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This story began from a small village in West Sumatera. Once upon a
time, there lived a widow and her only child named Malin Kundang. Their life
was so poor because Malin’s father had passed away before Malin was born.
Looking their unlucky life and his mother who worked hard every day,
Malin wanted to help his beloved mother and make their life better. So he
decided to leave his mother and go away from his village in a hope that one
day he would come back to the village as a rich and a honor man.
After he got permission from his mother, he went to another island by a
simple boat. His mother just could pray that her only son could become
success man.
At the foreign country, Malin worked as a labour. Although he was just a
labour, he never stopped to hope. He worked more dilligent day by day. The
boss saw Malin dilligence and interested with him. At that time, the boss was
looking for a husband to her daughter. The boss thought that Malin Kundang
meet the requirements to be his daughter husband. So he made Malin
become his Son in law. Malin was so lucky. Sooner, his life become rich and
changed 360 degree.
Two months after his married, Malin came back to his village as like as
his promised to his mother. Then he and his wife sailed to the village by a
big ship which was full of crew and waiters.
Finally, Malin’s ship arrived. His mother who become older, looked from
away and ran sooner to got her lovely son. But really sad, Malin was too
prestige to admit his mother. Malin’s mother was shocked to see her son
behaviour had been really changed. She was too disappointed and cursed
his son to be a stone. After she said that words, lightening came and the sky
became really dark. Slowly, Malin changed become a stone. He tried to beg
an apologize. But, it was too late.

From this story, we can infer that our mother is everything for us.
Without her, we won’t be born in this world, without her we are nothing. So,
let’s respect our beloved mother. Don’t hurt her because of our bad
behaviour. Let’s make our mother proud of us. Love her wholeheartedly.