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Change document and change

pointer for characteristics value
Hello all,

Can anyone tell me what is the step-by-step do achieve the following:

This relate to the Characteristics value table - AUSP

1. Configure and trigger the changes made in AUSP in the change document tables -
2. Configure and trigger the changes made in AUSP as a change pointer in tables - BDCP2

Please tell me the steps, including t-codes.

Good answers will be highly appreciated.

Thanks & regards.


Hi, check note 943559. It has steps to activate the change logs for classification data. Also check the
below wiki:


For the AUSP characteristics here is what you need to do:

1. BD50 - activate IDOC CLFMAS (not BATMAS)

2. BD52 - add the OBJECT: CLASSIFY and Table: ABAUSP for the fields desired shown below and
add additional fields if needed.




The program RCCLUKA2 has to . How to Activate Change Documents in Classification System Skip to end of metadata  Created by Sandra Hauptmann. It will generate the IDOC with the data you need. 2016 Go to start of metadata The indicator 'Change Docs' can be set in transaction O1CL. BD64 4. Due to technical reasons. To test make a change to one of the characteristic values and then run BD21 using CLFMAS. last modified by Akos Szelenyi on Nov 25. It is not possible to set the 'Multiple objs allowed' indicator directly in the transcation O1CL. this indicator cannot be set until the class type allows 'Multiple objs allowed'. 3.

However. For more information about RCCLUKA2. Internal keys for the objects are saved to table INOB. it only says that change documents are generally possible for this class type. Note: If you have to activate the 'Multiple objs allowed' flag on several systems. The conversion only affects the class type. which is entered. This report sets the 'Multiple objs allowed' indicator for a class type. please don't transport the field from one system to another You have to activate the flag on every single system via the report RCCLUKA2 . In addition. please read the documentation of the program and Note started. as well. the 'Change Docs' indicator can be set. the objects for which the change documents should be written. The system does a key conversion for tables KSSK and AUSP and creates a new table INOB. Now. have to be selected .