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29 August 2016


Presiding Judge
Municipal Trial Court in Cities
7th Judicial Region, Branch 2
City of Tagbilaran, Bohol

Dear Hon. Ucat-Logarta:

I am writing you this letter-request in response to the Sumon I received last

August 26, 2016 (Case #1768-Tagb./For: Sum of Money) with the prayer that
my side will be heard and answered. Further, to acknowledged my
indebtedness to Cooperative Bank of Bohol (CBB) while I was still employed
at the Provincial Government of Bohol in 2005-2007 (I resigned from the
Provincial Government of Bohol on June 29, 2012, please find attached
resignation letter.) I admit that I was complacent then that our payroll
maker religiously deducted from my payroll/salary an amount equivalent to
my monthly obligation to CBB because it is the policy of PGBh to
automatically deduct any salary loan of any employee to any institution.
Moreso, I failed to acknowledge any demand letter or notice from CBB while I
was still working at the Provincial Government of Bohol from 2007 to June 29,
2012. But for now it would be unnecessary to cry over spilled milk, all I am
praying for now is your consideration and understanding though it is clearly
stated in the Sumon that motion for dismissal of this case will not be

In line with this, I would earnestly request from your good office for the
DISMISSAL of my case. The reason for this request is that I am still
financially unstable because I do not have a permanent job or source of
income since the time I resigned from the Provincial Government of Bohol
thus I do not have the financial capacity to pay the said debt. From
experience, it is hard for me to find a good substantive job or employer since
the status or final decision per Memo of my separation from the Provincial
Government of Bohol is AWOL even though I submitted an irrevocable
resignation on July 2012 (please see attached Memo from the Honorable
Governor of Bohol). Further, I cannot have yet a full time/permanent job
because of my health condition/problem because I am experiencing
menopausal syndrome that hinders me to take stressful
tasks/responsibilities. My source of living now is on a part-time basis or
on-call compensated with an HONORARIUM only; and dependent with my
parents for my day-to-day needs.

If my prayer for dismissal will not be answered, I will solemnly request from
your good office to lessen or reduced my obligation from P61,783.75 to
P30,700.00 (as of October 27, 2011) representing the Principal amount only
and CBB will waive the interests accrued for the past years and so with the
corresponding penalties. With this, I will promise to pay my obligation on an
installment basis payable within two (2) years until such obligation will be
fully paid.

I am anticipating for a favorable response regarding the matter. In advance,

thank you for your kind consideration and understanding; and for giving me
the opportunity to be heard on this matter. Rest assured that when time
comes that I can be fully recovered from my health condition and land a
permanent job, I will prioritize this matter.
Very truly yours,