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I would like to pursue my masters in Electrical Engineering with a focus on

Embedded Systems and VLSI circuits. I have completed my bachelor's

degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from PES Institute of
Technology, which is reputed to be one of the top colleges of Bangalore,
India. After the completion of my graduate degree, I found myself well versed
in technological aspects and now I want to further my knowledge in my

I studied in Calcutta at the Saint Josephs College, a school established by the

Irish Christian Brothers. The Jesuits Brothers dedicated and selfless service
towards the society taught me early in life the values of self-discipline and hard
work. I also comprehended that my life is a continuing journey where I must
learn and grow at every corner and every fall should be an impetus to rise up
and keep moving.
During College, I pursued and successfully completed several projects under
the guidance of Prof. Asha Patil. Some of the projects which I completed were
the 'Wireless Water level Control for Industrial Application' a device which
could measure the level of water as well as various industrial liquids with a
simple and cost effective design, and Automatic Radio Wave Detector
Circuitry a comprehensive circuit which can detect mobile phone and can
be applicable to restrict its access during examinations. During my third
year, I successfully developed a Grid Solver Robot using Arduino where I
used A* algorithm to find the shortest route in a grid.

In June of 2014, during my summer break I interned at the Calcutta Electrical

Supply Corporation Ltd. (CESC), which is the oldest power company of the
country. I was first trained in the Low Voltage Mains Division, where I learnt
the practical implications of the concepts that I studied in college. At CESC I
also grasped the technical details on the services provided to the city by the
company. Then at the command station I got firsthand knowledge with the
structural aspect of the organization and how the corporation daily services
the city.

I have conducted several seminar-presentations on the 'Internet of Things'

and Machine to Machine Communication and Wireless Network Systems. I
have conducted surveys in my city and my findings revealed that only a few
tech-savvy and rich households in urban India currently use intelligent home
security systems and monitoring, via their Smartphone. I have studied the
architecture of PIC microcontroller and have utilized in my final year project
to generate PWM. 'Internet of Things' is possible by combining Embedded
System Technology with wireless Communication technology. I want to make
this technology affordable so that every household in developing countries
can utilize the technology.
I strongly advocate the need for renewable energy and sustainability and my
strong belief in Green Technology drove me to chose and conceptualize my
final year project on clean vehicle technology. My team and I designed an
interleaved boost converter for the Fuel Cell hybrid electric vehicles, based
on the IEEE paper by Dr. Phillippe Lataire of Vrije Universiteit, Brussels. The
proposed topology and its control strategy were designed and analyzed
using Simulink, and was experimentally validated and integrated into a
compact hardware model.

I have been recruited as a Project Engineer at Wipro Limited and I will be

joining this month.

The Masters of Electrical Engineering program at the University of Buffalo will

give me an opportunity to work under the guidance of expert professors and
in collaboration with international students, which will prepare me to meet
the challenges in the real world. I want to work with an undeterred passion
which will, in future, allow me to contribute towards creating a technology
that will help improve the lives of countless global citizens.