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This course will help participants and organizations understand the function, role and importance of developing

and implementing a Safety Management System (SMS).

Upon completing this course you will have the ▪ Representatives of Civil Aviation Authorities
skills to:
▪ Understand the basic knowledge, techniques ▪ Experienced managers from airlines, airports,
ANS providers, manufacturers and maintenance
and skills needed to develop a Safety
Management System and measure its
performance ▪ Supervisors in operations
▪ Discover how an effective system can reduce
▪ This course requires approximately 2 hours of
▪ Learn cost-effective resource planning study, to be completed within one year.
▪ See how safety risks are managed proactively ▪ All candidates will be given 1 attempt to
successfully complete the final exam.
▪ Explore how to build a positive safety culture
within your organization ▪ To successfully pass the exam, the student must
achieve a grade of 75% or higher.
▪ Upon successful completion of the exam, you
▪ Introduction to SMS will be awarded an e-Certificate available for you
to print for your records.
▪ Policy and objectives
▪ Risk management
▪ Safety assurance ▪ This self-study eLearning course is a quick and
flexible training method that allows you to learn
▪ Safety promotion using short, interactive modules.

▪ Integrating airline management systems ▪ Order online to receive access to this course on
our eLearning platform.
▪ The regulatory authority’s role in SMS oversight
▪ Implementation requirements