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Aji Suprana Address 9630 157th NE PL

+1 (425 ) 749 - 8785

Programmer WA
Specializing in programming &
creating user experience.
background in computer science and visual


Hi, my name is Aji Suprana. Problem solver & Versatility are the best Game Programmer & Product Manager & Art Director (Neilos Adventure - Voxel
phrase to describe myself. I am interested in software development Game Studios)
especially on projects that will directly affect end users. Creating a poetic December 2015 - Present
experience, easy to navigate software was always my main goal to 3D Perspective puzzler game for mobile devices (Coming soon in AppStore)
achieve in all my existing projects. Since 7 years ago I have been working Created and modied slick camera movement C# scripts
solo/ with few different teams creating different kind of projects. Programmed custom physics for player controller
Initiated the base game framework in Unity C#
Enhance UX by modifying in game elements, UI, Animations from testing data
SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT SKILLS Delivering art assets and design directions in regular team meetings
Managed PAX exhibition for Neilos Adventure. Collaborated with several
Programming Skills Beginner Proficient designer, manufactures to produce low cost good quality merchendises and
C++ exhibition props
C 2016 PAX West Invitation to present as part of Voxel Game Studios at Indie
C# Booth & received unexpected positive response for the visuals of our upcoming
Lua game Neilos Adventure
Data Structures & Algorithm Gameplay Programmer & Product Manager ( Cubicopolis - Voxel Game Studios )
AI Programming December 2015 - April 2016
Graphics Mathematic 3D Perspective puzzler game for Android Devices (Available in Googleplay
Physics Programming Closed Beta)
Creating a base framework in Unity using C#
Soft Skills Integrated various ad-network API for mobile games monetization
Problem Solving Designed overall visual style and created all 2D/3D art assets
Colaboration Managed the project roadmap to ship for android within 20 days
Preassure handling
Programmed overall non-audio related gameplay mechanics
Developed unity extensions tool to increase other developer productivity
Managed project cancelation after beta release

Producer & Gameplay Programmer (Magnolia - DigiPen, Redmond)

3D Poetic experience dedicated to a little girl that has just passed away
DirectX Art directing Adobe Photoshop Developing a run-time procedural growing tree algorithm in C++ on an existing
OpenGL UX design Adobe Illustrator custom graphics engine.
HLSL Grid & Layout Adobe Flash
GLSL Animation Principles Adobe After Effects Delivering a physics character controller framework
Git Game design HTML. XML Overseeing both Creative and Developer team collaboration to deliver best
SVN Color theory knowledge Zbrush poetic experience for users as well as tools for designers.
Deep Learning Art Concepting Autodesk Maya Collaborate with a designer and tech team to create best possible user
R, Data Mining Xnormal
2016 DigiPen Best Visual Design Award for Magnolia
EDUCATION 2016 DigiPen Best Poetic Experience Award for Magnolia
Programmer & Producer ( Miraculous - DigiPen, Redmond )
Sept 2014 - March 2015
Poetic Exploration game inside a human body with a goal to cure the host
From September 2013 to December 2017 Originated initial C++ custom game engine architecture
Bachelor of Science in Computer Science Develop a graphics engine with a post processing capability with DirectX 9.0
Real-Time Interactive Simulation Enhance team productivity by delivering a usable tool with AntTweakbar C++
Digipen Institute of Technology. Redmond. Ensured deliverables are delivered in each milestone
Communicate with sound designer to synchronize visual style and music
Communicate with sound designer to synchronize visual style and music
From December 2009 to December 2012 Generated all art assets and composing the visual look
Bachelor of Art in Visual Communication 2015 DigiPen Best Visual Design Award for Miraculous
Game Design 2016 DigiPen Best Poetic Experience Award for Miraculous
Raffles Design Institutes. Singapore.


Movies Basketball Music Travelling Painting


Advanced Advanced Fluent Basic


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