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What do you suggest?
Read each statement. Then look at the picture and complete the suggestion.

Rules: Examples:
Let's + infinitive Let's go to the park.
Why don't you/we + infinitive Why don't we go to the park?
How about + ing How about going to the park?
What about + ing What about going to the park?

Im a bit This room

overweight. is a mess. Im hungry.

How about .? Why dont you ......? Lets .....

We have a Its a
10-minute beautiful Im sick.
break. day!

What about ...? Lets ..... How about .?

What are we
I love going to Today is
this music. do this my birthday!

Me too. Lets ....... Why dont we .......? Lets .....

This place
Its raining is scary.
and Im bored.
Im cold.

What about ...? Lets ..... Why dont you ......?

I have a
new I dont have
Im tired. computer any food.

Why dont you ......? Great! Lets .. How about .? 2015 Permission granted to reproduce for classroom use.