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as it avoids any moral conflict players may have allied to patience. assassinations and civilian Hunters may have hunting. to reveal itself and produce the perfect shot. There are many wannabes. The ability to size up locations and targets quickly is essential as this will allow a sniper to operate in even unknown territory – there are no Using Snipers stupid snipers. and. However. It will not always be possible for a sniper to There are two roles for snipers in your campaigns – either conduct missions on familiar ground and knowing what a as player characters or NPCs under the control of the Games target is likely to do next has obvious benefits for successful Master. In this. utter self-belief and deliver a bullet that hits first time. When snipers operate on undetected. what makes a sniper? Stealth. but few have possible without what it takes to become a true sniper. Each needs the knowledge and skill to get into a position of advantage. are still unsuited to becoming a sniper. These are. Whether it is the surroundings (given casual hunter going up into the mountains for an easy weekend their relative targets. of camping. Contrary to popular belief. the sniper needs to relocate quickly upon Whatever your perspective is. every time. poor lines of fire and Whether they are murderers. the role of the sniper has being discovered. It is also an advantage to have no qualms about shooting a target in the Skill with a rifle is the last of these and. after all. quite simply. for perhaps days at a time. probably hunting the players or their allies. they may act as assassins. On the other hand. . completion of the mission. the is the enemy. remain undetected by his targets So. himself above all else. last. It is little wonder that the line between professional companions. the sniper take a quick shot and leave the area to get back to safety. every SWAT sharpshooter and military sniper. It is just you against gain the best position nature and the enemy. embedded itself in modern warfare and is becoming fast ingrained within law enforcement. among all of them. may depend can prove deadly if very much on what side of a national boundary you lie. Mongoose Publishing Presents Modern Playaids: Sniper Matthew Sprange Introduction to blend into their It takes skill and patience to kill with a rifle. However. and not always necessary for the There is much associated glamour attached to the skills of SWAT sharpshooter). The latter is the easiest to place within a scenario as a foil for Stealth is another obvious talent for a sniper and this is closely the player. likely to have an entire team nearby and military snipers What Makes a Sniper? often have spotters. is an appealing one. there will be many who your sights. being an incredibly good shot with a rifle. Taking the examples above of a hunter. the acts of a sniper can often be seen this is not always as cowardly and much concern has been made of the ethos the highest point and even veneration of the sniper penetrating into civilised on the battlefield society. it is clear that each sniper learns to rely on operates in a vastly different field with varying equipment. sniper. The idea of having nothing but your own survival to become one with skills and ability with a rifle to separate success from failure. Snipers learn This is a classic example of how a low level NPC can give 2 6 . some abilities remain true himself and when to take the shot. have covert missions during peace time. SWAT sniper and murderers with rifles can become a little blurred at sharpshooters are times. the trained SWAT team member zeroing in on a a process usually hostage taker or the lone soldier operating in no-man’s land. or the terrain in order to even life from death. patience. ensuring that he knows where to position support and training. the sniper. people who are trained to kill – such locations can at great distances and whose targets will never be aware of be difficult to access their presence until it is too late. The patience to overcome the desire to about the nature of sniping. the harder for the hunter ability to strike with impunity at great range has remained one than the military of the chief roles of rifle weaponry. plain and simple. no matter how good back of the head when they have no idea that they are even in a shot some sharpshooters become. . detection. for the target it is up to the players to track him down and neutralise him. underworld assassin. and patience to lie in wait.

Given the for all. Search. though. can be more selective. Even something as basic as an AK-47 can become a superior weapon The ideal sniper will have a background in the military or when wielded by a trained sniper and it has the advantage of perhaps law enforcement and. the down the door of the latest bad guy. he is unlikely will need to exercise patience. Another weapon to consider. Smart Heroes. he may well have the most lethal as it often characterises the kind of sniper he is. It takes a special kind of player to enjoy this choose a weapon. for sophisticated rifles with night vision scopes and electronic range finders? Or does he believe such devices on serve to separate the sniper from his target and therefore rely on low- The Novice Sniper tech bolt action rifles and hand-picked ammunition? Now we know what a sniper is and does. Improved Initiative. If likely to have had the opportunity to start shooting at a very he is particularly mean. is the Barrett For a start. the immediate area – many snipers in warfare have not been professional soldiers at all and. will being extremely durable. good sniper. Modern rules? It is a fine rifle but it is also heavy. trading shots with pistols and assault weapons. the sniper Quick Reload. in the wilderness. nature of sniper’s waiting for the best shot before acting. Will he go character in the entire party. armed with a rifle. of course. he may have several such NPCs in young age. The very nature of his character to need to use his rifle while running and nor will he be will mean that it will often operate alone even when in joint required to constantly bring his weapon to bear in a fraction missions with other characters. will be of far greater benefit at the distances a sniper usually One clean shot from the sniper at that point will mean success works at than the +1 bonus from Weapon Focus. Swim and Treat Injury. Move fought in strength elsewhere. have already moved himself into position. Dead Aim will also prove of great benefit. any rifle is an extremely lethal weapon. A good combination of these skills will result in a well-rounded Having good stealth skills and being a good shot with a rifle sniper who can depend on his own mettle when alone in the are things that any player can mess around with on a character field. diving under cover and at others such as Alertness. Silently. in the hands of a ever detected. to make that character a good sniper will take a certain degree Many gunslinging characters will try every trick in the book of roleplaying and of actually understanding. once a sniper has had this initial training. it is time to largely inactive. How best to create a novice sniper using the D20 D20 Modern rulebook. he will be Finally. Endurance. a few well chosen Throughout his feats and skills. This is a matter of great import to a sniper style of play but in doing so. Toughness and. Weapon player was literally doing nothing except watching and waiting. expensive and sometimes difficult to get hold of. players will be drawn to the PSG-1. Disguise. deadly to the best of players. He will have to wait quietly while his comrades have all the ‘fun’ during a For initial feat choices. is that while the other players were been taken. warning others when them. only then should the dedicated sniper begin looking coming up with on the spur tactics. as well as weapons training. of course. can make for good snipers. While they are storming of a second – if he has done his job right in the first place. Concentration. After all. he will have expressed an intense passion for rifles and is create an enemy that can seriously endanger the players. Listen. Many snipers never touch the Point Blank Shot and If he has a good view of the battlefield. some players (and not a few Games Masters!) will be eager to create one for their next It is inevitable that when eyeing up the weapons table in the campaign. particular will be naturals and will gain many unique abilities that will provide good defensive measures for them if they are However. On the whole. Once these two feats have The downside. as the benefits of raising range increments bad guy sees all is lost and tries to escape through the rear exit. it will soon become clear that. Focus. Spot and Survival. sheet in order to create a decent sharpshooter. the player himself sniper. a sniper should choose Far prolonged shootout and will only come into his own when the Shot before all else. Stealthy. the player can also other related skills in its tree. By constantly relocating these snipers. Beyond this. give it towards survival a high Dexterity. perhaps 3 6 . If a sniper was ever forced to use serve a good role in communications. A trainee what it means to be a sniper. Fast Heroes in PSG-1 to extremes. However. therefore. however. create a lethal killing zone on one of his maps that may prove Navigate. Above all else. any character can learn the discipline to become a Light Fifty which takes the benefits (and drawbacks) of the sniper but some will be born with the talent. they used The primary skills a novice sniper should possess (those that he their own natural skills to hunt and survive while their military should have at near maximum ranks) are Hide. of course. to attain as many weapon related feats as possible. along with a good sniper rifle and instantly life. he would likely be in a terminal situation anyway. they are about to be flanked or when the enemy brings new reinforcements into play. A those that will Games Master can allow him to move take a low level stealthily or lean character. too. the Games Master can Of secondary benefit will be Climb. in part at least. the sniper character will weapon will be trained on the target long before a shot is taken.relatively high level have concentrated characters a great his skills into deal of trouble.

If the character beats the DC of a Listen check by 20 or more. evading aptitude for the role is clear. a character can quickly but safely drop by sliding down the line and using the vertical surface to New Use (Ear for Detail): Not only can the character detect break his speed. some makeup. It is a very straight recipient of a disguise gains a +2 competence bonus to Hide shooter. a character New Use (Whispery Movement): As the character quietly could blend into a small group of homeless by grabbing a moves near an enemy. and a bit of the precise source of a noise. or climb trees. such as the type of creature. this skill to pick and other items out visual cues to camouflage and other details. In return. However. every person pursued makes a Spot use them where appropriate. another person. and noise designed to draw his opponent’s attention away from sitting down among them. a character can modify the appearance of himself or actions might cause the noise. he gains a +2 New Use competence bonus if his Move Silently check was successful. he will naturally want to progress the watchful gaze of others. the all the civilian connotations that implies. those around him. or similar vertical surface. taking damage as if he had fallen half the surface’s as a soldier wearing a shell jacket before he comes into sight. if he makes a Hide check within 2 rounds of moving silently. New Use (Blend In): The character can move into a large Move Silently (Dex) crowd of people and slightly change his appearance to resemble Normal Use: The character treads carefully as he walk. and so on. (Camouflage): The character Spot (Wis) knows how to Normal Use: A hastily combine character can use face paint. Obviously.the best all-round budget rifle for sniping. check. This receiving end. Every ten minutes problem with his own disciplined style. he may only use Disguise in this manner if there is a group of people nearby that he can escape into. 4 6 . penalty to his Move Silently check. or listen in on New Use (Rappel): By anchoring a line at the top of a cliff someone’s conversation. such as throwing rocks or other small items away prevent anyone who witnessed the attempt from pointing the from him. Climb (Str) Normal Use: With the Climb skill. New Uses For Old Skills New Use (Tail): A character can discreetly follow another person. He may also impersonate a particular person. up on others.) to evade sight. himself or someone else. the character suffers a –2 competence character out to any pursuers or enemies. is the Winchester 94. Snipers are an inventive and self-reliant group and often discover new ways of doing things for themselves. Using Disguise in this manner Do not be discouraged by its description as a hunting rifle. light. scramble up walls. The character must have enough rope to reach noises but he is also an expert at identifying their source. Here we look at some of the advanced skills and use shadows to conceal his presence. the character can line’s length. In doing so. the character slams into the vertical surface and drops sound of hobnailed boots. what time. Sniper Training Hide (Dex) Once the novice sniper has made a few successful kills and his Normal Use: This skill is used to keep out of sight. cheap and still makes a mess of any target on the checks made in areas with heavy undergrowth or debris. using the crowds or other cover to conceal his presence. hear a whispered voice. This He will keep his quarry in sight while remaining far enough in process makes each sniper unique as he approaches any the background (up to 50 ft. The base speed. He moves downwards at a rate equal to twice his immediately attempt another to discern greater detail. he can cause a moderate amount of nearby filthy. he would also recognise his stride and know exactly who approaches. this skill does not his position. whilst unsuspecting victims receive a –2 competence penalty. After the bottom of the surface or he will stop at a point equal to his a successful Listen check has been made. a character can scale cliffs. Disguise check is made in secret. If the character had met the soldier before. abilities open to good snipers. Victims consciously looking for someone tailing them gain a +2 competence bonus to their check. On a successful check. He also knows how to use Listen (Wis) various climbing tools. with requires a skill check at DC 15. allowing him to identify an intruder too fast. On but also recognise the pace of the footsteps and the distinctive a failure. a character retains any bonuses character can hear not only the scrape of boot against a floor to his Defence. A character sneak behind debris or his training. debris. Normal Use: This skill is used to detect someone sneaking up on a character. Note that if the character is following several people snipers though Games Masters may permit other characters to travelling as a group. he Disguise (Cha) attains an extraordinary success. For example. height. This allows the character to make a skill muffling the sounds of his footsteps and allowing him to sneak check without spending time creating a disguise. soiled cloak. so only the Games Master knows if the camouflage is truly effective. draping it over his shoulders. make a Hide check opposed by the target’s Spot new uses for existing skills that are particularly well suited to skill. This allows him to determine Normal Use: With a few props. Rappelling requires a DC 10 Climb check. The following are of the pursuit. While rappelling.

A character + 2 per 10 feet of distance when looking at a target more than must keep the target in view during every aiming action and 30 feet away. so the Games Master is free to use his judgement as cannot be combined with acquiring a target through a scope – a to what can really be seen. any longarm weapon hidden in a ruined building. to zero in on a particularly critical part of the target. and DC 28. You will lose any bonus to hit from aiming and will suffer an additional Advanced Rifle Suppressor: Though it is impossible to –4 penalty to your attack roll. it completely silence most rifles. For each size category above medium-size. even extremely small creatures exhibit no real detail at a 10 ft. The feat reflects training in acquiring targets quickly and accurately in an emergency while aiming actions represent Improved Far Shot the typical sniper’s patience in waiting until the best shot can Your keen eye allows you to sight targets a great distance away. may be aimed in order to gain a higher degree of accuracy. other characters. Violent motion 15 Extraordinarily violent motion 20 Team Sniper Entangled in net or snare 15 You have learned how to co-ordinate your fire with other Grappled or pinned 20 snipers. Aiming a weapon is a full round action. or the character must be prone while both aiming and characteristics at a great distance. up to a maximum of a +4 bonus. be mounted upon a bipod or eye for detail are so well-refined that he can pick out minor tripod. The check suffers a –2 competence separate full round action must be used to do this. any rounds spent aiming are wasted. expanded list of equipment and weaponry that is particularly Prerequisites: Weapon Focus (any rifle). an expert sniper can Benefit: Whenever you use an aiming action. Damaged while aiming 10 + damage dealt Benefit: When using a longarm against a target in cover or concealment. Achieving this level of accuracy requires skill. at a single target. In addition. If the target disappears from sight during this time. a +2 competence bonus is added to the For every continuous round spent aiming a ranged weapon check. you may count the target as being in one level Continuous damage while 10 + half of continuous less of cover or concealment. technology can make it more difficult for a sniper to be detected. Once suitable tooled up. the character picks out must remain stationary himself (he may not even take a 5-foot details on the target as if it were only 10 feet away. as part of Once the basic abilities of sniping have been learned. Prerequisites: Weapon Focus (any rifle). they Vigorous motion 10 will actually receive only one-quarter cover against your attack. These incredible talents are represented by made. step). base attack bonus +4 Distraction Concentration Check DC or higher. This is an a rifle. be taken. Make a Spot check at DC 15 firing.such as a target sneaking down an alleyway or another sniper Instead of just blasting away at the enemy. dust or who fired upon your target earlier in this round. below. Obviously. 10 debris Trained Assassin Tools of the Trade You are a minister of death. are able to drill a dime at fifty feet with ease. He must choose to use one or the other. advancements in supression will automatically count as a critical hit. For example. preying for war when armed with Once a sniper has the talent. a character will receive a +1 bonus to his attack roll. base attack bonus +8 suited to snipers. A weapon aimed in this way may only can access higher level disciplines that make him far superior to be used as a Single Shot weapon and only one attack may be any mere rifleman. its range increment If a character is wounded or otherwise distracted whilst aiming. A character may New Feats fire his weapon immediately after an aiming action. as detailed on the table weapons and does not stack with Far Shot. The advanced rifle suppressor functions in an identical manner to the suppressors found in the d20 Modern Aiming Actions rulebook but increases the Listen check to pinpoint the user to Snipers pride themselves on their sharpshooting abilities. you may choose turn himself into a world-class sharpshooter. a trainee his last aiming action. 5 6 . though certain items may also be of interest to or higher. if aiming damage last dealt you are targeting a cover who is claiming one-half cover. Prerequisites: Far Shot Benefit: When you use a longarm weapon. the character may not combine an aiming the following new feats. If this check is failed. This feat can only be used with longarm a Concentration check must be made. Master Shot Even those who cower under cover cannot avoid your bullets. he then needs the tools. 5 or sleet Benefits: You gain a +1 bonus to your attack roll for every ally Weather is driving hail. is increased by two. In high wind with blinding rain Prerequisites: Base attack bonus +1 or higher. action with the Dead Aim feat. dedication and a steady hand. the longarm must be braced against a solid New Use (Hawkeyed): The character’s sense of sight and object (such as a wall or tree). as appropriate. If your attack is successful. then all bonuses gained from aiming are lost. penalty against small and tiny creatures. In order to do this. This full round action distance. On a successful check.

Modern rulebook. Equipment Size Weight Purchase DC Restriction extremely solid firing Advanced Rifle Suppressor Small 4 lb. it checks. battle rifle. though the user has to remain Advanced Scope Small 4 lb. Single 10 box Large 14 lb. to the weight grant them Automatic of the weapon. 20 Mil (+3) position. The advanced scope often preferred in this role) pinned close to the sniper’s front or acts as both a standard and electro-optical scopes found in side. S 5 box Huge 44 lb. Single 5 box Large 21 lb. the bipod is an adjustable pair of legs that clips length of the barrel and a standard scope. It should also be fire. this provides an weapon and its subsonic rounds do not automatically alert Longarm Damage Critical Type Range RoF Mag. if it ever rolls no penalty to Dexterity-based 1 for any attack roll. the sling maximum of +8. However. The body sling is a multi-adjustable device in poor conditions and optimise the sniper’s talents in order to that keeps one Medium-sized weapon (the H&K MP5K is deliver the acclaimed one shot. 14 Res (+2) it. 4 Lic (+1) snipers swear by a Improved Ghillie Suit Med 4 lb. . automatically retracts the weapon back to the user’s side or front. When dropped. +1 lb. It is a very quiet on to the foreguard of a rifle. one kill. the AWS is derived from the L96A1.5 lb. will immediately lose its +1 bonus to attack rolls for being mastercrafted. 20 Res (+2) Gepard M3 3d6 20 B 140 ft. 20 Res (+2) Parker-Hale M85 2d8 20 B 90 ft. AWS (7. modify their beloved Using a G3 20-round magazine in PSG-1’s in order to a PSG-1 adds 1 lb. The PSG. Most PSG-1’s Longarms modified in this way use the same 20 box magazines as the G3 which can be used without further modification. 17 Lic (+1) 6 6 . 8 .62mm sniper rifle): Manufactured by Accuracy International in England. 13 Lic (+1) Voere M2185SM 2d10 20 B 100 ft. backup weapon. some to avoid constantly running out of snipers choose to ammunition in a full-scale battle. improve visibility is out of position. S 10 box Large 8 lb. When extended. degree of mobility. this item is 1 immediately gains far lighter and allows a greater the Auto rate of fire. 12 . 5 - Body Sling Small 2 lb. 25 Res (+2) Harris/McMillan M86 2d10 20 B 100 ft. Body Sling: Many G3 Magazine Tiny 0. 24 Mil (+3) stationary while using Automatic PSG-1 Modification . It imposes However. when combined with freedom of movement to be brought into a ready firing position aiming actions. Size Weight Purchase Res. the sling allows it enough the d20 Modern rulebook. Automatic PSG-1 Modification: As it G3 Magazine: The magazines shares many common of the H&K PSG-1 and G3 are internal components interchangeable. 16 Lic (+1) Tikka Model 65 Master 2d8 20 B 80 ft. When the weapon is grabbed. 18 Lic (+1) Harris/McMillan M93 2d12 20 B 110 ft. . to be used when surprised Advanced Scope: Advanced scopes incorporate many and their main rifle electronic devices designed to gauge range. the bonus gained to attack rolls is doubled quickly and easily. something some with H&K’s G3 series snipers take advantage of in order of longarms. Single 10 box Large 13 lb. granting the user the benefits of the Quick to +2 for every round Draw feat with this weapon spent aiming. Single 4 box Large 11 lb. AWS 2d8 20 B 90 ft. up to a only. The downside is that the Improved Ghillie Suit: Acting highly tuned PSG-1 can in every way as the standard rarely take this abuse ghillie suit found in the d20 for long. Single 10 box Large 10 lb. Bipod: A simple attachment that can be made to any longarm Incorporating an advanced rifle suppressor that runs the entire manufactured. Bipod Small 2 lb. This is usually noted that many sniper ‘purists’ done to give the sniper look down on those who use another option when expanded magazines as novices detected by an enemy who cannot hit what they are and gives him a viable aiming at first time round.

The M3 comes complete with a bipod as standard. character level. careers. Trademark Weapon: At 1st level. hard discipline. Listen (Wis). Very few sharpshooters ever reach the longarm when he advances a level in this class. experience and Sniper can only change his Trademark Weapon to another cold. The and length that give away character’s Constitution its true potential. granting a +1 bonus to all attack rolls.62mm sniper rifle): number of action points Once considered for equal to 6 + one-half his use in the British Army. The elite sniper can longarms fitted with suppressors do. he will gain a +1 bonus to attack rolls The Elite Sniper and a bonus to damage rolls equal to his class level. given its weight and length. Concentration (Con). (Int). Many elite snipers. Hide (Dex). in terms of performance. Tikka Model 65 Master Intimidate (Cha). This in turn can be traded as a rare weapon to right-handed users and it is generally thought to be currency as the elite sniper’s reputation precedes him. as they progress through their all but the strongest sniper. The Elite To become the best of the best takes time.62mm sniper rifle): Contrasting following criteria. weight hit points per level. with many of the more advanced rifles here. This rifle also counts as a mastercraft weapon. the Elite Sniper finds that he too difficult for an elite sniper. Comes fitted with a standard scope. and light. Move this competition rifle has found a role in some police forces Silently (Dex). the M3 will quickly tire lethal. literally target enemies a mile away in high wind with a great Gepard M3 (. It is. Harris/McMillan M93 Class Information (. as sniper rifles go. Climb (Str). more trouble than it is worth. the M86 is a Base Attack Bonus: +4. Spot (Wis). Action Points Parker-Hale M85 The Elite Sniper gains a (7. class. when in the field. Search (Int). the M93 is a powerful yet traditional Hit Die looking sniper rifle – it is The Elite Sniper gains 1d8 the weapon’s size. Voere M2185SM (7. in addition. this weapon is typical Class Features of stock equipment that is sometimes pressed into sniping The following features pertain to the Elite Sniper advanced service. Navigate of Northern Europe but it lags behind many other sniper rifles (Int). Listen 5 simplicity and is thus utterly reliable ranks.50 sniper rifle): Regarded as the most degree of accuracy and must therefore be regarded as utterly powerful sniper rifle in the world.50 sniper rifle): Simply The following information pertains to an enlarged version of the Elite Sniper advanced class. whether by law enforcement officials or terrorists.bystanders that the weapon has been fired in the way other and no target is safe from his roving scope. Requirements To qualify to become an Elite Sniper. the Elite Sniper chooses one longarm. weapon is both cheap and reliable. A bipod applies. Knowledge (tactics) modified 1898-pattern Mauser. Survival (Wis). make a name for themselves either in military circles The position of the box magazine. It comes fitted Feats: Dead Aim. This type of weapon will become his trademark and whenever he uses it. every time the Parker-Hale was he attains a new level in this subsequently rejected. Incorporating The Elite Sniper’s class a bipod as standard. Knowledge (tactics) 4 ranks. however. class. Move Silently 7 ranks. Far Shot. Weapon Focus with a bipod as standard. Jump (7. but has enjoyed usage throughout the world in smaller militaries and Class Skills police forces. heady heights of the elite sniper but those who succeed can claim to be the best trained killers in the world. the M86.62mm sniper rifle): An auto-loading competition-grade rifle from Austria. despite its great power. Spot 5 ranks. (any rifle). North American rifle that concentrates on Skills: Hide 7 ranks. no position to remote to access has fine-tuned his eyes to a degree that a bird of prey would be 7 6 . Skill Points at Each Level: 5 + Int modifier. is fitted as standard.62mm sniper rifle): A (Str). No shot is Hawk-Eyed: At 2nd and 7th level. this skills are as follows. restricts the or the criminal underworld. Swim (Str). a character must fulfil the Harris/McMillan M86 (7. reasonably cheap Treat Injury (Wis).

he can secure ability to increase the threat range of his Trademark Weapon by himself within cover. He gains a cumulative +2 bonus to Spot checks and increases the range increment of his Trademark Weapon by 20 feet every time this class feature is gained. the Elite one. for example. Critical Strike: At 9th level. By spending a full round action positioning himself properly. Ranged Killer: At 10th level. This allows the accomplished sniper to choose weapons to fit specific missions. one from 20 to 19-20. Note that this can effectively place an Elite Sniper in total cover while he is still able to fire. the Elite Sniper gains the lying in wait for a target. the Elite Sniper is capable of making coup de grace attacks at range. Additional Trademark Weapon: At 8th level. the Elite Sniper will automatically gain a critical hit and the coups de grace attack is made as normal. without the need for a second attack roll to confirm the critical hit. the Elite Sniper finds new abilities as he continues his rigorous training.envious of. For example. chosen from one of those detailed on p4. the Elite Sniper will automatically cause a critical hit whenever he scores a threat with his Trademark Weapon. Bonus Feat: At 3rd and 6th level. A PSG-1. he will now gain three-quarters cover. a longarm must be used to make the attack. if he uses nine-tenths cover. if the Elite Sniper has positioned himself round a corner. So long as he does not move. as appropriate. In addition. As a full round action. This is when a sniper is at his most dangerous. He gains a bonus feat. step better than normal. he would normally gain one- half cover. the Elite Sniper is sufficiently conversant with longarms as to be able to designate two as his Trademark Weapon and thus gain the appropriate benefits. the Elite Sniper gains the ability to use cover and concealment to his best advantage. Cover Use: At 5th level. Level BAB Fort Ref Will Special Defence Reputation 1 +0 +1 +1 +0 Trademark Weapon +1 +0 2 +1 +2 +2 +0 Hawk-Eyed +1 +0 3 +2 +2 +2 +1 Bonus Feat +2 +1 4 +3 +2 +2 +1 Improved Critical +2 +1 5 +3 +3 +3 +1 Cover Use +3 +1 6 +4 +3 +3 +2 Bonus Feat +3 +2 7 +5 +4 +4 +2 Hawk-Eyed +4 +2 8 +6 +4 +4 +2 Additional Trademark Weapon +4 +2 9 +6 +4 +4 +3 Critical Strike +5 +3 10 +7 +5 +5 +3 Ranged Killer +5 +3 8 6 . a vital trait while Improved Critical: At 4th level. This may only be done against a target within his first range increment and he must make an attack roll as if making a normal attack against the target. will have its threat range increased Sniper will now gain cover or concealment. If he hits.

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(f) ‘Trademark’ affected. Wizards of the 4.. modification. plots. and JD Wiker. with every copy of the Open Game Content You Distribute. themes and graphic. abridgment or other form in Identity. and You must add the title. language. modifying or distributing. lease. royalty-free. Inc. storylines. Offer and Acceptance: By Using the Open Game Content You John Tynes. All Rights expressly licensed in another. creatures. License. terms may be added to or subtracted from this License except Modern System Reference Document Copyright 2002. 5. extension. Monte Cook. formats. Product Identity. processes and routines to the extent clearly indicate which portions of the work that you are distributing such content does not embody the Product Identity and is an are Open Game Content. or governmental as Product identity by the owner of the Product Identity. Distribute. transformed or adapted. artwork. within 30 days of becoming aware of the breach.OPEN GAME LICENSE Version 1. Inability to Comply: If it is impossible for You to comply with supernatural abilities or effects.0a Copyright 2000. correction. Use of Product Identity: You agree not to Use any Product The following text is the property of Wizards of the Coast. photographic and other visual or audio representations. or graphic designs. modify. incidents. Authors Bill Slavicsek. No other terms or conditions the Coast. except as is Copyright 2000 Wizards of the Coast. locations. Inc. 3. the Open Game Content. transmit or otherwise distribute. have written permission from the Contributor to do so. including as an indication as to compatibility. copy. thematic 10. You represent that Your Contributions are Your original creation and/or You have sufficient rights to grant the rights conveyed by this License. Arneson. Jeff Grubb. Skip Williams. procedures. Content shall retain all rights. sell. title and interest in and to that (c) ‘Distribute’ means to reproduce. enhancement over the prior art and any additional content clearly 9. Identification: If you distribute Open Game Content You must the methods. and which regulation then You may not Use any Open Game Material so specifically excludes the Open Game Content. teams. Representation of Authority to Contribute: If You are contributing original material as Open Game Content. Inc. Rich baker. You agree not to indicate compatibility or co-adaptability with any Trademark or 1. does not constitute a challenge to the ownership of that Product upgrade. Termination: This License will terminate automatically if You products contributed to the Open Game License by the Contributor fail to comply with all terms herein and fail to cure such breach (g) ‘Use’. indicate Your acceptance of the terms of this License. logos and identifying marks including trade dress. Grant and Consideration: In consideration for agreeing to use Coast. that contains a notice indicating that the Open Game Content 15. The License: This License applies to any Open Game Content necessary to make it enforceable. Open Game Content using the name of any Contributor unless You personalities. improvement. affix such a notice to any Open Game Content that you Use. (d)’Open Game Content’ means the game mechanic and includes 8. independent (b)’Derivative Material’ means copyrighted material including Agreement with the owner of such Trademark or Registered derivative works and translations (including into other computer Trademark. The use of any Product Identity in Open Game Content languages). Bruce R. dialogue. independent Agreement with the Reserved. Cordell. ‘Used’ or ‘Using’ means to use. Rich Redman. You may use any any work covered by this License. Peter Adkison. means the logos. creatures characters. stories. equipment. Andy Collins. concepts. (h) ‘You’ or ‘Your’ means the licensee in 14. broadcast. mark. the copyright date. and Identity. worldwide. poses. 9 6 . addition. Monte Cook. any of the terms of this License with respect to some or all of the and any other trademark or registered trademark clearly identified Open Game Content due to statute. license. symbols. Authors Jonathan Tweet. personas. Notice of License Copyright: You must update the COPYRIGHT NOTICE portion of this License to include the exact text of the COPYRIGHT NOTICE of any Open Game Content You are copying. may be applied to any Open Game Content distributed using this Charles Ryan. spells. line names.0a 7. judicial order. edit. The owner of any Product Identity used in Open Game which an existing work may be recast. All sublicenses format. System Reference Document Copyright 2000-2003. No Inc. potation. and means publish updated versions of this License. compilation. of Open Game Content. artifacts. owner of each element of that Product Identity. Wizards of as described by the License itself. Skip Williams.