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Development Controls

TLA - Total Lot Area

PSO - Percentage of Site Occupancy
- The part of the lot occupied by the building
- (A.K.A. building footprint expressed in %)

TOSL - Total Open Space within the Lot
- The part of the lot NOT occupied by the building


USA - Unpaved Surface Area
- The portion of the open space that is unpaved

ISA - Impervious Surface Area
- The portion of the open space that is paved

MACA – Maximum Allowable Construction Area
- The combined area of the building foot print and the paved open space

Since “open space” = TOSL,


– Hence, TLA = MACA + USA

AMBF - Allowable Maximum Building Footprint
- Footprint expressed in square meters

GFA - Gross Floor Area
- Total enclosed floor area (including balconies)
- Excludes the following enclosed areas:
- Parking, services, utilities
- Vertical penetrations in parking floors if not used for residential or commercial purposes
- Balconies exceeding 10sqm, uncovered areas, fire escape structures, etc.

TGFA - Total Gross Floor Area
- Includes all enclosed floor areas, no exceptions

AMVB - Allowable Maximum Volume of the Building

OFB - Outer Faces of the Building

FLAR - Floor to Lot Area Ratio

BHL – Building Height Limit

the Code prescribes several different methods for determining this quantity Building bulk by AMBF projection .50 means that a lot measuring 100sqm may accommodate a building whose total floor area is 150sqm.RROW – Road Right Of Way Building Bulk .Determine the BHL (in meters) .Determine the AMBF .AMBF x BHL = Building bulk Building bulk from FLAR .For example.FLAR: Floor to lot area ratio . a FLAR designation of 1. .Total floor area / lot area .A volume quantity Formula Building bulk = Footprint x Height However.