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Advanced Substation Gateway

• Direct support for industry standard communication protocols • Cost effective deployment of new and retrofit substation
(including IEC® 61850) helps ensure connectivity with new and automation projects with the compatible, proven technology of
legacy substation devices and master stations the Multilin D20 Input/Output peripheral modules
• Reduce configuration and maintenance effort using the intuitive • Improve operation processes allowing personnel to securely
configuration interface with drop down menus, easy-to-use access substation devices remotely
workflows, pre-configured device maps, built-in HMI and built-in • Simplify event analysis and system planning with fast access to
substation automation applications non-operational data, such as fault records, sequence of events,
• Integrate the Multilin D400 Substation Gateway into NERC® CIP settings files, which is automatically collected and distributed by
compliant systems using the built-in advanced security features the Multilin D400 for use by different groups within the utility

• Advanced gateway: substation data collection, concentration, • Cost effective deployment of new and retrofit substation
visualization and trending automation projects through compatibility of Multilin D400
• Advanced automation: implement custom substation logic and Substation Gateways and Multilin D20 Input/Output peripheral
procedures using IEC 61131 compliant tools modules enabling users who have standardized on the D20
• Automate non-operational data management collecting files to maintain and leverage existing designs, processes and
from IEDs and distributing to user defined locations for archiving infrastructure
and use by different user groups within the utility • Securely access substation devices locally and remotely

Advanced Automation Connectivity
• Built-in alarm annunciator • Multiple simultaneous SCADA protocols and firmware including
• Built-in one line diagrams editor DNP3, Modbus, IEC 101 Server, IEC 103 Client, Calculator, and
• IEC 61131 soft logic using Logiclinx™ System Point Manager

• Analog/digital data logging with web-based viewer and .CSV file • Event notification via email/pager
export • Automatic record retrieval application for archiving and transfer
of IED files (SOE, Fault Records)
• Support for up to 16 RS232/RS485 serial ports and up to 64
• Centralized user authentication (RADIUS®, TACACS+®)
virtual serial ports
• Role Based Access Control (RBAC)
• Support for VLAN communications
• Full auditing including syslog
• Secure access using SSH/SCP/HTTPS
• Dual hot swappable power supplies
• Secure web server (128 bit encryption)
• RS485 2kV RMS rated ports
• Built-in firewall
• Built-in Ethernet switch (10/100Base T or 100Base FX)
• Dual Ethernet controllers option

• Optional Multilin D.20™ RIO Distributed I/O Controller external
interface module for communication with D20 I/O modules
imagination at work

hardened. It supports serial and/or LAN connections to SCADA masters. Gateway features include: • Data collection.Overview Multilin D400 Applications GE’s Multilin D400™ is a secure. The SCADA systems providing centralized management Multilin D400 summarizes data from the of substation switches and breakers. and intelligent devices. Secure remote access • Control Lockout the archived data for trending and features include: analysis. and The collected substation device data is fault report data from serial or LAN pre-processed and moved up to EMS and DMS based intelligent substation devices. Control. procedures. monitoring. event and through advanced visualization and • Accumulator Freeze oscillography* files. concentration and Advanced Advanced Fault Secure visualization Gateway Automation Recording Remote Access • IEC 61850 Gateway • Device Redundancy • Built in Media Conversion Advanced Automation The Multilin D400 provides the computing platform Device data collected from necessary to automate substation Protection. pre-processes the data and moves it up to EMS and DMS SCADA Applications: systems providing centralized substation management. users can extract valuable e n g i n e e r s t o s e c u re l y a c c e s s non-operational data such as digital substation devices. locally or . control. advanced substation gateway that Enterprise Systems collects metering. Fault Recording/Data Secure Remote Access Automation features include: Logging The Multilin D400 allows • HMI. RTU. and perform basic math functions on data points using the built-in calculator tool. TCP/IP network connections are Substation supported over the built-in Ethernet and the modem interface. The user can also communication tools. D400 Advanced Gateway The Multilin D400 collects data from substation protection. are carried out safely and efficiently by creating custom automation programs using IEC 61131 compliant tools. status. One Line Viewer and Annunciator Using pass-through maintenance and relay • Mathematical Control Logic connections. RTU. Monitoring. event . increasing • Analog Value Selection access the historical log files and upload productivity. substation devices and makes it available locally /remotely through a standard secure web browser (HTTPS). • Programmable Logic using LogicLinx fault recording (DFR) records. Fault recording features include: • Double Point Association • Access to Operational and • Data Logger Non-operational Data • Input Point Suppression • Trend Viewer • Pass-through/Terminal Server • Redundant I/O • Data Base Exporter • Role Based Access Control • Alarm Management • Virtual Serial Ports 2 GEDigitalEnergy. such that intricate processes and other intelligent equipment.

and Plastic comes with a built-in suite of protocols Dynamic Data Sets. 10Base-FL . 10/100 Base SX) • 2 Front USB Ports Local HMI/ • Keyboard /Video /Mouse Single Line Device Protocols: Substation Devices • DNP3 Serial. and 100Base-FX . RS-485. Buffered Control Fiber. 3 . • Modbus™ serial & TCP/IP (client & server) are automatically synchronized between Advanced Substation Gateway Connectivity Enterprise Protocols: Enterprise Systems • DNP3 Serial. reducing total cost of • IEC 61850 (client) accumulators. DNP3 TCP/UDP • IEC61850 Client • Modbus Serial (RTU). and Enhanced Security Controls. Serial communication links are automatically switched between Gateway • IEC60870-5-101/104 (server) the units based on system health. when operating as a SCADA host. Hot communication with various substation swappable communications modules devices and SCADA hosts. Advanced • IEC60870-5-101/103/104 (client) the two systems. • SELFast Meter/SEL ASCII Data Collection. and configurations deployment. DNP3 TCP/UDP • Modbus Serial (RTU). Glass Fiber. Concentration and The D400 100Base-FX redundant Ethernet • Hydran™ Host* Visualization card enables automatic switchover • GE modem between two sets of Ethernet switches The Multilin D400 advanced substation • Generic ASCII protocols ensuring there is no single point of failure gateway. Plastic/Glass Fiber) • Support for 2 Ethernet Cards (10/100 Bse-T. 100 Base-FX. and security applications to facilitate Blocks. and sorts data from a wide IEC 61850 Gateway range of intelligent devices (RTUs. RS485. and Ethernet: 10/100Base-T. relays. SOE logs. The D400 also includes valuable features such as RS-232. Data can be presented IEC 61850 data concentrator. meters) in the substation and preserves The IEC 16850 Client application allows Built-in Media Conversion original data time stamp for accurate the Multilin D400 to act as a powerful The Multilin D400 supports various sequence of event. The D400 communication media types—Serial: to multiple SCADA hosts. in the system. Modbus TCP • Hydran Client • Generic ASCII Client • SEL Binar/Fast Meter/Interleaving • IEC60870-5-101 • IEC60870-5-103 • IEC60870-5-104 Bay Protection Intelligent Ethernet • SNMP Client Controllers Relays Devices/Meters Switches GEDigitalEnergy. including: Device Redundancy eliminate the need for dongle type media Dual Multilin D400 units can be deployed converters used to convert to glass • DNP3 serial and TCP/IP (client & server) creating a redundant system where or plastic fiber. collects. Modbus TCP SCADA EMS DMS Data Historian • IEC60870-5-101 • IEC60870-5-104 D400 Media Connectivity: Multilin D400 • 16 Serial Ports (RS232.

Ladder Diagram and to prevent spurious OFFLINE alarms and Automation Function Block Diagram. analog and digital input points by ignoring their Programmable Logic (LogicLinx) actual data and quality changes within selected For more advanced applications. automation results. or timer based operations on data points stored in the Suppress reporting of Multilin D400. centralized. including Sequential 4 GEDigitalEnergy. users can create double point indication. and can group of alarms. This allows multiplication. or none at all. maintenance. rugged computing platform in logical operations are supported. as well as other boolean functions. dynamic one line diagrams. • Sequence Switching • Interlocking Analog Value Selection Alarm Management • Auto-sectionalizing Define a group of prioritized analog input The D400 Alarm groups are user-definable. Bank Control than 1 group. input points while they users can define logical expressions using are unavailable during mathematical functions such . users can create custom Define groups of accumulator points point that is used to report the value and automation programs for a variety of whose values are frozen periodically or on quality when the associated primary point applications such as: demand. that is accessible using a graphical languages defined in the IEC Suppressed quality flag standard Internet browser or through a VGA monitor and USB 61131-3 standard for PLC programming keyboard/mouse attached directly to the unit. Double Point Associates two digital Mathematical Control Logic input points to form a Using the calculator tool. is invalid or questionable. Instruction List . Alarms may belong to more • Cap. “Critical” and • Reactor Switching Control Lockout “Default” groups are built-in. one remote and one local communications status screens and group. LogicLinx offers textual and value and the Point Web based HMI/Annunciator feature. addition. advanced solutions that group. In addition. Users have access to all data output can be included in points in the systems. is useful during maintenance operations Structured Text . valid input with up to 256 groups allowed. Users can create is accessible using a standard Internet up to 8 remote control browser or through a VGA monitor and groups and up to 256 local USB keyboard/mouse attached directly control groups. Each being reported to a single analog input group has its own descriptive and display • Load Tap Changer Control point. that safer local maintenance. SCADA points • Alarm Grouping for the alarm groups remain on-line if The Control Lockout feature ensures that component alarm points go offline. Using a graphical interface. • Auto-reclosing points with the highest priority. While programmable logic (LogicLinx) software points are suppressed. Input Point The calculator tool can perform Suppression mathematical. This environments. applications. alarm screens. logical. Any digital to the unit. a provides PLC functionality on the D400 predefined suppression platform. all through the secure web interface. are provided instead. a false readings while devices are powered The Multilin D400 acts as the wide range of arithmetic. manage Also known as 4-state and control points to produce the required points. parameters. SCADA only a single master station can access HMI. advanced automation systems. boolean and off or disconnected. based HMI/Annunciator feature. Individual alarms must The Multilin D400 supports a web lock out groups of controls to allow for be acknowledged via the D400 GUI. logarithm. One Line & Annunciator points are provided to acknowledge a a group of controls at one time. Using the Redundant I/O calculator tool and/or GE’s programmable Accumulator Freeze Specify a secondary data point for any logic (LogicLinx). less users to disable groups of than. Advanced Functions Chart . greater than.

alternately a real time streaming view can be displayed. GE’s D25 Controllers. Trend Viewer All data recorded by the Analog/Digital Data Logger can be viewed by the Digital event recorder using the built in web- based Trend Viewer. Periodic. Using IEEE file naming standards. recorder points from the Multilin D400 to your local PC. and IEC 61850 server devices. Users can select the range of data to be used by time and date. IEC 61850 MMS ARRM uses the Distributed Network Protocol (DNP) and the IEC 61850 protocol to communicate with a variety of devices. You can also retrieve downloaded records from the D400 using any FTP/SCP/SFTP client as needed or on a scheduled basis. A variety of recording methodologies are supported including. Continuous (all changes). Data Logger The Analog Data Logger provides a variety of means to monitor and record analog input point value changes into data files that can be retrieved by the user. these event files are renamed and can be stored locally or securely sent to corporate servers using Rsync (SSH). GEDigitalEnergy. and uses the Trivial File Transfer Protocol (TFTP) or MMS to transmit the files from the IED to the device over a Local Area Network (LAN) or serial connection. Automatic Record Retrieval FTP/SCP/SFTP The Automated Record Retrieval Manager (ARRM) retrieves and stores record files TFTP or from devices connected to the D400. Database Exporter Multilin D400 Fault Recording The Database Exporter tool allows users to The D400 fault recording capability allows system event information to be collected and viewed using a save Analog Data Logger and Digital event web-based trend viewer. Out of Range and Triggered by a digital input point. Fault Recording / Data Logging The Multilin D400 can automatically retrieve event and oscillography* files from devices such as Multilin UR Protective Relays. Time Weighted. in comma-separated values (CSV) 5 . Up to 8 data points (pens) can be displayed on a single view and support for curve fitting is available. using the WEB interface.

operational data such as digital fault Role Based Access recording (DFR) records and event files. providing seamless bays when a serial-only integration with existing IT department device is located in the policies. ensuring only authenticated and authorized users gain firewall for enhanced gateway cyber Pass-through/Terminal Server security. Supported secure data & device access: Network Protocols include: • SCADA data concentrator • HTTPS • Syslog • RADIUS Protection • Device configuration tools • SSH • SFTP • TACACS+ Relays • Remote device access • SCP • CHAP • Engineering tools Intelligent Devices 6 GEDigitalEnergy. the local event records can external interfaces. Multilin D400 is equipped with a built-in D400’s internal database. When using TACACS+ A built-in terminal server emulator allows or RADIUS. • SSH • SFTP • TACACS+ on internal interfaces for all configured • SCP • CHAP services. Secure Remote Virtual Serial Ports Access Virtual serial ports eliminate copper wire Multilin D400 provides robust communications to feeder security environment. The D400 automatically be uploaded from the substation devices • HTTPS • Syslog • RADIUS generates rules allowing inbound traffic and viewed remotely. D400’s firewall is designed to drop access the system. allowing all Multilin D400 serial client applications Non-operational Data to connect directly to the Using pass-through connections. unsolicited or invalid routed packages. RADIUS or the trending and analysis. Secure bay. Role based Access Control. Secure Remote Access Engineering Systems Secure Communications Multilin D400 Device Connections Multilin D400 Advanced Substation Meeting industry standards ensures Bay Gateway provides substation compatibility with communications Controllers hardened processing platform for and IT equipment . Use device software to obtain non-operational data such as utility user can extract valuable non. is as simple as updating the The firewall is preconfigured to block to substation device (relay. meter. RTU centralized user database. outbound traffic on external interfaces or other device). achieve NERC-CIP compliance. Control The user can also access the historical Role Based Access Control log files and upload the archived data for Built-in Firewall is achieved using TACACS+. and server can be placed in extensive user activity logging provide the bay and connected a complete security toolkit required to to the Ethernet network. trending and event records through the D400’s secure remote access functionality. Secure File Transfer. The rules are user configurable for inbound/outbound traffic customization. pass-through connections to be initiated system wide. A small terminal Web Interface. the serial device. Once the connection is and inbound traffic on both internal and Network security protocols: established. revoking user .

drag and drop from a substation device when initializing simple and 7 . based on logical nodes. reducing overall network traffic and system loading for increased system efficiency. then applied for separate device. all devices requiring the modifications. Point maps can be customized to manually configuring data sets in each meet your specific needs. CID. The D400 IEC 61850 loader application guides users through a structured 4-step workflow to configure the IEC 61850 client application. SCD) or directly from the intelligent substation device using the IEC 61850 self-description. reducing system configuration time.Configuration Software IEC 61850 Substation Device Loader A key benefit to using IEC 61850 based communications is the reduction in deployment costs for modern substation automation systems. adding devices alarm and alarm groups is simplified using This allows users to configure the data sets to the system only takes a few mouse a tree view point selection tool. Browser-based configuration: connecting and configuring substation devices is simple using pre defined drop down lists of device point maps. can be retrieved from the IEC 61850 Substation Configuration file (SCL files such as ICD. reducing mapping errors. Using the IEC 61850 Dynamic Data Sets Device Configuration allows the configuration software to Configuring the Multilin D400 to Creating One-Line diagrams is quick and define the exact data to be retrieved communicate with substation devices is easy using the built-in. to be placed in the D400 database for upstream communications. GEDigitalEnergy. Available device data. The IEC 61850 device loader allows users to pick the specific logical nodes or data sets to be used for automation tasks or The IEC 61850 client is configured using the D400 Device loader application. pre-configured map files. Thanks to One-Line designer application. Configuring communications with that specific device. through a single application rather than clicks.

high The D400 has extensive support for information through its built-in IRIG-B . IRIG-B (un-modulated/ Two Ethernet networks are supported with separate multiport switches.6 GHz processor. Back Panel Serial Communication Slots IRIG-B Distribution Slot Network Slots External Power Source Plastic/Glass Fiber. RS485 10/100 Base-T Dual SCADA alarmed. Redundant Power Supplies The Multilin D400 has dual redundant . fan-less platform that is powered by a will accept time sync signals from SNTP/ and/or through the RS232 ports directly. while power supply 2 is connected to the battery system. Isolated serial port media is selected for each pair of ports. hot-swappable dispatched to replace the failed supply. hot swappable power supplies. SCADA protocols. Each power supply can be connected to a different source. ensuring continuous uptime. The D400 can also distribute this time sync The D400 is built on a flexible. This allows an alarm to be transmitted to the EMS /OMS or DMS system. without service disruption. An IRIG-B format time protocol input/distribution module is also supported. NTP Servers. Hardware Overview Time Sync Support modulated). and SCADA protocols. RS232. where a field personnel can be Redundant. all power supplies. 100 Base-FX hot-swappable power supplies 10/100 Base SX Modem 1) 18-75 VDC Interface 2) 110-370 VDC/90-264AC IRIG-B Input Slot USB KVM Slot Power Supply and Slot 10 Slot 11 Slot 12 Slot 13 Slot 1 Slot 2 Slot 3 Slot 4 Slot 5 Slot 6 Slot 7 Slot 8 Slot 9 System Fail Alarms 8 GEDigitalEnergy. 1. As an example power supply 1 can be connected to Mains. Power Supply Health Monitoring raises a SCADA point alarm when either power supply fails. expandable diskless and various time sync methodologies and distribution interface.

Front Panel Power Supply Redundant Power Supply D400 Main Module Serial Port Status & LED Indicators Power & Ready IRIG-B NET ACT/LINK Serial Communication port for local maintenance Ethernet port for local network connection Two USB type A ports for portable memory device plug-in 9 .

12 mm) in height in the frequency range 0 Hz to 150 Hz 12. input power port immunity test Environmental IEC 60255-11 Operating Temperature: -20° to +65°C operating range Humidity: 5-95% relative humidity. Vibration tests System Requirements: IBM® PC or compatible computer. 300 to 115.59 mm) IEC 61000-4-16 Immunity to conducted. IEEE C37. on D.90.10%). SQL database control and laboratory use .5 mm audio jack for substation alarms Safety Publications Power Supply IEC 61010-1 Harmonized safety standard Input Options: 20–55 VDC (+/. CPU time sync for internal database time stamping IEC 61000-4-5 Surge immunity test Distribution Module Can drive IRIG-B TTL signal for 16 Intelligent Devices IEC 61000-4-6 Immunity to conducted disturbances. common mode disturbances 2U (3. VT100 emulator IEC 60255-21-1 (sinusoidal) IEC 60068-2-27 Environmental testing shock Configuration Software IEC 60068-2-29 Environmental testing bump OCM-Offline Configuration Manager LogicLinx* Editor (if using LogicLinx)** IEC 60068-2-30 Environmental damp heat cyclic (12+12 hour cycle) Web Browser-Based Online Configuration IEC 60068-2-31 Environmental testing drop and topple IEC 60255-21-2 Shock and bump tests Communication Standards IEC 61850-3 Substation comm.24“ (310. Technical Specifications Processor.0 GB of DDR2 SDRAM 2006/95/EC LVD Directive Industrial Grade Compact Flash Module (dual . for equipment with input current <16A per Serial Data rate. voltage 100BASE-FX redundant (fiber optic 1300nm duplex fluctuations and flicker in public low-voltage supply fiber cable-ST connectors) systems.000 SOE reports archived in an embedded EN61326 Electrical equipment for Measurement.1. radio-frequency electromagnetic field • 2 Wire/4 wire support IEC 60255-22-3.10%). 2 slotted for easy IEC 61000-4-17 Ripple on D.electromagnetic disturbance characteristics Communications IEC® 60255-25 Electromagnetic emission tests for measuring relays Ethernet – two 10/100BaseT – 4 port integrated switch and protection equipment Ethernet LAN (isolated RJ-45 connector) supported (fiber 10Base-FL – redundant (fiber optic: 62. expandable to dual 16 GB) EN55011 (CISPR 11) EMC Directive RTDB 10.90. non-condensing Environmental Standards Ingress Protection: IP30 IEC 60068-2-1 Environmental testing cold Maintenance Software IEC 600068-2-2 Environmental testing dry heat OCM-Offline Configuration Manager** IEC 60068-2-6. (with optional IRIG-B Input card present) IEEE® C37.1. short interruptions and voltage variations (+ HVDC only).0 GB. (Damped oscillatory and ringwave) KVM Module Three USB ports for connecting keyboard and mouse IEEE C37.2 Kbps phase & not subject to conditional connection Communications RS-232 Immunity Standards (16 channels of RS. 127VA AC Supply protection equipment requirements and tests Power Supply Standards Physical IEC 61000-4-11 AC power supply interruptions Dimensions 19 Inch rack mount (482.95 mm) in depth Mounting: 4 mounting holes. standard IEEE 802.6 GHz Embedded CPU with 33 MHz PCI bus CE Mark 1. D-Sub 15 socket for connecting an industrial Ontario Hydro SVGA display A-28M-82 3. 100-240 Vac/100-300 Vdc (+/.2* • Glass or plastic serial fiber port on ST connectors *(10V/m) IRIG-B IEC 61000-4-4.5/125 μm IEC 61000-3-2 EMC-limits for harmonic current emissions (equipment and/or twisted pair) duplex fiber cable-ST connectors) input current <16A per phase) Wireless IP radio ready (via PPP serial port) IEC 61000-3-3 EMC limits-limitations in voltage changes. fiber optic (un-modulated).1 BNC (1 kHz modulated). Input Module TTL (un-modulated). immunity test • Galvanic isolation between channels IEEE C37. Electrostatic discharge (ESD) immunity test • Can drive IRIG-B signal to RS-232 ports IEC 60255-22-2.3 RS-485 IEC 61000-4-3.3 CSMA/CD access method and physical layer specifications 10 GEDigitalEnergy.C. power supply installation IEC 61000-4-29+ Voltage dips. • Configurable for DCE/DTE operation 232/485/fiber optic) • Galvanic isolation between channels IEC 61000-4-2.C.90. Radiated. Environmental testing vibration. induced by radio-frequency fields Signal Propagation Propagated to all 16 RS-232 ports for devices such as SEL® relays IEC 60255-22-6 Electrical fast transient/burst immunity test Propagated to the distribution module IEC 61000-4-8 Immunity to power frequency magnetic fields IEC 61000-4-12 Oscillatory waves immunity test KVM IEC 60255-22-1.47” / . IEC 60255-5 Insulation coordination for measuring relays and 135 Watts DC Supply.EMC requirements 16 MB NVRAM standard for persistent event storage Emissions Standards guaranteeing no loss of events EN55011 (CISPR 11) ISM RF Equipment . and Storage Standards and Protection 1. Memory.90. Electrical fast transient/burst immunity test IEC 60255-22-4.

* * * * .4 D400 Image Firmware A Firmware Version 2. DUAL REDUNDANT ETHERNET P 1. 16GB CF Power Supply A 100-240 VAC (47-63 Hz). 1.6 GHz CPU. * * * * * * Description CPU M 1. SINGLE ETHERNET.75 J Firmware Version 3.Ordering D400 * * * * . 16GB CF Q 1.6 GHz CPU.20 + Service Pack 2 Automatic Record Retrieval Manager License U Not Required A Automated Record Retrieval Manager License Ordering Note: For the latest ordering information visit our online store at VisitGEDigitalEnergy.0GB DDR RAM. 1.0GB DDR RAM.0GB DDR RAM. Audio U NONE A USB KVM & Audio Card D400 Local HMI U NONE (one-line viewer A Local HMI (Basic) D400 IEC 61850 U NONE A IEC®61850 Client Application D400 LOGICLINX U NONE Executor License A D400 LogicLinx™ Executor License D400 Setup Software U NONE A SGConfig v7. 100-300 VDC (± 10%) B 20-55 VDC (± 10%) Serial NONE U U U U U U U U Communications 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 D400 RS-232 IO Assy 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 D400 RS-485 IO Assy 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 D400 Glass Fiber Optic IO Assy 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 D400 Plastic Fiber Optic IO Assy IRIG-B Input Card A IRIG-B INPUT CARD U NONE IRIG-B Distribution Card B IRIG-B Distribution Card U NONE First Network Slot 1 ETHERNET 4 PORT 10/100 MB TP SWITCH 2 ETHERNET FIBER OPTIC (HOT STANDBY) 2 PORT 10BaseFL/100Base-SX 5 D400 100BASE-FX HOT STANDBY ETHERNET 4 ETHERNET REDUNDANT 10/100 MB TP Second Network NONE U Slot 1 ETHERNET 4 PORT 10/100 MB TP SWITCH 2 ETHERNET FIBER OPTIC (HOT STANDBY) 2 PORT 10/100 BASE-SX 5 D400 100BASE-FX HOT STANDBY ETHERNET 3 COM2 PORT (REQUIRES EXTERNAL MODEM) USB KVM. DUAL REDUNDANT ETHERNET.6 GHz to: • View Specification Sheet • Download the instruction manual • Review applications notes and support documents • Obtain ordering information GEDigitalEnergy. * * * * .com 11 . * * * * . SINGLE ETHERNET N 1.0GB DDR RAM. 1. 1.6 GHz CPU. 100-300 VDC (± 10%) B 20-55 VDC (± 10%) Power Supply U NONE (Redundant) A 100-240 VAC (47-63 Hz).

20. China Tel: 905-927-7070 email: gemultilin. Toll Free (NA Only): 1-800-547-8629 Fax: +34 94 485 88 45 Shanghai 201203. ON Zamudio (Vizcaya). Spain Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park. imagination at work © Copyright 2012. D400. Canada L6C 0M1 Tel: +34 94 485 88 00 Pudong District. IEC® is a registered trademark by Commission Electrotechnique RADIUS® Microsoft Active Directory is a registered trademark of the Microsoft Corporation TACAS+® is a registered trademark of Cisco Systems. NERC® is as a registered trademark of North American Electric Reliability Council. the GE monogram. g GE Digital Energy reserves the right to make changes to specifications of products described at any time without notice and without obligation to notify any person of such changes. Avenida Pinoa 10-48170 No. GEA-12806A(E) English 140929 . General Electric Company. D. Modbus™ is a trademark of SCHNEIDER AUTOMATION INC SEL® is as a registered trademark by Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories. Tel: +8621 3877 3808 Fax: 905-927-5098 Fax: +8621 3877 7459 email: gemultilin@ge. All Rights Reserved.GE Digital Energy North America / Worldwide Europe / Middle East / Africa Asia 650 Markland GEDigitalEnergy. Multilin. GE. LogicLinx and Hydran are trademarks of the General Electric Company. 1 Hua Tuo Road Markham. Inc. IBM is a registered trademark of IBM Corporation.euro@ge.