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Christos Mission

The Christos Realignment Mission is of fundamental importance and helps to make sense of
a lot of what we are experiencing in these times. We have the original creation intent as it
emerges from Source and propagates out through the fields of creation. This allows for
exploration of separation within Source, within an open natural framework. We are free to
emerge into creation, while retaining our Source connection and, in natural order, are free
to return to full integrity in Source.

Our exploration is bound by the great To Primal Light,

Law of Consequence. We are Sound & Source
responsible for our creations we
reap what we sow. This imposes a
necessary discipline in creation and Fall
ultimately helps to contain wayward of Lyra

The original intent and natural order

for creation is enshrined in a Divine
Blueprint for each level in creation.
This is encoded as the Christ(os) Orion
blueprint, code or shield for our local
15-dimensional universe. It is part of
a larger Kryst(os) Code or blueprint
guiding all of creation, as it emerges
from Source. The Christ or Christos Fall
of Tara
shield carries the natural order for our
local universe and is fundamentally
The natural order for our universe is:
Inter-connected and
Holds direct Source
connection at every level.

Over the course of a long history of free will exploration much has happened within our
universe. There have been many deviations from the original natural order. Major
deviations are illustrated in the diagram above and include:
The original Fall of Lyra, which severed our universe between dimensions 12 and 11.
The Orion Wars. These caused major damage within dimension 8 and associated
Over-Soul worlds.
The Fall of Tara. This caused major damage within dimension 5 and associated Soul
worlds. It led to many life forms dropping in consciousness into the 3D worlds of the
solar system and particularly to Earth.
Many subsequent wars within the solar system, e.g. the Electric Wars, leading to the
destruction of planets, e.g. Maldak. Also, many wars on Earth leading to such as the
Falls of Lemuria, Atlantis and so on.

We are indebted to Eieyani, Ashayana and support Team for detailed information on these
events and structures contained in such as the Voyagers II book, The Secrets of Amenti,
and related Eieyani Teachings.

These conflicts caused much

damage and fragmentation in
3 Levels of Sound Fields
our local universe. There has
(Non Dimensional)
been a lot of artificial creation Dimension Density
at variance with the original
natural order in these Light
fragmented zones. Some of Source Creator
this damage has been Original
Gods, AI,
repaired to a degree. This Divine
leaves a split within our Blueprint
universe between the
fragmented zones and their
artificial / Phantom creation
on the one side and those Matter
parts preserving original
natural order and their direct
Source connection on the
other. This is illustrated in the
diagram over.

The Christos Mission is to

anchor the integrity of the
Natural Artificial /
original Christos order within Order Phantom Creation
our universe. We access the
Christos blueprint in D12 and higher dimensions, above the original Fall of Lyra. The Mission
is to access our Christos connection and hold the integrity of natural order, dimensional
structure and direct Source connection, to the extent we are able, wherever we are. Also,

to assist with personal, extended family and planetary healing, where appropriate. The
Human Race birthed into this universe to assist with this Mission.

Vow to the Christos Self

The great majority of people, who attended any workshops or Kathara Team events pre-
2012, would have taken the Regent Ordination. As part of this we took the Vow to the
Christos Self. This effectively is a Mission Contract. This states for example:
I have come to recognise, , that the Light I seek lives always within me; the Spark
of Eternal Life that is God.
I release to the Christ Fire Within me, .
I embrace now the Eternal Love, Wisdom and Oneness that my Inner Christ
provides. I return now to Unity, to express as the Christed One This I Am.
I will carry forth this Flame of Liquid Light, bringing forth the Truth, Joy, Love and
Compassion of the Maharata Ray (D12)
Light and Sound frequencies.

This makes very clear that we have our own direct inner connection with Christos our
Christos Self. This is part of our direct inner Source connection. This is the true inner reality,
the true internal creation. Eieyani Teaching places a strong emphasis on guiding us back
towards and empowering this direct inner connection. This is the true source of power,
healing and integration for ourselves and for the world.

Its important to realise that we have parts of ourselves at every level in creation. We are
one with Source and one with Source expression at every level in creation. As well as
Personality and Soul, we are also Christos, Rishi, Eieyani, Yanas and Source. There are parts
of us that never left home in Source. There are parts that are whole and integrated at the
higher levels in creation. There are also parts that we have projected far out into the fields
of creation, that suffer various degrees of disconnection from our wholeness and that are

Regardless of the state of disconnection, the answer is to integrate connection back to our
family, our own Soul family, to our Christos Self and our own direct Source connection.
Regardless of the problem, the solution is to strengthen inner connection.

That which acknowledges, respects and nurtures direct inner connection to our wholeness
and original integrity, to our Christos Self, is truly Krystic. Krystic beings hold their own inner
integrity, connection and power. They have no need to tap into the inner connections of

others to acquire power. Our inner connection is uniquely ours. It is also our responsibility
to preserve its integrity and security.

Source is just a symbol

for Self, the highest and
purest essence of what
we are. Our lives are
explorations in diversity
and separation
undertaken by Self. We
project our external
reality or hologram,
enter into and explore it.
The hologram reflects
our reality. Ultimately, it = Self
too is Source. As we
integrate inner
connection to Self, we
increasingly find Source
in the world around us.
As we progressively
recognise inner Self and
outer Source as One, we
come to realise the Law
of One.

There are many distractions to entice us to vest our power outside of ourselves, in
alternative inner realities. There are influences that would cause us to doubt our inner
connection and disempower us thereby. Such influences can seek to mediate our Christos
and Source / Self connections on our behalf and thereby control them. We end up giving
our power away.

There can be much talk of the Kryst and of Krystic behaviour. The real litmus test is whether
an influence empowers our own Christos connection or distracts from it. The Vow to the
Christos Self entails embodying the original D12 Maharic ray or current and the associated
Christos (Primal) Light and Sound frequencies above it. These hold the integrity of original
creation. Any influence that disparages, cloaks or weakens these is breaching this
commitment and contract with our Christos Self. It cannot claim to be truly Krystic.

Arc of the Covenant

The original Christos Realignment Mission is described in the earlier Eieyani Teachings. It is
described in wonderful detail in Ashayanas book Voyagers II The Secrets of Amenti.
Miraculously, this mission is still on track. It will remain on track so long as Maharic
frequency is preserved on the planet and sufficient Christos connection is held.

The grids in our local universe were damaged by the original Fall of Lyra. This severed
connection to D12 from dimensions D11 and D10. A connection remained between
dimensions D12 and D9. This wasnt as powerful as the original D11 & D10 connections, but
it allowed for considerable reinforcement of the damaged grid connections.
The D12 D9 connection allowed a grid reinforcement from D12 down through dimensions
D9, D6 and D3. The D12 D9 D6 D3 link on that side of the Kathara Grid became known
as the Amoreah Passage.

As detailed in Voyagers II book, after the Fall of Tara 550 million years ago, much of the
Taran life fields fell from dimension
D5 into our solar system, in To Primal Light,
dimensions D1, D2 & D3. Much of Sound & Source
this life now resides on Earth. The
pre-fall encryptions for the Taran
planetary grids and the race lines Krystal
that fell to Earth were preserved in a Spiral
special energetic structure known as
the Sphere of Amenti. This is a
sphere of high frequency conscious
energy that encodes the original
encryption or morphogenetic field
codes for the planetary grids and soul
identities that fell from Tara. It
carries the natural blue coding
associated with dimension D5. It is
also known as the Blue Flame of
Arc of
Amenti. Covenant
The Sphere of Amenti was originally
stored in Earths core and held a lot
of connection with Inner Earth. It
preserves racial memory and
provides a living connection back to
the pre-fall condition of Tara. It also
provides a pathway for re-evolution
back to full soul integrity in D5 on

Tara. This in turn facilitates further
To Primal Light,
integration beyond D5, through Sound & Source
dimensional structure, back to our
original Christos identity in D12 and
Source connection from there.

Ongoing wars and conflict damaged

the planetary grids on Earth to a
degree, where the Sphere of Amenti
had to be removed for safe keeping.
These conflicts are detailed in
Ashayanas Voyagers II book. It was
taken to Andromeda in dimension D9.
An interdimensional passage was
constructed between Earth in D3 and
Andromeda in D9 to retain connection
to the Sphere of Amenti during this
period of exile. It would also facilitate
the return of the Sphere of Amenti to
Earth core, when Earth conditions
were sufficiently stable. D3 is the
galactic dimension associated with
Sphere of
Earth. Locally within Earth itself the
passage was further grounded into the
D2 core of Earth. This passage became
known as the Arc of the Covenant.

The Arc of the Covenant was originally grounded on surface Earth in the lands of Atlantis.
After the Wars on Atlantis this connection was moved to Giza Egypt around 49,750BC. Giza
is associated with the local planetary D4 grids. While in Egypt, the Arc of the Covenant
passage facilitated connection for a time with Sirius in D6, as well as Andromeda in D9. This
contact nurtured flourishing civilisation, culture and prosperity in Egypt. It also facilitated
spiritual development and limited ascension to the higher dimensions.

More recently as the Egyptian grids became less stable, the Arc of the Covenant surface
grounding point has been moved back closer to the original Atlantean lands. The associated
Arc of the Covenant box with its Rod and Staff tools was moved in stages, firstly from Egypt
to Israel. From there it was moved through Inner Earth passages towards the SG11 grids in
England at the end of the Christ period. During the Arthurian period, it was further moved
across England and over to the CS11 grids at Irelands Eye in Ireland. Here the box was
secured and drawn deep into the Earth for safe keeping. In July 2001, the Speakers and a

workshop group visited Irelands Eye to
reconnect with the box and help
disconnect the Nibiruan Diodic Crystal
(NDC) grids from the SG11 grids and
Stonehenge in England.

During a workshop in Ireland in October

2009, the movement of the Arc of the
Covenant grounding connection from
Egypt to the D11 grids was completed.
There were activations near CS11,
Irelands Eye in Dublin, and near the
Atlantic island of Skellig Michael off the Irelands Eye - CS11
south west coast of Ireland, to facilitate
this. Interestingly, Skellig Michael was
used for the island scene towards the end
of the recent Star Wars film.

Since then the Arc of the Covenant

connection has been stabilising and
strengthening progressively in the CS11
grids here in Ireland and in the SG11 grids
in England. Fortunately, the D12 grids in
the South of France and Hawaii and the
D11 grids here have remained stable Skellig Michael
through this period. This facilitates a
stable connection for the Arc of the Covenant passage. As the connection is held stable, the
passage frequencies ground into the planet and come available to the rest of the planetary

Why anchor the Arc of the Covenant (AoC) Passage through the D11 grids at this time?
Originally the AoC passage was grounded into the planetary core through the SG2 Grual
grids. These also hold a resonant connection with Inner Earth. However, these grids have
been abused repeatedly by intruder influences. The classic strategy has been to harness
and combine D5 and D8 frequencies, to generate an artificial D13 current. This is run from
D5 into D2, then through D4 and D10, to strike at D12. This strategy has been used
repeatedly at many levels from the Fall of Lyra downwards. In particular, it has been used
during the various Wars and Falls of Atlantis. The SG2 grids are unfortunately vulnerable.

Theres a twin relationship between the D11 and D2 grids. Theres a symmetry between
their locations in the Kathara Grid. SG11 corresponds to the Grual for Density 4, just as SG2

is the Grual for Density 1. Furthermore, SG2 and SG11 lie at opposite extremities of the
original Atlantean land mass. Because of this relationship, the D11 grids can be used as a
surrogate for the SG2 Grual point. When the D11 grids hold stable connection to the D12
grids, they are considerably stronger and more reliable than the D2 grids. Because of this
Eieyani have been using the D11 grids to protect and supervise the Christos level of the D2

Within and dimensional grids, the Cue Site (CS) holds a connection to Inner Earth. It
connects to the corresponding dimensional grids in Inner Earth. CS11 holds this Inner Earth
connection. Also, these grids are closer to the original Atlantean lands. The AoC Passage
was anchored through the CS11 and associated Arc Hub AG11 grids. From there it has
spread to the rest of the D11 grids, to progressively come available to other planetary grids.
This AoC Passage move and anchoring is something that has been planned since the Christ

Incidentally, the old Celtic High Kings of Ireland ruled from a location called Tara. This is
commemorated in songs such as The Harp that once through Taras Halls . This has an
interesting resonance with the Halls of Amenti from Tara.

In relation to versions of Earth, Aurora Earth, Ascension Earth and so on, Inner Earth is the
most significant. The term Inner doesnt fully describe it. It corresponds to ManU or the
neutral / transcendent ante-matter original Earth. Our physical Earth is polarised as matter.
It has (or had) an anti-matter twin. Inner Earth is the level from which these two polarised
twins emerged originally. It is the level to which they should return ideally, by resolving
Inner earth has been accessed traditionally through Neutral
subterranean passages. This gives the impression it lies
within the Earth. However, it resides in a higher Inner
dimensional space that transcends Earth. Its accessed by
passing through transition zones into this higher
dimensional space. This then facilitates easier access to
Earth Parallel
other dimensional locations and higher dimensions
generally. It might more accurately be described as
Higher or ManU Earth. EirA ManA
Matter Anti-Matter
Magnetic Electric
Flame of Amenti

Anchoring of the Arc of the Covenant passage then facilitates the next stage in the
development of the planetary grids and general evolution of consciousness. This is the re-
entry of the Sphere of Amenti. The Sphere of Amenti has been close to the planet for some

time, but has been held off shore by frequency barriers until the Earth can assimilate its
frequencies safely. A stable Arc of the Covenant connection greatly facilitates this

The frequencies of the Blue Flame of Amenti cannot be entered directly into the Earths
core. These need to be buffered through human fields to allow for a more gradual
assimilation. This process is ongoing at present, but needs much support, as the general
planetary grid activation cycle is coming to its peak. The Blue Flame frequencies are already
active in and around the planet. A lot of people are sensing and tuning into blue
frequencies and I believe this is what they are connecting with. These are the original
natural blue frequencies of D5.

As these frequencies ground into the planet they progressively restore connection with D5,
the so called Fifth World. This entails a re-integration of original Soul connection, while in
physical embodiment. It also entails a re-integration of our original Taran (Pleiadean / D5)
identity, racial memory and Soul culture. Additionally, it entails more immediate and open
access to Tara and easier access to other dimensional locations from there. This would
correspond to what we normally understand as ascension. The process of re-integrating
Taran connection in turn heals Tara. It helps repair some of the damage from its Fall and
supports its evolutionary progression.

The greatest barriers we face along the path of re-integration and associated DNA activation
lie between dimensions D3 and D5. Once we achieve D5 integration, the remaining
pathway home through the higher dimensional levels becomes progressively easier. The
two key stages of integration are Christos integration at D12 and Soul integration at D5.
These stages support each other.

Soul Integration

Soul integration represents a significant expansion of consciousness. This is something that

is very worthwhile, regardless of what beliefs or Teachings we may be following. It is even
worthwhile in terms of conventional psychology.

We are used to interacting with the world through our Personality or bodily consciousness.
Because of difficulties with and blockages between the dimensional levels in our world our
Personality consciousness is fairly isolated. Its largely confined to dimensions D1, D2 & D3
and doesnt connect easily with higher dimensional levels. This isolation leads to a fear of
extinction and a struggle for survival that we associate with Ego. This wasnt intended. In
original creation, we had open connection with all dimensional levels and could move freely
between them.

We still have our conscious identity at higher dimensional levels, as our Soul, Spirit, Christos
Self and so on. The difficulty it that we dont have open and easy connection to these from
bodily consciousness. For example, we need to put our body to sleep and extract our
consciousness to access our Soul and its world at night. What we can bring back into our
body in the morning is limited by the capacity of our body to process the higher Soul
frequencies we access during our sleep.

Because of bodily limitations, we may think were trapped in our bodies and that the only
way to integrate is to escape or ascend into higher levels and spaces. If we are so limited
and trapped in our bodies, is it meaningful, for example, to talk of accessing our Christos Self
and using this to assist with our evolution and integration? It is in fact meaningful.

It is our body that is limited in its capacity to hold consciousness. So long as we identify with
our body and its personality consciousness were restricted by these limitations. However,
our consciousness isnt so trapped in our bodies as we may think. It is fundamentally fluid
and can move between dimensional spaces, once we recognise and cultivate our capacity to
do so. We can reach in to connect with our Soul, Christos Self and Spirit Family, in whatever
ways that are meaningful for us. In doing so we bring something back that helps to
reinforce connection with our bodily consciousness. Progressively we expand our capacity
to hold conscious connection in our physical body. We integrate our consciousness. This
obviously is immensely valuable.

We can access immense inner capacity and resources progressively over time. We can
empower ourselves by recognising and cultivating connection to our own Soul, Spirit Family
and ultimately our Source Self. This is the ultimate source of power, in the sense of capacity
to influence our destiny and endeavours in creation. All power ultimately is people power.
Because this is so powerful there are many influences that would distract from our inner
capacity. That would entice us to transfer our power to external agencies that claim to be
better able to handle it than we can.

There are many influences that harvest our power, to disempower and herd us in pursuit of
various agendas. It is our responsibility to manage our power, by respecting it, protecting it
from abuse and applying it to our evolutionary mission. President Reagan used say that
people praying (integrating) quietly in their homes had more power to influence world
events than he had.

As we connect to and work with our Christos Self and the original divine blueprint it holds,
we can help heal our Soul fragmentation. We can restore connection to and integrate our
Soul consciousness more openly and directly. Our Soul consciousness has a much wider
perspective and range of vision than our Personality or Ego. Our Soul is similar to a family of
consciousness. No single 3D Personality can embody the totality of that consciousness.

When moving into Personality our Soul
projects consciousness into 12 individual
Personalities. These are our siblings in Soul
family. As we integrate Soul consciousness we
come back into relationship with this family.
Were no longer an isolated Personality, but
more a Family. This is illustrated in the
diagram over. We see the circle of Soul
encompassing 12 Personalities. These are the
smaller circles round the edge looking out into Integration
the world. As a Personality, we are one of
those circles, e.g. the one at the bottom.
As we integrate Soul consciousness we expand
our perspective from a purely Personal focus
to a broader awareness of Family and the
Outward Focus
wider horizons of Soul vision. We become less
Personal and more present to the flow of Life in creation.

To quote Carl G. Jung - Your perception will become clear only when you can look into your

Also, as we integrate Soul presence and connection, we are no longer so isolated nor adrift
in creation. There is much greater security and less need for fear. With stronger
integration, we can relax more, with greater confidence in our access to resources and
ability to cope with the challenges of life. When we hold strong inner connection theres
nothing we cant cope with. Fear can be a useful caution. But more often it is a symptom of
weak connection, a lack of confidence in our ability to cope. The antidote is to strengthen

Personality focus can lead to a lot of drama. Our Personalities are like roles on a stage. We
adopt various roles in life, for example that of a parent, teacher, healer, car mechanic,
adventurer and so on. From a Soul perspective, we take on these Personality roles, as an
actor dons costumes to go on stage. At the end of the day we put the costume back in the
wardrobe and go home to our real Selves.

From a Personality perspective, these roles and associated drama can be very intense and
consuming. Soul has a much more detached perspective and sees them more as interesting
experiences and learning opportunities. There is less Personal attachment to and interest in
identities, roles, contracts, status and so on. With Soul integration, life becomes less

Personal. Its less about Who is right and more
about What is right. From a Soul or Source
perspective, it doesnt really matter who does
what, so long as what needs to get done gets
done. Its more about the doing than the doer. Over-Soul,
Soul has more focus on what needs to be done. Christos,
Its more about bringing to a situation whats
needed in the situation, rather than focusing on Integration
our own Personal needs in the situation. The
biggest contract then is to do what needs to be
done and to keep on doing it for as long as it Soul
needs to be done. Capacity becomes more
significant than status. This makes life a lot
easier. There is less need for contention,
Outward Focus
competition, bruised Egos and so on.

Also, as we relax into Soul Integration there is

greater capacity to enjoy life and the opportunities it presents. Ultimately, Source is Life,
the essence and totality of all Life. As we draw closer to this, there is more capacity for life.
Life here on Earth presents wonderful opportunities. It takes a lot of resources and effort to
embody here. So, it is good for us to make the most of the unique opportunities here,
rather than being in a rush to escape. Life here on Earth can be very challenging. But it can
also be very beautiful, with interesting people, unique experiences and so on.

Higher Integration

Soul Integration in turn leads us to still higher integration in Over-Soul or Spirit, Christos and
Source. This process is illustrated in the diagram above. Our Soul is a child within a larger
Over-Soul or Spirit family. This is turn is a child within a still larger more integrated
Christos family and so on to full integration with All in Source. At every stage of integration
there is another significant expansion of consciousness, to embrace a greater measure of
Life. Our vision and awareness of Self becomes more inclusive. I AM expands ultimately to
embrace All.

As our consciousness integrates to embrace more of what we truly are, we find ourselves
living in a much bigger place. Its as if were living in a large mansion with many rooms. In
Personality consciousness, were living in a single room in this mansion. We feel locked in
this room, with limited options, resources and perspective. We can only look out on the
world through the window in this room. We worry about our survival.

Then we find that the door to the room isnt in fact locked. We can move from the room to
explore other spaces. There is greater freedom and scope and we can always return to our
Personality room as needed. As we explore further, we discover access to many more
rooms and spaces. We progressively become King or Queen of our castle and Masters of
our Life.

As we reach in towards our Christos and higher Selves we gain access to these levels within
us. We also progressively acclimatise our bodies to holding this access and associated
frequency. As we gain freer access to our Christos Self, it isnt that we carry this around
consciously in our body at all times. Our Personality is adequate for a lot of life interaction
doing the shopping, washing the dishes, driving the car and so on. The most significant
thing is that we can access this level, when needed, and can bring the connection to bear on
specific situations that need it. Then we can relax back into a more normal focus. Its a bit
like changing gears in a car.

Also, it isnt necessary to bring the full consciousness of Higher Self directly into our physical
body. Its more that we can expand our consciousness into the higher space and hold
connection from there through our body as needed, for example when connecting with the
Earth, doing healing and so on. Then when the job is done we can go back to being
normal. Being able to hold such connection doesnt make us special. Its what we all
used be able to do and can do, when we apply ourselves.

When working with the Maharic (D12) frequency, for example, we can become aware that
we too are conscious at that level as our Christos Self. We can use the Maharic frequency to
connect with our Christos Self and expand into the D12 space. Likewise, we can use the
KeeRaShA frequencies to approach the Primal Light fields and connect with our Rishi Self
there. We can use the original Khu Dha Rha frequencies to connect with our Yanas Self in
the Primal Sound fields and achieve a high level of conscious integration.

Ascension isn't just about saving our Personal selves, by catching the first flight out of here,
whether it goes up, sideways or whatever. As we integrate, we come to realize we are
much more than our Personal selves. I AM expands to include a lot of family. We then have
a Mission to support family, in a supportive non-interfering way.

The focus then shifts from saving our Personal selves to supporting family, by integrating
more of all we can be and holding presence, in support of a wider cause.

The original Human Mission was to hold the integrity of original creation (Christos) design
and dimensional structure in a fractured universe, to support whatever healing is possible.
This mission is still ongoing. So, there is a Personal side to ascension. But there's also a
much wider element of fulfilling mission, what we came here to do in the first place.

The early Teachings contain some wonderfully pure and inspiring information. There is
great credit to the Eieyani, Ashayana and all who helped facilitate this. The I Am Prayer, for
example, is a wonderful affirmation of Source connection. This was used in Regent
Ordinations. It goes in part - 'IAM a Child of the Original ONE, .... I Embrace the One True
Life I was Born to Live.....I AM a Face of the Original God, ... I AM One with God, I AM THIS I
AM ... And as I Decree It, So It Is'.

The Flame of Amenti is our passport to

Soul integration. It integrates back to our
original Soul Selves in Tara. It opens a key Hologram
door to higher dimensional integration
and is very active at this time.
Unity through Diversity
Unity through diversity is an interesting
concept that has come up from time to
time. How do we balance these?
We start from a state of unity in Source.
The whole purpose of creation is to Christos
explore possibilities. We create diverse
realities for this. Each of us projects from Rishi
Source, carrying a unique perspective into Yanas Unity
creation, to explore a specific story and Source
bring the experience and learning back Self
into unity.
Wave Clip art from: //
Diversity is important in creation. Its
what makes the experience interesting and valuable. Differences are important. For
example, the differences between women and men make life so much more interesting and
exciting! Just imagine what life would be like if creation was all male or all female.

As we progress from Source out through the levels of creation there is a progressive division
of unity, as differences come into play. This is illustrated by the triangles in the diagram
above coming to a progressively narrower focus or point towards the top. Each impulse of
creation then crests as a unique wave on the surface of the ocean of life. While holding a
separate and unique presence as a wave, it still retains connection to the wholeness of the
ocean. The wave eventually relaxes back into unity with the ocean.

The individual lives or Personalities then interact from their unique perspective. This
interaction creates the hologram or projected reality of external creation. This is the
laboratory or work bench of creation, where we project our creative projects into reality
and test them out. The hologram bounces things around to test their viability. The great
law of consequence provides feedback, from which we learn much.

It isnt necessary that there be unity out in the hologram. A certain amount of bouncing
ideas around and looking at things from different perspectives is valuable. Nobody has the
complete picture. That would spoil the fun! Everybody has something to contribute that is
of value to the greater learning of All.

Unity is really an inner process of connection and integration with Self. This is where unity is
valuable. Where we have stable inner connection, then we can increasingly value and enjoy
diversity in creation. We are less challenged by diversity and dont need to impose unity
from the outside. An externally imposed unity of belief, conformity to structures and so on
is a poor substitute for integrity and empowerment of spirit. The ideal for social interaction
is a free association of empowered individuals.

This illustrates the immense importance of inner connection and empowerment. We have a
responsibility to ourselves and the wider world to value our inner integrity and protect it
from all that would demean or disempower it.

We can become sparks that ignite the flame of transformation in our world.