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argue annoyed  serious
be concerned anxious sorry
boast certain upset ABOUT
decide excited wrong
protest pleased right

insure AGAINST

glance angry annoyed
guess bad good
baffled bored detained AT
distressed plagued shocked
hint surprised marvel

account early eligible
allow famous grateful
apologize late pay FOR
blame ready resposible
care sorry cater
count  earmark charge
liable (legally responsible)

bar absent derived
benefit safe different
derive missing stem
deter refrain suffer FROM
differ resign translate
distinguish result exempt
distract expel

absorbed deficient experience
confide implicated interested
be engrossed involve specialize IN
implincate result succeed

accuse afraid ashamed
convict aware capable
remind conscious fond OF
suspect full be good of
jealous indicative irrespective
take notice

base  keen influence
blame an authority restriction
centre ban tax ON
concentrate comment depend

decide effect elaborate insist pride oneself impose answer addicted refer an attitude an alternative access an exception a solution a threat appeal (beg) apt resign It appeals to me (I like the idea) attentive resort apply confined see TO attend grateful subject attribute kind succeed commit immune married confess impervious prone be used to doing sthing indiferrent prefer liable (likely to suffer from) react devote a witness acquaint angry deal associate annoyed discuss charge bored face clutter commensurate ingatiate coincide connected meet WITH collide good at dealing pack comply happy plead concern incompatible provide confront obsessed tamper contrast be in dispute encounter link quarrel cram  have a relationship confuse trust be in a relationship preocupied pleased be in authority  have control be in dispute OVER EXPRESSIONS BEGINNING WITH PREPOSITIONS After all for fear of for life at any rate not for long at fault for the foreseeable future at first sight for the time being at the first/second attempt for ever at the end at large on average on approval beyond belief on a regular basis beyond a joke on behalf of beyond the shadow of a doubt on the contrary on good terms by coincidence on loan by mistake on the market by the time on merits by rights on offer by surprise on purpose on the verge of .

 week…) in turn within reach within reason without delay without a chance without exception without a word . in advance out of breath in the balance out of control in all likelihood out of danger in all probability out of doors in answer to out of focus in any case out of luck in charge of out of the ordinary in the charge of out of pocket (salir perdiendo) in collaboration with out of practice in comparison with out of all proportion in comfort out of reach in decline out of stock in demand out of work in dispute in distress under age in the early ages under the circunstances in earnest under control in the end under cover of be in favour of something be under the impression that be in favour with someone under the influence of in fear with under (a law) in condition under an obligation in harmony under pressure in high spirits under repair in jeopardy under stress in one way or another under suspicion in practice in recognition of with the exception of in response of with intend to in short with regard to in theory with a view to in time in trouble within a day (month.