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Presidents and Israeli Intelligence Officials

Deadliest Fumigants Royale ETC and Clinicians
Garrisons Ideas On Call Requiems to Die Fors
Dated May 20 2016 H B Emergency Rooms Answers

The subjects of todays reasons for Divine Interdictions are suchly:

It has been brought to our attention the masses lead by Orange County California deputies and
Westminster-Huntington Beach police units are reportedly neither real humans nor anything to do with
law abiding. In so saying, the Entities who revealed himself as Gods the father stipulated warns me
these phony poltergeist seekers in care units concerted effort to not talk are cannibals of people like
myself. These police-deputys lead areas of the most sinful offenders rectally fornicate mostly,
inseminate innards they rip apart and devour somewhere on average between 2 to 3 and as many as 6
to 12 dozen humans each individual.

To put this horrendous and devilish distinction in clearer perspectives each deputy probation officer like
Mr. James R. Pinck and Mr. Ramiro Gonzalez lying esoteric bullshit inseminate rectally 4 or 5 dozen
usually boys to men and devour their intestines full of cum they relieve themselves on and go about
pretending to be law or peace officers in underground and invisible realms of super inter-planetary
Earth-like inter-dimensional destination placards when the victims seem to fall a sleeps as if to suggest

The victims are then molested, ripped open, cut apart and as if to describe salad dressing on their meal
entre jizz innards then yum yums their prey in total dis-regard for the laws the profess to be party to
this and complete and unadulterated most conniving and berserk exemplary esoteric examples of the
most heinous creatures that for a while had been left unsupervised.

That and as we ascribe these dark chapters of their involvement, think for one iota business as usual,
screw the/a Lord and Mr. Prophet toos is the right calibrations to decide funny farms antics who
altogether do and dunder the same unprecedented evil.

The subjects that of the cutest gals like Sara Wolf and Eden Martelly and soward are really detention
bring candor and was suggested pervert men in other dimensions and funny farm solutions who also
devour and golly offer phony family allegorical contradictions in areas of they too inseminate innards
like blue cheese salad dressings answers that and are said to also have huge penis organs much to
my/His dismay .

Now in and insides the realms of volcanic activitys, their siding conduits for a breach of securitys organs
to not had taken a hint to cease and desist these/the evil we are describing and made mention in years
and decades subsequent to these prosecutorial reviews of policys construed to be the most gruesome
and heinous record of creations criminally brazen officers in plain view of a God-like interventions
identified dislikes to that flagrances of ill-reputed detestable and triable consequences we can only
regard as punishable.
Those who do are clever ulterior candor to stipulated offers a crab dinner reasoning to suggest a
number of philosophical requiems for mentioning a brazen solution to show not one iota of reproach in
areas that of faulty findings of the Courts en-trusted care-givers repeated prosecutorial needs to
phonied our esoteric claims and alleged involvements as a secret and very high ranking agent for the
secret services answers of nope; or pointed a replica sidearm at a pictures and called us treason charges
stemming from altogether participation in 911 twin towers deceivers mischief.

Now as clarifies the matter, the isometric displays clearly are a sign-s of highest Piety, whether the
Phony police predicated phony Papal-or Mr. Netanyahu sees fit to lend a hand in funny farming the
esoteric subjects that of the supposed billion(s) a week being made devil-food subjects.

So noted in areas of funny farm antics:

1. Are we a cartoon phenomena-like exhibits that are visible on maps Africus we displayed to the
authorities and persons accorded the dutys that of evaluating-evaluated our well ness and
esoteric-legible Communion.

2. Do we see phony relatives lie to our faces appertaining firstly toward the factual descriptions of
not only cartographic topographys cartoon phenomena abut also the correct assumptions of
our global-like acute hearing telepathies in areas of known to intercept lawyers, and judges who
disgruntled a revenge motive to try our Lords patience and virtue areas of never agains snidely
ands many opposites my face culpable appetites for cum laden corpses they bring forward with
no such God-like nether plan nor placard destination ever even considered in intolerable-s the

Are we really seeking a golden globe awarded Martelly district areas?

In areas that of faulty finding toward 1994 video recorded release and Divine Intervention-like pre-
recorded correspondences sent to police stations and Santa Anas the FBI field Offices later manned by
Senior advisors Steinhauser and Dom; the subjects that of about why is/was it altogethers for the
most parts took offense to the Divine signs and video taped cartographic phenomena aka acts of Divine
Intervention-like communication capabilitys met vehement reprisals and funny farm malovence is all
the reasons we could actually believe in and against that double side to live their lives of altogether
deceiving Charlie companys phony occupations?

So as to allow corrective servitude as noted, if these revelations and disclosed iotas of relevant board
and care intervening precepts prove even somewhat certifiably corrected or correct, should we bring
attention to these areas of unforeseen dangers in the event some of the individuals may have a double
side to live their lives as disclosed in an effort to show resolve warn they who do dunder within the
infinite special agencies directorates of something we hadnt planned fors escape catchs in areas of lets
just assimilated some of these masses are phony and lead a double life in as suchly not to really single
out Mr. Pinck, Gonzales, nor cute Edens/Saras-Lanas esoteric dislikes for fundings in their person allys
identified retouchs in exchange for aa cease and desist outcome in areas as described:
(1) no devil food- scamming-
(2) no sodomies-tortures or
(3) No such abuses of alien technologies
(4) No crimanee or architecturally designing wars or terroristic attacks-
(5) No abuses of previously thought to be unsupervised invisible realms accords-
(6) No situating nor siding or predicating bigger, stronger, fists, phony answers, fumigants need to
return, nor fire, guns, better, intimidating witnesses or other evaluations of condescended a
tentative esoteric evaluations phony agendas and job descripts --- is the law sowardly..?

In areas of service known underground in saucer modules vacancy to dislodge our contribution to
the Courts fuller meanings of esoterics wayward topics and in so saying: giving a chance to the said
stipulates convicted, the subjects of escape catches will continue to be the subjects so long as an
defactus clear and legible Court rancor is absolved.

So as we see seated: a whatever return relay assuages collaboration means: were waiting and
holding out for a due diligent answer as and forbear it an exercise that for defactus receivery with
some atonement detailed stipulated, letterheads, Mr Clapper/Brenner /Comey Sirs or our sincere-
ands due regarded, nice friends will detriment a disciplinary function in these modified aras of
transcription al pertinences to the aims of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave accorded knowledges of what a
Gods side never to dos accorded recollections.? Gentlemen Sirs, That and if applicable-s, lawyers of
distinctive colored element of wage infamys not- Sir-s. Sir-s.? (asking)?

Undersigned your friends, that of:

Antzee and Stevezz the Seers of 92655 acclaims. Thank You

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