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Angelic Human 12-Tribes and Indigo Maji Grail Lines Summary

By James Pover in Awake n Aware Spiritual Soulution Focus Movement (Files) · Edit Doc · Delete The Original Human 12-tribes Race Names, edited from the Essene CDT-plate translation.


TRIBE-1: Isutu-Esheau (pronounced I sU' too- E' shoo)


Star Gate DNA signet codes, seed locations and races: SG-1. Arizona USA Vortex-1 Native American, Cue Site-1Cyprus Island in Mediteranian Sea, Australia, Turkey, and Greece and Antartic SG-1 in Atlantian periods. Maji Indigo Grail Line:

Original blue and green-eyed Australian Aboriginee; often red haired



TRIBE-2: Maahali-Bruea (pronounced: Ma a ha' LE- BrU' A)


Start gate signet codes, seed locations and races: SG-2 Florida Seminol Native Amaericans SG-2 Sarasota Florida, and Breanoua black and brown skinned Haitian-Bimini island races. Easter Island (Rapa Nui) Cue Site-2 Muavaharivi and

Jeruselum Israel Vortex-2 Hebrew Races.

Maji Indigo Grail line: Mu'A of Lemuria (Hawaii) , Easter Island and

southwestern native American descendant tribes. Original Hebrew (Hibiru Cloister and Melchizedek cloister hybrid) races of Jeruselum and Jordan



TRIBE-3: Amekasan-Etur (pronounced: a ME' ka sun - e too'r)


Star gate DNA signet codes, seed locations and races: SG-3.

Nohassa Atlantis Bermuda Islands SG-3, Johannessburg

South Africa, brown and white skinned races and Nepal vortex-3 Himalayas. Maji Indigo Grail line: white skinned Druedeks of Nohassa Atlantis



TRIBE-4: Nuagu Hali (pronounced: Noo ah' goo- ha' LE)


Star gate DNA signet codes, seed locations and races: SG-4. Giza Egypt SG-4 and Sumerian UR, Aguascalientes Mexico Cue

Site-4 and central America. "indians"

Maji Indigo Grail line:

Serres-Egyptians, original pre-Annunaki Maya-Toltec and Mexicali



TRIBE 5: Ionatu-Etillah (pronounced: O' Na too- et 'il a)


Star gate DNA sigent codes, seed locations and races: SG-5.

Machu Picchu Peru Incas SG-5, origonal Ionian Italic (Italian)


Maji Indigo Grail line: Mu'A-Incas of Machu Picchu Peru and light skinned, often fair or red-haired Celtic-Druedek

Mu'A Ionians (combined with Maji Grail line oh Nohassa Atlantis tribe-3 Maji Druedeks and Lohas Atlantis Tribe-11 Maji Celtics exiled to Ionia as Annunaki Leviathan raiding progressed.



TRIBE 6: Ramayana-Shridveta (pronounced: Rah ma yah' na-shrid vE' Da)


Star gate DNA signet code, seed locations and races: SG-6.

Russia Caucasus mountains SG-6 and Scandinavian white

skinned blond hair races, brown skinned races of India Thar desert Cue site-6. Maji Indigo Grail line: Rama-Vita races of India and original blue eyed blond Nordic races of Scandinavia and Russia.



TRIBE 7: Mahata-Agrah (pronounced: ME hah' ta- a'g-ra)


Star Gate DNA signet codes, seed locations and races: SG-7.

Lake Titicaca Peru Incas and indigenous olive skinned people

of Paxos Island Greece. Maji Indigo Grail Line: Original Mahata-Incas lake Titicaca Peru (fled from intruder raiders to Kauai Hawaii) and original olive skinned green eyed Ionians of paxos Island



TRIBE 8: Chia Zhun Zan La-Yung (pronounced: ChE' ah-Zoon - Yan LA-Yoong')


Star gate DNA signet codes, seed locations and races: SG-8.

Xian China SG-8 original yellow skinned races, and original

brown skinned races of Taklamakan Desert Tibet. Maji Indigo Grail line: Original YU-Melchilzedek Tibetan light brown skinned, light eyed races of Lop Nor Taklamakan desert, Tibet region before Necromiton-Andromie Nephilim raiding and YU- Chenise lineage.



TRIBE 9: Yun Zu-Xen (pronounced: Yu-Un Zoo-Zen)


Star gate DNA signet codes, seed locations and races: SG-9.

North of Llasa Tibet SG-9, Brown skinned races and Westburt

area southern England white skinned, dark hair races Cue site-9. Maji Indigo Grail line: YU-Mu'A Chinese and dark haired dark eyed fair skinned original English Mu'A Melchizedek races.



TRIBE 10: Ma'ah-hu-la (pronounced: Ma-a hoo' ta)


Star gate DNA signet codes, seed locations and races: SG-10.

Sumerian UR, Persian Gulf Abadan Iran SG-10 area, and Al

Basrah Irag Cue Site-10.

Many family lines fled to Sakkara Egypt and regions now called Afghanistan , and Uzbekistan

during early Sumerian raids; continue to live under persecution of Leviathan Illuminati races. Maji Indigo Grail line: Light- brown skinned light-eyed, dark haired races and dark eyed Essene-Melchizedek races of Persia, now most in Afghanistan, Uzbekistan and Russia.



TRIBE 11: Zephar-Duun-Atur (pronounced: Ze-far-doon-a-Tur)


Star gate DNA signet codes, seed locations and races: SG-11. Southern Island Cue Site 11, Vale of Pewsey area southern England SG-11, Scotland lowlands, white skinned European races now in England, France and Russia, USA and Germany.

Raided by the Pleidian-Samjase-Luciferian-Annunaki Germanic "Sacheons"/Saxons.

Maji Indigo Grail line: Celtek-Druedek

hybrid Azurta-Arutus "Celtic Druids", white skinned, frequently red haired.

The true 'king arthur' grail line



TRIBE 12: A-reah-Azurta (pronounced: a-RI'-a Zoor'-ta)


Star Gate DNA signet codes, seed locations and races: SG-12.

Monsegur Southern France SG-12 white-skinned and

original MU'a Lemurian Kauai Hawaiian brown-skinned, dark eyed races, exiled to Easter Island and Machu Picchu Peru (builders)


Maji Indigo Grail line: original Mu'A Kauai Hawaiian brown-skinned and KatharA-Cathari white skinned races of Southern France.References: Part of the MCEO Freedom Teachings ® For more information please visit