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Pritesh C.

Bhavsar Spring 17
MS in Computer Science

Statement of Purpose

I was born in Mumbai and brought up Nashik in an educated family where my Father is a
Government servant and Mother is social worker for physically and mentally challenged students
under a social in the trust of Army (A.W.A).

I have completed my schooling from CBSE. Further I opted for Diploma in Computer
Engineering here I learnt almost all root fundamentals about computer Programming. Simultaneously
I invested my leisure time in recreating and demonstrating Planet Earths prototype projects such
as Infinite Wind Turbine and Hybrid Solar Lighting which intended to reduce carbon footprint by
giving alternative solutions for energy generation and conversion. Also I wrote a Scientific Paper, titled
Solar Energy Harvester for which I was been appreciated at District level.

My vision to study in the field of Artificial Intelligence with Quantum Computers was
something which came to me since childhood as things which attract my interest at the core of my
mind are Building/Creating/Making. I grew up watching all sort of documentaries and Sci-fi programs
on National Geography and Discovery Channel. I dont know exactly how I started following sir Albert
Einstein, but it was in my 2nd grade when I was watching series on Theory of Relativity and it was
then when I discovered E=mc2 was something which revolutionize the understanding of science. For
me this was the best magical act at that time. His work on Relativity and Quantum Physics inspired
me to relate my personal interest towards Artificial Intelligence with Quantum Computers.

For my Bachelors in Information Technology, I got admission in Sinhgad Institute of

technology, Lonavala, Pune. Soon after getting admission, I got a chance to be a member of a
prestigious on campus self-sustaining students club Microsoft Campus Club (MCC); this was the
place where in real sense I got introduced to Microsoft Technology. The club conducted many coding
marathons and hackathons. Soon after gaining some experience in programming, I got entry to the
core members and I was assigned as Technical Head of the Club.

I participated in many competitions organized by Microsoft, Nokia and Digit etc. and in many
of them I won along with my team. My greatest milestone was to participate in Microsoft App Fest
it was Bangalore in the fall of 2012 organized by Microsoft and was a Guinness Book of World
Records event. I took part in the 18 Hours coding marathon and made an app Healing Touch.
Guinness Book of world record was awarded for creating 3000+ apps within 18 hours of time under a
single roof. This experience was extraordinary for me.

My five-year plan is to complete my Masters Degree from a reputed University and also to
complete the Research Paper on LoT (Lab of Things) which I am working currently. If possible within
this time frame I would also like to start with the PhD Program in Artificial Intelligence. My long term
goal is ten years from now I see myself working as a scientist in the field of Alternative Energy/Artificial

To conclude, I am more than happy to work in my academic domain and look forward to get
higher education to reach to core of its knowledge.