be to renew and deepen concepts and
perspectives with which I was already familiar. I came away from it not only with what I expected, but
a whole lot more: a very different, almost upside-down perspective of the world compared to what I
came with, and the new perspective is so very much more useful, fun and easy compared with my old
Erika Bro, Mentor, New Jersey

Its really been a powerful week full of possibilities. Possibilities I never saw or experienced before.
This week I dug through my beliefs about how loving myself and seeing that though the Calm Amid
Chaos made me so much stronger. I know and feel that the universe is indeed benevolent and
everything that happened to me in the past brought me right up to now. So I can really love myself
no matter what the situation is.
Esther Iepema, Social Worker, Holland
After ten years of coming to The Option InstituteCalm Amid Chaos is the best program yet! It
provides an integrated grid you can use to navigate your life with comfort and ease. I really feel Im
leaving with a tool that provides a solid foundation to create peace and happiness in my life.
Sue Davis, Physician, Massachusetts
The Calm Amid Chaos program took me away from the defeating idea of why is this happening to
me to where this will take me next. Trusting the momentum of the universe in all that change is
drawing me to my future with love and caring as opposed to humiliation and defeat. I want to live my
human experience as it unfolds before me.
Gina Roman, Real Estate, Connecticut
I loved Calm Amid ChaosI learned to celebrate and embrace a continuously changing and
benevolent universe by letting go of resistance into the loving flow and wonder of life with joy, ease,
and trust in each moment, no matter what!!! I learned a splendid future enters into us long before it
ever happens as a loving embrace pulling us forward with limitless benevolent possibilities for joy
and delight. [Kabbalah]
Patrick Davenport, Free, Massachusetts
Calm Amid Chaos is not just intellectually stimulating, its life stimulating! Im now set up to interact
with my world from a place of flexibility, strength, awareness and curiosity. Through the learnings of
this Program I will approach everything differentlyand its going to be a blast.
Evan Denbaum, Journalist,, Connecticut
This program helped me to reach in straight to the heart and core of my fears and to see them without
leaving the space and time to dwell on them. The beliefs taught in this course are the most expansive
and beautiful tenants I have ever adopted in my life.
Natalie Orieson, Registrar, Massachusetts
Only attend Calm Amid Chaos if you want to change your life in ways youve never dreamed of, only
if you dare to be someone you never thought youd be, only if you want to make love, comfort and
happiness a central enduring part of your life.
Mary Church, Business Owner, Indiana
Wow! Each class seems better than the last. This has been going on for quite a while for me. Either
the classes are getting better and better or I am growing with each class so that I can grow even more
and more with the next. Through my many classes at The Option Institute I have gone from a meek,
sweet, scared into bold, fun though always grounded in comfort and acceptance. Calm Amid Chaos is
so far the best and most liberating of the classesI am free to be joyfully me.
Gretchen Pfuetze, Real Estate, Massachusetts
The big let gothrough Calm Amid Chaos I became aware I was still attached to being a victim
(wow is me!)
Kevin Taul, Student, Canada
Calm Amid Chaos is the most mind-blowing, mind-shifting experience Ive ever had. It is beyond any
other program and goes directly to the core of all teachings at The Option Institute: Love.
Ernie Tellegen, Entrepreneur, Netherlands
Calm Amid Chaos is profound. I have taken many programs at the Option Institute and this has taken
my understanding of my life to a whole new level. Calm Amid Chaos has given me the tools to look at
life through a new lens, to see the Universe as Benevolent has been so freeing. I am going back to my
life with a new sense of confidence and love for myself in this ever changing world.
Tilly Larment, Family Counselor, United Kingdom
Calm Amid Chaos taught me that at whatever level I am with my understanding, efforts in time there
is always a way to make things deeper and more beneficial in my life. I must trust.
Ron Holland, Designer, Ireland
Beyond my wildest desire I realized a few years ago that everything that happened in my life was
connected and had a purpose, so Calm Amid Chaos confirmed this.
Therese Thompson, USA
We all have an existing mindset that is supposed to be helpful in life, yet
when we experience so called negative situations, we get unhappy. The
Calm Amid Chaos is an intelligent grid, which enables us to go through
life with curiosity, intention, vigor and joybecause we believe three
1. The universe, under GOD, is benevolent.
2. The cause is in the future.
3. Change is continuous, but GOD does not change.
Georg Peterseil, Architect, Ireland
My experience with the Calm Amid Chaos program was a very wonderful and transformational time.
I am excited to begin a new and benevolent journey upon my return to life. I now have some tools to
carry me through life in a loving and fearless manner regardless of the journey ahead
Terry Parkin, Electrical Design, Canada
I would recommend Calm Amid Chaos for those that want to formulate and strengthen central beliefs
in their lives that will keep them happy and increase their self love and acceptance. As always, The
Option Institute outdid itself in creating a model for happiness in the world.
Isis Maria Cohen, Spiritual Healer, New York
Calm Amid Chaos really gave me a practical and valuable method of how I can become a grown dad,
centered, loving, peaceful calm person. I fully experienced the feeling of comfort that came when I
viewed my life through a specific and amazing grid. I can now face whatever life has in store for
me with strength, peace and calm!
Leonard Cooper Haas, Actor, Pennsylvania
I have an amazing lens to view life through now. I look around and the world is beautiful. Even the
things I once judged as terrible have a place in my beautiful, peaceful new world.
Athena Ellis, Child Facilitator in Training, Massachusetts
By far the best program I have taken at The Option Institute! I will never be anxious or scared of the
future again! The Intelligrid is the most amazing tool. I finally feel safe and happy because the cause is
in the future!
Jessica Reisman, Student, Florida
The Intelligrid, presented in the Calm Amid Chaos program, is a very powerful, pragmatic and loving
framework through which to see both personal and world events. If it is true, that heaven is here on
earth, then Intelligrid is one way to reveal it.
Dayton Semerjian, Software Executive, Massachusetts
High flame!!! A journey that lead me to understand myself and the universe around me. After this
week I will be in the world what I want to see in the world. Thank you all.
Nikki Lynn Tanzi, Mom, New York
Now I finally know that my life is a walk with God! Learning and adopting the Intelligrid in Calm
Amid Chaos program will forever affect my life in the most beautiful way you could ever imagine!
Thank you for this new and beautiful life!Sanne Schroll, Economist and PHD Student, Denmark
Calm Amid Chaos is the segue to choosing happiness in any and every situation. The Intelligrid if
used is a blue print for indestructable peace.Mary Lee Bednarek, Actor, Pennsylvania
Calm Amid Chaos is the greatest exposure of my self limiting belief system that no longer work. The
five days have allowed me to peel back my personal worldly controls and self righteous attitudes to be
substituted with acceptance, calm joy, happiness and daily celebration about the flow of life.
Shawn Draisey, Corporate Recruiter, Canada
Calm Amid Chaos has been truly life changing. My experience has allowed me to look within and
understand my anxieties and feel fine with them. I have learned to love, trust and be present with
myself. I no longer have the need to fear the future or rationalize anything that may happen. I know
whatever happens will be perfect! [All things work to the good of them that ove the Lord..]
Relcha Neilson, Son-Rise Program Mom, United Kingdom
Calm Amid Chaos is one of the best, if not the best course Ive taken so far. The philosophy taught
and the teaching methods are excellent. The idea that one universe is benevolent was huge for me and
the use of the Intelligrid will undoubtedly change my life. The course hugely impacted my ability to
trust myself and to approach each moment of my life without judgment of either myself or those around
me. I am most grateful for having had the opportunity to grow in this way.
Cynthia Thompson, Professor, Illinois
Calm Amid Chaos brought together many threads that were not firmly stitched into my web of
beliefs. I had the most profound insights and experiences this week and will have the grid in place
when life experiences give me opportunities to use what I know.
Vick Krier, Retired Math Professor, Colorado

he Core of What we Teach

A letter from the Co-Founder of The Option Institute Barry Neil Kaufman

At The Option Institute, we teach people unique and practical tools to build the life experience they
desire. How?
It begins with a radical departure from everything weve been taught. Many of us have heard of the popular
psychological model of stimulus-response. The dog barks, I get scared. My friend compliments me, I feel happy. This
model has helped spawn a culture where we see our emotions and experiences as being caused by people and events
around us. As a result, we often try to change our circumstances and the people around us so that we can feel good or, at
least, not feel bad.

This approach leaves most of us feeling like victims. We believe that, if we could
just get our loved ones to treat us right, or our finances to increase, or the roads
to be traffic-free, we would feel better. But theres always something else. Even
without major life events such as divorce, bankruptcy, illness or loss of a loved
one, many of us experience deep distress and discomfort.

The Option Institute modifies the stimulus-response paradigm with a

simple twist. We introduce a third component: BELIEF. Every stimulus that elicits
a response from us is first filtered and processed by one or more beliefs. As our
beliefs change, so do our responses and experiences. This simple shift changes
everything in our lives, moving us from the passengers seat into the drivers seat.
For instance, two parents watching their daughter getting married can have different experiences one is happy and
the other is distressed. How do we explain 2 people witnessing the same event (the same stimulus) having diametrically
opposed responses? Simple each one holds different beliefs that filter their experience of the wedding. One sees it as
wonderful believing that their daughter will be happy and the family will grow. The other sees it as terrible believing
they are losing their daughter and that they will be lonely without her. This simple illustration is a microcosm of the
myriad ways our beliefs determine every response, from joy to anger, from kissing to shouting.

The good news is: our beliefs are changeable. Our experience with thousands of people from across the globe has
shown us that, when people use the tools that we provide, known collectively as The Option Process, they are able
to uncover the beliefs fueling their responses and the underlying reasons for their beliefs. Moreover, they are able to
change the beliefs that may be generating unhappiness, dysfunctional relationships or ineffective behaviors.

In our highly interactive courses, we help people address ongoing challenges, find peace with catastrophic events, build
more satisfying relationships and become efficient and effective at achieving their desires and dreams. We believe that
the most effective way to help people change is to provide them with tools and opportunities to change, in an
environment where they are completely accepted as they are, whether or not they change. We are happy to be, for
many, the one place in the world where they can find just that.


(Barry Neil Kaufman),

Co-founder of The Option Institute and Autism Treatment Center of America

Learn more about What we Teach.

Testimonials for Barry (Bears) Neil Kaufman & Samahria Lyte Kaufman