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Saturday, 03 May 2014 11:06

Imaamat of an individual who hides
his Aqeeda
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Ala Hazrat was once asked about the Imaamat of an individual who, when
asked about his Aqeedah (beliefs), conceals it and doesn't mention it
[his Aqeedah].


An Imam who when asked about his Aqaaid remains silent; can he be
followed in Imaamat?


An individual who does not reveal his Aqeedah and Mazhab when asked, it
is apparent that he has something to hide. Otherwise, is the religion a thing
to hide? 

This individual should not be followed in Imaamat as there is a very high
chance of the Salah being void. Salah is the greatest of the Faraaid
(obligatory acts), therefore one should be cautious [in matters pertaining to
Salah]. Hence, Muhaqqiq Alal Itlaq says in Fathul Qadeer: 

'If there is one reason for Salah to be void and many reasons for it to be
valid, the rule will be that it is invalid.'

(Fatawa Razwiyyah, volume 6, page 574 & 575)

Translated by Muhammad Kalim (Preston)

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