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Giving Thanks Worksheet: Exercise 2

Author: Paul Bress

Giving Thanks
Here is the email in the right order. Read it, and then
look at the functions below. In pairs, try to match the
functions with the correct sections of the email.

c Hi Jill

b I just wanted to say a big thank you for inviting us to
your party last night.

f It was fantastic! It was so nice seeing all our friends.

d We’ll probably have a small party ourselves over the
Christmas period, and I hope you and Roger will be
able to come.

a Thanks again!

e Susan (and Geoff)

offering something in return giving reasons for the thanks

opening greeting stating the reason for writing

writing your name(s) repeating the thanks

When you’re ready, check your answers in class.

Sit in a circle. Your correspondent is the person exactly opposite you.
Take a sheet of paper. Then write your ‘email’ on the paper (in which
you thank him/her for something) and give it to your correspondent.
When you get your correspondent’s ‘email’, reply to it on the same
piece of paper. Then give it back. When you’re ready, tell the class
why you thanked him/her and how he/she reacted.