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Important Extensive Questions For XII
1. Define language translator/processor. Discuss different types of language translators/processors.
(Multan Board-2012) (LHR-2012) (Sargodha-2013)
2. Define Do-While loop. Explain its working with suitable example. (Multan Board-2012**)(Gujranwala-
2012) (Multan Board-2008)
3. Explain the following with examples: (i)overflow (ii)underflow(iii)precision and range(Multan Board-2012)
4. What is Scanf function? Explain it. (Multan Board-2013) (Bahawalpur 2012)
5. What is “if” statement. Explain its working with diagram and example. (Multan Board-2013)
6. Explain “if-else” statement. Write down the syntax of “if-else “statement. Give example. (Multan
7. Define multiple ‘if-else-if’ statement. Write its syntax and explain its working with flow chart. (Multan
8. What is For loop? Explain in detail. Also give example + Flow chart. (Bahawalpur 2012) (LHR-2012)
(Multan Board-2011**)
9. Write a note on real data types in C-language. (Faisalabad 2012)
10. Can we use if and goto statement to construct a loop structure? If yes then how? Explain with
example. (Faisalabad 2012)
11. What do you mean by standard input and output? Illustrate the use of printf() function. (Gujranwala-
2012) Write a note on printf function with examples. (Gujranwala-2013) (Multan Board-2008)
12. What is variable? Describe variable naming rules in detail. (Gujranwala-2013)
13. What necessary steps are taken to prepare a C program for execution? Explain with diagram. (LHR-
14. What is control structure? Briefly describe the basic control structures for writing programs. (LHR-
2013) (Sargodha-2013) (Multan Board-2008)
15. What is Bug? Explain different types of errors in C-language/which error is difficult to locate?
(Rawalpindi-2013) (Multan Board-2008) (Multan Board-2010)
16. What is Switch statement? Explain its working with example and also draw its flow diagram.
(Rawalpindi-2013) (Multan Board-2010)
17. Write a note on programming languages. (Multan Board-2008)Define a program and programming
language. Discuss two main categories of programming language. (Multan Board-2009) (Multan
18. What is function? Briefly explain the benefits of using functions. (Multan Board-2008)
19. What is Identifier? Describe two types of identifiers in C-language. (Multan Board-2010)
20. Define operators. Explain different types of operators in C. (Multan Board-2011)
21. Write a program in C to input starting number and ending number and to display all even numbers in
the given range using do-while loop. (Sargodha-2013)
22. Write a program that displays the product of all odd numbers from 1 to 10 using for-loop.
23. Write a program that displays first five numbers and their sum using while loop. (LHR-2013)
24. Write a program in C that accepts three numbers from the use and display the minimum number using
nested if. (LHR-2012)
25. Write a program in C that takes a number from user, calculate the square-root of the number if it is
positive and print the result. (Multan Board-2012)
26. Write a program that inputs a number and check whether it is positive, negative or zero. (Faisalabad
2012) Write a program that inputs a number and check whether it is positive, negative or zero using if-
else-if statement. (Gujranwala-2012)
27. Write a program that inputs a character from user and checks whether it is vowel or consonant?
(Multan Board-2012)(Bahawalpur 2012)
28. Write a program that takes a number from user and prints whether it is even or odd. (Multan Board-
29. Write a program that displays first five numbers with their squares. (Multan Board-2013)
30. Write a program which prints natural numbers from 1 to 100. (Gujranwala-2013)

(Gujranwala-2013) 45....... (Multan Board-2012) 38. Write a detail note on creating form using wizard in MS-Acess..(Gujranwala-2012) 37.... Write a program that produces the following shape by using nested for loop.Best of Luck.... (Multan Board-2010) 4 4 4 4 3 3 3 2 2 1 34........ Write a program that inputs a year and finds whether it is a leap year or not using if-else structure where (leap year = year/4) (Multan Board-2011) 32.... Software Engineering from PUCIT........... Define Data Base Model. What is normalization? What are the conditions for a relation to be in second normal form? Explain it with an example.... Write a program that displays the following using do-while loop.... (Multan Board-2013) 42..................... uses and advantages? (Multan Board-2012) (Faisalabad 2012) (LHR- 2013) (Multan Board-2008) (Multan Board-2010) 41. II Math... (Multan Board-2012) (Bahawalpur 2012) (Gujranwala-2012) (Gujranwala-2013)(Rawalpindi-2013) (Sargodha-2013) (Multan Board-2010) (Multan Board-2011) 39.... (Faisalabad 2012)(LHR-2013) 36.. (Multan Board-2011) 43. Write a program that displays the following shape using Nested For-Loop............ What is form? Describe different layouts of forms............ What is Data modelling? What are the ingredients of data modeling? (Multan Board-2008) (Multan Board-2009) 47. M-Phil (*CS) from Global University) For Quality Education Contact: (0321-4145712) ................... Define data processing? What activities are involved in data processing? Discuss in detail... (Multan Board-2009) * ** *** **** ***** 35. (Rawalpindi-2013)(Sargodha-2013) 46.... Discuss different types of Data Base Models. Write down different types of keys used in Data Base.. Briefly describe the advantages of DBMS. (Multan Board-2012+13) 40..... Discuss different types of relationships with example.... Physics from Punjab University.31...... (Multan Board-2008) (Multan Board-2009) 48.. (Bahawalpur 2012)(LHR-2012) (Multan Board- 2010**)(Multan Board-2011) 44.. Also differentiate between forma and reports.. Explain different data types available in MS-Access......... Write down the properties of relation in detail. What is Query? Discuss its types. How new data base is created? Explain the procedure of creating table using wizard? (LHR-2012) Briefly define data base design process... BS Ed from Punjab University. Prepared by : Yasir Fraz Chishti (SSE Computer Science) (BSc. (Multan Board-2008) (Multan Board-2011) . (Multan Board-2010) * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 33...... Briefly describe basic data distribution strategies..