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OBJECTIVE: To provide you with the opportunity to discuss and observe

management skills, issues and problems with a practicing manager.

One of the best ways to learn is to watch and talk to people who are
actually performing the tasks or skill you wish to master. This is especially true if
they are proficient and can explain their techniques. For example, weekend
tennis players often find it very helpful to watch and listen to tips forms the pros.
They many not be able to hit a better backhand the first out, but, with practice,
their game usually improve.

As you have already discovered from reading the text, management, like
tennis, is composed of skills and activities. Since management is such a
pervasive activity, you are probably acquainted with a pro in business they
are called executive or managers. To help you learn about management and get
some firsthand experience, gain access to a professional manager and set up an
interview with his person. It may be a relative, friend or former superior or
simply a manager with a business or industry in which you are interested.

Try to spend at least one hour with this person and cover the items and
questions listed below. If possible, also inquire whether you can observe the
manager performing routine management task, such as conducting a meeting or
taking with employees. This may give you an additional perspective on the
nature of management work.

One of the first things you will learn as you set up and conduct the
interview is how busy most managers are and how valuable their time is. Take
advantage of this opportunity and be prepared for your interview. When you set
up the interview and before you begin, explain the purpose of the interview: to
give you the chance to talk to and observe a practicing manger so that you have
a better foundation to study management. Most managers will be very
cooperative and informative.

After the interview, prepare the Management Interview Report

summarizing the answer and provide pictures during the interview. Submit the
report on a Short Plastic Business Folder with the fastener is located at the side
of the folder. Once again, this exercise should help you to understand better the
skills and functions of a manager and give you a chance to see how a manager
approaches the job.

NAME OF ORGANIZATION: Chowking (Robinson Dasmarias branch)

MANAGERS NAME: Ms. Michelle H. Bausa

Organization Issues

1. What are major products or services of your organization?

Our organization is known worldwide because of our services we give
to our costumer, we create foods that suit everybodys want.
2. To whom is these product sold or services delivered?
To any costumer, who wants and can afford our products.
3. How is your organization structured? Do you have an organization chart?
Our organization, or let we say our business, if related to every crew
and everyone who are working, I can conclude that it is structured based
on everybodys capacity to serve and the ability to give even a bit of
contribution for this business.
And if we talk about the structural place, our organization was structured
base on the best location it can have so that we can make our business
run well.

The Managers Job

1. In terms of the overall structure of the organization, where is your position

Obviously Im a one of many branch managers that this organization
2. What are your major activities and functions
Me as branch manager, I have the duty to guide every crew in this
organization so that they well function well in there designated task; I was
also appoint in this position so that there is one that can monitor the
performance of our business. If our business is just making an undesirable
performance, all the blame will be punch to me, so I will also do my task
3. Do you have specific goals that you attempt to achieve? If so, how were
these goals developed?
Yes I have, I want to be more close to my crew so that we can build
more teamwork and have a good relationship with each other, I also want
to be an inspiration to them so that they will work hard in order to achieve
something that can also improve their personality. Lastly, I want to our
business performance meet its peak of improvement. Basically, this goals
are can be developed by always working hard and being humble and
patient to my crew.
4. How many individuals are responsible to you and what are their primary
It depends on my crews schedule of working, I cant say any quantity
that can represent the number of crew that is under my responsibility.
There primary activity is to serve every customer with good vibes, attitude
and approach. They are also required to give every customers want
regarding serving to them.
5. Describe your management philosophy or approach to management. How
did you develop this approach?
I can say that our organizations philosophy is to treat everyone a
friend, and every customer a family so that this business will never be go
to nonsense scenario.

We can developed this approach through our self by having good

interaction and relationship to everyone.

Goal-setting Activities:

1. Do your subordinates have specific goals to achieve? Why or why not?

Yes they have, they want to earn money so that they can provide all
their needs, and help their family. Other of my subordinates tell me that
they want to have more friends and good values by working in our
2. If so, how are these goals developed?
I dont have any idea because that was there goal not mine, but I think
they can develop these goals through themselves. It is in their self that
can make their own way to achieve their goal.
3. If so, are your subordinates able to achieve their goals consistently? Why
or why not?
Maybe yes, maybe no. like a said it is in their self if they want to achieve
those goals or not. It is in their way to pursue their self to attain the thing
they want to have. If they dint work hard, nothing good will happen and
vice versa.

Decision Making Activities

1. How do you make important decisions? Do you have a specific process

that you attempt to follow?
I make important decision by measuring it. Measuring in a way that if it
is good or not that good for our organization. Yes I have some specific
process in decision making. Process where everyone in this business is
2. Do you usually make important decisions by yourself, seek input form
others, or let subordinates make them? Why do you use this approach to
decision making?
Like I said a while ago, in our business everyone is part of decision
making. It is us who make decision not Me. Regarding the process of making
decision, we ask for everybodys opinion and wants so that no one will fell
offended and awkward. Our organization is open to everyone if it comes in
decision making.
3. In your opinion, what makes a good decision and a good decision maker?
To have good decision, you should have a good purpose and good
reason why you need that decision. And to be a good decision maker, you
should have the mental ability and good interaction with other in order to
attain the best decision you can have.

Interpersonal Relations:

1. How do you attempt to motivate subordinates? Why do you use this

I think Im motivating them by giving them some words of
encouragement before our business run daily. Sometimes Im citing some
story to them that will gain their attention to listen well. This story, for me
is something that can make you think in some aspects of your life and
values you have. Thinking in a way that it is helpful for us. Im also
treating them as a friend so that I can easily approach them.

2. How do you communicate with your superiors? With your subordinates?

Why do use these techniques?
Im communicating by showing who really Im to everyone; it doesnt
matter if he is my superior or my subordinates. Im not that person who
you can call plastic. I show respect every time Im talking to them.
3. How important are leadership skills to the success of an organization or
work unit?
Basically, we know that organization also depend the way its leader
lead. So it is important because success cannot be gain if you have an
irresponsible leader. Having a good one can make good difference in
running an organization.

Planning Activities:

1. Do you develop plans for your work units? If so, what approach do you
take to planning?
Yes, it is one of my duty, to develop plan for the good of this
organization. As I do certain plan, I also allowing my subordinates idea so
that Im not the only one who is planning for our organizations good but
2. Do you involve subordinates in the planning process?
3. What are the time horizons of you plans?
Every available time I have.
4. Are your plans and goals specific and quantified, or more general?
I think , in making goals, you should consider those parameters.
5. What are the benefits or drawbacks of goral setting and planning?
Obviously, it is success that waits in preparing or having a goal in one
thing you want to have. But you will never gain it if you didnt pursue your
6. Do you use these plans and goals in the evaluation of your work unit or
your subordinates
Critical Performance Characteristics

1. Does your organization develop specific criteria to evaluate performance?

If so, what are these criteria?
Yes, thats why we have the what we called crew of the month. My
Also evaluate me so that Im aware of what they are thinking about me
and how do they look in my performance in this business.
2. What are the critical characteristics of your job and your situation that
influence the way you fulfill your responsibilities?
Being a manager requires a lot in order to fulfill such responsibilities.
For me, this position influence me the way I interact with others , the way
I treat them.
3. Have these characteristics changed over time? If so, how have they
changed? How have these changes influenced your approach to
Yes, because I believe that nothing is permanent. It change based on
the situation the organization is facing and implementing such decisions.
It influenced my approach by experiencing different scenario ( sometimes
challenges) that helps me improve my personality as a leader and as a
subordinate to my superiors.