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What does the mirror symbolize in the story May Day Eve?

Talking about the women during the spanish colonization, they are commonly
identified with Maria Clara, who is known as loving, reserved, gentle, loyal,
and beautiful woman who was willing to sacrifice everything for the family. In
what aspect can we find there in the character of Agueda (both young and old
version of herself)?


In the short story The Ultimate Safari, if you are the grandmother, how are you
to explain the situation to your grandchildren knowing that it is a stage
wherein children are observant, curious, vulnerable, and confused at the
same time?

The grandmother showed a lot of courage and bravery in the story. Will this
be a strong implication that women are also strong defying the notion that
women are weak and inferior to men?


Selfishness is one trait every human person had a difficulty to avoid. In the
short story, to whom can we find this trait? Elaborate.

Why did Amoo only put the scars to Iome when he had a chance to do the
same with himself?

Half a Day paper

Having spending almost all our life in school, how do you react to the
changes that had happened outside the institution you are in?

Knowing the changes that had happened, would you rather stay in your
comfort zone or go out and explore these changes?

Tonight I Can Write paper

Cite one line from the poem that struck you most and relate an
experience from it.