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Weekly Overview Year 3 Date:

9th of February 2017

Please find below a brief overview of lessons covered in class this week.
Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesd Thursda
ay y
Unit 4 Unit 4 Unit 4 Unit 4 Unit 4
English character and dialogue The Dewey Locate books Using a dictionary Defining
Parts of Book Decimal by to find word Biography and
classification classification. meanings Autobiography
system. Book Writing short
reviews notes to
friends about
Subtracting Subtracting Subtracting Subtracting Problem solving
Maths two digit two digit three digit three digit All 8 steps .
numbers numbers with numbers numbers with
borrowing borrowing

Understand the Group

Science 5 life experiment:
processes Viewing life
processes in
plants and
Emojis and slogans Passwords, open Cyber Bullying
Humaniti information and images