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Brea Breach Breach description Examples of breaches

ch title
B1 Classified or Information which troop movement, force
sensitive disclosure would size, weapons details
information adversely affect Video taken of Officers
that affects national security, whilst on-duty.
operational threaten the safety of
security individuals, the
military and the UAE
B2 Offensive Information which is Reposting offensive
information defamatory, libelous, information
vulgar, obscene, Posting obscene
abusive, profane, photos
threatening, racially Participating in
and ethnically hateful, offensive discussion
or otherwise offensive group that is involved
or illegal information in or promotes
or material behaviour that is
objectifying or
B3 Copyright Information or other Plans of a Boeing
and material protected by aircraft
trademarks copyright without the Use of Boeings logo in
permission of the a post about UAE
copyright owner aircraft
Words, logos or other
marks that would
infringe upon the
trademark, service
mark, certification
mark, or other
intellectual property
rights of the owners
of such marks without
the permission of
such owners
B4 Privacy Information that Posting a picture of
infringes upon the colleagues without
proprietary, privacy or their authorization
personal rights of
B5 Endorseme The use of the UAE Recommending a
nt military name to product because it is
endorse or promote used by the UAE
products, opinions or military
B6 Impersonati Forge or otherwise Pretending to be
on manipulate identifiers someone else
in a post in an
attempt to disguise,
impersonate or
misrepresent your
identity or affiliation
with any other person
or entity
B7 Unacceptab Behaviour which Disclosing information
le diminishes the on a work related
behaviour confidence in or process
respect and is
punishable by the
UAE Code of Military
B8 Contempt Insults about an
toward undersecretary of
officials and Defence
disloyal to
the UAE
B9 Behaviour Action which knowingly making a
unbecomin dishonors or false official
g of a disgraces themselves statement;
member of or a colleague to the dishonorable failure to
the UAE point that it seriously pay a debt;
military compromises the cheating on an exam;
persons standing as opening and reading a
an military member letter of another
without authority;
using insulting or
defamatory language
to another officer in
that officers presence
or about that officer to
other military persons;
being drunk and
disorderly in a public
public association with
known prostitutes;
attempting to commit
a crime involving
moral turpitude;
failing without good
cause to support the
officers family