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Tools for Teachers

Aqui disponibilizamos ideias de aplicativos, webpages e
ferramentas tecnológicas que podem ser bem aproveitadas na
sala de aula.

Akinator –
This webpage has been around for a while and it is perfect for
practicing yes/ no questions, as it offers input and demands
good written comprehension. It can be used as a preparation
to play twenty questions. It requires a lower intermediate level
of language, due to the different kinds of questions presented.

Facebook page – Humans of New York - Facebook has a
number of pages that can bring interesting input for writing
lessons and even class debates. Humans of New York is a FB
page and website that brings the stories of ordinary people
who are photographed everyday by the page founder. With the
visual input and the simple subtitles from the pictures, you can
create activities for any language level.

Tallagami –
This app allows students to create their avatars and record a
message that can be up to 30 seconds long in the free version
and up to 90 seconds long in the premium version (US$3,99).
It is perfect for assessing students’ fluency and pronunciation
skills, and it can be used to help students practice
presentations and speeches. You can also create your own
avatar and send your students gamis with instructions,
feedbacks, or even lesson wrap-ups.

Dragon Dictation This voice recognition app allows students
to practice their pronunciation skills by saying words and
sentences that are accurate enough for the app to recognize
and write.

The Big Picture –
This app is part of Richmond’s The Big Picture learning
platform. It features pictures in which students have to find
specific situations given and score points as they do. This
challenging and fun game can be used with other resources,
such as WhatsApp, in order to have a group online
competition, for example.

writers. but it also allows more interaction between the members of a group when preparing a presentation. etc. Peanut gallery films – www. Nearpod . so students do not need to have a tablet to access your boards. and much more. etc. assignments. Use it with your older students in writing assignments and as a virtual library with your younger ones. allow your friends to co- edit presentations with you. WhatsApp – The app can be used to create a group of students. as well as to write your own books. pictures. include narrations. choose the type of presentation from a number of The software for presentations is not only easy to use. Their website features boards for all kinds of topics and Create videos and animations. questions they can discuss along the day. Prezi – www. pictures. With Prezi.www. WhatsApp can also be used together with another This software and app enables you to create or download presentations and interact with your audience while controlling their activity in real time. not to mention the fact it enables you to assess students’ work in real time. .nearpod.Story Bird – https://storybird. The greatest advantages to it are: it enables students interact with you during the presentation. offers the opportunity to read a number of books written and illustrated by anonymous artists. Show me – www. You can add captions to old movies clips and share the clips with your friends. and illustrators. as shown during our You can download this interactive board to your tablet and prepare your classes using your This amazing community for readers. This resource is particularly useful when you want to prepare a flipped classroom in which students have to study the contents before practicing in the classroom. You use it to upload videos. you can share presentations with other members. drawings.

google. Have students find themselves around their own town or a new Build fake facebook. Play treasure hunt with your students and surprise them! Class craft – http://www.classtools. narrate essays without touching the keyboard.state. Twine – You can use the magic of speech recognition to write Classroom tools and activity generator for – http://simitator. twitter accounts.Dictation system on Google – https://dictation. .org QR generator. Geocaching – https://www. Have a virtual tour of a specific museum with your BR&gl=br Student interacts using real time Generate iphone texts. Iphonetextgenerator – – Discover collections and exhibitions all around the world. Google cultural Institute – Game based for students to learn by failing. Simitator. iphone texts and have fun with yuor students using the language for description and creating dialogs. Trace effects – http://traceeffects.classcraft. Classtools. motivate and engage their students by transforming their classroom into a role-playing game. Tools for telling interactive nonlinear stories. Google street and map – – Classcraft helps teachers A great tool for treasure hunts.

powtoon. Insert mouth movements to Great activity generator for teachers. Hot potatoes software – Game based platform for learning. Todaysmeet – https://todaysmeet. Popcorn maker – Split your vídeos to insert Photos that talk. Powtoon – http://www. Kahoot – Free audio and podcast generator.Blabberize – http://blabberize.zaption. Sketchnoting – Enhance classroom discussions over digital Interactive video platform. . Audacity – http://audacityteam. Hapyak – Learning with ví Zaption – https://www.html sketching noting for Create animated vídeos and presentations.uvic.