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Major things are dwelling to our society, technology and traditional cultures has

influence people and contribute perspectively. Inspite of applied science, industrial and

economical factories are building upon our environment which infiltrates the Mother Nature in

the effects of chemical and hazardous elements also carbon in result of greenhouse. It is such a

sad reality we face over the improvement and accurate progress to our country. In the same

manner, people are more even busy and enjoying the modern age of times which is much worst

than we don’t think for the past decades by Albert Einstein. The natural world has been build

with odor and getting bigger insects cause by bacterial organisms. Viruses are building to our

ecological society which the mosquitoes are very notornous or very harmful because it is the

carrier. Speaking of odor, bacteria and insects , I conduct a research which can help to

manipulate odor not just that but also the cause which is bacteria and to prevent the living insects

especially mosquitoes.

The concept of the product developed with the selected ingredients which can eliminate

the most top agent for bacteria microorganisms including Escherichia, Pseudomonas, Listeria,

and other germs and microbes. In this view, greater efforts can support this study with its helping

nature goodies which are ginger, lemon grass, lemon, baking soda, apple cider vincgar, and

Capsicum annuum or known as Chilli which does every insects don’t like as it is special for

neutralizing odor in the surroundings. The ideas are build with the most essential helping fruits

and the experiments which can construct new product to assess the manner of the activity. But

then, prior to that it also concludes that importance of chemistry which balance the state of its

compound in the reactions and chemical compositions. In other words, it is supported several

.studies before it could be develop as a product and nature resistance due to its environmental and indigenous to the ecological state of our world.