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Specifications Press SET key for more than 3 seconds

Pulse signal: square wave and
can enter/quit the parameter setting

Input signals sine wave 5H30V

0L2V up edge active
FH Series of Counter/Length/Batch Measured Input impedance 10K Range:0.00001-99999
Meter Instruction Manual Counting speed 30/5000CPS OUT1
value Counting According to the display digit
Thanks a lot for selecting MYPIN products! range: -199999-999999
Before operating this instrument, please
carefully read this manual and fully Preset According to the display digit

SET /Rst range 0.00001-999999
understand its contents. If have problems,

please contact our sales or distributors Second preset:

Auxiliary power 24V/12VDC 10% 40mA max
whom you buy from. This manual is subject
to change without prior notice. Indication lamps: Output type Relay contact output
OUT1/OUT2: Output indication lamp Contact relay OUT2
BT: Batch display lamp capacity 250V AC/3A or 30V DC/5A
Warning SV2: The second preset value lamp Operation
environment 050 3585%RH
Please do not turn on the power supply until all of the Keys: Parameter
wiring is completed. Otherwise electrical shock, fire saving time 10 years
SET: Select/Confirm key
or malfunction may result. Insulation
/Rst:Shift/Reset key 10M Consumption:5W
Do not wire when the power is on. Do not connect the resistance
:Up key
unused terminals. Do not turn on the power supply when
cleaning this instrument. Do not disassemble, repair or :Down key
Contact edge Up edge Active
modify the instrument.
This may cause electrical shock, fire or malfunction. Power supply DC 24V 15% or 80-265V AC/DC
Use this instrument in the scope of its specifications.
Ordering code
Otherwise fire or malfunction may result.
FH - Input : Mounting
default:2 ,D:other 30

! Caution Auxiliary power:
This instrument should be installed to avoid the strong A: 12V DC C
noise sources. If the signal cable is too long, B: 24V DC

we suggest you to use shielded cables. Communication: D 25
Please dont install the signal cable with the Default: None L

power supply. 2: RS232 4: RS485

Avoid using this instrument in environment of strong AL2 N: None Sizes

shock or concussion. Model
AL1 N: None
Avoid using this instrument in environment of FH4 48 48 80 45+0.5 45+0.5
overflow water or explosive oil. R: RELAY S: SSR/LOGIC T: SCR Batch preset
Function selection: FH7 72 72 100 67,5+0.5 67,5+0.5
Keep the instrument in the environment -10C to 70C,
Avoid sunlight for long time. L:Frequency/Line-Speed/Tachometer FH8 48 96 80 45+0.5 91+0.5
C: Counter/Length
Features 4: 4 digit 6: 6 digit Operation process
1. The instrument can be used as counter, length-meter also Power Supply: Counting preset value setting: In displaying
2. 4, 6 digit LED display Default: AC 80-265V estate, press /RST key to shift,press

3. Preset value is available
4. 4 kinds ofinput mode and 6 kinds of output mode for option E: 24V DC key to modify the value, and then press SET key
5. Input and output is optical isolated to confirm BT /SV2 converting display, press SET
6. Power fail protection for at least 10 years key to view the parameters one by one.
7. Widely applied in chemical, machine, light industry etc. 448H48W 772H72W 848H96W
FH Series of Counter/
Length/Batch Meter