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Photoshop CS2
CS2 Install

Graphic Designer Photoshop CS2 Install Step


Step Guide

Box ok Click
Accept Click

Install Photoshop CS2 Click

Next Click

Accept Button Click

User Name, Organization Serial Number Next Click

Photoshop CS2 Destination Folder Box Next Click

Next Click

Install Button Click


By Telephone Next Click

Authorization Code Crack File
Activate Click
Activate Next Click
Finish Click

Photoshop CS2 Photoshop CS2 Install

2. Fonts Install

Fonts Install

Myanmar Fonts, English Font Font

Install -

Start > Settings > Control Panel

Fonts Click
File Menu > Install New Font

Fonts Drive Fonts

C: Drive Fonts Percentage

Fonts Select All Button ok Click

Fonts Installation Fonts

zaw-gyi Font .exe File Run Install

Fonts Install ?....

3. PageMaker7
PageMaker7 Install

Page Maker Install Software


Page Maker Install

Setup File Click

Next Button Click

Language Next Click

Language Next Click

Accept Click
Page Maker Destination Folder Next Click

Serial Number Serial Number

Next Click
Yes Click

Next Click
Next Click

OK Click

Finish Click

OK Click

Page Maker 7.0 Install

4. Office 2007 Install

Software Install Software

Microsoft Office 2007 Office Suite Slide


Mail Access Software

Software Install

Office 2007 Box

Box Produck Key Box Produck key

Contiune Click

Check Box Contiune Click

Install Now

Installation Progress Box

Office 2007 Install Close

5. Nero CD Burn

Nero Software CD Brun CD Burn CD -


DVD-RW ( Read Write ) CD-RW DVD-RW


Write Hardware Device

Nero Software Software CD, DVD

Hardware Device Data Video

Nero CD Burn

Nero Software

Dektop Nero Icon Double Click
Nero Box

Make Data CD Double Click Data CD-R Burn

Data Add Button Click

Data Add Click

Programs box

Programs box Data

Next Click
Disc Name Disc Writing Speed

Arrow Click

Arrow Click Writing Speed 32x

Arrow Click
Disc Name Burn Click
CD-R Data Writing Speed

CD-R Data

CD-RW Device CD Read, Write


DVD-RW CD DVD Read-Write

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