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September 2013
ERRATA for Standard Specifications for Structural Supports for Highway
Signs, Luminaires, and Traffic Signals, Sixth Edition

AASHTO has issued an errata that includes technical revisions to the Standard Specifications for Structural
Supports for Highway Signs, Luminaires, and Traffic Signals, Sixth Edition.

To ensure that your editions are accurate and current, we are providing you with the attached summary of the
errata changes, as well as the revised pages to which they apply.

Should you need additional copies of the errata, you can download them free of charge on the AASHTO
Online Bookstore at the following URL:

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience. Please feel free to contact us if you have questions or need any
additional information.

Page Existing Text Corrected Text

Section 8

7 Eq. 8.8.2-1 reads: Revise to read:
0.75E1K 1 Fbu
=Fb 3.27 E 12K 1 ≤ F bu =Fb
 D  1/2

b n n  μ
n  μ  t 

where: the assumption of simply supported long edges leads to conservative values for the critical buckling stress.8. Eb (M Pa.8.414 1 + υ12         (8. dodecagonal. and square tubular sections): the critical compressive stress caused by bending is 30 percent higher than the critical compressive stress =Fb 3. 1  1  1 2   E2  2   E2  2  G   =K1 1. S ECTION 8: FIB ER -REINFORCED COMPOSITES DESIG N 8-7 Table 8. the critical buckling stress for a round n  μ tubular member under bending Eq. psi) ASTM D695 3. 8.8. it has been shown that octagonal. Fvu (M Pa. υ12 ASTM D3039 — 8.5 M odulus of Elasticity in Bending. psi) ASTM D695 — Shear Strength. .8. For polygonal sections.2-3) caused by axial compressive loads for round tubular b n sections. All rights reserved.2-1 and 8.5   + υ12  2 +  (8. Fbu (M Pa. Eqs. local buckling is a major be calculated as follows: parameter that controls the strength of the member in bending.2-2)   E1    E1   E1      • For polygonal sections (hexdecagonal.2-1 is taken as 1.0 M odulus of Elasticity in Compression.2-3 may be used for planar isotropic  1  materials by setting E1 = E2 in the equations for K1 and µ.3 t times the critical buckling stress for a round tubular member under axial compression Eq.8.8. Ec (M Pa. psi) ASTM D638 — Compressive Strength. Fau (M Pa.75E1K 1 Fbu (8.8.2—Allowable Bending Stress for Tubular Sections C8. Et (M Pa. psi) ASTM D732 3.27 E 12K 1 ≤ F bu (8. the n   μ1/2  t  critical buckling stress is determined for a long plate with simply supported long edges.0 M odulus of Elasticity in Tension. Therefore. n Bending Strength.8. According to Johnson (1985). 8. Equations to obtain the critical buckling stress are based on the plate theory for orthotropic elements. and they are 0.5-1.8. psi) ASTM D638 2.1-1—S tandard Tests for Determining the Mechanical Properties of FRP Minimum Safety Property Standard Test Factor.8.2-4) E  E1   E1    1   where: 2  E2  for μ = 1 − υ12   (8. Ftu (M Pa.2-1) expressed in terms of the aspect ratio b/t of the plate or the =Fb ≤ D n aspect ratio D/t of the cylinder. psi) ASTM D790 — Tensile Strength.2-5)  E1  © 2013 by the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials. Duplication is a violation of applicable law. 8.8. Because there is some edge restraint at the intersection between sides of the polygon.2 The allowable bending stress for tubular sections may For thin-walled FRP sections.8. psi) ASTM D790 2. The allowable bending stress is defined as a • For round tubular sections: function of the critical buckling stress of the section.  E2  2 E   2Gμ   K1= 0.0 Poisson’s ratio in the longitudinal direction.