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I. Objective:
At the end of the lesson the students will be able to:
a. Determine the intonation of the sentences.
b. Read it with proper intonation.
c. Construct sentences.

II. Subject Matter:
A. Title: Rising and Falling intonation
B. Reference: English Book
C. Materials: Visual Aids

III. Procedure:

Motivation: Tongue Twister

Directions: The teacher will read first the tongue twister . Then, the
students will read it in a slow to fast manner.

I saw Sussie sitting in a shoe shine shop.
Where she sits she shines, and where she shines she sits.

A. Activity:
Directions: Ask for volunteer students to read the dialogue.

Danny: Have you heard the news? Mark won the spelling quizbee
Pamela: No! I haven’t. What did he receive as a prize?
Danny: Mark got 500 dollars in cash!
Pamela: Reall! That’s wonderful!
Danny: Not only that. He will tour to boracay for a week with his
Pamela: That’s great! I will tell Mark to bring me with sand for my
Danny: As for me, Seashells will do.
Pamela: Look Danny , Mark is coming!!

B. Analysis:
1. What is the difference between rising intonation and falling
2. How would you know if it is Rising and Falling intonation?

C. Abstraction
The teacher will discuss and explain the topic:

Have you met our new Principal? 2. IV. Is very common in WH questions. Did you do your homework? 10. V. Krystal flew to Davao. How many more hours before your done with your game? 6. Application: Directions: The teacher will read the sentences to the students. Can you come with me? 10. Are you hungry? 4. cakes.When the sentence is answerable by Yes or No. 5. If the sentence has a falling intonation . Legaspi bake tarts. 1. the students will respond if it is risin or falling intonation. I love watching Heroes. Assignment: Give 5 sentences having rising intonation and 5 sentences having falling intonation. 3. 9. 6. Mrs. The music is good. cookies and breads. Falling Intonation. 1.describes how the voice fallson the final stressed syllables of the phrase or a group of words. 3. My Mother brought rice. 5. Please lend me your book. There are wonderful places in the phiippines. viand. write F. D. 7. if it has a rising intonation write R. Rising Intonation. Please come to my party? 8. Which book is the best for you? 8. .My teacher is very Patient. Girls are intersted in sports. Evaluation: Directions: Read the following Sentences. Where did you leave your bag? 4. vegetebles and fruits. 2. 9. Get my shoes. Cigarette smoking is dangerous to your health. Then. What will you wear for the party? 7.Together with his cousins.