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Arachne exposition

Arachne was a famous wool producer that lived in an

obscure little village. She was neither beautiful nor
wellborn. Her products were well known in Greece and
no one has seen any like hers before. Even nymphs
would secretly watch her. People would say Athena
must of taught her.

Arachne rising action

She challenged that she can weave better than Athena
and one day an old woman said "Reckless girl, how
dare you claim to be equal to the immortal gods
themselves"? Then she told the old woman that she
does not have the right to speak to her in the at way.
Then the old woman threw her staff down and turned
into Athena.

Arachne climax
They weaved in a competition and Arachne weaves
immortal gods fighting and they overtake the cities.
When she is done, she struck Arachne across the face.

Arachne rising action

Arachne tried to hang herself, but Athena turned her
into a spider.

Arachne Resolution
All spiders' descend from Arachne, and as the Greeks
watched them spinning their thread fine, they
remembered the competition and thought it was not
right for even the best men to claim equally with the