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You'veGot a Friend
W o r d sa n d M u s i cb y C a r o l eK i n g

Warmly) =84
Ab Db/Ab

ar e' T
rp- __--+

t f f i

ci F.;il

and trou bled and y-ou
bove- you grows

Frn/Ab CTsus/G

some and
and and that old-

O 1 9 7 1C O L G E M S - E MMI U S I CI N C .
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(Play L.108 go be . in octaves2nd time) . will be there my name out loud.gins GmTlC your eyes_ and think of me your head .H.e r Fm/Ab CTIG I. t o .g e t h .

109 bright . en your dark est soon hear me at your Play Fíll I (2nd time) 11D / SUS .

- yeah.110 Sing Fill2 (2nd time) D6IEb Fill2lVocal) run-nin'. to seeyou a .gain.yeah.)- .

Play Fill 3 (2nd time) DbmajT AbTtBb all you have IS and I'II be- Abmaj9 . 111 Ab Abmaj9 (Background harmony2ndtimeonly) Win ter.

and de .sert- . \ 112 sÁy - -\-#/ ain't it good to know. that you've .ple can be - Abmajg you. got a friend when peo. yes.

l f f i run . if you let them oh._'.ev I'll _ fir . yeah.nin'. let . gain. - . t' take your soul . yeah. -. them Eb7 Ab You just call my _ name. and you know wher .

- Abmajg DbmajT AbTtEb Abl you have tï there. Ain't it good .* yes will.. yes Db/Ab You've got a friend. sum-mer or fall. You've got (oh.

Yeah. ba by. Ain't it good to know.. 115 DbIAb Db/Ab to know you've got a friend?. oh. a-you ve got a friend. ain't it good to know. a-you've got a friend.--l A ain't it good to know you've got a friend? . you've got 4> . yeah- Db/Ab Ab D6IAb now. Ab DbIAb Ab - ----_-- \.- Ab Db/Ab Ab Oh.

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