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Directions: Choose and write the letter of the correct answer on your answer sheet.

1. She travelled the ________ on a camel.

A. desert B. desett C. desert D. desert
2. The children ________ a surprise party because of their parents' funny smiles.
A. suspect B. suspect C. suspect D. suspect
3. The book of Tony Torres isa best seller. How would you expressed the book of Tony Torres in
possessive form?
A. Tonys book B. Tony Torres' book C. Tony's book D. Tony
Torres's book
4. We went straight to the principal's office. The underlined word is used as an _______
A. adverb B. action word C. adjective D. noun
5. Everybody showed seriously a fight against waste and pollution. What word is being described
by the word seriously?
A. waste B. everybody C. fight D. showed
6. The children with their parents play at the park and ________ are happy.
A. they B. you C. we D. F
7. Gentlemen, please take your seat; make ______ comfortable.
A. himself B. yourself C. yourselves D. themselves
8. The teacher asked the pupils to _______ the meaning of some words in a dictionary.
A. hurry up B. hands on C. pick up D. look up
9. Mrs. Ogma instructed her pupils to _______ dried leaves on the lawn.
A. look down B. hurry up C. look up D. pick up
10. We couldn't hear the teacher's _______ voice.
A. soft B. softly C. softer D. softlier
11. The _______ waves of the sea turned the houses near the beach down.
A. rapid B. rapidly C. fastly D. faster
12. _______ dolls are kept in the storeroom.
A. first my four precious C. my first four precious
B. my four first precious D. my precious first four
13. A sack of rice is _______ carry by a ten-year old boy.
A. as small as B. too small to C. as heavy as D. too heavy
14. My compilation this year is _______ than last year.
A. good B. worst C. better D. best
15. A student who is always early had _______ been late.
A. sometimes B. never C. frequently D. usually
16. The boys run _______ the street.
A. across B. round C. under D. over
17. _______ the mass and procession, there were open-air entertainment and games.
A. beside B. across C. besides D. among
18. The president _______ the meeting when the meeting is over.
A. continues B. open C. adjourns D. closes
19. After getting up early, be sure to eat your breakfast. What kind of sentence is this?
A. simple B. complex C. compound D. interrogative
20. All of these are simple sentences except _______
A. Liza and Alice built their own tree house. B. We can't start the program unless the
music is complete.
C. I love to study in a quiet room D. C)id Lito accept the invitation?
21. Justin brings water jug _______ he goes hiking.
A. when B. since C. where D. if .
22. You should not climb the mountain _______ omeone is with you.'.
A. although B. because C. if D. unless
23. I was once absent from class _______ got so tired from a ten-kilometer hike.
A. because B. unless C. although D. so that
24. Not one of the kidnappers was caught. All of them eluded arrest. What is the synonym of the
underlined word?
A. took by force B. get in prison C. kidnapped D. escape
25. It was a hard work. Often he felt tired and terribly discourage but he never gave up.
A. perseverance B. innovativeness C. industry D. loyalty
26. "Carry on the good work. We're proud of you."What is meant by the underlined idiomatic
A. cancel B. seek C. continue D. progress
27. "The wind whispered into my ears the name of the beautiful lady from the lake." What figure
of speech is this?
A. simile B. metaphor C. personification D. synecdoche
28. Kiko's chicken was peculiar because no one could really tell whether it was a rooster or a hen.
A. common B. strange C. famous D. well-known
29. Mother and father raise chicken in the farm. What is the meaning of the underlined word?
A. to waken B. to lift or elevate C. to grow or breed D. to construct or build
30. Arrange the following set of ideas or concepts to make a good paragraph.
1. After high school, he moved to a large city and attended a big university.
2. As a teenager, he transferred to a small town and went to high school.
3. He had a wonderful childhood there.
4. Joshua lived in a fishing village when he was a child.
A. 3-4-2-1 B. 4-3-2-1 C. 2-3-4-1 D. 1-2-3-4
31. There are, several events that can change the Earth's surface very quickly.2 Volcanoes can
erupt' and spread lava,
rock, and ash for several miles.3 Earthquakes can leave large cracks in the Earth surface.
Which is the main idea of
the paragraph?
A. sentence 1 B. sentence 3 C. sentence 2 D. sentence
32. Which pair of words has the same meaning?
A. hard- easy B. tired- exhausted C. expensive- cheap D. unload- load.
33. A man sharing his wealth to the poor and the needy shows _______
A. generosity B. calmness C. industry D. politeness
34. Which statement shows an opinion?
A. Scientist studies the heavenly bodies.
B. There is a law against illegal logging.
C. The earth is a blue terrestrial planet.
D. The implementation of garbage segregation can help prevent pollution.
35. Filipino heroes died for our country _______
A. so that they'will inspire others to attain success.
B. because they wanted to be free from foreign oppression.
C. because it is difficult to regain once its lost.
D. so the elected officials would likely return the service.

When an advertiser decides to sponsor a television program, he looks for one, that he and
his advertising agency think will appeal to a large number of people. Some products are bought
mostly by men and boys, others mostly by women and girls. Some appeal to the whole family. So
the advertiser chooses a program that will appeal to the group that is most likely to be interested
in the product.

36. What, is the paragraph about?

A. Products bought by men and women C. The whole family
B. Commercial Models D. Advertising 'agency
37: What is the most appropriate title for this paragraph?
A. Advertising Television Programs C. Television Programs that Appeal to
B. Sponsors of Television D. How TV Programs are Chosen and
38. How does the advertiser choose Television programs?
A. Those that-appeal to the whole family
B. Those that appeal to the group most likely to be interested in his product.
C. Those that appeal to men and boys.
D. Those that appeal to women and girls.
39. This is a collection of maps of different continents and countries bound in one volume.
A. Almanac B. Atlas C. Handbook D. Manuals
40. What information can you get from reading the Classified Ads Section of the newspaper?
A. Job opening B. Letter to the editor C Movie Guide D.
News of the day