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I. From among the choices. Encircle the latter of the correct

1. Which purpose of the medicine is referred to when it is taken to protect
the body from further or attack of pathogens?
a. For protection c. for treatment
b. For prevention
2. Which purpose of the medicine is referred to when it is taken to treat or
cure infections?
a. For maintenance c. for protection
b. For treatment
3. Which medicines can be bought without a doctors written
a. Prescription medicine c. over-the-counter medicine
b. Health medicine
4. Which medicine can only be bought with a doctors written
a. Vitamins c. health medicine
b. Prescription medicine
5. Which of the following is an over-the-counter medicine?
a. Antibiotics c. cough expectorants
b. Vaccines
6. Which of the following is a prescription medicine?
a. Antibiotics c. common cold medicine
b. Analgesics
7. Which indicates the specific age categories , how much to take , how to
take, how often to take, and how long to take the medicine?
a. Purpose c. Direction
b. Uses
8. Which indicates the symptoms or diseases which the medicine will
treat or prevent?
a. Active ingredient c. Uses
b. Warning
9. When do medicines become dangerous?
a. When they are misused and abused c. when they are taken
b. When they are taken as directed
10. Which refers to the accidental use of a medicine?
a. Abuse c. misuse
b. Prescription.
11. Which happens when a person requires one or more drugs to
function normally?
a. Drug addiction c. drug dependence
b. Drug abuse
12. How can you avoid the bad effects of medicines?
I. Check expiration dates.
II. Buy medicine s from any source.
III. Read and check medicine labels.
IV. Observe proper storage.
a. I, III, and IV only c. II, III, and IV only
b. I, II, and III only
13. At your age, why is it important to use medicine under an adults
a. To make sure that you really take the medicine .
b. To make sure that you choose the best medicine to take.
c. To make sure you are taking the right medicine at the right time.
14. What should you do if you have allergy to certain medicine?
a. Let your parents buy another medicine.
b. Never mind, the allergy will go away in time.
c. Inform your doctor or your school doctor, or school nurse.
15. Why should medicines be kept away from light and heat?
a. Light and heat speed up the usage of the medicines.
b. Light and heat speed up the breakdown of medicines.
c. Light and heat increase the shelf life of medicines.

II. Which of the following belongs to the art of sculpture? Put a

check mark ( ) on the line if your answer is yes. Put a cross
mark ( ) if not.

____ 16. Relief print ____ 21. marionettes

____ 17. Wood carving ____ 22. Mural painting

____ 18. Tie-dye cloth ____ 23. Puppets

____ 19. Medeled objects ____ 24. Paper-mache

____ 20. Mobile ____ 25. Printmaking

B. Write True if the statement is correct and False if note.

___________ 26. Mats are made from raw materials like buri palm, pandan
plant, and tikog

___________ 27. The Bajao-Samal mats are similar in terms of concept

___________ 28. The Badjaos common motif is the stylized crab design.

___________ 29. The traditional handwoven mat is popularly known as the


___________30. The Filipinos are knew for their creativity and skill through
mat weaving.

___________ 31. Sarimanok is an example of an Islamic art.

___________ 32. Nabullol is a word carving of an animal.

___________ 33. Only hard materials are used to make sculptures.

___________ 34. A sculpture is a three-dimensional art.

___________ 35. Paper can be utilized for making sculpture works.

III. Draw a mat design using any of the four general patterns in
mat weaving from the list inside the box. Color your mat
design correctly. Write the name of the pattern you used
below your drawing.

Stripe checkered zigzag

Multi- colored square

IV. A. Match the descriptions in column A with answers in
column B. Write only the letters on the answer line.
A. B.

________ 36. A dance based on the popular love song in a.


the Ilocos Region. b.


________ 37. A Visayan occupational dance about a tuba c. Manang

Biday gatherer. d.
lawissis Kawayan

________ 38. A Muslim wedding dance from Sulu. e.

________ 39. A festival dance from Nabuan, Camarines Sur Bicol f.

________ 40. A popular pheasant song and dance in Leyte and g. Huricuti

Samar. h. Haplik

________ 41. A courtship dance popular in many towns of. i.


________ 42. A lovely traditional dance performed at social j.


Gathering in many town s of Quezon Province.

________ 43. A popular lively dance in Iloilo and Antique.

________ 44. The following cultures ha the greatest influence

on the Philippine folk dances.

________45. A Tiruray dance for girls from Cotabato

B. Draw the following hand and feet position

A. Hand Pasition
46. 2nd position 47. 4th position 48.
5th position

49. 1st position 50. 3rd position

47. Feet position

51. 4th position 52. 2nd position 53. 5th
54. 1st position 55. 3rd position.

V. Identify the following musical instruments and family of

instrument. In the first line write the name of instrument and the
second line write string, wind, or percussion.

56. 57. 58.

__________________ _________________

__________________ _________________

59. 60. 61.

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___________________ _____________________ __________________

62. 63. 64.

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